One Room Apartment


After finishing a bottle of wine I was still horny has hell from this morning. I stared at the long, thick neck of the bottle. It was longer and thicker than my finger. I picked at and removed all the foil from the bottle, leaving a mostly smooth bottle with a couple of rounded ridges near the top. It looked like a green cock complete with a little ridge around the head. In a daze I positioned the bottle between the cushions of the couch so that the neck of the bottle protruded upwards. Facing into the couch I placed one knee on either side of the bottle. Holding the bottle with one hand, I slowly lowered myself, guiding its tip into the mouth of my pussy. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but once the rounded ridges were inside me they provided added stimulation.

Carefully I slid up and down my glass cock and began to gently massage my pussy with one hand and tease my nipples with the other. This was working better than my finger and in my mind I was fucking Marco. I could feel the orgasm building again and it wouldn't be long before I reached my climax.

"Miss me?" Marco's voice broke through my self-induced pleasure and I looked up to see him standing in front of me. I hadn't noticed him come in.

"Oh shit – how long have you been watching?" I asked pulling my glass dildo from the heat of my pussy.

"Not nearly as long as you have spent watching me," came his reply.

"I didn't get the chance to finish earlier today," I shot back in an angry tone, "and now you ruined it again."

I turned to go somewhere, anywhere to shelter myself from this embarrassment, but there was nowhere to go. I moved toward the kitchen, but Marco caught me from behind.

"Leave me alone..." trailing off when he started kissing my neck, each hand carefully massaging one breast from behind. I turned to kiss him, my hands immediately fumbling at his pants. We broke our kiss just long enough for him to rip off his shirt and drop his pants to the floor.

I stroked his hardened cock in my hands pulling it towards me, while his mouth worshiped my breasts. He lifted me and set my ass on the edge of the cool kitchen counter. With a long, slow single thrust his cock parted and drove deep into my wanting pussy. I moaned in pure erotic pleasure.

In and out he slid his shaft, filling me before reaching the base of his cock.

"I've imagined fucking you hard so many times Kenzie," Marco muttered.

"Show me," I replied gazing in his eyes.

Marco stopped thrusting and returned my gaze. He slowly pulled his cock from inside me and lifted me off of the counter letting me to the ground. Then spun me around and bent me over, my hands braced against the counter where I just sat.

His body pressed hard against mine and I could feel his hot, hard wet cock resting on the crack of my ass. Marco grabbed my hanging boobs, roughly kneading them and twisting my erect nipples. He used one hand to guide his cock to my still wet pussy and shoved it inside of me. I moaned a cry of pleasure and pain. The first 2 stroked my pussy stretched to accommodate his length and girth, but his third thrust nearly choked me forcing my pussy to a meal never before attempted.

Marco grabbed both of my hips, using them to slam his cock repeatedly into my pussy.

"Mmmmmm, ooooooo, ahhhhh," I couldn't stop the cries pouring from my lips with each powerful thrust. I arched my back allowing his hammering cock to penetrate further into the pains of my pussy. My boobs felt heavy and achy as they jerked back and forth each time Marco drove inside me. My moans soon turned to whimpers, cries and screams...

"Fuck me harder! yes....Yes......YES.....YEESSS, I'm CUMMING," I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt hot loads of his seamen explode inside me and heard his own grunts and groans. There was no room for this new hot sex and it squirted between the walls of my pussy and his cock, dribbling down the inside of my thighs.

Slowly Marco pulled his cock from my stretched cunt. I turned to watch the pussy stretching monster softening before me. I didn't want this to end, I wanted more.

"It looks like I've got another mess to clean," I promised.

Kneeling before him I wasted no time carefully sucking his sensitive cock. I could taste our lust as my mouth and tongue slowly coaxed life back between his legs.

"Kenzie, ohhh, Kenzie, suck my cock hard again for your pussy," Marco groaned.

His cock slowly hardened in my mouth and once Marco was fully erect I laid him on the floor and mounted him reverse cowgirl giving him a view of my ass which he greedily grasped as I rode him. I fucked him hard, just as he had me, something I knew Anna's small cunt couldn't provide, impaling my pussy repeatedly onto his unyielding rod. My screams were sure to be heard by the neighbors, but I didn't care. I had partaken of the forbidden fruit and I loved it. My second orgasm sent epileptic shudders throughout my body rocking me back and forth, Marco's cock deep inside me. It took a minute for me to recover, but then I coaxed two more smaller orgasms out, the last took both his cock and the rubbing of my trained hand before I felt the warm sensation of his cum inside me for the second time. Then I collapsed Marco's throbbing cock slowly waning inside me the seed of our mixed lust slowly draining from within. I enjoyed the feeling for a few minutes later I showered and then crawled into bed overcome with sleep.


Sunday morning I woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Opening my eyes I surveyed our small apartment. Marco was gone and Anna was watching me from the kitchen.

"You fucked Marco. I knew you would," Anna spoke loudly at me from across the room.

"What? No,.." I objected.

"Don't deny it. You fucked him good too, he was completely spent when I came in last night. I tried to suck him hard and could taste what you too had done," spewed Anna.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean.... It just sort of..." I stammered.

"Don't apologize, it's about time," Anna retorted. "He can hardly take his eyes off those perfect tits and God knows my pussy can't handle that cock of his."

"What???" I mumbled.

" I've been the lucky recipient of his lust fucks while he was thinking about you for a while now." Anna continued. "I told you I'd borrow you his cock sometime."

"You knew?" I stammered in disbelief.

"It was my idea," Anna replied. You needed a good fuck and Marco is just that, I told you we weren't serious. In hindsight maybe it was a bad idea, you recked him last night."

"Trust me," I replied, relieved that she wasn't really angry," the feelings mutual," as I hobbled toward the bathroom. "my pussy took quite the pounding last night."

Anna continued, "well, both our pussies are going to have to go on leave for a while, Marco is traveling this week for work, but when he gets back he's gonna be horny as ever."


The time without Marco was really nice. Just the two of us again, girls night every night. I'd forgotten how much I missed our time alone. That week I shared my lust for Marco and talked about the build-up from teasing him. I even told her about the flirting I'd done behind her back, our masturbation shower together and when I finger-fucked my pussy while she sucked his cock. Wine is a great lip-loosener.

"I know, Marco told me," confided Anna. "I wish I could have watched you too. You've got an incredible body and I couldn't take my eyes off you the times I've seen you climax when you were watching us." Had we not consumed so much wine the conversation may have been a bit awkward.

When the weekend neared I realized that I didn't know how things would go between the three of us. I'd always been the third wheel and Anna and Marco were the couple.

When Marco got back from his trip, the three of us went out for a late dinner. We quickly settled in to our old routines, joking and talking and drinking. The conversation was openly flirty and we even talked about our shared sexual experiences. I thought I could see a bit of jealousy in Anna's face when Marco talked about watching me finger myself, but it was only for a moment.

On a trip to the powder room Anna suggested that we start toying with Marco's hormones.

"How," I asked.

Anna suggested that we remove our panties and find ways to give him little peeks now and then. We were both wearing very short sun dresses made of thin material, but it sounded like fun. Over the next couple hours, Marco got a lot of peeks, but so did several other bar patrons.

Anna and I didn't buy another drink all night. Young studs kept us well watered and we showed our appreciation with an intentional nip slip or sometimes even leaning over giving them a peek at our backsides. Late in the night Anna and I started dancing together putting on a somewhat private show for Marco. She would peel back the top of my dress and let a nipple peek over the top and once I pushed my hand under Anna's dress where I felt the hot wetness coating her pussy.

After our most provocative dance we each sat on his lap and pulled open the fronts of our dresses to give him a preview. Marco's strong arms reached around us and slipped a finger into each of our wet and hungry pussies. That seemed like the appropriate time to continue our activities back in the apartment.

Marco was twisting tongues with Anna outside our apartment as I fumbled for the keys. In my drunken condition they fell to the ground. Bending over I felt Marco's lift my dress and slide a finger inside me from behind. I opened my stance, backed toward him and arched my back. In this position he was able to add a second finger to my snatch. I allowed him to finger-fuck me right there in the hall. Our neighbors weren't often active this late and in my heightened state of arousal I would have let him fuck me in front of a studio audience. After a minute, I heard Anna moaning. Looking around, my jealousy took over when I realized that Anna was getting the attention of his mouth on her breast AND a finger in her twat.

Retrieving the keys from the floor I stood letting Marco's fingers pull from my warmth. I opened the door and pushed into the apartment shedding my dress in the doorway. Marco and Anna followed right behind. Marco grabbed me and spun me towards him kissing me deeply. As we kissed I felt Anna undressing him, gently stroking his hardened cock rubbing its moistened tip across my naked stomach.

Marco pulled away from our kiss and turned to kiss Anna, then back to me. Both of our hands were stroking him, gently pulling at his balls.

And then, Anna's lips were on mine, soft, warm, and smooth, not at all like the face of any man. We kissed very tenderly. Her lips softly hugging mine and mine embracing hers. I felt Anna open her mouth and her tongue tease across my lips and reacted by opening my mouth to receive her, and before I realized it our tongues were dancing in the most erotic kiss of my life. So taken by the tender passion of Anna's mouth I nearly forgot about Marco.

"Now that's beautiful," I heard Marco say as I felt his hand trail down my naked back and rest on the backside of my ass. The tip of Marco's finger began to trace up and down my wet slit, easily parting my pussy. I assumed his other hand was doing the same with Anna.

Anna's hands had wandered to my breasts where she was fondling them with more skill than I could have done myself. Her touch was gentle and knowing, smoothing tracing my curves letting each finger gently bump my straining brown buds. I wondered if Anna's touch alone could bring me to my climax.

My thumb played in the pre-cum oozing from Marco's cock beckoning me to taste its salt, even if it meant pulling away from this amazing kiss. Reluctantly I pulled away from Anna's mouth our lips clinging to each other soft and warm. Looking into Anna's eye's I saw something I'd never seen before, intensely passionate and intimate, for a moment I wondered what it was.

Deliberately I kissed my way down Marco's chest, Anna mimicking my movements. Down on our knees, our mouths met once more in another erotic kiss. Her mouth was so welcoming, warm and wet, like coming home, I was again lost in her and she in me.

Marco placed one hand on each of our heads and shoved his shaft into our faces, prying our lustful lips apart once more. Eyes locked Anna and I licked up and down the length of his cock, twisting it between our playful tongues and lips. We took turns sucking it's fullness into our mouths to the Marco's satisfied groans.

My pussy lusted to swallow his cock so I stood and trotted to Anna's bed, plopping down on all fours, ass high in the air. In that vulnerable position I buried my fingers in my warmth, spreading the wet lips inviting Marco's penetration. Meanwhile, Anna was doing her best to keep him occupied, expertly fucking his cock with her warm sensuous mouth. I envied both her mouth and his cock.

Rolling over to my back I slid down so my ass was at the edge of the bed. Spreading my legs I used my fingers to open my pussy wide, stroking its swollen lips as seductively as I could. Marco decided to accept this invitation and pulled out of Anna's mouth and started moving toward me.

Anna stood quickly and beat him to the bed and straddled me there. Again I felt her full lips on mine and felt myself slipping into some erotic cloud. Then, with the same warmth and wetness of her mouth, the lips of her pussy lowered onto mine. Anna, slowly gyrated her hips, rubbing our pleasure centers together. The slickness of our mutual arousal caused our swollen pussy lips to slide easily across one another, just like the tongues dancing in our mouths. I was certain that this double kiss would bring me to an amazing climax like I'd never experience.

Our vaginal kiss was cut short and I felt it in her lips and in her painful breath when Marco entered Anna's small pussy, forcing himself deep into her wetness. Looking in her eyes I also saw the filling satisfaction of his cock. Marco's thrusts slowly rocked Anna's body on top of me. My hands were drawn to her small breasts as they swayed back and forth beneath her. They warmly supported those perky tits as my fingers found their way to her very hardened nipples.

Marco pulled his cock from Anna's hole and shoved her forward up my body to a point where her tits dangled just above my mouth. Lifting my head I pulled the stiff pink eraser like buds into my mouth as I felt Marco's throbbing shaft penetrate my welcoming pussy.

Slowly Marco slid his shaft inside me then, just as slowly, withdrew it from the warm depths. Gently he fucked me then Anna, exploring one warm wet cunt only long enough for the hint of an erotic spark before retreating to its next visitor. Back and forth went the large cock, blending our lustful drippings into a purely erotic concoction. Dozens of minutes passed, three of us fucking in shifts of ecstasy.

Marco pulled out then layed in the center of my bed, his wet shaft beckoning us to follow. He directed me to sit straddling him, my pussy just below his cock and Anna to sit facing me. Our legs crossed and in this position the wet, thickened lips of our pussies wrapped around the girth of his shaft, hers above, mine below. The vision electrifying. My pussy ached for Marco's cock, but also for the gentle grinding of Anna's own pussy against it. After a few minutes we all realized that it wasn't going to get any of us where we wanted to go. Anna's pussy slid all the way up Marco's shaft and then engulfed it inside her wetness. I stayed there a moment, Anna's small weight on my thighs, methodically bouncing on Marco's cock as she rode him reverse cowgirl, but then moved to his head and lowered my aching pussy on his face.

Behind me, Anna bucked hard on Marco's pole. Marco tongue-fucked my pussy as I ground hard against his face. Two pussies were too much for him and he came violently inside Anna's tiny pussy just as she reached a climax of her own. Marco's attention to my needs waivered and I was left unsatisfied.

"Do you need some special attention," Anna asked from behind me. I didn't need to answer, she and I were connected somehow. I watched Anna slide off Marco and move to her bed. She placed her hand palm up on the mattress, stuck two fingers into the air and pleaded, "Let me watch you fuck my fingers Kenzie."

"Yes Kenzie, fuck Anna's tiny fingers." Marco echoed.

I stood and walked to Anna straddling her outstretched hand. Our eyes met, then our lips as I slowly lowered my open pussy onto her small, waiting fingers. Marco's cock had stretched my pussy and I could barely feel the fingers, but the idea of Anna's fingers inside me was shivering. My body was shuddering uncontrollably with anticipation of this gentle woman's gift. My hands embraced Anna's face and as I felt my body tingle I broke away from our kiss and drew her warm mouth to suckle my breast.

Anna's pale skin and pouty pink lips contrasting against my own dark complexion and bronze nipple was nothing short of erotica. Her oral skill and timing was unmatched with each tease of her tongue or nibble of her teeth pulling me closer to orgasm. I glanced over at Marco who was stroking himself watching me fuck Anna's fingers. Up and down I impaled my aching pussy on her finger grinding my swollen clit into the palm of her hand. Finally, with a shutter I let myself go, moaning and whimpering allowing my heavy breasts to bounce in my sexual shiver. In my climax Anna's warm lips mixed with my mouth, freshly cold from orgasm.

I saw that same look in her eyes and it made me weak with want.

After a moment Anna spoke, "Marco says you are multi-orgasmic. He appears ready to please you and I really want to see what I missed last week."

Marco layed on the floor and I mounted him reverse cowgirl facing Anna and started a slow recovering fuck. My muscles were tired and exchanged the slow, long strokes for deep grinding against his cock. My pussy was already worn and I was doubtful I'd be able to cum again, but did not want to disappoint Anna.

Anna's face moved close to watch. I wondered which she found more erotic, the coated cock or my swollen lips which housed it. I tossed my head back, really gyrating on his cock trying to find the pleasure tickle from within when I felt Anna's kiss just below my belly button. I stopped and looked at her, smiling back at me before her kisses trailed lower before tenderly dancing her tongue along the lips of my pussy and base of Marco's cock.

"Mmmmmm, you taste so sweet," I heard Anna say, "cum in my mouth."

Rocking my hips Marco's cock bumped inside me and watching her lap up my arousal I felt a pleasing tingle begin to grow from somewhere deep inside. Anna's tongue found its way to my exposed and swollen clit, teasing it bringing me ever closer to orgasm.

They were building like 2 separate orgasms, one from deep inside where Marco's cock was hitting just the right spot and a second one from Anna's tongue teasing my love button.

My entire body was singing with pleasure. Tiny droplets of energy starting in my fingers and toes were being drawn inward, slowly at first. Drops merged to form puddles, then small streams, building in intensity until raging rivers radiated all throughout my body.

From some far off place I heard Marco groan, "I'm cumming!" then felt his warmth inside me.

My duel orgasm jolted my body backwards, my pussy quivering with waves of pleasure. I screamed in a pleasure I'd never known as wave after powerful wave of orgasm washed over my body. There was no end to the pleasure as orgasmal after-shocks came one on top of the other until I passed out in an intense fog of erotic exhaustion.

I woke later in the night laying in Anna's bed, her arms draped across me. I saw Marco laying in my single bed and as I drifted back to sleep I wondered what this meant, but in any case, I was happy.

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