tagGroup SexOn the River's Edge Ch. 3

On the River's Edge Ch. 3


Cum and cunt juice. The room stunk of it. Sharon was rubbing her face in Helena's dripping snatch whilst sucking up our cum. This was fantastic and was soon to become even more erotic and down right filthy.

After our mad sexcapade we threw some sarongs around ourselves and took a much needed break and sat down for a quick meal of some energy enhancing pasta. During the meal we all discussed our favourite subject......sex. Paul and Helena really spun us out when they revealed their past places of employment and how they met.

Paul and Helena both worked for Harry.S. Morgan the European porn director who makes some of the horniest xxx videos in the world. He specialises in videos of teens and some of the more different sides of sexuality such as bondage etc. His series of videos 'Lil' Women' was a favourite of mine. Paul worked as a sound recordist and Helena was in the make up department. Paul told us how during one of the scenes where two men were double teaming this young spunk in the back of a truck Helena got a bit carried away and started to grab at Paul's cock whilst he was working.

"I couldn't concentrate on the job" he said " she had my cock out in about two seconds and that wasn't enough for her, she wanted what the actress was having.....two cocks"

"So I grabbed the cameraman" She laughed "He almost dropped the camera"

"She was relentless so I leant the mic up against the wall of the truck and fed her my prick which she feasted on. Charlie the cameraman tightened the screws on the tripod and whipped his cock out of his pants and gave it to Helena." Paul said

"Harry the director grabbed the spare camera and started filming it all" Helena said "Here I was sucking on two cocks I'd never seen before whilst another girl was getting fucked in the arse and cunt, all in the back of a truck."

"The scene was fantastic" Paul continued, "Helena stood up and pulled off her short dress and underwear and was completely naked. She lay down and spread her legs real wide and started to plough her fingers into her cunt."

I felt a hand rest on my thigh as Helena, who was next to me, started to get aroused, again.

Paul continued, "Charlie leant down and quite roughly shoved his cock into Helena"

"I loved it" interrupted Helena as she grabbed my cock through the sarong I was wearing.

"I leant over her face and she took my cock way down her throat." Paul said "The other three were almost over and were preparing for the cum shot. Harry was still filming all six of us and another extra was using the main camera."

"I wanted to have two cocks in me so I pushed Charlie of and forced Paul onto the floor" Helena continued "His was the biggest so I wanted his cock in my cunt. I got the special anal mix of lube and mild anaesthetic and applied some to my arse."

"Charlie got the idea and rubbed some on to his cock." Paul said, "He was now a bit more settled and he forced his cock in"

Helena was firmly pulling on my newly hardened cock when she said " It hurt a bit at first but after a while it was magic".

Helena leant over and started to give me one of her super blowjobs. I pushed the chair back and smiled at Sharon who, from what I could see, was also pulling on Pauls cock.

"I looked over to the actors" said Paul "and the two men were cumming all over this young girl. It was in her hair, on her face, she really licked it up."

Sharon also started to suck on Paul. She moved the chair away and knelt on the floor next to him. All I could see was her head bobbing up and down. Helena really knew how to give good head. She used plenty of spit and really worked her tongue about.

"That scene set me off" Paul groaned as Sharon went to work on him. "That girl sucking cum was too much so I shot a load into Helena. I also noticed the cameraman had stopped filming the actors and had his cock in his hand giving it a good pounding. The fluffer came over and dropped to her knees and started to blow him."

I had almost lost it into the mouth of Helena when Paul stopped talking and moved his dinner plate off the table and onto the floor. He moved the wine and glasses to one side and stood up and moved to the lounge room. Sharon sat up on the chair and gave me a quizzical look. I just shrugged. Helena stopped blowing me and stood up and whipped her sarong off. What a sensational body.

Paul came back into the room with a pillow and Helena moved her chair right up against mine.

"Sit in the middle" She directed and I shuffled over between the seats. Paul placed the pillow on the table next to me and said to Sharon "I'm still hungry. lie down"

Sharon quickly lay on the table and placed her head on the pillow. She spread her legs out and gently rubbed her clit. Helena gave Sharon a quick kiss and then turned her back to me and stood up on the chair. Her perfect arse was right in front of me so I licked, kissed and nibbled her bum cheeks. I ran my hands up her inside leg and parted her pussy lips. She leant forward onto the table and I moved forward and tasted the great saltiness of her pussy.

A gentle moan from Sharon meant that she was getting a delightful licking from Paul who, for obvious reasons, had stopped telling the story.

"So what happened next " I said to Helena as I smacked her on the arse.

She pushed her self back and ever so slowly slid her arse and spit laden cunt down towards my cock that was bobbing away waiting for relief.

"After Paul came in me Charlie soon filled me up with cum" She moaned and then holding my cock by the base slid down onto it filling her cunt. She was squatting with a foot on either seat and was using her thighs and calves to move up and down. Her hands were busy rubbing her clit and my balls. I reached around and squeezed her tits.

"Fuck me, fuck my cunt" said Sharon as Paul stood up, rubbed his cock on her labia, and then slowly entered my wife. Helena was muttering something in German and was in another world as she continued to bounce away.

"Oh fuck yeah" said Sharon as she squeezed her nipples "Rub my clit, rub my fucking clit" Paul did just that and Sharon closed her eyes as an orgasm of gigantic proportions swept over her. I moved my right hand down to Helena's clit and started to work my fingers around her beautiful nub. My left hand went down to her arse and I quickly placed my middle finger against her anus.

"After Charlie pulled out " Paul, at last, was going to continue the tale "Helena slid off but hadn't come yet. The actress hadn't either so they both went down on each other, sucking clits and licking cum. Helena was on the bottom."

Helena was going berserk and I stuck my finger into her bum hole. This sent her into an orgasm that almost broke the chairs. She was euphoric and was saying "fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over again.

"The extra cameraman who had been with the fluffer came over to them and took the actress from behind and Helena was licking at his balls. Her legs were wide open and the actress was going all out on her pussy"

Helena was now slowly grinding her cunt down and around on my cock. Sharon had turned her head towards us and was happily watching this beautiful German lass fuck her happy husband.

"The fluffer came over and started to suck me off and I was hard again in no time. So I moved back over to the three on the floor and offered my cock to the actress" Paul continued.

"And of course she said yes" interrupted a recovered Helena. "He then stuck his cock back into me and that and the tongue on my clit was enough to send me screaming"

Paul pulled out of Sharon and said "We fucked some more and I came down the throat of the fluffer. the whole thing is on tape, would you like to see it?"

"Oh yeah" both Sharon and I said.

"Our friends Henri and Liz have it. Can I call them?"

"Definitely" I said "I can't wait to meet them."

To Be Continued...

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