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One Room School House


Author's Note: This is my first crack at writing erotica so I welcome your comments, but mostly I just wanted to put a fantasy down on paper and I hope others get as much pleasure out of it as I have. Be warned when it finally gets to the sexy bits, (about two thirds through, I'll be up front) it gets kind of rough - sexually that is. Also more to come soon. Thanks for reading.

The students had all gone home for the day, as Sarah backed down the row of desks collecting their assignments. She paused for a moment as her hand passed over the empty desktop of David Broadman. David was a bright and kind young man of 13 with a sweet-natured disposition and a knack for helping out with the younger children. When she'd started teaching two years ago, at the age of 20, she often struggled to keep order in the classroom, but young David could always settle a conflict or take a few youngsters outside to play.

David and his two little brothers, Andy and Martin, had been gone for the last two days and Sarah was beginning to miss the pleasant trio.

It was an oddly hot day for October. Sarah propped open the wide door of the schoolhouse with a heavy flat stone, unbuttoned the top two buttons of her yellow cotton blouse, kicked off a pair of ankle-high black boots and reveled in the feeling of the cool stone floor beneath her bare feet. She gave the room a quick once-over with a broom, then stooped over her desk to gather up the papers in a smart stack.

"You must be Ms. Lotton," she heard a deep, friendly voice say. She turned to see a tall, broad-shouldered man in the doorway. He looked much younger than most of the parents she met, not much over 25, she guessed.

"Yes. That's me. But you can call me Sarah." She leaned against her desk, motioning for him to come in. "And you are?"

"I'm Will Broadman." He strode towards her and took her hand in a firm handshake, "I'm Andy, Martin and David's older brother." With the sun no longer at his back, Sarah noticed that he was an incredibly beautiful man. She noticed his eyes. Deep blue flecked with gold. And the same generous smile as his younger brothers. His jeans and boots were dusted with dirt, though his button-up shirt was clean and white. He must have changed it before coming to the school. His arms, tan and muscular, stood out against the stark sleeves which he'd rolled up to just below his elbows.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Sarah grinned. "You know, class hasn't been the same these last two days without those three. They are a delight to teach, your brothers. And always so eager to help out. Bringing in the water and wood. We've sure missed them these last couple days."

"Yes. I wanted to talk to you about that." He looked down for a moment, and seemed unsure of how to proceed. He cleared his throat and looked back at her. "Unfortunately, our uncle passed away on Wednesday, and we've had a tough couple of days." These last two days, Will had broken that news to several people, and he always felt slightly guilty about bringing others into his own melancholy situation. His uncle John was a nice, quiet man whose health had been failing slowly ever since he moved in with him and his siblings.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." A pulse of sorrow surged in her chest. She remembered hearing the boys talk fondly of their uncle John who had moved in with them after their father passed away several years ago. "I know how dear he was to those boys."

"He was." Will lost his train of thought for a moment when he felt her gentle hand give his forearm a sympathetic squeeze. This intriguing and beautiful young woman was not what he'd been expecting when he set off for the schoolhouse today. Seeing her pad about unabashedly in bare feet at her place of work was strangely arousing. He stared for a moment as she drew one foot up the slim, softly curving calf of her other leg and thought briefly about following that path with his hand and continuing upward under the flare of her skirt. He felt a sudden tightening low in his abdomen.

"I met him once, just a week or two after I started teaching. He was such a sweetie. He knew just what to say to comfort a nervous new teacher. I remember he said, 'be a hard-ass to those kids this first month or it'll be a lost cause. And if I hear any of my three are misbehaving, you better believe there'll be a whooping.' But I know from the way your brothers talked so affectionately of him that he never raised a hand to them. I'm sure this is a tough time for all of you. Your brothers can take as long as they need before coming back to school."

Her voice brought him out of his thoughts and he remembered why he'd come. "I'm glad you said that, because we might need to take you up on that. Andy and Martin will probably want to come back on Monday, but I really need David's help on the farm. Without our uncle, me and my sisters won't be able to get all the work done by ourselves."

Sarah pursed her lips in thought and picked up the chalkboard eraser. Absent-mindedly she pushed her thumb into a fuzzy rift in the eraser. "I understand your predicament, Mr. Broadman..."

"Call me Will."

"Will, I understand your predicament, but I would really hate to see David pulled out of school permanently. He's one of my best students." She turned to the chalkboard and began swiping away a neatly printed lesson about consonant clusters.

"Well, that's where I was hoping for some flexibility on your part." Will grabbed another eraser and began erasing the adjacent board. So this is where those boys get their helpful spirit from Sarah thought as she listened to Will's pragmatic proposal.

"I don't want to pull David out permanently, but I was hoping you would allow him to help at home in the mornings and attend school in the afternoon. This would just be until after the harvest, and I'll figure something else out in the spring. And I'll make sure he still does all his school work." He put the eraser down and turned to look at her profile. Most of her honeyed hair was loosely gathered in a thick braid that tapered from the base of her skull to the middle of her back. He couldn't help but imagine grasping it, feeling its heft in his hand. For a woman so slight of frame she had beautifully, generously full breasts. He also imagined feeling their heft. His eyes traveled down. A smile touched his lips as he noticed a chalky hand print on the side of her ass.

She nodded then turned back to him. "That sounds like a very fair compromise."

They decided on the details of the arrangement. David was to join the rest of the students at 11:30 each day, except Wednesdays when he would come at 1 so he could help with more time consuming tasks that couldn't wait for the weekend, and Mondays when he would come at 10 because there wouldn't be as much to do after having all weekend to catch up on things.

She walked him outside, where his dark brown colt awaited him contentedly munching its way through a patch of clover. "This is Abe," he said. He didn't want to leave, but couldn't think of what else to say. He lingered next to the horse, unnecessarily double-checking the straps and harness. He whispered soothing words to the horse as he stroked its nose. She watched his hands as he smoothed them down the colt's glossy coat; they were large, broad hands. A callus had formed on the heal of his right hand and a blister on the outside of his left index finger.

As he bent to pick up his pack resting near the colt's hoof, she breathed in his earthy scent of sweat, hay and the faint basil-like odor of tomato plants. He glimpsed a black-eyed-susan growing next to his pack. He plucked it and handed it to her with another flash of his white smile. With a graceful movement he swung his leg over the horse and looked down at her for a moment. She thought she perceived a change from friendliness to desire in his eyes as he gazed at her deeply. Finally, he said goodbye and touched his heel to the horse.


That evening, Will sat at the kitchen table helping his sisters, Jane and Ellie, can string beans. His younger sisters at 19 and 22, were best friends and discussed the credibility of certain gossip subjects they had heard over coffee in town that morning as they worked. Will's thoughts, however drifted elsewhere.

In his mind, he superimposed his hand on top of that chalky hand print that rested on the gentle swell of Sarah's perfect ass. A rush of heat surged in his groin as he thought of slowly bending her over the solid, wooden desk in the front of the classroom. He imagined sliding her skirt up to expose an ass shaped like a halved peach, her dripping sex like the crimson, pulpy hollow that's left after you remove the peach's pit.

"Hey, slow poke! Let's pick up the pace," jeered Ellie. Will was falling behind on his duty in the assembly line of scooping the briny legumes into jars.

"Would you hand me that dish towel?" Asked Jane, pointing to where it hung behind Will on a drawer's handle. Will swiveled awkwardly in his chair, teetering on its back legs to reach the towel to avoid standing up and revealing the full-on erection he had cultivated.

Will had not been with many women. There was Pauline, whom he had met when they were both 16. She was an intelligent and snobby girl with black hair and a beautifully full pair of tits. Pauline spent her Summers in the area, staying with her grandma, and Will's neighbor, Mrs. Duvlin.

Will became hopelessly infatuated with her when they met at a dance in town one summer. He recalled spending many balmy Summer afternoons making love to her under the cottonwood tree that grew in the far north corner of their field, safely hidden from view by the tall stalks of corn that grew around them. He enjoyed watching her face as he fucked her and marveled at how the prim bookworm's composure unraveled, her face contorting with pleasure, as he settled himself into her.

He enjoyed two blissful summers with Pauline. He even thought he'd marry her someday, but then she got a scholarship to go to a college up in Minnesota, and he never saw her again. He learned from Mrs. Duvlin that she'd married a pharmacy student and given birth to twin girls. The family ran a small drug store close to Rochester.

Will's family was far from rich. They got most of their income from farming, but all six siblings except for the youngest did odd jobs to help make ends meet. Martin delivered newspapers, David worked in the dime store on Saturdays, Jane gave music lessons for singing, violin and guitar and Ellie did hair cuts for a dedicated clientele out of their kitchen.

Will had gained a good reputation as a man with a talent for fixing things. He offered up his services for a modest charge ranging from 50 cents to 10 dollars depending on the complexity of the task. It was shortly after his 20th birthday, on one of these errands, that Will met his second lover, Lori Mann.

"I ran into my friend Katie this morning," Ellie called to Will from the kitchen one afternoon, nearly five years ago. "Her sister Lori's bicycle needs fixing. I told her you'd take a look at it this afternoon."

So Will rode to the edge of town where Lori lived by herself in a small house with a huge yard and two horses. She was 30 and a widow. Tall and thin, with a curly head of hair cut off at her shoulders, she was a woman who enjoyed her independence. She smoked cigarettes and wore slacks. Her husband had died two years earlier from cancer. The two never had children. But she seemed relieved, like she'd gotten a taste of family life, but was glad it was over.

Will had a fairly easy time fixing the breaks on Lori's bike, and charged 50 cents for the repair. He might normally have charged a dollar, but her sexiness hindered his business saviness. Lori invited him in and snapped open a bottle of pop for him while she rummaged in her coin purse. As she handed him the 50 cents, they exchanged a look during which they both realized what was about to happen, what they both really wanted to happen. Before long, he had her backed hard into the counter with his mouth on her neck and a hand palming her breast.

Afterwards, as she shimmied into her slacks, she asked, "Say, I have two horses, but no garden, and no need for their shit. I don't suppose a farm kid like yourself might have use for some extra shit?" She always had a refreshingly frank and crass way with words.

"Absolutely!" He grinned, looping his belt through his jeans. They could sure use the extra manure. With their 15 cattle, 20 sheep, 1 hog and 1 horse, they had enough manure for the crops, but their was never quite enough for his sisters' kitchen garden.

So, about once a month he came by with his cart and shovel to collect the manure, but not before Lori asked him inside to offer him a bottle of pop, which always led to a fuck. This routine continued happily for a little over 3 years. The older and experienced woman was not shy about letting Will know what she liked and disliked, and he became increasingly attuned the unspoken needs of a woman. Likewise, Will cultivated an ability to direct and control his lover to do what he wanted her to do for him.

Lori always made it clear, however, that she was not looking for anything beyond a sexual relationship. A little over a year ago, Will realized that he wanted a wife and children. He told Lori about his desire for a family; he often sought her advice about life's matters, for she had nearly a decade of wisdom on him and she seemed to understand his heart well. She told him that he should pursue his instinct to start a family, and that they should no longer sleep together. He agreed, however, he still went to her house to collect the manure and chat about life's goings-on. On his last visit, Lori had confided in him that she had taken the town doctor, Dr. Petersen as a lover. He oddly didn't feel jealous or jilted, but happy for her. He felt fortunate that he and Lori were still good friends and had ended their affair on such genial terms.

The canning was done, and Jane and Ellie decided to turn in early. Will sat at the kitchen table thinking about his confession to Lori about his desire for a wife. Until that afternoon, until Sarah, he had not met a woman that he could imagine as his wife. He had heard his young brothers praise Ms. Lotton's patience and good humor. But he had pictured her as a kindly elderly spinster, not the warm and beautiful young woman who had waved him into the classroom today.


On Saturday mornings, Sarah usually allowed herself to sleep in an extra hour, but today she awoke restlessly with the same thoughts that had kept her awake last night. Will Broadman... Will Broadman. How aptly named, she thought. What a stirring collection of characteristics he was made up of. She remembered the feel of his arm when she'd grasped it yesterday afternoon, hard and wide under her small hand. She saw how the fluttering movements of the ligaments and muscles of his forearm were plainly visible just beneath his bronzed skin as he ran his hand down the flank of his colt. A thick head of carelessly uncombed light brown hair framed his handsome and rugged face. A few days of stubble on his masculine jaw contrasted strikingly with his open and white smile and the honest sincerity of his eyes.

She lay in bed for another twenty minutes touching herself through her cotton panties, vaguely perturbed that she had zero sexual experience to draw upon for inspiration. She imagined his strong, rough hands slowly sliding between her slightly parted thighs to converge at the join of her legs. She didn't know how to continue.

She sat up in frustration. What's wrong with me. I shouldn't be thinking about this anyway, she thought. The man is in grief, not to mention, he is now the guardian of 3 of my students.

She got dressed and stepped outside to do her morning chores. She fed her chickens and collected their eggs. Apart from a few stray kittens, the chickens were the only animals she had on the small property. She decided the yard could use a raking. When she was done, she came inside and made herself some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

After unsuccessfully attempting to keep her thoughts devoid of that last piercing look she and Will had shared as he looked down at her from his horse yesterday afternoon, Sarah resolved that it was only proper for a teacher to bring a basket of food to the family of a student who was mourning a loss.

She prepared two pie crusts, then weighed the options in her pantry. Into one crust she sliced apples and pairs, into the other, she emptied a jar of peaches. As the pies cooked, she went outside to peruse her small vegetable garden. She selected the three ripest butternut squashes, which she cut into bite sized chunks, seasoned liberally with butter, salt and pepper, then removed the pies to cool while the squash roasted in the oven. It was about one when she packed the small feast into a basket and set off for the Broadman house by bicycle. She had a vague idea of where they lived, but looked up the address in her student handbook.

The farm was large, beautiful, well-ordered but oddly quiet, she thought, as she approached the white two story house. She stepped onto the porch and peered into the screen door to see Will facing diagonally away from her, about 15 feet away. She let herself watch him for a moment before making her presence known. He looked amazing kneeling before their woodstove with his head bowed, using a screwdriver on a small metal object in his hand. He was dressed in the same jeans and boots that she'd seen him in yesterday as well as his undershirt, leaving his powerful, broad shoulders bare for her view.

Sarah took a deep breath then knocked before she could talk herself into slipping away. He turned and smiled when he saw her.

"Sarah. Come in." He stood and walked towards her. "Excuse me for not shaking your hand," he smirked and held out his hands which were covered in soot from working on the woodstove.

"I brought some food for you all. I figured you must be busy and could make good use of the time it would take to prepare a meal." She lifted the lid of the basket, and he looked in, smiling appreciatively as the delicious scent of the cinnamon and apples wafted together with the savory aroma of the squash.

"Thanks," he grinned, "Yum, I suddenly realized how hungry I am." He pulled out a chair for her at the kitchen table. "Let me just screw this back in, then I'll wash up and we'll have lunch."

"Where are your brothers?" She asked, as she began to set out the food.

"David works in the dime store Saturdays and my sisters took the little guys to our Aunt Viv's for the day," he replied, as he crouched to the woodstove, reaching just inside to place the hinge. "She has a pretty big orchard south of Milton. We get all our apples there every October... The dishes are in the far left cupboard."

"That sounds fun." She said, turning to set two places at the table.

As Will struggled to screw the hinge at an awkward angle, the screwdriver slipped. His hand jolted forward, his arm catching a jagged edge in the stove's hatch opening.

"Shit." He cursed and pulled his arm out, bending it to survey the damage.

Startled, Sarah turned to see Will inspecting a deep gash carved into the side of his soot-streaked arm; Slowly it began filling with blood, and before long started dripping onto the wooden floor.

"Oh my God, Will." She grabbed a dishtowel and rushed toward him.

"It's alright," he assured her, and calmly stepped to the sink to run it under water.

"Let me see" She said. The blood continued to run, but not as much. "It's deep." She knew he would need stitches.

"I'll go for Dr. Petersen," She said.

"You've got to be joking," he chuckled, putting pressure on his now clean arm with the dishtowel. "For this?"

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