tagBDSMOne April Evening

One April Evening

bynymphe delphique©

When He came home, she was sitting on the porch wearing a short pleated navy skirt and long-sleeved cotton oxford blouse, white socks and sneakers. Her lustrous sable mane framed soft features; parted in the middle, its long dark tresses fell almost to her knees as she leaned forward, elbows propped on her knees, fingers laced under her chin. Watching Him approach up the sidewalk, she straightened her back and remained seated, folding hands in her lap dutifully, blue eyes sparkling beneath curled, black lashes.

"How is my nymphe today?" He said, caressing her rosy cheeks with the back of His hand. She kept perfectly still, refraining from pressing into His comforting palm, though she wanted to pounce up like a kitten and jump into His arms.

"I waited for You, Sir," she whispered, omitting what she was thinking 'just as You said.' She felt knees weaken, and was glad He hadn't asked her to stand. He towered over her, gazing down affectionately, lustfully. She was an obedient girl, but there was more to satisfying His needs than abiding orders – though her sincerity to comply was recognized and commendable.

"Have you completed your chores?" His dark eyes narrowed, fingers lightly traced her little mouth, then encircled her throat possessively. 'Say no,' He thought, contemplating the consequences that would follow such a response. Reflecting, for a moment, about administering an appropriate punishment to His beautiful creature, His cock thickened, lengthened...

Suddenly he noticed something awry with her clothing. Looking more closely, He focused on an open middle button where cleavage peeked through the gap in her white blouse. Visualizing her full womanly breasts and tender nipples made Him even more ravenous, picturing his teeth sinking into sweet flesh.

Centering His attention back to the opening, He suddenly slipped one hand into the blouse and sliced off all the rest of the buttons in obvious displeasure. She gasped and froze, stunned by the alarming ripping sound, but mostly dismayed at disappointing her Master. Swallowing hard, she kept hands clenched tightly, the ends of her fingers turning white, waiting for Him to speak, uncertain of her fate.

"My nymphe, did you forget to dress properly today?" His tone was ominous, wicked. She was appalled at failing to check her buttons – meeting His expectation was her daily assignment, to please Him, pleasure His senses. She was rewarded in return, with His generous affection and attentiveness. Her heart beat rapidly as she considered an appropriate response. For what seemed a very long time, she sat completely still, and silent.

"Cat got your little tongue, my pet?" His right hand firmly cupped her jaw, prying it open and peering inside as if to check her lingual muscles. "Perhaps you should demonstrate the proper use for your tongue, little girl, so that I may determine its usefulness." He placed one finger inside her lips, and she closed them, looking directly into His intimidating gaze. Deliberately, she slowly suckled, warm saliva coating His long digit as He pushed in... pulled out... pushed in... all the way until His hand held her jaw. She sucked, swirling her tongue as if His finger were both His cock, and candy. Her delicious display of oral pleasure caused His cock to throb eagerly, anxious to feel the delicate warmth of her wet mouth.

But time would come for that. Later.

"Stand and take off the blouse," He commanded. She rose like a dainty ballerina to her feet, balanced on the concrete bottom step, and let the button-less blouse fall to the white wood slats of the porch. Bra-less, her heavy breasts pointed downward toward her navel, large brown-pink areolas and tiny red tips glistening in the evening sunset. She waited for his next order, hands clasped behind her back.

How lovely she was, standing topless on the porch, looking like a girl barren. There was a mower somewhere behind Him, and He imagined who might see her like this: neighbors and passers-by who would see the beautiful ageless creature half-naked before Him. He glanced around for obvious voyeurs or random tourists; no humans in sight, gratefully. It was not in His nature to humiliate her too severely, yet an intense yearning persisted in His loins. Primal instinct and impulsive passion prompted Him to roughly twist her taut nipples, hard and deliberate between thumb and forefingers.

"We are going to take a pleasant evening walk in the park, delphi. Walk ahead so that I can fully enjoy your promenade." His voice was husky, intense, smoldering. He had not anticipated this homecoming, but it was certainly rousing His fire.

She wished to protest that she didn't have on a blouse, as if He were not aware that she was suddenly exposed from the waist up. She would not dare make such request; instead, her heart raced in anticipation. She stood there and instinctively crossed her arms in a weak attempt to conceal her naked breasts. He stopped her in mid-pose and solemnly gripped her wrists. "Don't," He warned. "Stroll with me in the appropriate posture, my errant little nymphe."

His authoritative whisper was quite effective, and she responded promptly. Eyes lowered, she submitted respectfully, drawing in the soft pillow of her belly, elbows bent slightly so that arms angled around her yielding waist, hands joined in silent promise at the small of her back.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Her heart pounded with such thunder, lightening seemed to bolt right through her as they approached the narrow dirt nature trail. He walked directly behind, clasping her wrists in one hand – long fingers from the other raked up and down her spine, mapping red streaks, denoting His territory. Lust built and bellowed inside His jeans, blood poured into His swelling cock and balls, spurring His eagerness.

She felt moistness seep onto cotton panties as she walked, longing for Him, imagining how He would explore her silky, sensitive cave. Cool evening air breezed in the shadowy forest, stirring leaves and sending small creatures scurrying for night cover. An owl screeched goodnight as the red sun disappeared beyond evergreens, night pulling up its velvety black blanket. Anticipation increased with every step. The sun was suddenly gone, dusk swallowed by darkness. Cool air brushed her naked torso until she shivered, tips of nipples rigid. His swift tug on her long hair halted her march.

"Stop, here." His voice took her breath away; it was she heard, the precision of His tone, the quiet eloquence of His words pouring into her spirit... the intensity of His purpose, this is what made her stop – rather than the rough yank of her hair. He reached under the navy skirt, felt the wet panties, and grinned victoriously. "It appears that My little forest nymphet is soaked," He breathed against her throat, nipping at her delicate flesh. She trembled and almost lost balance, but He held her steady. "Do you trust Me, delphi?"

She nodded, speechless, bare flesh tingling in the damp chill settling on the leaf covered ground. She felt His eyes undressing her while His attentive hands explored freely about her curves, tracing lines and folds. She breathed evenly, controlled – but there was nothing controlled about how she was feeling at that moment. Inside, excitement filled her lungs, need suppressed her breath, desire suffocated her – His eyes, His scent, His walk, His hands, His posture, His gestures, His confidence, His wisdom, His patience, His character, His dominance. His voice.

His. She was His girl, His submissive nymphe. He reached forth, again firmly pinching her left nipple, twisting it now until she winced desperately. "Do you trust Me, delphi?" He asked again, His intense whisper next to her ear.

"Yes, Master," she exhaled, gasping for air, as if drowning and this was her last breath. "I trust You, fine Sir."

"Where do you belong, little one?" He asked ceremoniously, and she replied in an humble princess voice, "I long to kneel between Your thighs, Master."

In a rare moment of spontaneous affection, He kissed her. She almost melted, feeling His mouth on her lips, literally sucking in her shallow breath. His tongue trailed slowly along the soft tenderness, enjoying the moment of intimacy and incomparable passion. Their bond surpassed traditional conventionality and represented a deeper, more intense awareness – of themselves and each other. She thrived on His attention, ached to please Him, yearned to hear His voice and inhale His cologne at the end of the day.

Her lips were so satiny, it took all His self-control to refrain from throwing her to the moist forest floor to fuck her right then and there – before fully ravishing His beautiful jewel.

"Do as You should, delphi," He breathed into her mouth, and then pulled gently away, pressing her downward until she knelt on the ground before Him. "Very good, my nymphe. Please continue."

His quiet directive sent goose bumps over her being. Petite manicured fingers went to work, unbuckling His belt, pulling it from loops with her teeth, careful not to leave marks on the leather... unzipping His wool slacks, one small hand reaching for His stiff cock, pulling it free from cotton boxers. She French-kissed the rose-red knob, looking up into His eyes... and He drowned her in His lust.

Her tongue traced around the sculpted edge, flickering back and forth, up and down... knowing how sensitive the head of His cock was, she gently scraped teeth over it. He held her head in His hands, grasping strands of hair mindlessly, experiencing the pleasure of her oral talents. He pressed her head down, His cock slipping against the ridges of the roof of her mouth, down into the warm cave of her slender throat.

Until His heavy balls lay crushed against her chin. She gagged only slightly, regaining her composure, sucking Him like the sweet submissive He adored. In and out, fucking her mouth with weak abandon, pleasured in the warm wetness... preparing for other destinations meant to cradle His thick organ, stir His loins to bursting.

He was oblivious to the cool night air, the rising half-moon, sounds in the darkness. His focus was on her delicate beauty, the sweet surrender of the girl inside her, the precious submission of His nymphe.

Time seemed to last forever, and not last long enough... standing still in the moment as senses exalted over them both. A force stronger than time – nature swelled in their veins, accelerating the flow until He could wait no more, and she begged with her eyes.

"On all fours, delphi." He watched, removing His slacks completely as she adjusted her posture obediently. On hands and knees, back straight... her short skirt fell around wide rounded hips, revealing wet panties clinging to her vaginal slit. He felt compelled to smack her plump ass, not because she needed discipline – more so, because she didn't.

Her femaleness pulsed outside from inside, exploiting thin cotton material; she wondered if He could see her pussy breathing in the dim moonlight. She wanted Him so badly – to be granted the thrust of His handsome cock into the tight hole hidden under copious layers and thin folds of womanly fare.

He would not leave her waiting long. His cock was tense, almost painfully erect, commanding release. He poised behind her, one hand balanced on the small of her back, the other wrapped in her hair – His cock so hard, it needed no guidance to find her slick cunt and enter the palace of His kingdom.

She was so warm and wet... body swaying back and forth, hips circling around His dense manhood, moaning inaudibly into the darkness. She reached underneath, caressed His balls, heavy and taut, laden with sperm. Back arched, neck stretching until she was curved upward and downward at the same time, both temptation and temptress, craving renewal. In that moment, she yearned to be fertilized, deeply planted with His incomparable seed. His finger probed her navel as He fucked more furiously, and she disappeared into the Eden of unrestrained ecstasy, crying into the night: "Please let me cum now, Master! Your cock is my only need, Master, please let me cum!"

He burst in great heaves, pulling her back and forth, pressing hard into her womb as if He could reach her throat from bottom up. His cum was hot spasms filling to flooding, and He pulled out, and pulled her up by the hair... lay the tip of His erupting manhood on her face and watched with satisfaction as the last gushes spat in great globs, leaving her skin shiny in the pale moonlight. He slapped her affectionately until He was completely flaccid, and her wet tongue darted out like a little kitten, unbidden, washing His cock until it was clean.

"Good girl," He praised, and she smiled, blue eyes sparkling. He stroked her hair, lifted her face upward. "Come, nymphe. Walk under my coat and be warm."

Spring bore color from the gray of winter, just as her elegant submission glowed in the light of His order. In her dream, it was the next day... and when He came home, she waited on the porch... anxious for His beckoning: "Come to me, my little delphi."

Copyright 2004, delphique for Doric Order

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