tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOne Night With Peter or Trevor?

One Night With Peter or Trevor?


I'd be on one of my London breaks and I'd just of come from a tour round the Houses of Parliament. It would be around lunch time & I'd be on my way to a small café around the corner. I wouldn't really be watching where I was going and would bump into TE going the other way. He was so strong & we would be walking with such a pace that he would almost knock me off my feet. He'd apologise & ask if I was ok. I would say I was fine without really looking up & just as I was about to walk off I would recognise his voice and look up. We would pass the time of day & I would mention that I was just talking about him. As we passed the time of day & talked about things, somebody would push me into his arms & chest. As he caught and steadied me I would look up into his big beautiful brown eyes & there would be the sparks of passion and lust that neither of us could deny nor mistake. Although the moment only lasted a few seconds, both of us could sense what was there between us, and the huge smile I received from him said as much.

As I went to say my thanks and goodbyes, he asked me if I'd like to join him for lunch, which I of course accepted. We would then spend the next 3 or so hours talking and getting to know each other. I couldn't believe how well we got on, or how down to earth he was! We seemed to feel so comfortable with each other. I loved the fact that he was so down to earth, nice kind & a polite gentleman. He loved the fact that I wasn't like other "fans" and didn't just want to talk "shop." He liked the fact I wasn't like others who were taken more by who he was rather than what he was like etc. Although he was a well known actor sometimes he just wanted to talk people as a normal human being! And I did that with him, he loved that I treated him as such. Before I knew it, it would nearly be evening time and I would start to say my goodbyes and would get up to leave. He would ask me if I would care to join him firstly "on set" and then later for dinner. Again, how could I say no?!? We spent the next 3 hours on the WTD set, where I saw behind the scenes and met the other cast members.

I had a great time & knew I didn't want things to end. TE took me on to a beautiful little Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. We would be getting on so well together that I felt I could get away with a little flirting. To my pleasure & surprise, he returned the feelings and we would over the next few hours continue this "flirting competition." We got on so well that I was very tempted to kiss him, but knew that I may not get away with it. I did know that I didn't want this evening to end, and as he walked me home, like the gentleman he is, I walked very slowly! The flirting continued right up until we got to the hotel, being the gent his is, he would walk me to my room and this is where I choose to be bold. I invited him in for a drink! It was not just a bold move to make but also a risky one for me. I had made the first move a few times previously and they had never turned out right or the way I had planned. But this time was different! He jumped at the chance!!

Inside the flirting continued, but only more "full on" this time, with both of us becoming very tactile with each other. The chatting, flirting & laughing would continue & I would put some music on to relax and chill out to. We danced along with most of the songs and I could feel the passion & attraction growing, I think we both knew & could feel it. I also knew I wanted things to go further, but wasn't sure if I should or could say anything. I was afraid to make the first move, but as a slow "smoochy" song came on and things slowed down I knew there were feelings there for me. Our hands moved all over each other, the eye contact was constant & passionate, the feeling we had we strong & obvious. I could tell TE was turned on, all the signs were there and as he pulled me closer the passion was almost becoming too much for me. I first "snuggled" then gently kissed his neck, it was at that moment I knew this evening wasn't about to end.

TE put a finger under my chin and gently lifted my chin so my face was level with his, our eyes held the longest, most passionate gaze I have ever had. And then it happened he kissed me. Very passionately and very gently, neither of us wanted this feeling to end and we both seemed to know where we want things to end up. As the passion grew I started to feel bold again, so I started to unbutton his shirt & unzip his trousers. Pretty soon afterwards he was unzipping my jeans & taking of my t-shirt. Soon we were naked bar our underwear, for a moment TE pulled away and asked me if I was sure and if I wanted to continue. I knew he was married and this would more than likely only ever be a one night stand, but I also knew that I would be a fool if I let him walk away! I mean, it isn't every day someone you have fancied for so long makes a move on you! I didn't want things to stop and knew what I wanted. So with a smile I said yes & pulled him closer to me, where we entered into another passionate embrace and "snogging" session, while undressing the reminder of our clothing.

We continued kissing and caressing each other for quite a long time, he was so gentle and tender in all that he did. His touches, kisses and caresses were so soft and slow that I knew I was melting into his arms! Up until that moment he hadn't really "touched" me, only over the top of my clothing. He would gently stroke my back and then all over my body with his fingertips, I have always had a thing about this and the more he did it the more it would turn me on. After a little while his arms would move from my back, to my arms, then to my back again, then to my neck and back down to my back again. All the while the passionate deep kissing would continue. TE would gently spin me around so that I was "snuggling" into his arms & chest. While he would be kissing my neck passionately, his hands would be softly & gently caressing my front, his fingers working overtime to create sensations deep within my soul. For a little while though he avoided my breasts.

I had always thought I was not sensitive in that area, but I soon realised when he touched me for the first time that I was wrong! He was so loving and tender that I thought my legs would give way from underneath me, so when he led me by the hand over to the bed I was feeling a little relived. As we lay, cuddled close together on the bed, TE took a long deep look into my eyes. It was as if he was trying to read into my soul, then he smiled his "cheeky" smile, (the one with the pure "sex" look in it!) brought me closer and we began to kiss passionately again. While we kissed, he would gently stroke and caress my legs with his fingertips. He would alternate between stroking & caressing my legs, back & front while caressing my breasts and manipulating my nipples. His tongue & fingers felt amazing but was working me up so much that I desperately wanted & needed things to progress further.

I knew I was on the brink near enough as it was, but when I tried to move things on he would pull back, smile and with a twinkle in his eyes say, "Not yet my love, be patient!" Then he would return to kissing and caressing me. We had been like this for hours and I think I must have (more than once) almost "begged" him to screw me! And again he would tell me to wait, but the last time was almost all too much for me to take, so I took things into my own hands! I pulled away, pushed him back onto the bed and proceeded to go down on him! (He didn't put up much of a fight though!) I knew he was enjoying what I was doing and I must admit to the fact that the feeling was certainly mutual. I would start by licking the tip ever so slowly & gently, then moving on to taking the head of his penis between my lips. Then I would move all over the shaft with my tongue, first licking it then kissing along it's length. I would then move to his balls, licking then sucking each in turn. I would continue this for a good 20 minutes at least.

Although the plan was to slow things down a little, it just never worked out that way, as TE would still be stroking and caressing me to such an extent that I just couldn't stop getting more turned on and more horny! Then for a further hour I would take him in my mouth fully, alternating my moves from deep and slow to shallow & fast. When I finally pulled away TE pulled me so close and kissed me with a certain passion and emotion that it felt as though his life depended on it, I can remember getting so lost in the moment that, although I heard my phone ring I neither cared nor bothered with it for the rest of the evening! The kiss must have lasted for a good 10 minutes and as we pulled away I knew things would be progressing now. TE would start by kissing his way down my body, starting at the cheeks, then moving to the neck, and then the upper chest, my breasts, my stomach and finally the top of my pubic bone. I lay my head back on the pillow as I braced myself for what was about to happen, and his kissed his way firstly down one leg then up the other leg, finally blowing warm then cool air gently onto my vagina and the surrounding area. It was such a shock to me that I inhaled a sharp intake of breath.

I felt him kissing all the surrounding area, but not where I needed & wanted him too most! I placed my hand on his cheek and mouthed "please" at him while shaking my head. Fortunately he got the point and gave me a beaming smile. Seconds later he was gently brushing his thumb over my clit. The feeling and sensation this caused was out of this world, I gasped out loud and reached out for his hand. After taking hold of my hand, I let my head rest on the pillows & my eyes close as TE continued to gently stroke my clit with his thumb, kiss the surrounding area and blow warm and cool air onto my vagina. He would stop short of kissing my vagina and clit, for now! (This would come later!) I knew I was feeling more than a little aroused and was certainly close to "cumming," but I didn't know just what he had in store for me. While I held his head in my hands, I let myself get caught up in the moment of the amazing feelings caused by this sexy, tender, passionate, gentleman.

For the next 10 minutes or so I was in a dreamlike state and totally in heaven, but it was nothing to what happened next! As TE finally touched my clit with his tongue, it was like a bolt of lightening surging through my body. I was now totally wide awake and gripping the bed sheets with one hand and his head with the other, while moaning and gasping. The gasping and moaning became more intense when he gently inserted a finger inside of me. He gently kissed and licked my clit while alternating between inserting his finger inside me and running his thumb across my clit. I would be holding his head in place with my hands in his hair while the moaning, gasping & calling out his name would become more intense. My eyes would be closed and my head back on the pillow while I let myself get lost in these feelings again. These amazing feelings and sensations would continue for the following 30 minutes of so when they stopped for a moment I began to open my eyes.

I can remember TE would insert his finger fully inside my vagina and would lick my clit in such a way that I started feelings things I have never felt before. I would be biting my lip and closing my eyes, not that it seemed to help much! I would keep my hands in his hair while I tried to calm down these new & intense feelings I was having. I tried holding him there till the moment passed but they just kept on coming and getting more and more intense! I had never really felt these types of feelings or emotions before, but I felt all "tingly" and as though I was going to burst or pee. I was scared and wanted to try and stop it, but TE looked up at me, gave me a loving smile and mouthed to me that it was ok and to relax, which I did. With one hand I held his head in place and with the other TE held my free hand. For a few moments we looked into each others eyes, and then I got lost in another moment.

Moments later I felt myself "letting go" and a wave of passion and emotion surd all over me. As the feelings continued, I was moaning and gasping really quite loudly now and with the final few surges of passion, feelings and emotions I called out his name. These new feelings had built up to such a level inside of me that I felt wave after wave of sheer passion and raw emotion, each one although less intensive then before still as passionate. As I began to recover, I brought my head up off the pillow and slowly opened my eyes to TE laying by my side with his arm around me, smiling and looking into my eyes.

"You are the most stunningly, beautiful, sexy, passionate, loving woman I have ever known!" He would say in his soft sexy accent, while gently stroking my cheek with his hand. We would lie there, holding each other in silence, when TE would speak;

"I would like to make love to you baby. May I?" I was so shocked and taken back by somebody asking, that I lay there for a moment in silence.

I think I must have almost "begged" him to make love to me! He smiled a loving smile and kisses me again, deeply and passionately. And again it was as if his life depended on that moment and that kiss. While we were kissing, TE moved into position between my legs, pausing for a moment to make sure I wanted to make love, and then he would gently and slowly enter me. He stopped for a moment as I adjusted to & go used to him, while I wrapped my legs around him we continued until he was deeply and fully inside of me. Very slowly, gently and tenderly we made love while looking into each others eyes, he would asked me many times if I was ok and would constantly tell me how beautiful and sexy I was. We slowly and gently made love like this for the next 2 hours, and I was starting to think I would be there all night when he started to pick up a little speed.

I guessed he must be pretty close, but I wasn't prepared for what I felt next. Out of nowhere I started to get "those" feelings, and as both of our passion mounted and grew stronger, we knew we were nearing our "climax" and our love making became a little more frantic and fast paced. I knew it wouldn't be much longer before we both came; moments later we had wrapped our arms around each other while gasping and moaning loudly. I came first, and called out his name while dragging/digging my nails in his back. Seconds later he came while calling out my name, I was half expecting to meet his eyes when I opened mine and focused, but they were partly shut and I could tell there were a few tears running down his cheeks! I pulled him closer to me and kissed his neck then cheek, as I closed my eyes I herd him say, (under his breath) "I Love You!"

We stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity but was in reality only a few moments, afterwards we cuddled down into each others arms and drifted off to sleep. The next thing I remember is waking up the next day still in TE's arms! I looked up to face him and him laying there smiling at me. His first words were,

"Good morning beautiful!" His next words were;

"I want to see you again! I think I am in love with you!!" There was a pause and he added, "How can I arrange it so I can spend the rest of my life with you?" It was like a dream and any minute now I would wake up and find myself alone again. But I didn't wake up and it wasn't a dream! It was going to be a long and very interesting day!

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