tagErotic CouplingsOn the Beach Alone

On the Beach Alone


My friend Matt has a beach house in Southern California. When he's away on business, he has me house-sit. His beach is a private one, unlike in Malibu, and he told me I could frolic topless, bottomless, be like a fish in the water, as no one ever comes by. He had a lovely tan, so I assumed he did it all the time.

One afternoon, I decided to give it a try. I'm fair-skinned, so luckily there's a small group of trees in which patio furniture sits, nicely shaded from the sun. I pulled out a beach towel and stretched it out on one of the long, sturdy wooden lounge chairs, with those nice cushions you could sleep the hours away on. I shucked my bathing suit, and slathered on the sunscreen. Shade notwithstanding, I wasn't going to get parts of me burned that never saw the sun before!

It was kind of wild, feeling the breeze on my bare bod, Really delightful, actually. I laid down on the lounge chair and found myself getting turned on by the whole "natural" thing. I opened up my legs, and exposed myself to the ocean air. The dappled sun was dancing on my sweet pussy lips and clit.

My hand worked its way down to my thigh and I started tickling the inner portion, first one side, then the other. I could feel my pussy getting hot, puffy, and wet. I played and tickled and diddled myself for about 15 minutes into a couple orgasms.I was working on a third, when.... "Hello, Oh exCUSE me!"

With a shriek I grabbed the towel and covered myself with it. My heart was pounding, and I was terrified. I must have been so out of it masturbating that I never heard anyone approach. Standing there was a sandy-haired stockily-built man in swimshorts holding a beach bag with a bemused look on his face.

"WHO the hell are you?" I yelled. "And what the FUCK do you think you're doing here?"

"I might ask the same of you darlin'."

Oh my. An Irishman. I hadn't noticed the accent when he scared the shit out of me . "I asked first! This is a private beach and you're trespassing!" He said his name was Connor and he was a friend of Matt's, and had been told to drop in when he was in the area. He hadn't found Matt home, so he'd come down to the beach for a swim when he came upon me, as he put it, "interestingly occupied".

My anger abated a bit, but I was still shaken. I told him my name, what my relationship to Matt was, and how I was pissed that didn't call out from further away.

"First off, I just saw someone layin' in a chair. I had no idea what was goin' on, and I came up ta introduce meself to ya. I'm so sorry I gave ya such a fright. And about what ya were doin; ---darlin' ya have nuthin' to be ashamed about. I've done it a few times meself when I'm here alone. Somethin' about being naked as ya were born, out in God's lovely world, just brings it on ya."

Oh man, that Irish brogue sounded so sweet and charming. How could I stay pissed at this guy?

He went on... "Pleasurin' yerself is the most natural and wonderful thing there is, (and here his voice dripped with sarcasm) despite what Holy Mother Church and the Pope'll tell ya." I couldn't help myself -- I started laughing.

His face brightened and he said "now there ya have it. Yer so much prettier when ya smile." I was warming up to him.

I responded, "well that's true. I once heard that 'those who no play-a the game no make-a the rules."

He laughed heartily. "That's a good one, can't say as I ever heard it before. Now, my girl, I have a wee proposition for ya."

"And what might that be?" I asked.

"How's about I get in the same lovely condition I found ya in, and we become like a pair of wood nymphs?" he smirked. What did I have to lose? Not only had he seen me naked, he'd seen me doing the most private thing a person can do to themselves.

"All right" I said, imitating his brogue, "go on then, lad". Laughing, he pulled his swimsuit off and threw it on the lounge chair.

He must have been slightly excited at the sight of me masturbating, as he had a partial erection. He had the reddish-blonde hair everywhere, and while not overly long, his cock was thick and stocky like he was, and....he interrupted my thoughts.

"I'm not hung like a stallion, if that's what yer thinkin'." I must have been staring.

"No, it's you men who are obsessed with length, not us women. I was thinking that it's been a long time since I've seen an uncircumcised man." He seemed relieved.

"Oh that. Well, in Europe we prefer to leave things as God made 'em". My pa' his brothers, me brothers, most every male I know is uncut. You Americans are in such a lather over the the terrible things they do in Somalia to the womens' privates. Ya ought ta be mountin' a campaign here ta stop male genital mutilation."

I waved my arm in assent. "Hey, you're preachin' to the choir with me. I always thought it was barbaric and unnecessary. Some brave souls don't knuckle under to the pressure to have their boys resemble their daddies and the other boys in the locker room, but they're few and far between."

He sat back down on the lounge chair. "So, darlin', we have a common philosophy right off the bat!"

I smiled and shook my head. "You're too much!".

"Ah, girl, ya haven't even begun ta find out. Now let's get started, shall we?" I looked at him quizzically. "Y'know, the self-pleasurin'." I didn't make a move. "Ah, ya chicken!" and he grabbed my hand and put it on top of my V. "Here, I'll start since yer shy."

I would have never admitted it to him, he was a total stranger, but I find the sight of a man fondling his penis waayyy erotic. I suppose they feel the same way, which is why he had a half-stiffie seeing me.

He laid back and closed his eyes. He stroked his cock with his right hand, letting the thumb slide over the glans when he got to the top. When he got to the bottom, and the glans was exposed, he took his left hand and ran his fingers over it, drawing a pleasurable sound from him. He opened his eyes and said "Ya see, we're much more sensitive here 'cause it hasn't been hangin' out all our lives." He continued stroking, watching me intently. "Well come on, get on with it, don't leave me goin' solo!"

It was only fair. My legs still closed, I ran my middle finger down my cleft and up again, feeling the wonderful sensations as my finger encountered the entrance, the inner lips, and then the clit. I started getting wet and hot again, and my left hand fondled my breast, tickling the nipple.

I took my right hand from my pussy and put some moisture on both nipples. His eyes were locked onto my breasts as I tickled the nipples with my index fingers, very lightly and quickly, back and forth, back and forth. I shuddered as a little "come" rippled through me. "Ah my dear, yer beautiful" he said breathily.

Emboldened, I let my hand travel back down, and this time I opened my legs wide, soles of feet together. How marvelous it was to feel the breeze so cool on my wet pussy, it was intoxicating. I looked over at him, and he was stroking himself quite firmly and more quickly.

I ran my fingers up and down my wetness, stopping every now and then to tickle my clit very quickly with middle finger, which always brought an ooh or ahh or ohhh from me. I kept this up for a while, watching him stroke his cock as he watched me play with my pussy. I looked right in his eyes and brought my finger up to my mouth and licked its entire length, having lost all inhibitions.

He moaned "Oh ma God, girl, I canna take it anymore!" In a flash, he was over on my chaise, kneeling in front of me. He grabbed a cushion from his chaise and indicated for me to lift my hips. I didn't even ask, he was so on fire! He started pulling me towards him, tucking the pillow under my back, with my butt on his chest "C'mon now! Scootch up to me, put yer legs over me shoulders."

Well, THIS was a new one on me! Any embarrassment I might have felt due to my pussy being right under his chin was totally abated when he said "oh Lord, girl, yer sweet pussy is a garden of delights."

My freaking heart melted right then and there. He put his whole mouth right on it and nuzzled and kissed and licked, moving his head side to side, going up and down it. I thought I would faint. "Oh my GOD! I yelled. "This is unbelievable!!"

He raised his face, wet with my juices and laughed -- "remember when ya said I was too much? Whaddya think now?"

I grabbed his hair with both hands and plunged him back into me. He tongued my clit, he licked my 'rose petals' as he called them. And when I thought I'd experienced it all, I felt his tongue plunge into me!

He moved it in circles, he flicked it side to side, he curled the tip in a "come here" motion that tickled my G-spot. I screamed into the open air with pleasure as I came with more force than I ever remembered!

He stayed right there tonguing me until I was finished coming. He lowered my butt down on the chaise and removed the pillow. Leaning over, he rubbed his wet cheeks on my abdomen, one side and then the other.

He laid back down on his chaise. "We'll give ya a slight breather to recover, and then we can get back to our mischief."

He still had a full hard-on after all that time. "Good Lord!, what kind of vitamins do you take?" I asked him.

He laughed "the right kind, apparently." He started fondling himself again.

I wasn't all that worn out, but I stayed where I was for a few minutes, enjoying the sight of him handling his penis. It aroused me so that I moved over to his chaise, knelt between his legs, and removed his hand from his dick. "My turn!" I said, and I put my mouth over his knob. I pulled down, so it was exposed, and let my tongue dance all over it. He let out a long sigh of contentment. head back, and eyes closed.

I moved my mouth down the shaft, letting my tongue circle it, I cupped his balls in my left hand, bobbling them between my fingers,while my right middle and ring fingers pressed and massaged the root of his cock.

He opened his eyes to watch me "ah, so you know a thing or two about this...."

I continued my licking and sucking and tonguing, moving my head up and down him faster and faster. His breaths became heavier and shorter. Not wanting him to come yet, I stopped all action and took my mouth off him.

When he moaned "don't stop on me now..." I explained: "Sweet boy, I'd love to do for you what you did for me, but I want that gorgeous thing inside me -- NOW!" He grinned "well if ya must." He gestured me back to my chaise, and mounted me. "I hope ya don't mind the old classic missionary,it's just that I want ta see the woman I'm making love to, come." I put my arms around his neck, and my legs crossed over his back, as he slowly entered me. "Oh God, you feel wonderful," I moaned.

"So ya like a little bit of "stout" after all?" I rolled my eyes at his double entendre as he quickly pushed and pulled the first 2" of his dick right at my entrance. I shivered with a little "come" from that bit of stimulation. He looked a little surprised.

"I'd have made for a lousy man," I shrugged.

"Well, you ladies do get that extra bonus of multiple comings, not that it makes up for the other rubbish ya have ta put up with." he noted.

"Another bit of philosophy we agree onnnnnnnn!" and then I was stopped short when he pushed his cock in all the way. Oh, the delightful fullness -- I could feel all of him.

He read my face, and pulled back and so slowly pushed his cock all the way in again. He kept repeating this but increased the speed that he pulled out before he slowly pushed back in. He kept this going until I was pushing my pussy up against him with each thrust, begging him to go faster, begging him to make me come.

He obliged, fucking me harder and harder. I could feel his balls slapping against me as my cunny tightened around him.as the sweet desire built up and up and UP. His eyes looked right into mine, and then "Oh God, Connor, I'm going to come!" The wave broke so gloriously, and he gasped out "I'm right behind ya!" Push and push and PUSH and then in his own wonderful spasm of ecstasy he howled "ah YESSSSSSS!!!" echoing all down the beach.

After he spent himself, he laid down on me with his head on my shoulder. I could feel both our hearts pounding, our chests heaving, the little aftershocks in my pussy. We laid that way for about 15". Then he raised his head up and kissed me squarely on the lips. "I'm so glad I decided to visit the beach today!" his impish grin was matched by my own. We were sticky with sweat and our own juices, but the ocean was close by.

"Last one into the water buys dinner!" I yelled, and pushed him off me onto the sand.

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