tagInterracial LoveOld Friend Visits Wife Ch. 3

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 3


What else could be said? Kristy, my redheaded BBW wife, and I had just got home. We argued the entire trip on our cell phones. Less than 30 minutes ago, I discovered her fucking an old boyfriend in the back parking lot of a deserted shopping plaza. Who was this prick she gave "our" pussy to? Some Jamaican co-worker named Suyi. The same guy she left me for 4 years ago, before he had a change in heart and returned to his wife.

Although the affair was brief, she had somehow managed to fall in love with this home wrecker. While I always knew she still had feelings for this dude, I never thought she was still having "relations" with him behind my back. That was until a few taped phone conversations tipped me off. I had found out their plans to see each other tonight while I was supposedly taking night classes. I beat them to their secret "spot" and watched as my white wife sucked and fucked a black cock other than my own.

What was the most disturbing part of this whole situation? How about getting so turned on, I fucked her right after he pulled his cum-coated cock out of her. I think I was just as surprised as they were. Having never experienced sloppy seconds before, I found the sensation incredible. Her freshly fucked pussy was loose, soupy, and indescribably hot. The fact this was my wife increased the eroticism 10 fold.

After I burst my nut into her also, we were left to deal with the fallout. Although 4 inches shorter than me, Suyi is extremely buffed. I doubt he had any worries about getting into a fistfight with me, with my 'basketball" build. But I stood my ground while we exchanged harsh words to one another.

Fearful of us getting into fisticuffs, Kristy pleaded with Suyi to leave before things got too out of hand. Shooting me a glare with a nice middle finger attached, he got into his Mustang and left. Pissed off and humiliated, I told Kristy be home by the time I got there. I drove off in my car, tires screeching, trying to figure out what my next move was going to be.

Unfortunately, I realized I had surrendered my advantage of "righteous indignation", the moment I fucked her two-timing cunt. What was I to say? I had sex with her right after I had seen her with someone else. But pride is a motherfucker with two guns, and I wasn't about to lose this battle. This cheating bullshit had to stop! Talk about sending mixed signals.

We entered our apartment with me slamming the door viciously behind her. As I looked into her startled face, I had seen she wiped clean the crusted cum Suyi left across her mouth. I stared at her with as much displeasure as I could muster.

"I'm sorry," was all she said in a whimpering voice.

Usually I'm "too cool for school", when dealing with her. But I laid into her verbally. Expressing how she betrayed me and yadda, yadda. How I could never trust her again yadda, yadda. And ended my rant with saying, that there was no reason for his cock being in her pussy.

Which was true. I dicked Kristy down whenever the opportunity arose. So neglect was certainly not the reason. I wanted an answer for all of this. So I told her I would divorce her if she didn't give me some explanation, NOW!

Kristy put her plump, yet pretty face in her hands and sobbed. Her scarlet tresses fell over her slightly freckled-face and her body shook from weeping. It tore my heart apart, but I maintained a disinterested air.

Reaching into the ashtray on the table, I picked up a half smoked joint and lit it. After a few puffs, my anger began to die down. Unexpectantly, my cock began to come back to life in a major way. I had just come 45 minutes ago, and usually I'm a one-shot willie sexually. But now I had to put the ashtray in my lap to keep it from tenting. All the while I watched Kristy as I asked her if she loved him.

She looked at me with big wet eyes and bit her lower lip as she walked over to me and squatted. Her skirt had ridden up well past her creamy white thighs. I remembered the 1000's of times I've laid between those same legs. That someone else now was lying in. Also came in, at least once. She could be carrying his child as we speak. Kristy and I use the calendar method, and we've been quite lucky with it. But this definitely was not one of her "safe" days. Shit, something else to worry about.

I asked her again. My eyes fell to her ample cleavage, wet with tears, and lightly spotted with freckles. She leaned forward to move the ashtray, and those big titties rubbed against my knees. Laying her face sideways on my lap, she looked at my stomach as she caressed my thigh. My cock jumped against her face. With a dead serious look, she said she loved how hard I had fucked her earlier. And that I dumped triple the cum into her pussy than Suyi.

"I wiped most of it out, but I'm sure there's a lot left, deep inside." She purred to me.

My train of thought was broken as she grabbed my dick and hastily unzipped me. Kristy jacked my rock hard, black pole six quick times and stood up slowly.

"You don't mind if I use my husband's lovely cock to plunge that extra cream out. Do you?" Kristy timidly asked.

She was enjoying this, and at the moment I couldn't complain either. I was immensely turned on. My dick swelled to its full 8 inches as she raised her skirt up past her wide hips. I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath as she straddled my thighs while maintaining eye contact with me. I could see faint traces of dried semen between her plush legs.

My pre-cum wet her palm as she lined my dick up to her adulterous pink hole. She gasped slightly as my prick popped in just past the damp folds. Little by little she sank down onto my hardness. The resistance was minimal while she leisurely bounced another two inches in her cunt. While she may have wiped out the majority of left over cum in her, a few good inches in and she was practically a cannoli.

I was submerged into a hot liquid furnace, as she continued to lower her hefty ass onto my straining cock. She started grinding at my hips when she got down to the base of swollen phallus. Kristy then lifted her weight until only the head of my dick remained inside. My dark shaft was shiny and coated in a white film, as she reached down to spread her pussy lips for me. I wished I had a Polaroid handy, as I watched her rub the underside of my soggy shaft.

Kristy cooed as she licked the cream from her palm and dropped her gooey cunt back down over my dick forcefully. I reached behind her to unfasten her bra and lift her blouse over her head. Her huge breast dropped with a dull thump above her soft belly. I immediately took one into my mouth and sucked hard at her pink nipple. I swirled my tongue around it in lazy circles as she closed her eyes and groaned.

She started to bounce her full figured body on my cock. Squeezing her cunt muscles tightly as she rose and relaxing them as she fell. Dressed only in a skirt bunched up at the waist, I palmed her pasty, wide ass with both hands. Kneading them slowly as I dick-tated the pace.

Squelchy noises could be heard, as she labored to pleasure me with her sodden pussy. I fucked back up into her as she dropped down onto me, and we gradually increased our tempo. It wasn't long until I began to bang against the furthest wall at the end of her soaked love tunnel. Her womb entrance was being hammered as she impaled herself on my dick.

Her huge tits sprung up and down as I lost myself in the heat of our fuck. I licked up at them whenever they came into contact with my face. She then wrapped her arms around my head, pressing my face into her chest while she grinded wantonly in my lap. Both hands on my chest, Kristy held them there as she lowered and twisted her cunt on my cock. Raise, lower, twist. Raise, lower, twist. She worked herself on me, churning the building fluids in my balls.

" Derek, you gave me the best fuck I've ever had in my life earlier, baby" Kristy passionately exclaimed. " I'm never leaving this black dick...Ever!"

"I'm yours and always will be, till death do us part," she promised.

I only half listened as I concentrated on holding back my load for as long as I possibly could. So I told her...

"Then work that fat pussy faster, so I can fill this sloppy cunt with my ball juice, bitch."

"Ride this fucking black cock good and I'll give you a creamy treat you'll never forget," I continued my banter, while staring into her contorted face.

My foul talk was having the desired effect, as Kristy began pounding onto me like a sex-starved madwoman. A pale white froth began seeping out over my nuts from my wife's runny quim. "Oh, oh, oh," she whimpered and then cried out as her cunt went into convulsions as she came hard. I put all of my strength into jamming her puss with as much meat as I could, as fast as I could. I wanted her orgasm to be the "bomb".

Woman on top was Kristy's favorite position and I gave all I had. Her vocalizations became even raunchier, as she begged me to slam my stick up into her harder yet. She wailed like a wounded werewolf as I slipped both nipples into my mouth at once. Her tits were large enough for this feat to be performed quite easily. More cream saturated my balls, as she added her juices to the cocktail that was being stirred up in her cunt.

As she came down from her orgasm, I felt my testicles constrict painfully in warning. Kristy was well aware of what was happening, as she swiftly rose off my prick. It slapped wetly against my abdomen covered in a pudding-like fluid.

"Don't fucking stop," I commanded her. "I'm about to shoot."

"Gimme it," she begged as she looked square into my eyes, tiny hands wrapped around my black sausage.

Providing an airtight lock with her lips, her mouth descended over the head of my dick, as she swallowed all the way down to my pubes. This stripped the juices off my dick, which pooled around the base and coated her mouth. She held it there for several seconds before coming up for air. Snot bubbles fluttered in her nostrils, as I looked at her rosy oval lips smeared with old cum.

She gripped firmly on my balls and deep throated me once again. Her gag reflex a memory, she pressed down hard and massaged my bloated sacks with cupped fingers. Rotating her head almost imperceptibly, semen rushed up my stalk at 90 MPH.

Kristy never flinched as she methodically siphoned my cum bursts, swallowing noisily as she throated my cock like porn queen. Eyes closed, she moaned quietly as my semen splashed against her tonsils powerfully. She gobbled down my cock syrup with moist gulps that were music to my ears.

I kept on cumming as she hollowed her flushed cheeks and stroked my remaining load into her gullet. After the last droplets slid past her tongue, she sank back over my cock. Mouthing me expertly with Bobbi Bliss-esque skill, for several breathless minutes.

My dick came out of her mouth with a sharp pop. She started licking up and down my shaft with her tongue flattened. Licking my nuts, she tenderly sucked in each ball and gently massaged them in a circular motion.

Applying enough pressure to boarder on discomfort, Kristy treated me to a deep nut job. Standing abruptly, she turned with her wide ass facing me. Backing up, she leaned forward, reaching underneath her crotch to grab my semi-erect cock. She lined it up to her gummy slit and sank down sighing.

Bending backwards, Kristy draped an arm behind my head and kissed my cheeks. "You're my husband and I'll always love you," she purred softly," Suyi was just a bad mistake."

NOTE: Annoying switch to third person ( lol )

Kristy sat in her office chair as her female co-workers buzzed about. Her mind was on things other than the daily gossip. In fact she was practically living a soap opera. She loved her husband dearly, but her emotions for Suyi were just as strong. The fact she could never truly have him, made her long for him even more.

Suyi worked in the offices just above her own. Usually around this time she would receive a call from him. But after the fiasco in the vacant parking lot, she wouldn't be surprised if he even spoke to her again. The time passed slowly as she realized she would get no call from him this morning.

Grabbing her cigarette case, Kristy went out for her 10 minute smoke break. As she walked down the hall, she saw Suyi walk into the break room. At first she was going to pretend she didn't see him, but she had to know what was going on with him. She followed him thru the door and noticed no one there but him.

"Fancy meeting you here," she said as she came up behind him.

He smiled weakly and responded, "Just grabbing some chips and a soda. How has things been at home after last night?"

Kristy lowered her eyes and said, "Not too good. As you can imagine, Derek is very upset. I think he's going to leave me."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could do to help." Suyi's dark, handsome features and concerned tone made Kristy's heart skip. She felt her love and desire for him multiply by just being in his presence. "How could this be wrong," she thought.

"I have something to say to you," Kristy began as she licked at her dry pink lips. Suyi looked into her face with a puzzled expression. He nodded his head to indicate for her to continue.

"I love you and I don't want to stop seeing you. I promise a scene like last night won't happen again. I will deal with Derek." Kristy searched his facial expressions for a reaction.

"And," she continued, " I know we have no real future together, but I would at least like for us to have a present."

Suyi was touched by her sincerity. She was willing to risk her marriage just to be with him. Although he never told Kristy, he had grown to have feelings for her too. Not all were sexual, even though her cunt was the best he had ever drilled. If they could just be careful enough to not get caught again, he was willing to keep fucking her.

"OK," he answered, and embraced her in a firm hug. He squeezed her tightly before he released her, looking down into her smiling face.

"Meet me in the old storage room in 5 minutes." Kristy proposed with a wicked gleam in her eye. Her rapidly beating heart caused her pussy to moisten with excitement. She turned fast enough to make her scarlet hair swing about her shoulders. Suyi smiled to himself as two other people came into the break room. He waited around in there for a few minutes before heading to the utility rooms. He hoped his erection wasn't showing too noticeably as he quickened his pace.

Without knocking, he stepped into the storage room after checking to make sure he wasn't seen. He wasn't surprised to see Kristy waiting impatiently as he locked the deadbolt. Kristy wordlessly pulled her jeans from over her flared hips. She stepped gingerly out of them and put them into a puffy pile on the floor. Anticipating her intents, Suyi walked forward unbuttoning his pants while fishing for his cock.

Kristy arranged herself into a comfortable position on her knees, and reached out for his crotch with trembling fingers. Suyi hauled his thick black dick from his boxers the same moment Kristy widely opened her mouth.

She took the flaccid meat into her orifice and sucked hurriedly. Corkscrew stroking him until he was fully hard. Kristy swallowed his cock down to the pubes, three lingering times, and then came up for breath. She continued to jack his hard-on, while she licked at the saliva trailing from his dick to her lips.

"Lay on the floor, we don't have much time." Suyi coaxed, as Kristy obeyed his request. At this point she was willing to do whatever to pleased him. He hadn't even touched her yet and her pussy felt mushy with want.

She lay back on the cold floor and spread her pale thighs as wide as she could. She could feel her fluids seeping down the crevice of her ass cheeks, as she lifted her legs higher to tempt him. Leaning over her, Suyi took a quick swipe with his tongue across her slit. Bringing it from her clit, down to the base of her ass.

A few good trips up and down had Kristy's clit throbbing and peeking past it hood. He brought his face up and wrapped a hand around his cock. Kristy invitingly arched her hips up, which spread the pinkish lips of her cunt apart with a moist pop. Her ample bottom like two white moons underneath her.

Suyi watched intently as he brought his drooling cock to her drooling snatch. He knew he would have little trouble sliding between her buttery folds. He pushed forward and the head of his dick popped thru her cunt entrance. Shoving steadily harder, Suyi was pleasantly surprised by the resistance her pussy was giving.

Kristy exhaled sharply, as Suyi wasted no time sawing into her cunt. The going was easier as her pussy began lubricating the dick that was racing in and out of it. Gradually, her body began responding to his forceful fucking. She ground her hips seductively as Suyi rammed into her almost desperately. The glueyness of her cunt, as well as superb muscle control, had cum rising up his shaft. Also knowing his body language well, a crazy thought zipped thru Kristy's head.

"Shoot that cum in me, baby." Kristy begged thru gritted teeth. Suyi ignored her.

"Go ahead, dump it in there. I want all of it. Every fucking drop!"

"Spurt it in me! Now! Now! Now! Now!"

"Give me your fucking baby!!! It'll feels so good when you pour that hot cum into my wet cunt! And I don't want you to stop banging that dick into me until it's too soft to stay in!"

Her words lit a fire in his balls that was raging out of control, and Kristy knew it. She stared intensely into his contorted face. Smiling to herself she knew she had him. And to make sure she did, she used her cunt muscles to suck at him.

Suyi's face was twisted in pure ecstasy. He couldn't help it, and began slamming into her harder and faster. Skin on skin slapping was filling the small room with noise. He cut short a bellow when he felt his cock start spasming.

" Do it, ... ram it in there and spray that creamy load deep." Kristy hissed to him.

Suyi could hold back no longer and started to cum. But before Kristy could get the "Oh Yes" out of her mouth, he yanked his spurting cock out. Gripping it in his palm, he started stroking it at 100 MPH.

Sperm flew from the tip like a scud. Landing all over Kristy's belly and shirt. Some even managed to hit her in the face with faint splashes. Suyi continued to milk his dick until no more cream could come out. His breathing deepened as he flicked the remain droplets towards Kristy's prone body.

"Why didn't you come inside of me?" Kristy lamented, " I'm a wet mess now."

"I couldn't," Suyi tried to explain as he helped her stand. He passed her a few paper towels that were sitting on a shelf. He took a few himself, and helped with cleaning her up. What he didn't know was, that he was caught in the middle of a tug-o-war for this woman.

To Be Continued...

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