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One Night


I am driving to a house party that is located on the other side of a very bad area of town and as I get through the worst part of the area, my car begins to make an awful sound. The weather changes to rain and me without an umbrella or a raincoat, I am wearing a white shirt, no bra, and very tight black jeans. My car dies just outside of town and I have to walk the rest of the way to the house party. By the time I get there I am soaked and my tits can be clearly seen through my shirt. My host is a very strong guy, both mentally and physically. He is not happy that I am late and wet, as I stand dripping on his Italian rug in the front parlor. He tells me that I will have to get out of my wet clothes, I look at him expecting to be escorted to a bedroom, but he just stares right back at me. He demands me to strip right where I am standing because he does not want me to drip all over his house. There are people starting to enter the parlor to see what is going on. I become a bit uncomfortable as I begin to strip in front of about 20 couples. Once my clothes are off and I am standing completely naked in front of all of these people, my host instructs me to kneel in front of him, I hesitate for a moment before doing as I am told. Then he walks over and places a collar with a long leather leash around my neck. He then tells the maid to take care of my clothes.

He tells me that because I have been hesitant in doing his bidding I am to be punished. My heart pounds with anticipation and fear of what is in store for me. He has me crawl to an elevator that goes both up and down in his home. We enter with about two women and two men, as we descend to the basement, he instructs one of the women to put a blindfold on me and at the same time he instructs one of the men to drop his pants and place his rock hard cock in my mouth. Once it is in, I am instructed to blow him, I begin to suck on the cock in my mouth, but I was not going fast enough for my host, so he placed his hand on the back of my head and began to force my head to move back and forth on the hard cock. As the cock is forced further down my throat, I begin to gag, but I am told that if I do throw up that it will be worse for me, so I hold back my gaging sounds. Once we hit bottom and the man has spewed his hot liquid down my throat, he is instructed to pull out of my mouth.

Then I am told to crawl forward, under my hands and knees the floor feels like hot and sticky mud, this makes it hard for me to crawl, but I try to keep up, as my host begins to pull impatiently on my leash. I finally feel a soft carpet under my hands, but before my knees get on the carpet, I bump into a person’s legs. My host tells me that because I was so dirty now, his servant will take me to the cleaning room, and I could walk there now. I am led to a room that smells clean and I can hear a lot of people chatting quietly to each other. The first thing that is done to me is I am placed in a shower and the water is turned on very hot, then I am pulled out of the shower and placed on a very cold table, my hands are tied above my head, my legs are spread apart, and my ankles are tied as well. Then I feel a part of the table move slightly under my ass and a tube is worked into my ass, then a warm liquid is pushed up into my ass through the tube. Once the liquid can no longer go anywhere and I am full of it, it stops. Then I feel my pussy lips being pulled apart and something that feels like sandpaper is being rubbed up and down both sides of them, but I can smell the strong sent of rubbing alcohol and it burns somewhat. Then I feel another tube being placed into my pussy and it is filled up with a very warm solution until it stops as well.

I can feel hands rubbing up and down my body and all over. The hands that are on my nipples, begin to rub, pull, squeeze and pinch them, making them hard and pointy. Then I feel suction in my ass as the fluid there is sucked out of my ass with whatever might have been there. Then I feel suction in my pussy as it is sucked dry as well. Then I am flipped over and the hole in the table is closed. There is a pressure on my feet that makes me push my ass up in the air, once up it is filled with a substance that burns and then my asshole is plugged with a rather large ass plug that is on a very low pulsating vibe. Then I am untied and instructed to stand and walk carefully as to not allow the butt plug to fall out, back to the large carpeted room. As I am walking back I begin to whimper from the pain in my ass and the fact that I am even more horny now than when I received the call to cum up to the house-party.

Once in the carpeted room I am led to a chair in the middle and told to sit down on it. As I sit down a large dildo is inserted into my pussy creating great discomfort to my ass, but I cannot move because my legs are secured to the chair legs. My hands are tied behind my back, and then I hear my host as he begins to tell his other guests what kind of slave he has always had in me and how disappointed he is in my performance so far this evening. He then walks over and whispers to me asking if I was ready to cum yet or not, I answer that I was very much ready if he so wanted me to. He whispered that it wasn’t time yet. I ended up servicing every guy in the room with my mouth, and every time I got a bit closer to release they would back off and squirt the cum all over my titties. Then the women in the room would be told to lick all of the cum off of my body and they would, causing me more discomfort and horneness within me.

Then my host would have everyone leave the room, he would have me untied, stand in front of him, and he would also have me unplugged and drained before I could be laid upon the big bed. With my host leading me to the bed still blindfolded, he spoke softly and told me that I had done very well during the servicing time. He then placed my arms above my head and tied them loosely to the headboard and then did the same to my ankles. He slowly lowered his head between my legs and began to suck on my clit, this almost put me over the edge, but once again he stopped and I whined for more. He rolled me over and spanked my ass a few times for whining at him. Then he turned me over again, untied my legs and tied them to a bar that was hanging down from the ceiling. He then began to pump in and out of my pussy bringing me to the brink and then stopping yet again. Then he placed a condom on his rock hard thick cock and slowly entered into my ass, he begins a slow pounding that grows and grows until we both explode. Then we sleep for a while before it begins again.

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