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One Night Of Passion


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"I don't usually do this sort of thing you know. Meeting someone for the first time and going to a hotel. There's just something about you that says I can trust you. Something that says this is right in everyway."

I say this to you as you turn the key in the lock and push the door open. You gaze at me with your hypnotic brown eyes, reverberating my trust without saying a word. We had only met 6 hours ago at a party for a friend. We hit it off right away and spent the whole time sitting in an isolated corner talking and getting to know each other. You intrigued me from the moment I saw you walk in. The way you carried yourself, so friendly and outgoing, and yet I could tell that deep down you were just as shy as I am. I guess being shy myself I could sense the real you, could see that you had to really work at being so friendly. I knew right away I wanted to meet you.

Of course me being shy I could never walk up to you and introduce myself, could never be so bold as to speak to you first. And yet here we are...standing on the threshold of a quaint hotel room. Nothing fancy, just a place to be alone, a place to unleash the mutual lust we've discovered while talking.

Surprisingly I'm not nervous, all I can think of is the reason we're here and how badly I want to be here with you. I notice your hands shaking as you close the door and lay the key on the table. I walk slowly to you taking your trembling hands in mine. Bringing them to my lips I gently kiss the tip of each finger. I feel you start to relax a little, start to relent to the attraction between us.

A small groan escapes your lips as I suck your index finger into my hot mouth. Our eyes are locked as I swirl my tongue around your finger, teasing you. You groan louder, sliding your finger out of my mouth and down my chin. Lifting my head, bringing me face to face with you. For a moment we stand just looking into each other's eyes. You lean into me and kiss me for the first time, deeply. Your lips are soft and sweet, your tongue probes my mouth, gliding across my teeth. I moan softly, my head swims with lust. I'm intoxicated by your kiss.

Your hand comes up to cup my cheek as our kiss deepens. Your skin is hot, slightly calloused from a life of hard work. Your touch sends a shiver through me, you pull away asking me if I am sure about being here. I nod, assuring you that I want this and wrap my arms around your neck. I pull you to me kissing you passionately. Bringing my hands up I run them through your satin hair.

We stand in the middle of the room kissing for what seems an eternity, neither of us wanting to make the first move taking it to another level. Finally you get up the nerve to touch me sexually, your tongue probes deeper as you softly caress my breasts. Again I shiver, my knees buckle slightly, I want so badly for you to touch me. Touch me on every part of my body, explore me, mark me, and claim me for your own if only for this one night.

My mind takes control of my body and I run my hands down your chest, down your stomach. Finding the hem of your shirt I pull it up over your head and drop it to the floor. My eyes fall to your chest taking in your manly features, feeling the goose bumps starting to grow under my touch. I can't help myself, I lean forward and kiss your chest just above your nipple. Brushing the hard nub with the palm of my hand you moan low and deep in your throat.

Seeing the effects my touch is having on you arouses me further, making me want to bring you as much pleasure as I can. Making me want to give you whatever you ask for, anything and everything to please you on this one and only night we have together.

You have a hand on the back of my head, kneading my hair, running your fingers through my soft curls. You take my hand from your chest and pull me up to your kiss. Your hands roam more freely over my body now, apprehensions are lost. You move your hands gently down my back, up to my neck. Your fingertips graze the sensitive skin as they make their way to my rounded breasts. Tilting my head back I moan and push my breasts into your large hands. While caressing you start to kiss and lick my neck, from my ears down to my collarbone. I press myself against you, feeling your body heat through my clothes. The smell of your cologne fills my nostrils adding to my arousal.

You start to open the buttons on my blouse, one by one, slowly exposing the mounds of flesh above my bra. With my top open you lightly drag your fingertips along the edge of my bra. My already erect nipples become visibly harder through the thin material. You then remove my open blouse, pushing it off of my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a heap at my feet. Dropping to your knees you kiss and lick my breasts through my bra, leaving a wet trail down to my stomach. You tease my navel with your tongue as you release the button on my jeans. The hiss of the zipper echoes in the room as you slowly pull it down. Your tongue moves from my navel down to the edge of my panties, licking back and forth along the band of lace. I work my fingers in your hair a bit more feverishly, pulling gently as you explore my body, moaning as you get nearer to my sex.

Slowly you pull my jeans over my hips, I wiggle a little helping them slide over my ass. You pull them to my knees, down to my feet, I remove my shoes and you slide them off completely.

Now standing before you wearing only bra and panties you sit back on your heels. Your eyes move over me, warming me with the fire burning in your loins. I move closer to you and you bring your hands around to my ass, caressing, kneading the tender flesh. Nuzzling your nose into my panties you inhale deeply my wet, throbbing sex. You groan and bury your face deeper making me wetter, making me want you more.
Slowly you slip my panties off while keeping your face pressed against me. Your warm tongue glides across my bare, moist lips. I sway backward losing my balance for a minute, this feels so good and so right. Your hands move up to the clasp on my bra, releasing it effortlessly as you continue to taste my sweetness. You pull back looking at my now freed breasts, rising to your knees you cup them in your hands. Making small circles around my hard, pert nipples with your tongue I moan loudly. You suck one nipple between your lips, flicking at it with the tip of your tongue. You nibble lightly on the sensitive bud while rolling the other between your fingers. I watch as you worship my breasts with your mouth, my juices flowing freely from your touch.

Standing before you completely nude I pull you to your feet, kissing you I taste my wetness on your lips. You slip a finger into my hot, wet tunnel and bring it to our lips, mmmm I sigh as our tongues dance together mixing the taste of you and me in our mouths.

Reaching down I brush against your sex, your hardness lurches as I place my palm against it, rubbing lightly through your jeans. Your hips push forward thrusting your cock into my hand, I rub a little harder, squeezing you gently. You tell me how much you want me, how badly you want to make love to me here and now.

We move slowly to the bed never breaking our kiss, holding each other as we move across the room. You ask me one last time if I'm sure about being here, about making love to you, telling me if you go any farther you won't be able to stop. I reply with a kiss and say" yes, never more sure of anything". You tell me to lie on the bed face down as you remove what's left of your clothes. I do, eagerly awaiting your touch.

I feel the bed move as you straddle me from behind. You take my arms from my sides and gently slide them above my head, running your hands down them from my wrist to my shoulders. Your hands feel so good against my skin, hot and gentle as you make your way down my back to my ass. Your fingers glide between my cheeks but you don't stop there, you keep going down to my thighs, the back of them and between. Lower to the back of my knees, my calves and the soles of my feet. I lie motionless as you roam my body moaning now and again as you touch just the right spots. My breath comes in pants as you explore my body, committing all my curves to memory. Starting at the back of my neck you run your tongue down my back stopping at the crack of my ass. Gently you pull my cheeks apart and continue with your tongue, pausing just briefly to lick my tight flower. I squirm under you as you tongue my ass, moaning loud, enjoying your intrusion. But then you move on, leaving a wet trail down the back of one thigh then the other, to the back of my knees. I groan as you lick the sensitive skin, causing my juices to run onto the bed under me. You move down to my calves, the soles of my feet and slowly back up to my neck.

Pressing your body against me as you nibble my earlobes I feel your throbbing sex on my thigh. You moan when I raise my hips off the bed and your hard cock slides between my legs. The head brushes my moist lips causing us both to groan.

With me still on my stomach you part my legs with your knees and sit up between them. You slide down onto your stomach and lick the sticky juices from my hairless pussy lips. I roll over onto my back, your face disappears between my legs as I open them wide, you lap up the cum oozing from my slick pussy. As you intensify your stokes I buck wildly against your tongue getting closer and closer to another climax. My hips rise and fall on the bed under you, my body quivers with an intense orgasm as you lick my clit and masterfully tongue fuck my tight tunnel. I breathlessly call your name as wave after wave of pleasure courses through me, I gasp for air as I ride out the final wave. I run my fingers through your hair as my body starts to relax, moaning and saying your name over and over.

But I am the one supposed to be pleasing you, giving you whatever you want. I sit up and tell you to roll over. Your legs hang over the bed, I sit on the floor between them and take your hard cock in my hand. I start to stroke you as we gaze longingly into each other's eyes. I ask you what you want, what it is that you want me to do. You let a low, deep grunt escape your lips as you tell me you want me to suck your cock. Mmmmm "suck this cock" I say as I hold it in my hot hand. You nod your head to affirm your answer, "mmmm... anything you want" I say as I lick just the head. I tease you by licking just the tip of your engorged cock before I start to take you inch by inch into my mouth.

I love teasing a man, love to feel him squirm under me, hear him beg me to do things to him. I won't make you beg me though... I want our one night together to be perfect. You start to slowly pump your hardness into my mouth, our eyes stay locked on each other's as you fuck my hot, wet mouth. Nearing climax you reach down and pull me up to you, sliding my body across yours as I come up to kiss you. Cupping my breasts in your hands, fondling my erect nipples. I lay on top of you, slowly rubbing my wet pussy up and down your leg as we kiss lustfully. Your hands caress my back, my round ass and play with my hair. Wrapping your arms around me you roll me over so that I am under you. I wrap my legs around your waist and pull you closer to me. Your pulsating cock touches my swollen lips, jumping with anticipation. So slowly and gently you start to enter me, both of us moaning as you sink in the full length. We look into each other's eyes as we start to move rhythmically, my hips rising as you pull back. I watch your face as we make love for the first time, seeing the pleasure you are feeling in your expressions. Slowly you stroke in and out of my sopping pussy, sinking deep every time you push into me.

My legs are still wrapped around your waist, I pull you deeper yet as you thrust. I kiss you feverishly, licking and sucking your lips, feasting on your mouth. Your thrusting quickens, faster and faster you pump into me. I squeeze my legs tighter as I cum on your cock, drag my fingernails down your back, down your ass. The contracting muscles of my slick tunnel milk you, bringing you to the edge. I feel your hard cock jumping as your orgasm releases inside of me, filling me with your warm, thick seed. As your orgasm subsides you kiss my lips tenderly and move to my ear, kissing my lobe you whisper softly something I never expected to hear. Something I secretly wanted to hear, wanted to say to you but was afraid. I hold you close to me kissing your shoulder as I say that I love you too. My voice shakes as I say the words, unsure if I should say them so soon.

You kiss me tenderly, looking into my eyes you say again in a husky voice that you love me. We lay side by side in each others arms, this night isn't over...it has only just begun.

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Lazy No-Good!

It is a very lazy style to write 2nd person singular. No need to explain or detail thoughts and feelings - just "observe" actions. Makes it all very one-sided and boring as hell. It's a stupid, infantilemore...

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