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One Evil Stepmother


Warning: This story is along the same lines and tradition of stories by authors like Temptanddestroy, Wannabeboytoy, DarkBetrayal and NeverGiveIn. It involves adultery and humiliation. Don't leave comments about how horrible the story and I am for writing this kind of story am when you know damn well what is involved. You have been warned. Remember, it is only a fantasy. I do not wish this upon anyone or condone it. Enjoy!


Jared cursed his new stepmother behind her back. He knew that Bianca had married his rich father just for his money. He found it hard to believe that his father didn't recognize that. What was worse was she had stolen him from his wife, Jared's mother. Or at least it now seemed apparent why his dad had abruptly divorced his wife of 26 years and married his secretary. The pre-nuptial agreement had allowed him to walk away with everything. Jared never knew his father to be so vicious. It was Bianca that had made him like this. She had seduced him while he was married.

Bianca was a hot blonde, like no other that Jared had ever seen. She was only 10 years older than Jared at 30 but she was definitely in her prime. The one thing he guessed that she had been missing on her flawless body was a nice rack. But plastic surgery took care of that. She now had DDs. A year later, she was wed to his dad.

"That fucking bitch!" Jared yelled. He was tired of it.

"Sweetie, there's nothing you can do now." His wife, Veronica, said. They had married young as high school sweet hearts, just like his parents. He had previously thought that was a good thing to do using them as an example, which was until Bianca came along.

"No, I won't stand for it!" he shouted and stormed out to his BMW.

"Where are you going? Don't do anything stupid!" Veronica pleaded.

"I tried talking with Dad and that didn't work, now I'll just have to tell her that she's not going to get away with ruining my family like this!" he said back to her as he sped off.

While driving to his father's mansion and thinking of what he would say to Bianca he couldn't help his thoughts. Maybe it was because he was definitely his father's son because he was a sucker for huge tits, fake or not. Every time he thought of his stepmother her breasts popped into his head. It was one of the most difficult things for him to do and why he avoided talking to her. Jared couldn't help but steal glance after glance at her massive cleavage.

He pulled up to the driveway after opening the gate with his own button. Taking a deep breath he rang the doorbell. Maybe he could start polite. He hoped his dad wasn't home so he wouldn't hear the mean things he would say to his new wife.

The door opened and there stood Bianca in a hot blue sultry dress. It rode up all the way just below her perfect ass.

"Jared! What a surprise!" she said with an unusual easiness. It felt to Jared like she was staring a hole into his soul, as if reading him and... changing him.

He pushed past her. "Where's my Dad?" he asked.

"Not here. Why?" She asked.

"Good. So, I can confront you! Finally!" he said with conviction and anger.

"No... You mean so I can fuck you!" Bianca said with a wicked smile.

"Uh... Excuse me?" Jared was immediately taken aback. And Bianca was on him in a second.

"You want me, Jared. You want to fuck me, desperately! You want to fuck your stepmother, your father's wife!" Bianca had her hands on his chest and was backing him up into the back of the couch.

"What? No... I don't... You can't be serious!" Jared stammered.

Bianca grabbed his hardening cock through his pants. Her skilled hand lowered his zipper and pulled his dick out into her palm and she started to stroke him expertly.

"I've met your wife, Veronica. She is nowhere near as hot as me and you know that. You desire me more than her. You're jealous of your father! You think you deserve my sexy body more than him. And you're right! And this hot body deserves more too. I deserve a hot young stud to satisfy me not some dirty old man." Bianca said and pushed him over the couch. He landed onto it and she moved quickly around and straddled him. His stepmother lifted her dress up to reveal her bare cunt beneath, wet and waiting. "You've got a big cock, Jared. Much better for me to fuck!"

Bianca put his cock up to her entrance.

"Wait... No..." Jared weakly protested.

His stepmother laughed as she sat down on him in one fell swoop and he was completely buried inside her pussy.

"Oh my God!" Jared said as Bianca started to ride him.

"Better than Veronica aren't I? Hmmmm? Isn't my pussy better than your wife's?" Bianca cackled. The sound of their illicit fuck filled the room, as did her moans.

Bianca grabbed Jared's hands and put them on her tits, forcing him to squeeze.

"Admit it! You love this! Now you know why your father left your mother! He had the hottest piece of ass in the world! And that's why you will do the same!" Bianca looked in her lover's shocked eyes, but he was lost in pleasure. "That's right, Lover. You're going to do some things for me. And you'll do them gladly just to have my pussy again... You are going... to... kill your father... and... your wife!" Bianca cackled evilly while continuing to fuck her stepson.

"You're... crazy.... You're... ugh... evil.... I would.... never... hurt them. I love... them! Oh fuck!" Jared cried there were tears in his eyes.

"Not as much as you love my body. Not as much as you love my tight cunt, perfect ass and big tits! You'll do anything for me!" Bianca said as she lifted herself off him.

"What? Don't stop!" Jared yelled in exasperation.

"Swear it!" Bianca said.

"What?" he cried.

"You are a man of your word, except when it comes to wedding vows and loving your wife, but swear your love for me and that you'll do anything I ask, including killing your family. You do that and I'll fuck you." Bianca was evil.

But she had corrupted Jared completely.

"Anything for you, Mother. Just let me have you again..." he begged.

Bianca grinned wickedly and bent over in front of him.

"Seal the deal, Son. Fuck your father's wife from behind. Seal the sin!" she ordered.

Jared obeyed, putting his cock into her depths. Bianca cackled. It had all gone according to her evil plans. From that point on her stepson obeyed her every command.

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