tagLetters & TranscriptsOne Hot Night In New Orleans

One Hot Night In New Orleans

byDeckard Kincaid©

This story I wrote after I had begun dating a very horney and imaginative 40 year old (I was 27 at the time), who loved porn and erotica. Sounds like a perfect fit, huh? Not really, since her husband was, unbeknownst to me, a very rich and powerful political boss. Ending this sex only relationship was a bit like quitting heroin.

For you see, Barb was a bit of an exhibitionist, and she helped inspire quite a few stores. She loved wearing short dresses, thongs and high heels to the bar! Her favorite thing was for us to go to the sleazy dive bars so that I could sit with her friends from her office, and then casually watch her, dressed in her tempting outfits, flirt with the roughnecks at the bar.

Afterward we would always return to my place, where she would practically kill me from too much physical exertion! There was not a thing that she would not try, and know that had our time together been longer at least on threesome was definitely possible. I wrote her this story near the end of our brief six-week affair, after she told me that she wanted us to take a trip to New Orleans' for Mardi Gras. However, it wasn't too much later that a good friend of mine called me to warn me that it might be best to end the relationship immediately since he had just heard from her husband that a private investigator was looking into her "affairs!" Needless to say, I ran pretty damn quickly from Barb, but at least it was fun, and inspiring!

By the way, I met Barb at the gym, where her and I were on separate treadmills when we struck up a conversation about county politics. I was on the treadmill first when she walked up in a very hot purple spandex outfit and hopped on the machine next to mine. At this time I was still very much single and looking to get laid, but never have I met a woman so forward and direct. Her boldness was a bit intimidating and it was clear from the beginning that she was only interested in me for the sex.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

So here it is, my ode to Barbara and her kinky ways...

My Dearest Babs,

Last night I had a vision of us walking through the old French Quarter of New Orleans, both of us are tanned from a couple of weeks in the sun, I am dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, deck shoes no socks and you have a white light cotton barely see-through dress with absolutely nothing on underneath. Your nipples and pubic mound are barely discernable underneath, as we stroll hand in hand at dusk a dark, murky, rain-heavy cloudy sky above. The heat is intense and the humidity has left a light sheen of sweat on our bodies, making your outfit cling to your voluptuous, sexy body the material even more see through due to the moisture.

The heavy heat has made us horny as we stroll and our hands, lightly touching, seem to transfer the sexual energy between us. We observe that we are in an area where there seem to be quite a few ladies 'plying their wares' and the spectacle of cars pulling up and negotiating their tricks seems to intrigue and excite you. I look at your face and see the shining anticipation of adventure so I instruct you to stay on the sidewalk as I retreat a distance.

Shortly a black Porsche convertible pulls up to the curb and a handsome and muscular man lowers his window and leans toward you. He asks if you are available and at what price, you glance sideways at me and say "$2000 Dollars ", he blinks then takes a look at your stunning body and nods, opening the door. " No!, you say, pull your car into that alley over there!". He does so and you follow him. You order him to lower the top and move to the passenger seat as you then open the door and straddle him. You can see me observing you both from a distance and a subtle smile crosses your face as you want me to know that you are doing this for me as much as you.

You now captivate the tanned skinned man as your breasts hover in front of his face. You can feel that dizzy sexual craze building in your body as you lower your body over him and feel his pulsing cock brushing your now soaking pussy through the material of your clothing. You begin to feel frantic as your cunt starts to ache for a pounding hard cock to pump it hard.

The man is powerless with the excitement of the situation and you take control, you rip down his zipper and pull up your skirt, and then search for his huge tool as you guide it free with your hand. You gasp at the sight of the massive, dark purple glistening head and you could scream with need. You grip his rock-hard cock at the base of his immense shaft and still straddling him you drive yourself down hard onto him, impaling yourself on his tool, guiding him with your hand. You then grab his shoulders with your hands and force him deeper and deeper inside you as he swells and stretches your cunt until you feel you will burst.

He has started to groan loudly ever since he entered you and you know that he is full of hot scalding cum just ready to explode inside you, but even though he is paying you, he doesn't know it but he is there to please YOU!! You pump up and down harder and harder, driving and thrusting him into you as if you want him to split you open. Finally his huge hands begin to move and he starts grabbing and kneading your asscheeks thrusting up into you now with his hips as you both continue to buck closer to cumming. His groans get throatier and deeper, his thrusts more urgent as you can tell he is getting closer. You can sense he is not far when he takes one thick finger and coating it with your dripping cunt juice he forces hard into your asshole making you clamp your pussy around his cock like a vice.

He starts to thrust wildly and you can feel his cock swelling further as he prepares to spurt his steaming cum into the depths of your hot pussy. His thick finger reaming your asshole builds your senses to exploding point as you too begin to cum throwing your head back and catching me staring at you. Both of you thrash wildly as wave after wave of silky pleasure flows through you and you feel him pumping huge amounts of scalding cum into you. Finally you slow and rest, both panting from the spent sexual energy, the hot humid heat and exhaustion.

You rise from him and dress. He does likewise and begins to reach for his pocket, you stay him with your hand on his and looking him in the eye you say "No, you've served your purpose, good-bye!" Bewildered, but spent, he speeds away.

I approach you in the alley and you can see that this episode has built a raging lust in me and that the urge to fuck you is barely controllable. Just then the first huge drops of warm rain begin to fall, dappling your body and soon there is a torrent falling upon us and the sight of your now totally visible body cloaked in your clinging white dress is too much for me. I rush toward you and push you against the sidewall of the alley. You moan as you anticipate the desperate fucking you are now about to receive, while I hurriedly free my swollen and stiff cock as I reach for you. " My ass, PLEASE", you groan as you turn to face the wall and spread-eagle yourself against it in a frisk position.

The rain is pouring down on us like a deluge as I pull up your skirt and part your asscheeks to gaze at your twitching inviting asshole. I then slowly and gently place the tip of my cock against it and the brushing light sensation of my cock against the ridges of your hole sends shivers of sexual thrill through you. I grab a handful of your hair as I savagely ram my cock to the hilt into your ass. You know now that I need you beyond desperation and control and that my lust for you is like a volcano within me. You submit and succumb to me totally allowing me to force myself deeper and deeper into your tight asshole, the pleasure and pain flowing through you heightened by the unrelentingly hard grip of my fingers digging into your hips and thighs with animal desire.

I fuck you harder and harder, my hips pumping and bashing against your asscheeks as my shaft slides in and out of your hole. I push you forward slightly and the tips of your nipples start to brush against rough wall as you slide backwards and forwards. This sensation builds you to cumming once more even more intensely than before, the intimate lust between us driving it higher and higher. You feel your insides explode and burst with warm liquid pleasure and you clamp your sphincter around my shaft until you feel me shoot my cum deep into your ass, your asshole milking it out of me, my knees trembling with the force of my orgasm, while the warm rain continues to run in rivulets over our wet bodies, as wisps of steam float up from us.

Slowly and intimately we dress each other, letting our fingers caress and linger over each others body and finally, hand in hand, we return to the street and head towards our favorite bar to drink a few tequila's and languor in post-ecstasy as we contemplate the evening ahead and the sexual torture and pleasure we have in store for each other.



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