tagGay MaleOn a Run Ch. 02

On a Run Ch. 02


I awoke in much the same position that I passed out in, sans clothing. I could feel where the cum had dried after dribbling out of my ass. I tried to move, but couldn't. I began to really come to my senses and realized that I was tied in my current position: face on the floor, ass in the air. I moaned, which I instantly realized was a terrible idea.

"Hey Will!" Johnny shouted, "Looks like our new slut is awake!"

"I'll be there in a minute, lets let him know how it is," Will replied.

After a minute a light turned on and I could see the room I was being held in, well part of it anyway. There really only seemed to be a bed, a large one at that, a toilet, a mirror, a sink, and a dresser...the bare essentials. Will and Johnny walked in. Johnny was naked while will was clothed. One thing that I hadn't noticed in the park was that they were both in amazing shape. Johnny had an eight pack!! Johnny's cock was already hardening as he walked out of my view.

"We've done some checking in to you," Will began, "We know you're out of school for the next three months. We also know that your girlfriend just broke up with you and that you don't speak to your parents. Long story short, nobody's going to miss you, not for a while anyways." As he was talking, I could hear Johnny walking around behind me. "You're going to be our slut for the next few months. After which, we'll let you go. I have a feeling that you'll actually enjoy most of what we have in store for you," Will continued.

"Like what..?" I asked nervously. Almost immediately after I finished, almost in response, I felt Johnny press his cock against my ass and then thrust the entire thing in. "GAAHHH!! OHH HOLY FUCK!" I moaned loudly. They must have thoroughly lubed my ass while I was out because Johnny's cock slid right in with very little pain. In all honesty, it felt pretty damn good.

"Well for one thing, that," Will replied. "If it's out there, you'll be doing it. We'll be fucking you, of course, gang bangs, bukkake, glory holes, you name it. Hell we're gonna rent your ass out. And, my personal favorite, we'll be dressing you up in some girly clothes and putting you out there for anyone who wants some. Yeah, your ass is gonna get WELL used. Now I'm gonna leave you two alone for a bit, when I come back I want you wearing the clothing in the top drawer of the dresser." With this Will turned an left the room.

As Will was talking, Johnny had begun to fuck in and out of my ass. "Mmmm I'm gonna stretch that nice little asshole of yours out," he whispered to me, "You haven't had Will's cock in there yet. I know you blew it, but I was surprised about that. Jesus does he have a big dick. I'm stretching you now, just wait till he gets in here." Johnny continued to fuck me, taking long deep strokes in and out of my ass. I couldn't help but moan in pleasure. Although I was being kept against my will I figured I could enjoy as much of this as possible.

Johnny grabbed and kneaded my ass as he fucked me. He kept telling me what a nice ass I had and how he couldn't wait to fuck it every single day for the next three months. Honestly, I was kinda looking forward to it. "We need a new name for you," Johnny said after a particularly deep thrust, "As we said, we're going to let you go, and I'd hate for any of the guys you'll be fucking to recognize you based on your name afterwards. Hmmmm, I know, Sam! You'll go by Sam most of the time, but Samantha whenever we have you dolled up, which by the way will be every time Will fucks you."

How Johnny was able to keep talking and making coherent statements as he began to fuck me harder and faster, I have no clue. After not much more time I felt his cock begin to throb in my ass. "OH FUCK!" He shouted, "Oh yes, I'm cumming in that tight little ass of yours Sam! Mmmm god damn!" Johnny shot streams of cum into my ass and then pulled out. I could feel my ass gaping open, then closing, then opening like a fish out of water. The cool air on my open asshole felt amazing. "Don't bother cleaning up," Johnny said as he cut away the ropes tying me down, "Will likes to push a load into an ass, and that's one big load into one nice ass."

After Johnny left I walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside was a sexy lacy black thong, a matching bra, some black thigh high stockings, a school girl skirt, and a white button up blouse. I quickly took them out and began to put them on. The thong actually felt kinda sexy, especially against my still slightly open ass. Underneath all of the clothes I found a blonde wig that I put on as well, along with more lube. When I looked in the mirror I barely recognized myself. I looked fucking SEXY. "Hell," I thought, "I'd bang me!"

The clothes and recent fucking had left me feeling extremely horny. I decided that I would please Will like the slut I would be for the next three months. I lubed my ass up again, reveling in the feeling of the lube mixing with the cum. I then went and sat on the bed, folding my legs underneath myself, trying to look as sexy as possible. I didn't have to wait long, soon enough Will walked in, naked, and looking ready to fuck. His was already semi-hard and jerked upwards as soon as he saw me. "Damn Samantha," He said to me, "you look so damn good. I can't wait to sink this cock into that little white ass."

"Mmmm and I can't wait for you to," I said as I stood up and walked over to him as sexily as possible. I kissed him once, then slid down his body to his now fully erect cock. "I want to please you and Johnny as well as I possibly can," I said as I began to play with Will's massive cock. "I want to be your little white slut, doing anything and everything you ask me to." I ran my hand up and down his cock a few times, then used it to guide his cock to my waiting mouth. I licked the tip and sucked off a bit of pre-cum as Will gasped slightly.

I slowly took the head of WIll's cock into my mouth, licking around it as I did so. He gasped again and began to run his hands through my (fake) hair. Without warning, his hands grew firm on my head and he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and then into my throat. I had no experience deep throating, so I gagged on his cock. He kept it there as I gagged then pulled it out. I felt as though I was going to throw up. He gave me a second, then forced it back down my throat. I was ready this time and was able to hold off the gag reflex for a few seconds, but then I gagged again. We continued this gag, take out, gag again cycle for a few minutes until I was actually able to deep throat him for a good 30 seconds before I ran out of air.

After I was able to deep throat him, Will picked me up and quite literally threw me onto the bed. He walked over to me, pulled my skirt up, and yanked my thong down. "Johnny really did a good job on that ass," He said as he spread my ass cheeks, "Mmmm look at that gape, I love seeing cum drip out of an ass like yours." Will placed his cock at my asshole, and much like Johnny just recently had, pushed his cock the entire way in. Even with the way that Jonny had stretched my ass, Will stretched it more. I moaned, enjoying the fucking, then pushed back trying to get as much of his cock inside of me as possible. My own little white cock, which had been hard throughout, began throbbing and slapping against my stomach.

Will picked my thong up off the bed and began to jerk me off with it as he fucked me. With his cock in my ass and the lacy feeling of the thong on my cock, I soon began to cum. As soon as I stopped cumming, will pulled the thong off of my cock, flipped it around so the cum was on the outside and stuffed it into my mouth as I moaned. "Suck your cum off that you slut," Will commanded with a particularly deep thrust.

I moaned in response and began to try and suck the cum off the thong. Will began to smack my ass as he fucked me harder and harder. Then he picked me up and put me on the floor with my ass in the air and my head on the ground. He put his cock back into my ass and forced my cock towards my face. "By the end of the summer you'll be able to suck your own cock Sammy," He informed me.

With that, he began to fuck my ass harder and faster. I could tell he was about to cum. I pulled the thong, now clean of cum, out of my mouth and said, "Mmmm yea Will, cum on my face baby. I want your warm hot cum all over me. He pulled out of my ass and pointed his cock down at my face. Ropes of cum shot out from his dick and covered my face and filled my open mouth. I willingly swallowed all that went into my mouth and licked everything I could reach with my tongue.

Will kneeled down over me and had me clean his cock off, which I of course did willingly. Afterwards he left the room. After the treatment I'd been given, I was actually looking forward to the next three months.


I hope you all enjoyed the second chapter of On a Run. As always, feedback is appreciated. I'll definitely by writing at least one more chapter, doing some of what Will detailed earlier so let me know in the comments which you like most or anything I missed.

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