tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 003

Offspring Ch. 003


In the morning I checked my finances. They had charged me quite handsomely for the permit and the use of the room yesterday. If the girls were getting a share of this I didn't find out. It didn't show up as an item on the invoices. I didn't care. I had invested my money well. Even at my current rate of expenditure I was earning more than I was spending. I could keep this up for as long as I wanted. I was happy.

My day consisted mostly of eating, drinking and wasting time. All I wanted was my next lesson. It dawned on me that I was beginning to behave like a junkie, living from one fix to the next. I brushed the thought aside the minute it occurred. I was having an extraordinary adventure, it was only natural to be fixated on it for the time being. That was all, or so I told myself.

Eventually the appointed hour arrived, I picked up my key and went to the shagging room. The Oktonian chick was already there. As before, there was no introduction, no name. She told me to strip and lie on my back. She undressed also and straddled me. As soon as her pussy odour hit me my dick made handstands.

As she hovered over me she said: "Yesterday you fucked the love of your life again. Today I want you to do something different. Was there a woman in your life whom you always wanted to fuck, but never did?"

Was there ever! I just nodded as the memory came back.

"Tell me about her."

"We knew her as Miss Manning. I would have been around thirteen. She was my physics and chemistry teacher. Not much to look at, short, a bit dumpy, with big tits and an unashamed exhibitionist. She'd forever bend forward and give us boys a look at her tits and nipples. Never more than that. All us boys used to wank ourselves silly over her."

"Was there a particular place you associate with her?"

"Yes, there was a small office. She would call us boys in under some pretext and play her games there. I guess she was afraid of getting caught."

"Wonderful. I want you to picture her in her office. Pay particular attention to your surroundings. The objective of today's lesson is to get you to create a perfectly realistic scenario for your sexual excursion."

I did as I was asked. As soon as she slipped me inside her I was there. Right in front of Miss Manning, all of thirteen years old. Miss Manning did her usual teasing act and I got hard. This time she didn't stop there. She stepped up to me knelt down, took my prick out and gave it a suck.

"Oh, I love young cock," she said after a while. She sat on the edge of her desk lifted her skirt, pushed her pants to one side and said: "Put it in there young stud, I want it."

I didn't need any more encouragement, I was inside and rooting the crap out of her as fast as I could manage. Again that mind blowing orgasm as I emptied myself into that Oktonian woman. Again I blacked out and awoke with her fully dressed.

"Tomorrow lesson three. Same time, same place," she said and left.

As I got dressed I noticed something odd. My dick was perfectly dry and didn't smell. By rights he should have been wet and reeking of that powerful Oktonian pussy juice. I had obviously been cleaned up while I was unconscious. I wondered what that meant.

Over a beer I thought about my latest escapade. It was obvious the women were teaching me to gain control over these illusions, if that's what they were. I could see that in time I would be skilled enough to screw anyone in any scenario I chose. Some very fancy way of wanking perhaps. There seemed to be more to it than that though. With Linette everything was as expected. No surprises there. Anything we did in the illusion we had done before.

Miss Manning was a different proposition altogether. When I had conjured her up I had only thought about tearing her clothes off and screwing her. Instead, in the illusion, she had taken the initiative and really surprised me when she slid her pants to one side to give me access instead of pulling them down or not wearing any to start with. Where had that come from? It had felt like the real thing, not like a figment of my imagination.

My head was spinning so I concentrated on a few beers before going to dinner.


Over the next few weeks I gained more and more control over my experiences. However, the control extended to the scenario, the choice of sex partner and my own form. Once the parameters were set, things happened as they might within that scenario. There were many surprises. I remember conjuring up Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons during the Trojan war. First she beat the crap out of me, then she raped me and tried to cut my throat as I was ejaculating. Luckily I vanished as the knife was about to touch my neck. Needless to say, I didn't try this a second time. Screwing a cow in the form of a bull was interesting but not really my thing. Dragons were different. They had amazing ways of coupling in mid flight. I went there often.

Two Earth freighters came and went, but I was not on them. I was having too much fun.

I screwed myself through history. I started right at the beginning with Eve. She was a giggle, I liked her. Jezebel, Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia were whores and a lot of fun, Messalina had a cunt like an army boot and Guinevere liked it up the arse. I even tried the Virgin Mary when she was a teenager, She was a lousy lay. And no, she wasn't a virgin, not even then.

I screwed myself through Greek mythology. By far the most passionate and the most beautiful was Aphrodite. Hera was too demanding for my taste, as you would expect from someone used to screwing Zeus. Demeter and Hestia were sweet and loving.

The Norse gods were a disappointment. Cold, calculating bitches. I didn't try many of them.

The sex part was working beautifully. As to the Oktonian women, I never got to know them any better. Apart from the fact that it was never the same woman twice I couldn't talk to them about anything other than everyday mundane things and their way of having sex. It was a very one sided relationship. I was having a lot of fun for sure, but all they seemed to want was a pussy full of come and then disappear. It seemed incongruous that a race who had such awe inspiring technology had such dumb and uninteresting women.

Anyway, after a while all that screwing around, as satisfying as it was, started to lose its shine. I wouldn't say I was getting bored with it but I felt I needed something more. It was on one of my trysts with Cleopatra when I discovered something new. I liked her and she was fascinated with me.

Cleopatra was a very well educated woman with a passionate interest in alchemy and magic. She believed me to be some supernatural being she had conjured up with one of her rituals. I left her in her belief for it gave me status; she was in awe of me. Anyway, on the occasion in question, I had timed my arrival rather badly, so I thought. She was in a foul mood, swearing like a trooper and throwing things around. My sudden appearance calmed her somewhat. I asked her what the matter was.

"Those arseholes Cassius and Brutus are giving me a hard time," she complained. "They want me to finance their war with Rome. They are threatening me with invasion if I refuse to support them. I don't like those pricks, they killed Caesar with their own hands. Besides, I don't think they'll last much longer against Octavian and Anthony."

"So why are you in such a bad mood? Can I help in any way?"

"No, you can't help me with this. It's just that I've had a horrible disaster on my hands."

"What happened?"

"I decided to take position against the murderers, assembled a fleet and sailed to support Rome. On the way we got mauled by a violent storm, I got sick and had to return with a decimated fleet."

It wasn't all that big of a disaster for her, her pride was hurt more than anything. Eventually her mood settled somewhat and we started talking about chemical reactions and philosophy for a while. We had something to eat and some wine. It seemed to do her some good, she was much calmer and balanced now. When we finally wound up in bed it was as lively as ever and I got kicked out of her realm on orgasm. I had been with her the best part of a whole day.

When I woke up again on Okton4 I wondered what would happen now. I had never been away for that long on any of my excursions. I was expecting to be reprimanded. Nothing happened. When I checked, no more time had passed than the normal half hour. The Oktonian woman seemed unaware that there was something different this time.

Over a few beers I thought the whole episode over. It appeared that I could go wherever I wanted to as soon as I was inside an Oktonian pussy and did not have to return until I blew my wad. Maybe I could stay in these spaces for weeks, months or even years. Maybe I could even find out what these spaces were and how they related to our reality. I had found that bit extra I had been looking for, I would never get bored now.

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