tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Hell of a Summer Ch. 01

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 01


Laura is a beautiful teenaged girl with an amazing chest. In fact, her whole body is amazing. She looks like she's 20 and has a certain cock-suredness about herself. She is saucy and uses her looks and her body to get whatever she wants. She comes at you chest first and likes to hug you around the waist and then drag her huge breasts up your body. My eyes roll back in my head every time she does it. Somehow she maintains a certain innocence about her that doesn't make her look like a tramp. It's a deadly combination.

At camp Laura was in her element. Lots of young people and a staff, that for the most part, was very responsive to her ploys to get her own way. She bounced around the camp in bikini bottoms or tights shorts and a short T-shirt, a tank top or a halter top and everyone loved to watch her, not to mention getting one of those wonderful hugs.

She'd been a camper for years and since she was only 17 at the beginning of the summer had been hired as one of the baby-sitters for a family working for the summer. Her hours were flexible, depending on the family's activities. By mid-summer she had turned 18 but continued to work as a babysitter since she liked the arrangement and the easy work. She wasn't considered regular staff and therefore didn't get all the privileges that the rest of the staff was entitled to.

Looking and acting older, she was used to hanging around with the older staff. Rules were not one of her better areas. That's where she ran into problems with me. She had been placed on probation twice for breaking rules and generally not doing what she was supposed to. She liked me, but as camp director, I was the heavy for enforcing the rules.

Most of the camp was out on a field trip but Laura and one or two others had opted for staying behind in camp for the day. They hung out at the lake, swimming but mostly sun bathing and showing off their bodies for the benefit of the waterfront staff and the few others who remained. I sent for Laura and she was a bit surprised that I met her at my cabin and not the front office. As she approached my cabin, I was sitting in a rocker on the front porch and I watched her huge breasts as they swayed nicely under her very tight and very short T-shirt which barely covered her pendulous breasts. My cabin is nestled under some trees on a slope above the other cabins - very private.

"Inside." I said softly as the young beauty entered my cabin. I motioned her in the direction of the sofa and Laura crossed one leg under herself as she sat down on the sofa. The view of her creamy thighs was exquisite as her long legs were slightly parted, no doubt for my benefit.

"Do you like it here at camp?" I asked.

"Yes." she replied, her face starting to show some concern.

"What would happen if you got sent home?" I asked.

Laura's face changed and some of the cockiness vanished. "Why? What's this all about?" she asked, her voice betraying her fears.

"Answer the question." I said firmly.

"My parents would kill me." she confessed. "They would put me on restriction forever and probably take my car away." she said, her voice showing the strain. "My father is so mad at me now, that I think he'd actually take a strap to me again." she added.

I nodded and, inwardly smiled to myself in satisfaction. I could see that her mind was racing to figure out what it was that I knew. It was also interesting to know that she had felt the sting of leather on her magnificent ass. As she squirmed on the sofa her huge breasts jiggled and her thighs flashed open and shut.

"You know," I started out, "When Steve went to return Alicia's camera the other night, he was surprised to find the light on and voices in your cabin, when everyone was supposed to be in the rec hall. He listened for awhile and then quietly came up onto the porch. When he tried the door he was surprised to find it locked and it got his curiosity aroused." Laura's face was getting whiter by the second and she squirmed even more as she sat before me on the sofa.

"You can see some very interesting things when you look into a lighted cabin from the outside at night." I said.

Laura was ghost white. "How much did he see?" she asked, her voice showing signs of her fear.

"See for yourself." I said as I picked up a packet of pictures and handed it to her. Laura began to leaf through the pictures of herself and her friend Alicia as they opened one of their footlockers and removed a bag of marijuana. The two of them gave the bag to Sandy, the camp driver, as she handed them some money.

"You girls making good money this summer?" I asked sarcastically as I took the pictures and placed them on the table in front of her. The picture of her taking the money was on top. Laura was shaking visibly as she stared at the picture. She was mine and she knew it.

Whenever she had been caught breaking the rules before, Laura always cried and screamed and accused us all of hating her, always claiming true innocence of the deed. She usually got away with it but this time, with the pictures, she had no hope of worming her way out of it and she didn't even protest.

"What is going to happen to me?" she asked in defeat.

"You know in this state they don't cotton to drugs at all - but they're especially hard on dealers - and you, my dear, are just that - a dealer." I stated rather harshly. "Maybe a small time dealer but a dealer just the same. Right now, I'm debating between booting your ass out of here and calling the sheriff." Laura started to cry, only this time is wasn't part of her routine. She was really scared.

"Isn't there any way to stop all this?" she begged through her tears. "Please, isn't there anything I can do? I'll do anything." she pleaded.

"Let me tell you something." I began sternly. "First of all, I don't give a damn what your parents do to you. Second, if you go to jail, your parents are going to be the least of your problems and third, to me you've become a royal pain in the ass. Last time I took pity on you and didn't send you home, the way I should have, you sort of let it be known that we had a 'special relationship'. I don't need that kind of crap!" I yelled at her.

"Your problem, Laura, is that you feel you can always manipulate the situation with your smile and that cute little ass of yours. You're over 18 now and if you get busted you will be tried as an adult and go to an adult prison not juvie. And if you go to jail, that cute little ass is going to be your worst enemy." I hissed. Laura looked bewildered and scared. She was speechless and shaking as sobs emanated from her lips and tears ran down her cheeks. I liked to see her this way. Laura began to think about jail and all the bad movies she'd ever seen about beautiful, young women in jails.

"Isn't there anything I can do?" she pleaded. "Please." she begged. "I'll do anything you want. Really."

"Like what?" I said with a bit of a growl, not wanting to make it any easier for her. Laura shrugged her shoulders and shifted position on the sofa. As she drew her knee up to her chin, my vision was drawn to her sculptured thighs as they flashed apart, revealing the smooth strip of her bikini as it barely covered her sweet pussy. Noticing my gaze and gaining a bit of confidence, she bent her long leg and gave me a better view of her sweet vee.

"You like me don't you?" she asked.

"Sometimes." I replied.

"I'm sorry I made it seem like I did last time I was in trouble. How about if I were to earn that reputation?" she asked with a mixture of hope and fear in her voice.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked again not making it any easier for her.

"You know." she said with some embarrassment.

"No, I don't know." I pressed. "Spell it out for me."

"Well, you like me and I know you like my body. I see you staring at it enough." she said gaining confidence.

"So?" I said.

"So, what if we - you know." she said. I waited. I wanted her to feel the humiliation.

"Let's see what you're offering." I said. The young beauty turned beet red and froze in position. "If you want to buy your way out of this with your body, then I want to see what you're offering." I said impatiently. Slowly Laura reached down to the edge of her T-shirt.

"No, no. Stand up and do it right." I said. Laura had been naked with guys before but she'd never stripped in front of one. She felt awkward but slowly stood up and then, taking a deep breath, filled her lungs and her chest rose nicely. She could see my eyes focus on her chest and she gained some confidence. Straightening her body, she reached back down to the lower edge of her T-shirt and crossing her arms over her huge breasts, peeled the shirt up over her magnificent tits and pulled it over her head. Sliding it off of her arms, she tossed it on the sofa. She stood before me wearing only a skimpy white bikini with a strapless top and very small bottoms that barely covered her sweet love pit.

"Now the rest." I said and Laura gulped. She thought that she was only going to have to remove her shirt for me. She was no virgin and she'd been naked with guys before but never with a grown man and never in broad daylight. Trembling, she reached up between her huge breasts and untied the string holding her bra closed. It was strapless and she held it open but in place for a moment and then let it fall from around her magnificent breasts and then to the floor. She folded her arms across her huge chest.

"Modest all of a sudden?" I quipped. Laura blushed and then standing firm and tall, lowered her hands to her sides. Her breasts were truly magnificent - 37 DDs to be exact and they looked delicious. Her nipples were about the size of quarters and at the moment they were very, very hard.

"Lean forward." I said and Laura bent her body enough for her huge mams to hang loosely away from her chest. "Now shake them for me." I said and Laura got even more embarrassed but shimmied a little and her huge breasts shook nicely. She was crimson with humiliation and she felt like a piece of meat. That was what I wanted her to feel like. It was something new for her and she didn't like it.

"Let's see if you're really a redhead." I said.

"Do I have to?" she asked, her voice almost whining.

"No, you don't," I said, "but if you want to keep your cute, little ass out of jail, you had better." I warned. Laura reluctantly hooked her thumbs into the hip band of her bikini bottoms and slid them down over her long, shapely legs. As she bent forward to slide her bikini bottoms down to her ankles, her huge breasts swayed under her chest and when she stood up she tossed the last vestige of her modesty on the couch. She was completely naked as she stood before my eyes and I drank in her naked beauty. Trying to maintain her composure, she stood up tall, her huge breasts jutting out proudly, her head erect and her long legs slightly apart. Her hands were crossed in front of her mons.

"I want to see if you're really a redhead." I taunted and Laura slowly unclasped her hands brought them to her sides. Her mons was covered with a soft mat of fine, silky hair, trimmed neatly to fit into her very small bikini. It was dark but tinged with red, just like the hair on her head. She had never been put on display as she was now. She was very nervous as I stood up and walked around her naked body as she trembled slightly. I eyed her magnificent body more closely. Her huge breasts were tense and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. She watched me as I circled her beautiful, young body and I tried to decide how best to enjoy the pleasures she was going to be providing for me.

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