On A Mission Ch. 01


“Oh, I don’t think Dr. Hile would like that. Do you?”

Kristen didn’t need to answer that one.

“I think it would behoove you to make this work and show him how much you appreciate what he did for you,” Katie continued. “I certainly appreciate it. Some day maybe I’ll show him how much.”

Daggers flew from Kristen’s eyes at the remark.

“Keep your hands off him.”

“But Kristen, you know it’s you I want. And I’ll have you. The best part is…you’ll love it but won’t want to admit it.”

“Stop it,” Kristen urged.

“You’ll be saying ‘stop’, but your body will be saying ‘more’.”

Kristen rose from the couch and walked briskly out of the room. A moment later, Katie heard the slamming of a door in a distant corner of the huge house.

The next couple days were uneventful, with the friction between the two women decreasing slightly. Friday was an exceptionally nice mid-May day with warm temperatures and a cloudless sky. Katie showed up wearing shorts and a tank top, hoping to spend a little time beside the Hile’s in ground pool while the kids napped.

At lunch, Kristen surprisingly made an offer for Katie to join her outside if the kids did take a nap. Kristen had thrown a t-shirt over her bikini, but most of her long legs were visible and Katie looked on with envy. Even the woman’s graceful curves were evident under the baggy shirt.

By one o’clock Kyle and Carly were asleep on the floor while a DVD blared on the big screen TV. Katie glanced out toward the pool from the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She pulled out the half empty pitcher of iced tea and headed outside.

“Refill?” the girl asked Kristen, who reclined on a lounge chair in her swimsuit.

“Sure. Thanks.”

Katie filled the glass that sat next to the chair and then moved to a second lounge chair a few feet away. She adjusted it and sat with the sun shining directly on her face. From this angle, she also had an excellent view of Kristen’s body.

Katie followed the slope of the neck and shoulders down to Kristen’s breasts. They rose gracefully into the bikini top, nipples clearly evident through the material. A flat stomach gave way to full hips and strong thighs. And the legs seemed to go on forever.

Katie’s eyes followed the legs back up to Kristen’s waist, and the colorful material that wrapped around her hips and between her legs. Katie’s little body didn’t compare in the least to the older woman’s. But she was used to that and adapted by learning how to please other women with more than her physical attributes.

About a half hour later Kristen swung her feet onto the ground and walked up to the house, her empty glass in hand. Katie watched the swaying of the woman’s ass as she walked. The thin material of the bikini bottom creeping more toward the center of the splendid cheeks with each step.

Kristen slid open the sliding glass door and disappeared into the kitchen. It wasn’t more than a few seconds later that Katie heard the shattering of glass and a loud “Shit” come from inside the house.

The girl jumped out of her chair and ran to the door, which was still open. Kristen was bending over picking up a large piece of glass.

“Be careful,” Katie urged the woman. “Go around through the dining room and get some shoes on, OK? I’ll get the broom.”

Kristen looked over at the girl and noticed she, too, was barefoot.

“OK. But you need shoes…Ouch!” The woman raised her right foot off the floor and grabbed it, hobbling back toward a chair. She fell into the chair and tilted her foot so she could see the underside. A small streak of blood appeared instantly along a slit under the big toe.

“Damn,” Kristen exclaimed.

“I’ll get a towel,” Katie said as she headed for the hall bathroom.

“There are Band-Aids in the closet,” Kristen yelled after her.

Katie dampened a small towel with hot water and found the Band-Aids. She scurried back down the hallway, through the dining room and into the eating area where Kristen sat with her foot resting on her opposite leg. By now a large splotch of blood covered the bottom of the toe and a couple drops were on the floor.

Katie handed the towel to Kristen and began unwrapping a Band-Aid. They were done at about the same time and the toe was enclosed in the bandage. Instinctively, Katie ran her fingers over the injured foot and held it up to inspect it for further damage. She felt the cool underside for more glass before asking to check the other foot. Kristen didn’t refuse.

Once again, the gentle hands of the girl slid over the left foot. She held the foot by the heel and pronounced it free of glass. But before letting it go, she skimmed her hand up the back of Kristen’s calf, watching the leg extend toward her.

Kneeling in front of Kristen, Katie held the leg with both hands, caressing it from the knee to the ankle. Kristen wanted to get up, but she also wanted the sensation running through her leg to continue.

Kristen looked down at the girl stroking her leg. The tank top hung open, revealing most of the little breasts. Katie looked up at her through long, thick eyelashes. At the same time, her hands passed over Kristen’s knee and onto her thigh.

Like the most expert massage therapist, Katie manipulated her fingers over and around the other woman’s thigh. Higher and higher the hands traveled, an inch at a time.

“The kids…” Kristen said in a whisper.

“Are asleep,” Katie finished for her. The thought crossed her mind of suggesting they go to the bedroom. But, she didn’t want Kristen to have an opportunity to back out.

Finally, Katie’s fingers reached the top of the leg and touched the bottom of Kristen’s bikini. The girl was leaning forward and Kristen’s knees hit her chest. Unconsciously, the legs opened slightly and Katie edged forward.

The girl traced the outline of the bikini bottom with a single finger before placing both hands on opposite sides of the woman’s waist. Slowly, she moved her hands upward while shifting ever closer to Kristen. She was between the woman’s legs now and could easily reach any part of Kristen’s body with her lips.

As her hands reached the bottom of Kristen’s breasts, she lifted herself up a little and put her face directly in front of the other woman’s head. Katie rose some more and their lips met.

“Katie,” Kristen said, their mouths still touching. Katie responded by licking Kristen’s opened lips. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” Katie murmured the words while continuing to taste Kristen’s lips. Her hands cupped Kristen’s breasts.

If Kristen wanted to say anything else, it was too late. Their mouths closed around each other in a cautious kiss. And as the kiss persisted, Katie added more force. Soon, their tongues clashed and soft whimpers came from both women.

Katie moved her hands to the back of Kristen’s head and pulled her closer. Kristen put her hands on Katie’s back, sliding them up and down the girl’s shirt.

The kiss lasted a full minute before Katie moved to Kristen’s neck, then to her shoulder. The older woman was too stunned from the magnitude of the kiss to admonish the girl for what happened next.

Katie’s lips moved smoothly down Kristen’s upper chest until reaching the top of her left breast. Katie felt the wonderful softness of the full breast as she kissed it, then licked it gently.

The girl’s tongue worked its way down until blocked by the bikini top. With a simple flick of a finger, the material was pulled out of the way and Katie placed her tongue on Kristen’s nipple.

“Please, no,” Kristen muttered. “Please…”

Katie’s mouth had engulfed the nipple and surrounding skin. She licked and sucked delicately while moving her right hand down to the woman’s waist. The fingers of Katie’s hand vanished inside Kristen’s swimsuit and felt for the folds of skin between her legs.

The young woman felt Kristen’s clit and slid her middle finger over it repeatedly while continuing to work on her nipple. Kristen tried to lift her body from the chair, but Katie wouldn’t stop. The woman might as well have been tied to the chair.

“No. Katie.”

Another thirty seconds and Kristen’s body was practically trembling under Katie’s attack. The girl sensed the time was right to make a statement.

Katie withdrew her mouth from Kristen’s breast, but not the hand from her clit.

“Tomorrow,” Katie looked up at the woman and paused, “we are going to continue this in the bedroom. Naked. And you are going to cum like you’ve never cummed before.”

Katie stroked the clit with long, hard rubs. She heard Kristen draw in a quick breath, and hold it. When the woman didn’t talk, Katie pulled out her hand and straightened the top of Kristen’s bikini.

“You have beautiful breasts, Kristen. Tomorrow we’ll visit them again. And your ass. And that wonderful pussy. And you’ll never want me to stop, ever again.”

Katie had moved her body so that her own breasts were just inches away from Kristen’s face. She hovered over her for a moment, watching Kristen’s eyes peer down the tank top. Then, with the grace of a dancer, she backed away and stood in front of the disheveled woman.

“I’ll get the broom,” Katie said, turning away.

That evening, Kristen had difficulty concentrating on even her favorite TV shows. David was at the hospital, so he didn’t distract her. A girl who wasn’t in the house distracted her. The same girl who would be in the house tomorrow and who was expecting something from Kristen she wasn’t sure she could give.

It bothered Kristen that she was debating the issue. It should be plain and simple. Katie was to do her job or she would be asked to leave.

Then the loneliness set in. And the questioning. What would it be like? What if she enjoyed it? Today, in the chair, she didn’t want Katie to stop. What would the girl be like naked in bed?

Oddly, Kristen was more concerned with embarrassing herself or Katie with her lack of experience. She could handle David in bed, in more ways than one. But Katie?

The questioning went on long after Kristen went to bed. More than once she moved her hand down to her pussy and played with her clit the way Katie had. What would her tongue feel like there? She decided she wanted to find out.

In the morning, Kristen caught herself digging in her drawer for a figure-flattering t-shirt and shorts. “Who’s seducing who?” she thought to herself with a smile. So much for playing hard to get.

Katie arrived on time, as usual, dressed in the customary shorts. But, today she had on a sleeveless buttoned shirt that Kristen didn’t remember from before. It hung loosely on Katie’s little body and was short enough to remain untucked and still look neat.

Katie and the kids went through their usual morning routine of reading and videos while Kristen tried to concentrate on volunteer paperwork. She had envelopes to stuff, so that helped keep her occupied. It also gave her mind time to wander into places it hadn’t gone before. Eventually, Kristen had to go out into the yard and water some flowers to get her mind off sex.

The anticipation grew stronger as lunchtime for the kids approached. Was it a coincidence that Katie had the kids being a lot more active this morning than normal? Races were held in the back yard and wrestling was popular. Long naps were in order, Kristen said to herself grinning.

At the table during lunch, Katie had her first opportunity of the day to look closely at Kristen. Only now did the faint outline of the woman’s nipples inside her shirt become evident. She didn’t hide her interest when Kristen caught her looking. Their eyes did the talking.

It was an hour later before the kids were settled in front of the TV, their heads on pillows. Katie watched from the couch as first Carly, then Kyle, nodded off. Silently, Katie slid off the couch and entered the long hallway leading to the computer room, a small bedroom, a bathroom and the master bedroom. She heard the soft tapping of a keyboard in the computer room as she advanced.

Poking her head around the corner of the door, Katie saw Kristen sitting with her back towards her. As she entered, the woman looked quickly over her shoulder and then looked back at the monitor. Kristen’s heart raced and she dropped her hands to the side of the chair to hide her nervousness.

“Nap time,” Katie said softly. She stopped directly behind Kristen’s high back office chair, looking down at the blonde head.

Kristen swiveled the chair around in slow motion until she was facing the girl. Neither moved for a second. Then Katie moved forward, placing her legs outside those of Kristen, which were held tightly together. Katie lowered herself and sat gently on Kristen’s legs.

The girl put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned ahead. Her lips touched Kristen’s. A kiss did not form until a few seconds later when both women opened their mouths. The softness of the initial contact was soon replaced with a more passionate kiss. Hands reached for bodies and soon only the clothes they wore separated the women.

When the chair creaked loudly, Kristen broke the kiss and said, “Let’s try the bedroom.”

Several thoughts went through Katie’s mind, but she was intent on not spoiling the moment with some smart remark. Instead, she backed away from Kristen and slid her feet back onto the floor. Kristen stood and led the way out the door and across the hall into the immense, bright master bedroom.

Katie stared at the bed with its mirrored bookcase headboard, the beautiful dressers along each wall and the huge window with drapes that hung from just below the ceiling. Overstuffed chairs sat in two corners and a flat screen TV took up much of the wall opposite the bed.

“Wow. What a cool bedroom,” Katie gushed.

“Should I leave you alone then?” Kristen asked mockingly.

The girl immediately understood how childish her remark must have sounded. She had to get her mind back on the task at hand, turning this married woman into a confirmed bisexual lover.

“No. Not at all. That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun,” she said.

Kristen closed the bedroom door. “Then show me what you consider fun.”

The challenge had been made. Katie understood the words to mean, “Convince me love with a woman is as great as you make it sound…or forget any relationship with me.”

In case Kristen was not already sold on the idea, Katie was going to make sure this was not their only time together. She would sacrifice her own pleasure today to convert Kristen.

The women stood less than an arm’s length apart. Katie grabbed Kristen’s hands and pulled them up to the top button of her shirt. “Undress me.”

Kristen’s fingers rested on the top button, her eyes glued to the spot. Katie feared the woman was having second thoughts until she felt the button come undone. At no time did Kristen look at the girl’s face.

The silence in the room was unbroken as the second button was opened. The taller Kristen peered at her own trembling hands as the tanned skin began to appear from underneath the shirt. When she opened the next button her fingers brushed against Katie’s petite breasts.

A few seconds later, Kristen had the shirt completely unbuttoned. It lay open, but revealed very little of the girl’s chest. Kristen slipped her hands inside the shirt just above Katie’s navel. She felt the smooth skin and steady breathing. Finally, she allowed herself to look into Katie’s eyes.

She didn’t see the lust she was used to seeing in David’s eyes when they made love. She saw passion and eagerness; restraint mixed with desire.

Then her hands touched the bottom of Katie’s breasts. The girl’s mouth opened slightly, as if to speak. But she only sighed as the hands continued their journey up and over the breasts. Kristen cupped them in her palms, pushing up on them under the shirt. They felt cool and supple with tiny nipples.

Curiosity overtook her and Kristen pulled open the shirt. The breasts may have been small, but they were perfectly formed and invited the person viewing them to wrap their lips around them. Before treating herself to that pleasure, Kristen drew the shirt off Katie’s shoulders and let it fall off her arms.

She flung it onto a nearby chair and returned her glance to the young girl’s half naked body. She was about to lean down when Katie tenderly placed her hand behind Kristen’s head and drew her closer. Katie arched her back and allowed the woman to place her lips and tongue on a nipple.

From that moment on, there was no need to direct Kristen to do anything.

The woman sucked on one breast while kneading the other soothingly. Katie closed her eyes and tilted her head back, taking in the electric feeling of having one nipple licked and sucked while the other was being squeezed between two fingers.

“Oh, Kristen. That feels so good.” Katie meant the words as encouragement, but the reality of the statement was even stronger.

Kristen accelerated her assault, switching from one breast to the other repeatedly. Her hands moved around the girl’s waist and disappeared inside the back of Katie’s shorts. For an instant, they rested on the top of Katie’s ass, then came back to her breasts.

As much as Katie hated to interrupt what Kristen was doing to her body, she knew she had to let the woman experience some of the same feelings. Katie leisurely grasped the bottom of Kristen’s shirt and lifted it. Kristen didn’t hesitate in lifting her arms and letting the girl pull off the shirt.

Despite having taken one of the breasts in her mouth the day before, Katie was stunned at the magnificence of the pair now fully exposed in front of her. She felt extremely inferior, almost ashamed of her own chest. Yet, the knowledge that she would be enjoying the taste and feel of Kristen’s breasts soon allayed her own insecurities.

Katie had imagined this sight many times in the past. But, the reality of it caused her to pause. Kristen’s blonde hair fell over her shoulders and curled a few inches above the top of the breasts. The longer Katie stood there in a frozen state the wider the grin got on Kristen’s face.

“I thought I was undressing you?” Kristen finally said.

“Yeah. Keep going. I’m just going to stand here and stare for a second.”

The directness of the statement made Kristen giggle out loud. She grabbed the shirt out of Katie’s hand and threw it on top of the other one on the chair.

“Take off your shoes,” Kristen ordered.

Katie stepped out of her shoes like a child, using one foot to hold the opposite shoe in place. Then she kicked them both aside.

That was the sign for Kristen to reach down and unbutton the girl’s shorts. With a flick of her wrist, the zipper was open. They were tight enough to stay in place once opened, but loose enough for Kristen to slide both hands down the front and inside Katie’s thin panties.

Kristen could feel the warmth from between Katie’s legs. She withdrew her hands, put them on the waistband of the shorts and pushed them down. Eventually, they slid on their own down the girl’s shorts legs and onto the floor. They got pushed next to the shoes and Kristen admired the girl’s body.

Katie watched the woman’s nipples grow pinker and longer. Experience told her this was a good sign. She couldn’t wait to feel them inside her mouth. But, before then Kristen would finish the task of undressing her new lover.

She put her fingers inside Katie’s panties and tugged them off her hips. Kristen knelt in front of the girl and lowered the panties to her ankles, then over her bare feet. From her knees, Kristen lightly kissed the skin directly above a thin patch of hair covering Katie’s clit. Then Kristen stood once more.

Just as Katie was about the take off Kristen’s shorts, the woman moved forward and wrapped her arms around the girl. They kissed long and hard as Kristen’s hands moved up and down Katie’s back, falling to her ass near the end of the kiss. Their breasts rubbed against each other as they hugged.

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