One Night, Two Parties


"Position one, slut," he grinned, his back to the door.

Jen smiled as she complied, and he took off her glasses and placed them on the dresser before pulling her close and kissing her. This time his feet were further apart, forcing her to spread her legs. She held on as his hands started to roam her body, squeezing her butt, cupping a breast, stroking her back. He finally broke their kiss and his sinful eyes settled into hers. She returned his gaze with a quick peck. Jason's hands drifted up her back to her neck, where he slowly and deliberately opened the clasp that was holding her dress on.

"Aren't you going to close the door?" she reminded him as she felt the tension in the dress relax.


The dress was completely open in the back, so when he released it the front fell away and settled on her hips, exposing her breasts. Jen instinctively released his shoulders and balled up, covering herself with her arms. Her body was shielded from the door by him, but there was a guy standing just feet away.

"Oh my God, Jason, please close the door!" she begged.

His head turned slowly to look menacingly at his shoulder before turning back to her.

"Position one, slut," he growled.

Jen whimpered, her eyes in his, searching for some shred of decency, but found none. She reluctantly reached out to hold his shoulders, first with one hand and then, hesitatingly, with the other. She was so embarrassed, she couldn't even bear to look at him.

"Look at me, slut," he growled, and she turned to him.

He slowly raised his hand and cupped her breast, causing her to twitch. Jen heard someone go into the bathroom right outside their room. Jason, however, seemed unconcerned. With more skin exposed, his hands became more insistent, fondling her bare breasts and tweaking her nipples, stroking her sides. Jen shook as she stood before him, completely helpless. He kissed her and slipped his hand under her skirt. His fingers found their destination, and Jen strained to raise herself even higher on her toes as he started to finger fuck her. Finally he pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"Please close the door," she whispered.

Instead, Jason pushed her onto the bed and fell beside her. With her head on the pillow, her view of the door was blocked by the dresser. He lay on his side next to her, between her and the door, his head up on his hand as his right hand meandered around her body. He flipped her skirt up, leaving her with only a thin scrap of material on her body.

"You're on the sheets now," he grinned.

"Please close the door," she begged again.

Jason lay softly beside her, eyes only inches away as he gently pushed a few strands of her hair out of her face. His fingertips traced their way down her sternum and to her thighs.

"Spread your legs, slut," he ordered softly.

"Please, Jason, no," she pleaded even as she complied.

"Quiet, slut," he breathed as he hooked her bare right leg and hung it over his legs.

Jen tried to be quiet, tried to convince herself that a passerby in the hallway wouldn't see anything, that his body was blocking most of the view. All they would see would be her naked leg draped over his hand roamed her body. She whimpered as he stroked her, smiling gently. And then, she hear it.

"Holy shit," said a male voice from hallway.

Jen quivered, looking to Jason for help. His eyes were fixed in hers, a soft smile on his face.

"Jason, please close the door," she whispered.

"Slut," he said harshly, "One more word out of you and I am going to bend you over my knee and spank you. Be quiet."

She frowned as she stared at his peaceful face as he looked down on her body. His skilled hands were starting to push all of her buttons. The animalistic side of her mind struggled for its release while her ears strained to hear if anyone was watching. He casually brought his fingers to her mouth, allowing her to suck them before slowly lowering them to her snatch. Jen convulsed as he started to stroke her. His eyes drifted to hers as another male voice came from the hallway.


"What are you guys doing? Oh, gross!" a female voice said.

"You're so beautiful," Jason smiled as he touched her.

Jen's confused eyes snapped to his. He leaned in for a kiss as his fingers manipulated her. More voices came from the hallway.

"Guys, leave them alone!"

"No way."

Jen furiously fought the rising orgasm her body craved, but Jason was too skilled. She finally gave in, but he cruelly stopped just before she came. He broke their kiss and smiled down at her as he sucked her juices off his fingers. Jen grabbed his shirt collar and pleaded with her eyes for him to finish.

"Who's the girl?"

"She's the one that was in the blue dress."

"I could stare into your eyes for hours," he whispered. "Your eyes...are the color of amber, touched with hints of fine whiskey, and infused with dreams."

His hands started on her breasts again, teasing her beyond comprehension. Although she could not see the door, it sounded like a little crowd had formed, boys and girls.

"Is she passed out?"

"No, she's kissing him."

Interspersed with the comments, he was whispering sweet nothings to her, his hand drifting to her pussy again. She quivered as she held on to him, trying to at least keep quite.

"What a whore."

The scene was beyond jarring, if the door had been closed it would be the perfect love making session with his gentle words and soft touches.

"Nice shoes."

Instead, he was forcing her to participate in a humiliating display in front of a bunch of strangers.

"Mark, this is disgusting. Come on."

His hands were relentless, though, and slowly the voice of reason in her head was losing out. This time when he stopped she could take it no more.

"Fuck me," she groaned as her body shook with need, taken to the edge and abandoned once again.

"I need a picture of this."

"Not until you ask properly."

"Look at the way her leg shakes!"

"Please fuck me."

"You taking notes? That is how you please a girl."


Jen paused for a moment as her lust addled brain tried to decide what to do. Finally, she discarded the last vestiges of her dignity. "Please fuck me," she panted loudly.

"Now here's the freak we were waiting for," he grinned.

His hand returned to her pussy and hooked her with two fingers. He started to finger fuck her, staring into her eyes. Jen found that she could no longer control her voice and started moaning as he worked her. He encouraged her constantly, forcing her to say nasty things. This time when he stopped she reached down and fought with his hand to try and get him to finish. Jason gave her a wicked grin as he held her off, smiling as she begged him to fuck her. She finally gave up, and Jason kissed her roughly.

"Show's over," he said to the crowd as he turned, hooking the door closed with his foot.

He stood and started undressing. Jen lunged out to help him, finding him hard and ready. She sucked him into her mouth but he quickly pushed her off. He threw her back on the bed and gathered her legs in his arms. Moments later she groaned as he impaled her on his massive cock in one powerful thrust. Her mind reeled from being filled to her limits. He started to fuck her, the rickety bedstand thumping rhythmically against the wall. Catcalls came from hallway beyond the closed door, and in moment the orgasm that had been building in her body boiled to the surface as Jen came hard.

Jason fucked her through her first wave before flipping her over to do her doggy style. He entered her again, pulling her hair back. He started smacking her ass as he fucked her, causing her to cry out even more. Jen felt like she couldn't stop cumming as he railed her, her mind on fire. Finally he turned her back over and mounted her, his mouth finding hers. She wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him in deeper, sensing he was close. She felt him stiffen even more and encouraged him as he slammed into her.

"Oh, God, Jennifer!" he roared as he came long and hard.

Exhausted, their sweaty bodies lay entwined for a few minutes as they caught their breaths. Jen's hand absently stroked his hair as she held him, her empty mind dazed as aftershocks rocked her. Finally, he reached out blindly and swatted off the light. She was out in an instant.

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