tagLoving WivesOh My God!

Oh My God!


"No way! Oh my god!"

Nancy's hands covered her mouth, her eyes had widened to twice their normal size. After another wine and small fits of the giggles, she wanted to hear more. I had just relayed to her the start of a story about my last sexual tryst with multiple men. First, a quick background on my neighbor Nancy. She is 28 years old, an easy five foot nine inches, beautiful long black hair, and a stunning figure. Both of our husbands are in the Navy at separate Commands, the difference is Nancy's James is a Chaplain. James has been on deployment for the past three months and after more than a couple of wines our conversation had turned to sex, or a better description, her lack of. Although extremely naïve, it was obvious that Nancy was more than curious about my revelations, asking again what it was like to have participated in what she described as an "orgy". She had already told me that her entire sexual history included her high school boyfriend (that came all over her leg) and her husband. Straight sex maybe once a week was their main course with nothing more than intercourse. I truly believe she had never orgasmed from sex. After she had told me about this is when I had boldly decided to let her in on my escapades. Blushing a crimson red, she pleaded for me to start from the beginning.

"After my husband left on his last deployment" I began, "a friend of his came by the house and asked if I could use some company and a cold beer"

"He came by with Tracy gone?" Nancy asked. She seemed genuinely shocked and caused me to laugh. I then told her after a beer or many he called two of his friends and we made an afternoon out of it.

"You fucked three guys at one time!" Her use of the word fuck shocked me! I laughed and told her it originally wasn't in the plans, that it just seemed to happen. We drank more wine and I filled her head with vivid images of that afternoon and evenings events. I described to her in great detail my orgasms, their orgasms and the highlight of it all, Ron. I took my time in telling Nancy about Mr. Ron.

"In my forty years of life, I've never had a cock like Ron's", I told her. Her face was flushed, her breath was ragged as I detailed my escapades to her.

"He is extremely passionate, a kind and thoughtful lover that ensures your pleasure", I told her. "His cock is at least eight inches and the thickest I've ever seen. The head is fat and the slit at least an inch long, constantly leaking precum."

She was fascinated to say the least. I took pleasure in tormenting her this way, I knew it was wicked, knowing she had never been so thoroughly satisfied. I swear she was on the verge of cumming without touching herself.

"Oh my god, that is so bad, so naughty," she breathed. "I could never ever do such a thing to James" she assured me.

I laughed as I told her, "not for James, you need to take care of yourself". The wine had loosened my tongue and seemingly her inhibitions.

"Fuck, I'm soaking wet just recalling this to you Nancy" I tested. Her lips escaped a muffled moan, her legs involuntarily moving back and forth on her stool. After a few more questions, I told her I had to get home and left her mind sated. I had two things to take care of, one my aching pussy and two, a phone call. I came three times that evening, the last orgasm was to the make believe sound and sites of Nancy's pussy and her orgasm as I brought her off with my mouth.

I didn't see or hear from her for a week. I was beginning to think that she had donned a habit and joined the sisterhood to rid her mind of the sinful thoughts I had planted. I called her the following Saturday and asked if she would help me with a difficult recipe. When I met her at the door she blushed again, "come on in girl", I coaxed, "let me get you a wine to ease your nerves."

She was quite until the third drink and finally started opening up. She was just too cute as she asked if I had seen Ron again. "I wish", I replied, "but Steve is on his way over now". Her look was priceless.

Her hands shook as she finished her wine and stammered, "on his way here? Steve?, the one that came over first the last time?"

"Yes", I laughed, "he should be over any minute now." As if on que the doorbell rang and Steve entered with a bottle of wine, a hug, and a long look at Nancy. After some small chitchat, Nancy actually opened up and conversed with Steve.

"I told Nancy about our little get together Steve" We both jumped, startled to the sound of Nancy's dropped wineglass.

"Oh my god! I'm so embarrassed" she stammered. "No sweetie, it was a good thing, we're all adults and we really enjoyed ourselves, right Kelley?" Steve offered.

"Absolutely", I volunteered as I made my way to answer the door. Walking back into the kitchen I said, "Nancy, this is Ron, Ron, Nancy". We all giggled and tried to ease Nancy's tension.

"What are you guys planning", she asked. Both guys held their hands up, swearing ignorance. "Kelley"?

"We're all just good friends enjoying a Saturday afternoon", I said. How it started or when I don't know, but our conversation turned to my escapades with the boys. Steve swore to me later that Nancy had first brought it up to him. We were seated across from one another at the kitchen bar, Steve and Nancy on one side, Ron and I on the other.

I almost dropped my wineglass when Nancy asked Steve "what does more than one man do with one woman"? Ron laughed and told her they would be more than glad to show her. I, for one, was becoming quite excited at the course of events. Ron nudged me to look across the bar. Nancy's eyes were half shut, her breathing had quickened. Steve was turned to the side, watching her as we noticed his arm moving slightly back and forth.

"Yes Nancy", I encouraged. Steve continued his manipulation of her crotch with his fingers, his other hand had drifted to her breasts. He covered her mouth with his and began kissing her deeply. Ron's fingers were already under my sundress stroking my soaked pussy.

"Let's all move to the living room", I suggested. Steve broke his kiss and removed his fingers from Nancy's cunt. She looked great, her breasts were moving up and down as she breathed, her orgasm had been close. We made our way to the living room, Ron removing my dress, all the while we both watched Steve lift Nancy's above her head. She wore matching light baby blue bra and panties, the latter's crotch was a dark blue from her excitement. I was already naked and on my knees removing Ron's shorts, his hardon obvious.

I stopped to watch as Nancy's breasts were released from her bra, a natural 36C, long extended dark nipples. My breath caught and my desire was fueled as Steve slowly lowered her sopping wet panties. More of a contrast could not be found between the two of us. I have strawberry blonde hair, my blonde pubic hair is trimmed, shaved around my lips. Nancy's pussy was covered in straight jet-black hair, her swollen wet labia pouting from its nest.

Steve's hand quickly found her sex and began to rub her cunt, exposing more of her pink lips. Ron still had his boxers on, his cock sticking straight out of the thin material. We were caught up in Nancy's moment and took on the part of voyeurs as Steve pushed her shoulders down, bringing her to the floor on her knees. Dropping his shorts, his cock sprang out, bobbing up and down inches from her face.

"My god, your so big", she exclaimed, wrapping her hand around the base. Steve does have an impressive cock, the best feature is a wide anvil shaped head that feels wonderful pushing into your pussy. But compared to Ron's girth, he was no match.

"Lick me", Steve commanded. Nancy seeming a little unsure of herself opened her mouth and began to accept his dick. Steve made his way to the floor causing Nancy's beautiful round ass to lift up as she continued her caresses of his cock. I could not help myself while she was occupied and began licking her wonderfully musky cunt from behind, dragging my tongue from her engorged clit to her tiny asshole. Ron positioned himself behind me and forced his giant cock head into my cunt.

I feverishly began licking Nancy's flowing cunt, egged on by her moans around Steve's dick and Ron's thick prick invading my pussy. The site of me in heat, sucking on Nancy's ass and pussy caused Ron to thrash my overstuffed cunt, plowing my head into her soft ass.

"Oh god, Ron, I'm cumming now", Nancy moaned as her orgasm flooded my lapping tongue with her nectar. I lifted my head from her fragrant pussy as she looked back, the smile running away from her face.

"Kelley, that was you doing that to me"? she asked, stunned. All I could muster was, "Oh god yes" as Ron's continued to fuck me with abandon. My cunt began to contract, trying to hold on to his thick prick, my orgasm began deep, causing my head to swim as Ron began dumping his cum into my womb. His strokes were deep and short, the throbbing of his cock cumming brought another orgasm.

Pulling his cock from me, he milked the last of his sticky sperm onto my gaping cunt and stomach. Steve had gotten behind Nancy and began to push his cock into her pussy. She fell from her elbows, her face on its side as the head of his cock finally pushed into her cunt.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, slooooow", Nancy moaned as Steve continued to invade her tight pussy. He began to slowly fuck her, driving more of his prick into her with each stroke. Grabbing her hips on either side he pulled her back to him, burying himself into her stretched cunt. The look on his face was priceless as he mouthed the words "oh fuck", obviously alluding to the tightness of this underfucked woman.

Ron slid his ass forward until his cock was in front of Nancy's head. He lifted her head and placed it on his soft wet, cum stained dick. She began licking his shaft, licking my juices and his cum causing me to finger my cum filled pussy. His cock began to grow from watching his friend fuck Nancy's pussy from behind. Nancy began jacking Ron's cock with both hands, barely able to stretch her mouth over his cock head. Steve was now really beginning to fuck her, clawing at her hips, forcing his cock to the very depths of her pussy. She screamed that she was cumming as wet-slopping sounds escaped from her cunt.

Steve threw his head back and began to empty his balls into her convulsing cunt. Her head fell away from Rons's prick as Steve drove his cock one last push and poured his cum into her cunt. I came as I watched him withdraw from her, the pink gaping hole and matted black pubic hair, as his cum began to find it's way out of her pussy. She fell to the floor eyes closed and rolled over, her legs closing and opening, massaging her well-fucked pussy.

Ron grabbed a sofa pillow and lifted her legs up, forcing the pillow under her ass. Her eyes opened and she looked at him and said "there's no way, I can't take you". With that he lifted her legs up to his shoulders and placed his thick cock at the entrance of her cum soaked pussy.

"No, no", she shouted as his dick began to sink into her cunt. "Oh god, he's tearing me apart" as Ron continued his assault on her cunt. Her moaning was turning to gibberish as he began to slide half of his powerful cock in and out of her, causing his shaft to become coated with Steve's cum. Her eyes were closed, her head to and fro as Ron motioned to me.

I lowered my pussy to her face, watching the cum drip on to her cheeks and began to grind my crotch into her mouth and chin. With the help of Steve, Ron lifted her legs straight up and began to pound her swollen pussy, his heavy balls slapping her ass. My grinding pussy was coating her naïve face with my juice and Steve's cum. I soon felt her tongue lapping at my cunt as I exploded onto her face. I finished using her mouth for my pleasure and sat back to watch Ron give her the fuck she's always needed.

The sounds and smells were incredible as he pistoned his cock over and over into her stretched pussy. Finally Ron shouted that he couldn't take it anymore and announce he was cumming. Pulling himself out of her, he began to jack his cock onto her wide open pussy. I hurried over and took him into my mouth. His sticky hot cum coating my throat as pulse after pulse emptied from his balls. I looked down at Nancy, her black pussy hair and red swollen lips coated with Ron's cum. I asked her if she liked what she got, her reply was "Oh my god"

I refilled our wines and got the boys a beer. Nancy brought herself up and sat cross-legged on the floor, the overflow from her crotch quickly wetting the carpet. Steve who had just watched his friend give her the fuck of a lifetime, had been stroking his cock said "there's one final thing I want from her".

Walking over to her he began to jack his dick in earnest. "Open your mouth, now", he said. As she took his cock into her mouth his balls lifted signaling his orgasm. With his hands on the back of her head, he held her and began unloading his nuts into her mouth unable to remove her mouth from his throbbing cock. Her throat was moving up and down as he continued to dump his cum into her virgin mouth, white rivers gushing from the sides.

Nancy stood on trembling legs and began to dress, her now dry panties soon wet again as the cum darkened their color. Slipping her dress on she said she had to go, she was waiting on an overseas phone call from James. The boys laid back on the floor, both spent from the milking her pussy had given them. She left and I looked at Steve. "Goddamnit, I gave you guys your present! Get your asses over here and take care of me!"

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Terrible story

Cannot believe I wasted my time evading this garbage

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