tagMatureOld Mrs. Finney Ch. 03

Old Mrs. Finney Ch. 03


It'd been three dang days since I heard for that there sweet lady Mrs. Finney and I was itchin' to get in her bloomers again. I done stroked my pole at least five times going over the memories in my head. It probably ranked as my all time best day. Just thinking about it now and my cock is stirring. I was fixin' to stroke my cock when I heard the phone ring. My maw yelled sayin it was fer me. I grabbed the phone and said hello and my cock jumped when I heard the voice on the other end.

"Hello Johnny, how is my favorite stud! I would have called earlier but you done wore my old pussy out!" Anne said to me. "I told my mom that she was to come over for dinner tomorrow night and I told her I had a surprise."

"Well I guess tomorrow night it is! I sure am lookin forward to it Anne!" I told her. With that I hung up the phone and headed to my room. Her voice took me back to three days earlier when she was calling me to fuck her old ass and to shoot my cum deep in her shitter. I couldn't take it anymore and I took down my jeans and started stroking my cock. It felt real warm and hard in my fist. I wanted to really get to it so I jumped on my bed and laid down for more support. My fist was flying up and down my throbbin shaft when all of a sudden my door done went and flew open. I didn't notice it at first because I was too lost in my jerkin and all, but sure enough my maw got an eyeful.

"Oh Jesus ... Lord have mercy, I am so sorry son, I should have knocked" My mom said. Funny thing was though she didn't hurry to leave either. I was so stunned I didn't even take my hand off my pole. I just lay there with my jaw open. I sure must have been a sight, jaw all hanging open and my big old cock in my hand, just staring at my mom.

"I ...I ...I will let you alone, I really am sorry Johnny." My mom turned and left me there with my prick in my fist. When she turned around the sun hit her just right and her naked silhouette was coming right through. I could see her harden nipples and nice form. Despite being caught the site of my mom's lovely form made my cock jump in my hand and I continued with my jerkin.

I tried to get back to Anne's vision in my head as I stroked but when Anne turned around in my dream to tell me to shoot my cum in her ass it was no longer her but my mom. As I saw my mother in my head askin me to fill her bowels with my hot cum my cock jerked and shot hard and long. When my cum finally stopped flying I was covered in sweat. As I calmed down I heard a bump on my door so I went to investigate. Wiping the cum off my chest with a dirty shirt I opened the door to see what made the noise but nothing was there.

It was finally Friday and I told my mom that Mrs. Finney needed me to fix up some things in her house so I would be busy there all evening long. I told her it was a big job that was going to take a lot of time to finish and that I might even end up stayin the night so I could finish it bright and early the next day. She had a content look on her face and didn't even question me about it. So I grabbed a bag with some extra clothes and toothbrush and headed to Anne's house.

She was plum all over me when she let me in the door. It didn't take her more than five seconds to have my pants down and my cock in her mouth. She sucked me till my cock was at full attention then popped me out of her mouth.

"That is just a taste of what I am going to do for you as soon as you are done with my mother. Did you tell your mom you are stayin the night?" she asked.

"Sure did, she ain't suspicious or nothing! She thinks I am still workin off my debt with you." I told her. Then we went inside and she grabbed me a beer.

"Johnny sweetie, could you be a dear and start the chicken on the barbeque while I go pick up my mom?"

I told her I would and she left as I started coating the bird with the sauce. It took her around forty five minutes to get her mom so I decided to get the whole meal ready. I roasted the potatoes on the barbeque beside the chicken and went into her fridge and put together a nice garden salad. I heard the car doors shut just as I was setting the meal on the dinning room table; I even lit some candles to set the mood.

Now I was really shocked by Anne's use of color language but she couldn't even hold a candle to her spry mother. When they came in the door I saw Anne's eyes light up when she noticed the effort I put in to dinner. She introduced me to her mom and I took the old lady's hand, it was as frail as rice paper. Her skin taut across her pale skin looked somewhat sickly, not disgusting but definitely old. I got nervous cause I thought I might hurt the old bitty if I laid the pipe to her.

We sat around the table and Alice blurted out, "If your house boy here fucks half as good as he cooks you must be having the time of your life!"

Anne coughed up her food, "Mother! I can't believe you just said that. Johnny is here to help with some work he owes me on account of his thievery!"

"I may be an old bitch but I ain't stupid daughter of mine, you haven't stopped staring at each other through the whole dinner. And if I didn't know better this whole birthday dinner charade is just a roust to get him to jump my old bones!"

It was my turn for spittin food. Her mom spent less than an hour and had already figured out what Anne had planned. Well if old people are supposed to lose their faculties then Alice must not have gotten that notice because she was sharp as a tack!

"Well is it or isn't it? You paying this handsome young man here to lay the wood to your mom or what?" Alice asked.

"Mother a little tack please!" Anne said to her mom.

"Well if ya are I wanna know so we can get this dinner over with and get to the fuckin!" Alice said excitedly.

I looked over at the hundred year old ball of fire and said to her, "We best get to fuckin then!" With that I moved away from the table went before her and picked her up in my arms, she weighed next to nothing her tiny frame as heavy as down. I was about to carry her up to the bedroom when she stopped me.

"Uh ah, no we ain't going up to no bedroom. If my daughter paid you to put it to me then she is gonna watch and we are gonna do it right on her couch over there!" Alice shocked me with the control she took but I did as she said and rested her on the flower patterned couch, the same couch where I bent her 72 year old daughter over not even a week earlier.

Alice reached over and grabbed my pants and took them off of me, she went to lower her head but paused for a quick second.

"I wouldn't want to bite ya," she said as she removed her dentures putting them on the side table. Then she started gumming my hard cock. Other then Anne having her full set of teeth the two ladies shared a very similar technique in giving head and I was the benefactor with both of them.

I pulled her bright green dress over her head, her small tits sagged over like two silver dollar flapjacks but I ate them up with verve. She was moaning in no time and pushed me back on the couch and straddled my erect cock driving her incredibly wet pussy all the way to the bottom. I reckon she had an inkling about her daughter's plan and prelubed herself. Either that or Alice broke every thought I have ever had about being old. Which ever one it was I didn't care she was riding me with all the energy she could muster and was calling me all kinds of dirty names.

I soon felt her shake as her orgasm came on her hard. Her wetness flooded my crotch and stomach area. Her spasms caused me to erupt deep in her pussy.

"Well Jesus H Christ, it is about damned time. It took me over 80 years of fuckin but I finally had an orgasm from just penetration! That was the best birthday ever!"

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