tagInterracial LoveOld Friend Visits Wife Ch. 4

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 4


It was almost 5 PM. Suyi soon would be meeting with Kristy for some “quality time”. Since that time he got caught fucking his redheaded co-worker by her husband, he had only slept with her once. He promised there would be another time, but they were being especially careful now. So being that today was his day-off, he convinced Kristy to knock off early and meet with him at a friend’s house.

Rohan knew of what was going on between Suyi and Kristy. And on occasion he even loaned a room out in his place to them. Suyi had told Kristy to make an excuse to be home late tonight, so they could pull it off. Kristy eagerly agreed and got to Rohan’s a little after 5:30. Rohan answered the door smiling, smelling heavily of marijuana.

“ Come in girl, Suyi been waiting for you in the kitchen”, he said in a deeply accented voice.

Kristy greeted him back as she walked past him into the house. Somewhat familiar with the layout now, she walked directly to the kitchen. She saw Suyi sitting at the dining room table drinking OJ, when he looked up at her.

‘What’s up baby?” he said as he stood to give her a hug. He smelled her fragrant hair as he clasped her to his muscled chest. He kissed her deeply when Rohan walked into the room laughing.

“Take that shit to the bedroom and try not to be too noisy. Oh, and please take those sheets off when you’re done,” he teased. “I’m not trying to touch any stained up sheets tonight.”

All three laughed as Suyi led Kristy to one of the far bedrooms. Leaving the door open, they stripped down each other’s clothes while kissing one another. They left the door opened as a treat to Rohan who usually watched from the doorway while they fucked. Suyi never would let Rohan join them, Kristy was all his.

Once Kristy’s bra was off, Suyi squeezed her enormous white tits in his strong hands. He took special care to massage the nipples roughly between his fingers. Kristy groaned as she licked Suyi’s chest.

“I want you to fuck me hard and fast with that big black dick of yours.” Kristy practically hissed. “Then I want you to spray all of that cum, extra deep inside of me.”

Suyi smirked and shoved Kristy onto the bed, her voluptuous body bouncing up twice as she giggled. He laid between her parted thighs and at the same time caressed them, his mouth seeking her moistening slit. Kristy reached down and parted the folds, exposing her pink hole. Suyi stuck his tongue out and licked her up to her distended clit.

A moan escaped Kristy’s lips as he continued to bathe her pussy with flat-tongued laps. He licked in circles at her clit, before alternating to an up-down stroke. He pressed forward to pin her clitoris upward against her mound. He then added pressure and moved his head in a slow circular motion. Kristy’s pussy responded by releasing cream that slid down her ass crack. Suyi licked this up too.

He continued to lave her cunt for 10 minutes before he began to crawl up her trembling body. Licking all the while, his cock brushed against her belly, leaving a snail trail as it went. He suckled one large breast as he clutched at the other. He moved up to her neck, kissing, as he straddled her torso. Kristy held her hefty tits apart while Suyi slapped his cock right between them. Kristy wet her palm with saliva to coat his dick until it shone. She sandwiched his hardened dick between them as she said, “Fuck them ”, in a harsh whisper.

Suyi added a plop of his own spit as Kristy tightened the tunnel she made for him. Pumping slowly at first, Suyi made sure to bump her chin on each upstroke. Kristy got the drift and “O”ed her mouth, letting the head pop in and out of her lips. He would frequently stop to allow her to twirl her tongue over his prick rapidly. It was feeling sooo good; Suyi raised up his hips and began stroking into Kristy’s mouth. In this position, his cock couldn’t slip past her throat. Instead it banged against the back wall brutally.

Kristy reached up to cup and squeeze his balls, while Suyi
continued to stab at her throat. Spit bubbled past her lips and ran down the sides of her cheeks. She found a rhythm to breathe while she concentrated on giving Suyi superb head. She saw movement near the door and knew that Rohan had finally decided to watch. It made her want to put on a sleaze show worthy of an Emmy.

Suyi eventually slowed to a stop, pulled his cock out of her mouth, and told Kristy to ride his dick. Drool and pre-cum was covering the lower portion of Kristy’s face. She absent-mindedly wiped at it, as she sat up to obeyed Suyi’s request. They both caught Rohan with a glance and smiled at him. Knowing he had wanted to fuck Kristy also for some time, but he didn’t expect an invitation anytime soon. They didn’t mind him watching, so he did. With a hard-on that plainly showed that he was extremely well hung, Rohan leaned against the doorway toking on a fat blunt.

Kristy threw a plump thigh across Suyi’s legs, her back to him, while facing Rohan. Suyi held his thick rod perfectly still as Kristy slowly lowered her ass, one hand spreading her soggy cunt-lips. She pressed down hard when she felt the head contact her juicy hole. Beautifully aligned, she put her full weight down, taking his entire length in one swoop. Suyi grunted as a hot, wet sheath swallowed him. Leaning forward to balance herself with her arms, Kristy methodically lifted and lowered her ample ass.

Suyi reached to grip her supple butt, squeezing as he guided her movements. His fingers left red marks along her pale skin. Her long, auburn hair dangled mere inches from her ass crack. Up and down she bounced, a soggy slapping noise drifted across the room. It grew louder as Kristy bounced faster. Her full tits were flopping around in perfect synchronization. All the while, her green-eyed gaze never left Rohan’s face.

Feeling slutty, Kristy licked her lips, which were still wet from the blowjob she had given. Her glance then fell to his crotch. His cock twitched slightly in it’s confines, as she bit her lower lip in concentration. Suyi was fucking back up at her now; it had her ass shaking from the impact. Soon they had their timing down and were fucking at one another vigorously.

Kristy’s cream began to coat Suyi’s balls. The smacking sounds became wetter while she steadily rode him. She felt an orgasm building in her cunt. Focusing on it, she ground against Suyi’s pelvis nastily. Intent on making him cum with her, she began milking at his cock with her tightening pussy walls. Her cunt began clenching uncontrollably. Wailing, she threw her head back as her orgasm hit.

Suyi felt his own cum bubbling, so he held down Kristy’s ass while she was grinding wickedly. Kristy sat up straight and ground faster against him and soon felt a liquid heat splashing in her womb. Suyi cried out as he continued spurting wads of thick semen. After the third jet, Kristy stopped udulating her hips and bounced lewdly in his lap.

His black shaft was streaked with white foam from their joint cum. Kristy’s pussy lips were ringed with froth as she kept sliding up and down his dick, over and over again. Suyi continued to moan aloud as he kept pumping nut into her cunt. Sloshy sounds could be heard by Rohan halfway across the room. Tiring of the frantic ride, Kristy slammed down on Suyi’s cock with finality. Splack!!!

Both stayed perfectly still while they tried to catch their breath. Suyi’s cock still jerked inside of Kristy’s creamy hole. Drained, she looked towards Rohan, who was turning to walk away. With a smirk on her lips, Kristy told Suyi she’d be dripping cum for days because of the size of the nut he injected into her. He wearily smiled back at her as she pivoted on his cock to lean forward and kiss him.


As Derek drove home from work in his SUV, his thoughts and emotions were in utter chaos. He had received a call earlier from his wife, Kristy, saying she would be home later this evening. She was supposed to be going out for a drink with some of her girlfriends. In light of what had transpired in the past few weeks, he didn’t even question her. He knew that she was lying and was going to see her “friend” even though she repeatedly promised to avoid him. His phone tap gave him pretty good updates on his wife’s extramarital exploits. At this point it didn’t even matter to him whether she did or not. He was more upset about his role in the matter.

He had actually fucked her immediately after Suyi had bonked her. What disgusted him the most was that he enjoyed it...immensely. He felt like a cuckold. Why did he bother to even stay with her? True, he had invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their marriage, but how do you walk away from someone you loved so much? Bottom line was, you could no more control the actions of your spouse than they could control yours. So he opted to bide his time before he made a final decision on anything.

But Derek figured something had to be done, and soon for his own sanity. As he pulled up into his driveway, he barely acknowledged the greetings from his neighbor. As he unlocked the deadbolt to his apartment, a thought suddenly struck him. He knew Kristy frequently brought her work home. Being that she did HR work, he remembered seeing a thick folder titled “Updated Personnel Files’. After a brief scan of the living room, he saw the folder sitting at the desk.

Opening the folder, Derek flipped thru a few pages until he found a spreadsheet containing a list of names in alphabetical order. Moving down the directory with his index finger, he came across Suyi’s name and address. Smiling to himself, he quickly scrawled down the information. Figuring Kristy would be out for couple hours, he set his plan into motion. It was finally payback time.

It was a few minutes past 6 P.M. when Julie heard her doorbell ringing. Stressed out from work and her marital troubles with her husband, Suyi, she was in little mood for company. For the last few months, she’d been sensing changes in her partner's behavior. The was no apparent rhyme or reason for it, but she had her suspicions. You don’t remain married to someone for 13 years, and not notice when things about them change.

Looking through the peephole as she approached the door, Julie saw a tall, strikingly handsome man on the other side. Opening the door slightly, she greeted the dark stranger. He introduced himself as Derek, husband of one of Suyi’s co-workers. Derek stated he needed to speak with her about Suyi. An unsettling feeling crept into her gut, but she invited him in.

She watched Derek as he entered her home and offered him a seat and something to drink. He sat down and kindly passed on the drink. After a deep sigh, Derek went into his story about suspecting an affair between their significant others. Although he said he had no concrete proof, he had been noticing strange goings-on these last three months with his wife. Including extensive communications between the two. The time frame coincided with her own observations; she said nothing as she listened to Derek further explain his worries.

Due to Suyi’s good looks, charm, and incredible build, Julie knew women practically threw pussy his way regularly. She even had confrontations in the past with several women he had brief affairs with. Including white women. And she didn’t like the way this was starting to shape up. He was a good man and provider, but he had also cheated on her with impunity from time to time. She didn’t know what to do with him; she needed him too much to leave. But when was enough, enough?

“…And that’s where things seem to stand now,” Derek concluded
as he watched for Julie’s reaction to his words.

As Julie sat there quietly for a few moments, Derek glanced her over. She was a fairly attractive black woman, with decent sized boobs and a well-shaped thick ass with full hips. She could probably table dance for a living if she was so inclined, Derek thought. He felt telling her the full truth would undermine his plans at this point, so kept it to himself.

“My feelings are there is more to their friendship than work, so what do we do?” he softly asked.

Julie didn’t immediately answer. She felt frustration, and a now familiar jealously overcome her. Like Derek, she figured more met the eye here than it seemed. But she knew confronting Suyi would result in adamant denial with no real proof. Still she knew she wouldn’t take this lying down… or would she?

“Where is he now?” Derek pressed.

“He supposed to be at the gym until 8 o’clock. What about Kristy?” Julie asked.

“Drinking with co-workers,” Derek responded as he pulled out his cell phone. Dialing Kristy’s cell number he listened to it ring until it prompted him to leave a message at the tone. Julie watched as he shook his head.

“ No answer, try calling Suyi.” Derek asked her.

Looking Derek square in the eye, she figured what the hell. Picking up her cordless she called Suyi’s cell, and also left a text message on his two-way. Several minutes passed and no response came to either attempt. A dreadful realization crept up on her. Was it coincidence both parties were unavailable at the same time? Suyi was usually prompt when returning her calls. Now…? Fuck it!

“Well, I don’t see why they should be the only ones having extracurricular relations. Do you?” Julie said straight-faced.

“No,” Derek smiled at her. “ I’m sure we both have the same gut feeling with this, but no way of proving it. I don’t think it’s foolish for us to assume the worst in this case.” Derek continued. “ We both know what’s going down, so until we catch them, why don’t we enjoy each other’s … company until we catch them?” Derek suggested.

“No better time to start than now, right?” Julie agreed him. Recognizing the green light, Derek rose from his seat. He walked over to where she sat and crouched at her knees. He took in how well her jean shorts fitted, showing off her smooth, brown, shapely legs. Touching both thighs, he slowly parted them as Julie nervously leaned back in her chair. She trembled as he ran his hands along them up to her waist.

Crawling between her spread legs, Derek reached to cup the supple tits through the material of Julie’s halter-top. She wore no bra, and Derek felt her nipples stiffen quickly under his manipulations. To Julie, the thrill of having sex with a strange man in her house turned her on. She made no attempt to stop him as his face closed in on hers for a kiss. It was deep, tender, and wet, sending her spine tingling.

His touches were soft and lingering. She lifted her arms as Derek took the top off of her bra-less titties. Cool air hit them before a wet warmth engulfed them as his mouth covered one. Derek sucked hard on the nipple, rotating his head slowly to increase the pleasure. Julie inhaled as she felt her pussy dampen. He was definitely skillful at arousing a woman! Whatever reservations she had, were now gone.

Derek stopped sucking long enough to take his own shirt off. Julie saw several tattoos on his on his defined arms and across his sparsely haired chest. He was unquestionably a looker, she thought as she rubbed on his clean-shaved skull. He then bid her to stand while he slipped her shorts and panties from her waist. She sexily stepped out of them. Her figure was banging! Derek got off his knees caressing her body on his way up. His hands lingered on her tight ass before resting on her flared hips.

They engaged in another lusty kiss until Julie sat back down and unbuckled his pants. They didn’t fall too far down his legs when she saw his hard cock. Although it wasn’t as wide as her husband’s, it was certainly a lot longer. Probably a little over 8 inches. She held it gingerly, stroking it off as she familiarized herself with its dimensions. Not really expecting a blowjob from her, Derek was pleased to see her stick out her tongue to touch the underside of the head.

Holding her head and his dick still, Julie wagged her tongue from left to right beneath it rapidly. When she saw pre-cum forming, she licked it. Then dug into the piss hole to excavate more. Derek cradled her cheek as she took him in as far as she could. She got all but 2 inches inside her mouth when she began to move back and forth on his cock.

She handlessly worked on him with deliberate slowness. She wasn’t quite as experienced as Kristy, but she was a hell of a lot noisier. Her slurping was loud enough to wake the dead. It didn’t take long for Derek’s cock to become slick and wet from her efforts. The thought of his dick in another man’s wife gullet had him rock hard. He pulled his cock from her lips momentarily to smear the saliva all over her pretty face. She held her tongue out to graze it when it passed across her mouth.

When her face became damp enough, he placed himself back into her mouth, where she continued to suck at him passionately. Taking care to give extra attention to his balls. She slurped each nut alternately into her oral cavity. Jacking him off dick as she did so. Derek pulled out again and started thumping it on her extended tongue before she swallowed him up again.

Derek was too aroused to reciprocate the favor, and guided Julie to her hands and knees on the couch. Her beautiful booty looked inviting as he reached down to finger her twat from behind. His fingers were met with soaked cunt and he pushed two fingers inside. God, she was tight he thought, and told her so. Julie arched her spine and pressed back. He finger fucked her until her moaning increased.

“Fuck me now, please.” She implored.

Derek steadied her thick ass with one hand and pointed his cock with the other. When it became aligned with her super wet hole he pushed forward. Despite her wetness, he found resistance. How tight is this cunt? Derek thought, pulling back enough to look at his dick, which was lubed up a little past the head.

“Just push it in, I don’t care,” Julie demanded, pushing against Derek to encourage him.

She lifted her head, face screwed, as he tried to impale her with one stroke. Derek ignored her discomfort, determined spear his dick to the back of her cunt without pulling back to readjust. After much hard work and moans, he succeeded. He bottomed out.

“Yessss, Do it!!!” She curved her back further to invite him to bang into her. And boy did he ever! Derek took it to her with his full length, and as he looked down at the action, he saw his ebony cock slicked with her juices. Not long afterwards he was reaming her sluiced up cunt. He hadn’t had black pussy in years and forgot just how much he misses it. His ball-bruising banging continued.

Julie held on to the back of the couch for dear life, as Derek took her savagely doggy style. Her ass quivered from the jarring fuck she was receiving. He even took the time out to slap that ass a few times to make her already tight cunt clench him even more.

“Uhh…uhh…uhhhhh,” Julie sputtered coarsely from the impact. Her womb was being pulverized! And she loved it…so did Derek. He yanked out roughly to spank her ass with his cock loudly. Smack, smack, smack! Quickly, he slammed it back in. Jack hammering non-stop with even more force.

“I’m gonna beat this pussy raw,” Derek harshly swore. “Take this dick like a fucking slut.” He yelled at the back of her head. And she did. Pushing back in time with his thrusts, even though it felt like he was attempting to puncture her womb. Suyi never reached this far up her cunt.

All that could be heard was slapping flesh, grunts, and moans. Her pussy was so tight; he couldn’t even make it fart like he had done with other women. Her pussy was incredible! And Suyi was a smug fool to think he wouldn’t go after Julie. He was glad he did.

Glancing down again, he spotted her asshole flash in and out of view from between her clapping butt cheeks. So he withdrew once again, wiping with it and using the cream covering his cock to smear her bunghole with. He shoved back into her soggy cunt and repeated this numerous times. Although Derek planned to fuck her in several positions, this was getting to be too much for him.

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