One Fat Summer Day


All wrapped up, I stepped back into view from the shower area and padded bare-foot over to the side of the yard to look for Stef. I put one foot on a small runner of wood that stretches along the bottom part of the fence, and lifted up on my toes. It makes a perfect step-up brace, allowing me to hoist my little bod up to look over into our neighbor's back yard.

Sure enough! Stef's gotten so flustered by Derrick's threat he's turned to the one thing lately that calms him down... doing yard work. Stef was using a rake to collect a big pile of grass clippings, leaves and other stuff from around the yard. He had on a pair of black cargo shorts, his Converse All-Stars and a thick pair of work gloves. Having been outside most of the time, his skin was toasted to a nice, 'crunchy' tan; sort of like the color on the top of a well-made biscuit. Covered with a sheen of sweat from belly to brow, he worked slow and steady to scrape up the yard trimmings into a pile at his feet.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Stef's not a short-guy either. He got a massive growth spurt when he turned thirteen and shot up nearly two feet in the three summers that followed. Now, he stands about six-foot-six. I have to mention this because, funny enough, he's certainly big enough that he could really kick my brother around like a tin can if he wanted to. Yet Stef wouldn't lay a hand on you if he thought he would hurt you. A real lover-not-a-fighter type. Maybe that's another reason while I like him so much, hm?

Clearing my throat, I pitched it up into a soft call over the fence. "Hey, Stef? You busy?"

Hearing me had the usual effect on him; he stopped, startled, before whipping around to see where I was -- as if I would be anywhere else in his yard? When he saw my head peeking over the top of the fence, Stef's face darkened with a flush of blush, before he ducked it down and made a half-hearted return to his work. "Ummm, ah... h-hi, K-K-Kymi."

I smiled sweetly. "How you doin'?"

"Umm, I, ahh . . . good, g-good. I'm . . . good." he said.

"Stef, you've been working at this all mornin', huh?" Stating the obvious, yeah, but with him you literally had to drag a conversation out of him, kicking and screaming, I tell you.

"Well, uh, y-yeah. Mom wants the house l-looking, well . . .neat and pretty, y'know."

"Yeah, I can tell." I give him a sideways-look. "With all the work you've been doin', don'cha think you deserve to take a break?"

Stef looked away, blushing all the way from his hairline to his chest. "Aah, well . . . m-maybe. I mean, I, uh . . . I have-."

"I mean, I'm sure your Momma's not gonna blow a gasket if you knocked off for a bit. Seein' all of the hard work you've been puttin' out for her," I said, gently coaxing with my tone. The last thing I wanted to do was spook Stef and send him running for cover, again. "I mean, here's a great chance for you to cool off for a bit." I nodded towards our pool. "After all, it's a rule that says a person just has to swim with a buddy." I gave him what Daddy calls my BEPD-look -- Brown-Eyed Puppy Dog; all sad, soulful and begging. "You wouldn't want me to break a rule, right?"

Now I was all but expecting Stef to do his usual quick-apology-and-dash bit -- heck, he's done it dozens of times before. However, maybe it was the heat, all the work he did, my pushin'-sugar routine or all of the above, because the next words out of Stef's mouth was, "Oh . . . okay. Sure. I, ah, I'd be happy to . . . well, help. In that case."

I only took a second to recover from the shock; Stef finally agreed to come spend time with me! "Coolness! Oh, one thing, you'll need your trunks." I said.

Stef nodded, and put the rake he'd been holding down and moved towards his house. "B-be right back." He paused mid-step, then looked at me with a puppy-dog look of his own. "Y-you won't go a-anywhere, 'till I g-get back?"

I just smiled. "Go get your swimmin' shorts, Stef. I'll be right back here by the pool when you get back." I raised my right hand. "Honest-Injun!" That was something my Granpa used to say.

Satisfied, Stef quickly made his way inside.

I turned away from the fence and nearly let out a squeal with glee. I did it! Now, I had to make the next part of my plan work. Granted this was going to take several things: guile on my part, some of Stef's innocent demeanor, some careful handling and a heck of a lot of luck. I quickly set the stage, by getting some of my waterproof sunning lotion, an extra pair of towels from the outdoor shower locker. Then, I skipped into the kitchen and got out some cut-up fruit and a couple of cold sodas from the fridge in the house . . . what? Not every teen these days likes to booze it up.

Besides, I didn't want any alcohol to dull the senses. No, no. I wanted everything working on all cylinders when Stef got there. Placing the stuff near the one side of the pool, I got another larger bath-sheet and spread it out like a picnic blanket on the grass nearby.

I barely got things settled when there was a knock at the side yard gate. I had to grin. "Come on in, Stef." I called out.

Soon enough, Stef ambled into the back yard; looking nearly every other direction all at once. He'd changed into a pair of Hawaiian-print, blue and white jams and some slip-off sandals, along with a sleeveless while t-shirt. When he saw that it was just me there, some of the hesitation and tension in his face melted away. "Hi, Kymi."

"Well, hello," I said, just to keep him at ease. Even with him being there, he was clearly still nervous as a cat on hot bricks. "Come on over, I got some pop, and you can just jump right in and get cool."

Stef made his way to the far side, again giving me that shy-boy smile as he glanced at the back of my house for a second.

"Don't worry, Derrick's not here," I said. "In fact, no one else is home, so it's just the two of us."

I couldn't tell if Stef was more relieved or more nervous to hear that, but the small smile he had grew a bit. "Oh . . . okay."

I just giggled. "Um, you did come over to get wet, remember?" I nodded towards the pool. "Well, jump in, silly! The water's not gonna go away."

Stef must've needed that confirmation, because he now smiled eagerly and reached down to strip off his T-shirt. Tossing it onto the patio as he kicked off his sandals, he took a couple of steps and then bounded off the edge of the pool. He hit the deep end in a hasty-made cannon-ball; splashing up a fountain of water before he surfaced to give out a gasp. "Wow! That's cold!"

I giggled again. "Good, that way you can cool off." Right before I warm you up a little. Heh! I let Stef splash and swim around for a bit, while I poured the pop into two glasses and got some fruit on a paper plate. Then, making sure my towel was still securely tucked, I got the drinks and fruit and carried them over to the side of the pool.

Stef had been somewhat swimming a lap across the width of the pool, when he saw me kneeling at the edge. He stopped and looked up, eying the soda and fruit with a smile. "Oh, that looks, good, Kymi."

"It's for you, hon," I said, putting the stuff down as I tucked my legs up under me -- careful to keep my goodies hidden, for the moment. "C'mon, I bet you can use some of this," I said, holding out one of the glasses.

Stef nodded and half-walked/swam over to the side. Taking the glass I held, he said, "Thanks, Kymi." and took a big gulp.

"Hey, slow down, tiger! Save some room for this," I said. Holding up the plate, I nodded to the cut slices of oranges, pineapple and cut strawberries. Stef tucked into the sweets with gusto, while I sat there at the edge and nibbled on a strawberry or two.

Eventually, Stef was sated and put his glass down. "Thanks, Kymi. I really needed that." He started to turn to go for another lap around the pool, but that's when he jerked to a halt; his left shoulder twitching. "Ow!"

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked. Well, duh, I knew what the problem was. After all that work in the hot sun and now a cool dip, Stef was facing a cramp.

He said as much, reaching up to try to rub the sore spot with his right hand. "Ow-ow-ow, that's not good!"

"Well, we need to fix that," I said. I shifted more onto my knees, after dragging another of the towels over to lay on the edge of the pool. "C'mere. Let me get at that. You're not gonna do much trying to do a self-massage yourself."

Without pause, Stef turned around and leaned back against the edge, putting his arms down into the water. Perfect. Kneeling behind him, I took a moment to put a pump of sun block in my palms -- to ease the friction -- then I took hold and started to knead his tight muscles with slow, firm motions. In seconds, Stef's face went from tense to blissful relief as he groaned. "Oooh, that, is, better!"

"Glad you like. I hardly get to practice my patented massage skills," I said.

The way I was working his solid-feeling shoulders and neck muscles must've really let Stef lose some of his usual shy-vibe. He groaned and said, "Mmm, I . . . really wouldn't mind, if you wanted to--mmph! If you wanted to practice on . . . me, in the future," he said. He tipped his head back and looked at me with a bit of a blush. "That is . . . if you, um, want to?"

I gave Stef one of my heart-melting smiles. You know, the ones that can make the parentals just go "awww". "Hey, you don't have to twist my arm, y'know?" I ruffled his hair affectionately, then got back into kneading his right shoulder. Eventually, I spread the attention to his upper arms and all across his back.

Soon enough, I had worked him over until his muscles were pliant as clay, so I eased back on the rough touch and began to slather his back, neck and arms with smooth, soothing caresses. I could swear Stef was purring under my touch. His head was tipped forwards, with his chin resting on his chest, with his eyes closed.

Good! Now I can really start my plan! I gave his shoulders a final, fondling caress, before standing up and reaching for the top of the towel still wrapped around my little body. I whipped it off, letting it fall to the patio and before Stef could react or look up, I crouched and vaulted over his head towards the water in front of him. I pulled my arms and legs in, making a much neater cannonball than the one he did; making less of a splash, but still giving him a face full of water in the process.

I got back to the surface in a hurry, just in time to hear Stef sputter and laugh. "Okay-*cough!*-okay, Kymi! You got me . . . ugh, got me good that time!"

Oh, yes. I got you! I thought. You just don't know how bad, yet!

"Oh, poor baby!" I said aloud, moving in close. "Are you all right?" Yeah, I was pushin' sugar, but it was just enough of a distraction to let me get in really close. Before Stef could reply, I was practically on top of him; pressing my naked body against his. My nipples were like sand pebbles against his chest, and the sensation of both of our skins, wet and slick, was making my kitty ooze with a new wave of heat. I raised my arms and draped them over Stef's shoulders.

This close, there was little else for Stef to do but put his arms out and bring them back around me. The moment his arms closed up against my bare back, it was clear as glass that Stef first got the clue that something was amiss. As in my swim suit was a-missing. "K-Kymi?" Stef's eyes shot open as he blinked furiously to clear the last of the water from them. Staring down, he got his first look at my yummy body; naked, up close, and in his arms. It was clear his mind was trying to dart in two directions -- one of utter embarrassment and panic, the other surprise and, yes, barely-hidden lust. "Kymi, w-what are y-you--?"

I cut him off with a gentle press of my fingertips on his lips. "Stefan, shhh. Let me explain, 'kay?" I smoothed my touch across his cheek. "If you wanna leave after I'm finished, well . . . I won't stop you, and I won't ever bring this up again. Buuuut...." I wriggled against him for emphasis. "I really hope you decide to stay."

Stef swallowed hard, trying to keep his eyes on my face, but it was cute the way his baby blues kept darting down, stealing glances at my boobs through the water. Eventually he nodded slowly. "O-okay."

Taking a deep breath, I launched into a quick breakdown of my feelings for him -- salient points, with no fillers -- with my wrapping it all up with explaining my little plan to get him over here this day. Stef, to his credit stayed put and listened; head cocked to the side, his arms still wrapped around me, albeit a touch loosely. I took some courage from the fact that while I was pressed up against him, I could feel that tell-tale twitching and firming up of a certain part of his anatomy.

". . . so, that's the whole ball of wax," I said, finishing up as I pushed up against him a little more. Despite the cold water around us, my nips were harder than diamonds and threatening to bore holes in his chest. "I guess I just couldn't help myself. And seeing how my folks are absent and, I . . . well--." I shrugged and smiled, hoping that I hadn't ruined the perfect chance to pull Stef completely out of his shell.

Stef was silent, and while his face was still awash in a flush of blush, it was about as readable as a written book is to a blind person.

"Stef?" I let my hands slide back around to rest on his shoulders. "Talk to me here, tiger, please?"

Stef was quiet for a few more seconds, then he said softly, "You . . . you really like me? Like that way, I, I mean--?" He lifted his head and those blue eyes were a mix of utter awe, hope and a little bit of fear. "Honestly?"

I gave him a bit of a fragile smile of my own. "Stef, you really wanna know the truth?" He nodded, but before he could speak, I reached up, cupped the back of his head with one hand and tugged him towards me, before covering his lips with my own. The total shock of my kissing him made Stef stiffen up for a second, and his eyes went wider than Mom's good China saucers. Then he practically melted against me; both beefy arms crushing me in close as our first kiss deepened and drew out. It wasn't a total slobber-fest. Just sweet, soft and . . . MERCY, girls. That boy was putting out enough sparks with that simple contact to make me just feel all fluttery inside.

Eventually, I broke off the kiss, tipping my head back to look Stef eye to eye. "Truth is, Stefan, I have wanted you for the long, longest damn time!" For emphasis, I wiggled against him and got a nice reaction from his crotch. With a soft giggle, I added, "You think I'd just strip down to my birthday suit for just anyone, tiger?"

Stef had a happy and not-so-shy smile that I had always hoped to see. Stef looked down at my bare body once more, then asked, "So . . . um, are you wanting to do, what I think you--?"

Now I gave him one of my most lavicious looks ever. "Stefan Gustafson, I'm gonna give you just ten seconds to do what I KNOW you know what I want you to do . . . otherwise, I'm gonna head back inside and just leave you here, and take care of my hot lil' honey-hole myself!" I started to slip out of his embrace, to make like I was going to pull myself out of the pool--.

The feel of Stef's hands wrapping around my middle, coupled with the quick jerk that pulled me back against the solid wall of his body as he engulfed me from behind shocked me to the core!

What was even more surprising -- and I'll be honest here, girls! -- and hot as hell, was the sound of a rumbling growl that I felt more than heard; coming from his chest, vibrating against my back. "Woah, tiger!" I said, gasping as the water settled down around us. Looking over my shoulder at him, I could see his blue eyes were a much darker shade now; totally filled with mounting lust and not a smidgen of shyness.

"Kymi," Stef said, and even his tone was changed from his usual timid vibe. "Do you know how much I've wanted you?" When I shook my head a little, he smiled and said, "Practically forever . . . and I just never thought you'd ever give me a chance." He wrapped one arm around my middle, lifting the other one to cup my face in a firm yet tender touch.

I shivered with delight. "Well, Stef," I said, "you've got your chance. Now, what're you gonna do with it?"

Stef answered me by initiating a kiss of his own, while rubbing my tummy with his large hand. Ooo! The goose-flesh runeth wild, and I was quick to open my mouth to slip my tongue out to swipe across his lips. Stef, though an obvious novice kisser, proved to be a quick study. He parted his lips and let his own slippery oral digit come out to meet mine.

In no time flat, I turned around to play some serious tonsil hockey with my beefy boy-toy. Mmm! Bliss and beyond! I was soon wrapping my arms and legs around Stef, while he cupped my butt cheeks in both hands to press me hard against his body. Pushing away from the side of the pool, he had us both in deep end, where he let the water help to support me as he let his hands roam all over me. Under the cool water, it felt like Stef's hands were flowing like hot rivers over my naked skin.

Incensed with growing passion, I broke our kissing off and stared hard into his blue eyes. "Stefan, I think it's time we got you dipped-skinny," I said, reaching down to tug and the drawstring of his jams. I pecked his cheek, then moved to undo the drawstring and slip my hands underneath the waistband. For a second, I saw a hint of his usual timidness flicker across his face, but after a deep sigh of acceptance he helped me remove his jams, which I quickly tossed over my shoulder onto the grass beside the pool. He started to cup his hands over his crotch, but I stopped him.

"Tiger, You ain't got nothin' that I don't wanna see." With that, I flashed him a smile and, after a deep breath I ducked down under the water.

Down I went -- doing the best I could since my body wanted to float back up to the surface -- I took hold of Stef's hands and pulled them away to reveal his dick. Ooo! I almost swallowed a mouthful of pool water when I saw what my lover-boy was packing! Stef didn't have a monster cock. It was really an average length; maybe six, six and a half inches, but it was thick. Like cucumber-thick, with ripple-veins and good, round head. Definitely not something to sneer at. I reached out to curl my little hand around him and it felt really nice. He also had a good set of balls, too. Heavy, smooth and full, at least to my touch.

Seeing his legs go rigid, I had half a mind to give him an underwater suck-job, but I realized I didn't have enough air in my lungs to stay down for long. So, I settled for a quick lick and suck on his shaft, before surfacing to get my breath back.

Stef was quick to wrap his arms around me to hold me up. "Kymi, you okay?" Even as turned on as he was, he was more concerned for me than for his own pleasure.

I grinned up at him and said, "Oh yeah, I'm more than okay." I reached back down and wrapped my hand back around his dick. "Mmm, Kymi likes what she sees," I cooed. Giving his shaft a few gentle strokes, I could feel it getting stiffer and fatter.

"Oooh, man . . . K-Kymi!" Stef groaned, his arms tightening around my body.

Wrapping my legs around him, I got enough leverage to climb up to where we were practically eye-level with one another. "Stefan," I purred. "Let's get out of the pool, so you can show me just how much you want me."

Stef didn't reply with words. He just surged towards the side of the pool, lifted me out to drop me onto the side before hauling his big body out of the water. There was a renewed look of lust and eagerness in his face as he turned towards me.

Giggling, I got up on my hands and feet and sort of crabbed my way back to where the bath-sheet lay on the grass. Getting there, I spread myself back on the soft terry-cloth fabric, watching as Stef crawled after me and smiling when he loomed over me. My Stef! Adonis be damned, because I drank in the sight of his wet, naked hunky bod and felt my kitty getting soaked all over again.

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