tagInterracial LoveOne Night Karma

One Night Karma


She was perfection.

Davis couldn't keep his eyes off of the ebony beauty who had graced his party. From what information had been relayed, her name was Ripley. She stood at your average height, her hair in braids that had been tied back into a taut bun. She wore a burgundy dress with two black leather strip like designs down the sides, tracing her hips. She didn't wear heels which was a slight disappointment, but she settled for black flats. Her discomfort of the extended standing was evident the way she shifted weight over each foot, even standing the on the sides of her feet at one point.

She smiled something brilliant and he took hold of the edge of his desk when he heard her laugh, startled by the perfection. What astounded him was that she didn't seem to have any make up on. It was only the naturally long lashes and full lips that was driving him inside.

Who she was, the relevance of her presence anyway, was lost to him. He swept a hand over his blonde hair, looking up at the ceiling, trying to think. He worked for the city of Dertain, city director. Yet...he couldn't pin it.

There was a moment in time where this Ripley stood alone, occupying her hands by checking her phone for God knew what. Yet all Davis saw was an opportunity. Setting his drink aside, he assured his appearance wouldn't leave him looking like an idiot and slowly sauntered towards her as she took a drink, sitting at a small table, nursing what could have very well been an empty glass.

He sat in front of her, smirking, "I can only hope I'm not being to forward here with you...Ms...?"

She looked up at him with a look of humor, biting her lip, "Ripley. I just prefer Ripley."

"I like the name. I'm going to assume you've already gotten the Alien references and jokes?"

"I honestly can't count how many times I have."

They laughed and there at one moment was a vision of lust in each other's eyes. How mutual it was. Out startled Davis, made him want to back up and rethink his strategy. She looked away, clearing her throat. She made him weak clenching her legs together, hands over her thighs.

"I haven't seen you around before."

"I'm around."

"Do you work at city hall?"

"No but... I'm around..." She preserved.

"Can I know where?"

She leaned back, shifting her legs so that one overlapped the other, "I'm usually wearing all gray and blue with a face of soot. I think I fixed your car once." He blinked and memory gripped his mind. He had thought that had been a man. He blinked, "You... you're a mechanic?"

"I think so. I mean... that's what they ask of me when I go to work every day." She teased.

He rested a hand over her forearm, "So it is..."

She seemed shocked by his boldness, her eyes looking at his hand, then back at him. She bit her lip, "You seem like a strong guy. You like to have your hands everywhere don't you, big boy?" She pulled the hem of her dress up, her thigh exposed.

"Every -fucking- where."

= = 1 HOUR LATER ==

The lights of the office were completely out now, the office silent save for the two fucking.

Ripley gasped as Davis shoved her onto a desk, the contents of the desk flying either way as he great grasped her ass, his teeth rubbing the skin as she ran her hands over his shoulders, moaning. A hand of his ran up her thigh, his fingers hooking over the panties that she wore.

"You were ready for me, huh baby girl?" He said in aggression.

"Fuck..." she moaned in almost a whimper.

He looked at her briefly in the dress that had captured him before unzipping it, pulling it over her head to find that she was wearing no bra. She had most definitely been ready.

He ran a hand over her dark complexion and couldn't help but think of a black cherry, simmering it down a few shades before he was graced with her. His fingers moved up her thighs, his eyes locked on hers as he reached her lower lips, his fingers giving a tender brush. She bit her lip as a single large finger glided inside her. She gasped, her eyes shut tight as she threw her head back, another finger entering her with a feverish speed. In a single snatch, her panties were loose and hanging out of her mouth as he thrust them in, pulling her more into his fingers as she panted, her full lips pursed over the cloth. She thrust faster, her climax a visible spectacle by the facial expressions from her.

She gasped with laboured breathes as he stopped and lowered his pants with an uncomfortable ease, "Fucking shit, Ripley." He grasped her thighs, her full ass only on the edge of the desk as he slowly worked into her with his member, thrusting as his testes slapped against her skin, the speed shooting pleasure through both. He felt her walls around his member, groaning at the tightness that he had been longing for from a woman these recent months. She gasped uncontrollably, her breathes laboured as she quite literally threw herself onto him, tightly curling her legs around him, his breathes hot against her neck as she quivered.

He thrust harder, feeling himself getting harder as be pulled her in, her hardened nipples brushing against his bare chest. This soon became purposely teasing as she visibly shuttered every time they made a connection with his chest.

In all this rush of sweat and pleasure, it only seemed natural for karma to repay Davis for not mentioning his wife by having her walk in.

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