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Once a Year


My eyes open slowly and stretch out my arm across the bed and it is empty. Twisting on my side, wincing a little bit from the deep red stripes across my lower backside stinging. Master is gone and a little note is left on His pillow. i Reach for it and opening it slowly.

My Girl,

I hope you feel good after last night, I know I do. I had an early meeting this morning, however My guests will be arriving by 4pm as it is Saturday, in case you have forgotten.....

I stop reading to roll my eyes, as if i could forget, then continue reading.

I have set out the list of everything that you need to prepare, you know where your outfit is and I am expecting no problems to arise. I will be home by 3:30pm and expect everything to be ready and you in your place.


Taking in a deep breath, i set out about my day. This is Master's yearly poker night with His friends. It is once a year that i truly get excited, thoughts of several men, playing and ordering me around and making Master look good, is thrilling and exciting. But a darkness looms in the air, on New Year's eve, i had angered Master so much that his mood has not been the best and my lower body blistered with stripes is proof of that.

Shaking off the thoughts, i make my trip quickly to the store to get everything on the list He provided, then once home, my eyes keep watching the clock timing out everything, my excitement grows more and more with each passing hour.

At 2:30 i glance around one last time, the poker table is set out in the middle of a sitting room off to the left of the great room, all organized with His best chip set, and four new decks of cards. The snacks are ready in the kitchen and the drinks are chilled. i head upstairs to shower, wax, and douche both holes clean, then head to the large walk in closet and in the back pulling out medium sized box, walking to the bed with just a towel around my head i start emptying it. A short black boustier, with demi cups, black string thong, black sheer thigh highs. My cheeks blush deeply and make a bit of a face at the black plug with a horse tail hanging from the end of it.

i shake my head down out of the towel letting my soft dark wet curls fall down over my shoulders, then quickly get dressed. Taking in a deep sigh as i lube up the plug and kneel on the bed to insert it. It has not been used in almost a week so it is pretty tight. After a few minutes of twisting and pushing it pops in past my tight ring making me cry out a little before it closes tightly around the end, wiggling my hips a little feeling the hair tickling the backs of my knees making sure it is securely in place before standing. i go to the closet walking gingerly at first hoping my hole will adjust quickly, bending and picking up my highest pair of fuck me stilettos, slipping them on and looking up at the clock. Only a 15 minutes before Master arrives home.

Rushing to the bathroom and somewhat drying my hair, and pulling it up into a high bitch tail with a few tendrils hanging down here and there framing my pale face. Quickly doing my make up. Master hates heavy make up but i am to wear a lot around my eyes for this evening. Stepping back and looking over myself, deep dark red lips and smokey eyelids, which make my icy blue eyes pop even more. Slipping my plain collar on and making sure it is snug, then the wrist and ankle cuffs. Satisfied i quickly slip back downstairs and make His drink, the rings on the leather cuffs jingling softly with each quick step. i hear His truck pull up the drive and rush over to the front foyer and kneel. My knees parted, back bowed slightly pushing out my barely covered breasts. My head up but eyes downcast, and holding His drink up. The key rattles and the door swings open, i freeze completely.

"Very good girl." He states in His dark tone. He is still obviously upset with me.

i say nothing as He grabs the drink and walks past me, leaving me there. i stay put, my ears listening closely as He walks around the house inspecting that i had done everything on His list. i blush softly knowing that everything is in place. He walks back over with my leash and clips it to the collar and tugs it lightly without a word. i quickly follow on my hands and knees, slowly up the stairs to the bedroom. He drops the leash and i stop the instant it hits the floor. He continues on to the bathroom, and i hear the shower running.

After what seemed like forever He comes out, i look up to steal a glace at His naked body walking out and over to the closet. i shift on my knees as He pushes His clothes back and takes out His favorite pair of leather pants. They looks so delicious on Him. i drop my head quickly as He glances over at me, while pulling on His tight black muscle shirt.

He sits on the edge of the bed to put on His favorite pair as boots, then snaps His fingers and points to the spot on the floor between His open legs. i crawl over quickly, still not looking up at Him. He reaches out and grips my bitch tail, pulling my head up hard to look at Him.

"You did a very good job getting everything ready. My guests will be pleased. Now what are the only words you are allowed to say this evening slut?" i gasp softly in His strong grip.

"Yes, Master. Yes Sir. Thank You Master. Thank You Sir. Please Master. Please Sir." i rattle off quietly.

"And that is only IF you are asked a direct question, not like last year with rhetorical ones and begging of course!" His grip tightens and snaps my head back more. "No moans, groans or whimpers at least until after the game is over." i blink my eyes to keep them from rolling, as i know all this information well.

He stands and presses my face into His crotch. i inhale deeply. He smells so delicious of musky vanilla. i let out a soft moan and He pulls my head back sharply. My back bows as i am forced to look up at Him.

"I thought we just went over this slut!!" He sighs and sees the need in my eyes and takes pity on me this time. "I suppose you want to suck My cock?" He states in a soft taunting tone.

I quickly nod my head, knowing it was not really a direct question.

He lets go of my hair and walks to the bathroom and comes back with a rather tall glass. He stands back in front of me, undoing His pants and pulling out His semi hard cock and rubs the tip over my closed lips. i blink up at Him frozen, knowing not to open until He says. It is agony, having His cock rubbing over and over, the clear liquid seeping out, coating my red lips.

"Good girl, open." He states simply.

i instantly open my mouth and without hesitation He shoves His cock hard into my mouth. The head hitting the back of my throat making me gag slightly. He grips my hair once again as i hold my mouth open for Him to use. He thrusts in and out fast and hard, using my mouth as it was intended. His breathing becoming rapid, deep growls fill the air from Him each time He pushes into my gagging throat. He is getting close i can tell by His erratic motion. He grips my hair and then His cock with His other hand pulling out of my mouth until just the head is touching my wet lips.

"Do not move and do not swallow slut!" He roughly barks out at me as His hand jerks His cock hard and rapid. He watches and lets out a deep gasping growl as He fills my wide open mouth with His creamy white seed.

"Mmmmm Good girl. Now..." He pauses and holds the large glass up in front of my mouth and my heart sinks knowing what He wants me to do. I lean forward a little and slowly spit His seed into the glass.

"This is going to be your glass for the evening." His smirk is a dark one that I know very well. My heart starts to pound as He reaches down and wipes a little drop left on my lip, not even letting me have that. He picks up the leash and pulls, walking towards the door. "My guests should be here soon, Come."

i follow Him slowly down the stairs, glad that the plug has finally eased, the tail still tickling the backs of my thighs. He leads me to the front foyer and drops the leash. I sit up into my position to wait as He calmly walks over and sits in the great room, flipping through a book.

My anticipation grows with each tick of the large clock in the hall. my pussy is starting to dampen, my skin alight with tingles and sensations. i jump as the doorbell rings, crawling over and quickly opening it, keeping my head down and backing slowly out of the way as John is the first to arrive. He is Master's oldest friend, some kind of banker type. Master never usually reveals too much about His Dom friends to me. John reaches down and lightly pats the top of my head before stepping inside.

"Evening sonja, I trust you are well?" He asks softly.

I simply nod my head still not looking up at Him. I close over the door and sit back in my spot, glancing over quickly as Master stands and gives a loud smack to John's shoulder then shakes His hand and they both sit and start talking. My attention is once again back at the door as the bell chimes. Again i open the door and back out of the way. It is Master James. He does not speak to me at all, just walks past and right into the great room where Master greets Him. I sit back in my spot.

"sonja!" Master shouts. i jump hard and turn around to look at Him.

"We need drinks over here girl, get to it!" i look at Him, my eyes imploring Him to let me stand. He rolls His eyes and nods. i quickly stand and already knowing what everyone drinks, quickly makes them places them on a tray and back into the room, walking around serving Master first then John, then Master James, who promptly swats my bare ass cheek. I gasp a little at the sting on my flesh.

"My my, she looks as good as ever there Alex." He remarks as i slowly curtsy and take my leave back to the front door and kneel. Again the bell rings and it is Rob and Frank. Both have been here every year for the past 5 years. They both walk past and pat me softly on the head before walking into the great room. i make more drinks, for everyone then sit at the door and try not to giggle as they all sit around chatting and laughing. i love hearing Master being so carefree and relaxed. There is still one more to arrive. One i am most curious to meet. Master did not even tell me His name. Lost in my thoughts the door bell rings making me jump. i reach up to open the door and Master comes rushing out.

"That will be Sam, back up girl, I will answer it." i slither backwards out of the way and sit back in my nadu position and wait. my heart is pounding like a freight train. This is the first time in 5 years that Master has had someone new coming for His game. my whole body freezes as Master pulls open the door.

"Ohhh hey Sam, glad you could make it, come in, come in" Master steps back and i can not help but glace up for a split second. Oh my He is gorgeous! i quickly look back down before Master catches me and blush deeply as i hear Sam.

"Holy shit Alex, you were not kidding, were you!" He exclaims loudly.

i can feel His eyes looking me all over, my skin starts to pink, blushing. Master picks up my leash and gives it a tug. I slowly crawl out into the open.

"Go on girl, give us a little turn." Master states proudly.

i love when His tone is like that. i slowly do a little crawling circle. my breasts barely contained in the cups and my hips making the tail lightly tickle my legs.

"Oh my god she is HOT Alex!" Sam spurts out.

"It is going to get so much better later buddy. I hope you're not shy." Master laughs softly and drops the leash again.

i freeze as they both walk back into the great room waiting for them to all sit. Master nods over at me and i stand. Quickly i make drinks and pass them around. Each taking turns to either rub or touch me in someway as a thank you, except for Sam who i think is still in a little bit of shock.

i pause at Sam a little too long taking in His looks. He is young, but not too young. i would say in His late twenties. Golden blonde hair, cut nice and short but still looking a little shaggy. His eyes, oh my, emerald green, bright and clear. Almost perfect lips and teeth. His skin is sun kissed as if He had just been to the tropics. From His sitting position, i could tell that He was in good shape, a tight t-shirt clinging to Him, showing off His strong physic. i let out a whimpering gasp as Master grabs and tugs sharply on my leash making me stumble a little. Sam lets out a little laugh.

"sonja! Stop drooling and go fix the snacks we are going to start the game!" He hisses darkly at me.

i drop my eyes as my cheeks burn deep red, and i scurry off to the kitchen as they head into the room to start their game. When i come back with a tray of food and beers, Master is explaining to Sam the rules of the evening.

"Well since it is your first time here buddy, there are rules." He snaps His fingers and i promptly slip over to His side.

"The winner of each hand gets a prize." He gestures His hand up and down my body. my cheeks flush as some chuckles from the rest of the Guests float through the air.

"You can do whatever you like to her until the next hand is won. You can spank her ass..." Master grabs my hips and makes me twist around showing off my ass which still has a slight pink print from Master James earlier and deep welted stripes from Master last night, then turns me back around.

"You can finger and play with her cunt." He skims His fingers over the thin small piece of fabric barely covering my now very damp lips.

"Or play, suck or tug on her tits." He easily pulls one breast out of the demi cup showing off my hard nipple with the little gold ring attached and i let out a soft moan as He gives it a sharp tug, making my knees weaken, flashing His eyes up at the sound His lips pressed into a warning line, then continues and tucks my breast back into the small cup.

"Or she can stroke, massage or suck your cock." Taking His finger and pushing it quickly into my mouth. He looks up at me "Suck." He commands sharply and i happily comply, sucking His finger, my cheeks hollowing with suction. He pulls it out slowly with a grin.

"She is like a hoover Sam." Pipes up John. Making the others that know it is true chuckle loudly.

"There are also things you are not allowed to do to her but they are very few. No biting, and no cuming in her cunt or ass. That's it." He smirks over at Sam who still looks a little shocked and His eyes are taking in every inch of me.

I glance over at Sam who face is red and mouth open. i can not help but giggle a little, which makes Masters hand swiftly come across my backside hard. i jump and stiffle back a squeal.

"Hush slut!" He scorns. i bite my lip to try and keep a straight face.

"So you are telling me that I can do whatever I want with her...right here in front of Everyone if i win a hand. Wow what a great night this is going to be. Thanks for the invite buddy." He rubs His hands together eagerly. "Well boys lets get this game rolling!" They all laugh and start the game.

i stand like a statue beside Master watching until Master James slams down His winning hand, i bite my lip hard as He wiggles His finger at me. i quickly move over to Him and stand at His side as He pulls out His chair a little undoing His pants and pulling out His semi hard cock, stroking it.

"Well you know what i like slut, get at it." He chimes as the rest groan and hiss, He leans back for a moment in triumph with His hands behind His head now, while the cards are getting shuffled.

i get to my knees without hesitation taking His cock into my mouth easily, He is not as big as Master so it slides easily in and out of my throat. Soft suckling noises float through the air along with His slight groans as they continue Their game. My head bobbing with a set pace. I can taste the saltiness of His pre-cum coating my tongue. Then John slams down His winning hand and Master James grips my hair pulling me off His cock. I gasp deeply and lick my lips.

John pats His lap, and i know just what He wants. i rise and quickly step around the table to Him, and lay over His lap. His hand starts rubbing over the still raised pink strips across my cheeks then planting a smack to each cheek, making me flinch and hiss out with the deep sting. He lightly tugs and plays with my tail plug making me wriggle a little over His lap feeling His hard cock under me.

"Oh these are nice Alex." He says tracing His fingers over the raised flesh.

"Yes they are and well deserved too, but lets get on with the game gents." Master states coolly, then resumes playing as John keeps rubbing my ass and tugging at my tail.

They all roar and groan out as Master James again wins the hand. They chastise and curse each other out like male friends tend to do. As i get up off John's lap Master's voice booms and i can tell He is getting a little buzzed. "More beer slut!"

i quickly bow my head to Him and rush off to get a few more rounds for everyone, my pussy now a dripping mess with need. i kneel back at Master James' side, and takes His still hard cock back into my mouth, sucking up and down. i know He is close as does Master who rises from the table before the next hand is finished. i glance under the table and see His feet heading to the sitting area then turning back and sits back down, i hear the clink of a glass on the table in front of Master James. my eyes close tightly as He speaks knowing what He is going to tell them. my head not missing a bobbing beat.

"This is sonja's glass. I took the liberty of having her start to fill it." He pauses and i can hear the smirk in His tone. "she is currently on punishment. Tonight gents, anytime you need to cum, use her mouth and make her spit it into this glass." my skin starts to turn pink hearing the chuckles then Master James grips my bitch tail tightly pulling my head up sharply, looking down at my flushed face, and speaking but not to me.

"Ahhhh, so what has your little subbie done now?" He hisses. He is a very dark and sadistic man and His tone always makes my body tremble. He pushes my head back down on His cock hard making me gag hard around Him.

"Well J, remember I got called away to work last minute over New Year's? Well she took it upon herself to indulge in my favorite whiskey and emptied the bottle." i close my eyes tightly as Master James snaps my head back up to look up at Him again. His eyes turning even darker then usual making my whole body shiver.

"Oh really, naughty naughty little whore, you know you are not allowed to drink like that. And Master's favorite whiskey at that!" His grip grows stronger and i can not hold back crying out a little.

"Ok J" Master states with a touch of warning to His tone. "she has been punished as you all can see from the stripes across her arse. And tonight is part of it. Well you all know what a cum whore she is, with the exception of you Sam, so letting her taste it but not have it is more hurtful to her then any beating she could receive."

Master James snorts and mumbles, His eyes still glaring down at me. "maybe not coming from Me."

Master ignores His comments and starts dealing the cards. Master James shoves my head back down on His cock hard and fast now wanting to cum. He hisses deeply and cums into my mouth, my tongue pushes back to keep all of it from sliding down my throat. He pulls my head up hard and grabs the glass. Everyone chuckles and stops to watch me spit His seed into it. Still gripping my hair puts my head back into His lap beside His dripping cock. my nose inches from the musky scent. He did it intentionally knowing it will be driving me crazy as they continue playing. It seems like hours pass before Sam practically jumps out of His chair winning the hand.

"YES!! finally!!" He hollars out. Master James pushes me roughly aside towards Sam who is sitting right next to Him.

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