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On The Deep Blue Sea


I was a ship's doctor on the Pacific Pride cruise ship. This was my third ship since signing on as a ship's doctor. Cruise ships are wonderful except for all the people who get sea sick. My job is pretty routine otherwise, plus i get free cruises. I'm not the greatest looking guy in the world, but I'm not the worst either. I'm tall, not fat and have a nice cock.

We were 3 days out of LA and I had my usual runs of sea sickness. I was awakened one night by a call from a female passenger that had suffered from sea sickness since we set sail and I made my way to her room. When I got there, I was met by a nice looking young woman about 22 years old, long blonde hair and from what I could tell, a nice body. I went in and started my exam. Her nightgown was covered with vomit, so I asked her to change and the loss of the smell would help. She told me that she was too ill to take it off and would I do it for her.

Since I was a doctor, I saw no problem. But I was also a man and when I removed her night gown, my cock wasn't prepared for the beauty underneath. As I pulled her night gown over her head, I was greeted with a beautiful, naked young woman. Her body was remarkable, well toned and tanned. She had 34b tits and a shaved pubic mound. I told her that we should go into the bathroom and wash the smell off of her and she headed for the bathroom.

I bathed her and we talked as I did. She had just ended a long, sad love relationship with a man who had abused her and all she wanted to do was to forget him and get some action on the ship, but she had been sick in her cabin since we left port. I washed her chest with the warm wash cloth and she began to get turned on. I could see it in her eyes and feel it in her body, her nipples were getting hard under my touch! My cock was also responding to this and was growing ever larger. She fell back and accidentally brushed against my cock and felt it's hardness, a smile came to her face.

She told me that I didn't wash her pubic area as I put the washcloth down. I told her that I didn't think she had vomited there and she smiled and said, "Doc, I think it needs to be washed." I obliged her and as I was washing her mound, she reached down and took the washcloth away and guided my fingers into her warm cunt. A thousand images went through my mind, I was afraid I'd lose my job, be disgraced, thousands of things. She moaned and softly told me that it was ok, no one would know but us.

After a few minutes, she dropped to her knees and slowly unzipped my fly and let the beast out. It sprang forward in all of it's 8" glory and smacked her in the nose. She giggled and then took it in her mouth. She was good and she had my cock so hard a cat couldn't scratch it!! She was so good at sucking and it wasn't long before I felt the familiar twangs in my balls. As suddenly as she started, she stopped. I asked what was wrong, and she said she was going to throw up and humped over the commode. "Fuck me doc," she said.

I dropped my trousers and moved in behind her hunched over the toilet. She spread her legs for me and I eased up and into her twat. She was tight and because she had a fever, her pussy was on fire! She said, "No matter what, fuck me doc." I started pumping in and out of her tight, hot twat and was beginning to get a good rhythm going when she bent way over and started heaving. When she heaved, it was like her twat was going to swallow my cock, it was so fucking tight and incredible. I pistoned in and out and as she heaved, I exploded inside her. When my cock was deflating, I slowly pulled out of her. She had stopped throwing up then and turned around and licked my cum off my cock.

I pulled my trousers back up and she got on a new gown and we sat and talked. I left her some Dramamine and thanked her. She thanked me and said that was the best fuck she's ever had and would I mind if she called me back again to give her another "shot". I said of course not and we kissed and I put her to bed and returned to my cabin. A ship's doctor is supposed to aid and comfort the passengers, but this tme it was mutual.

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