tagNon-EroticOne Summer's Day Ch. 01

One Summer's Day Ch. 01


This is the first chapter.

Please let me know what you think. It is a short story with comedy and elements similar. This is also my first story. Thank you.

Chapter 1: The Hottest Day Yet.

"And I," young Josh Oliver exclaimed "am the ruthless Pirate Redhead, ruler of the seven seas." His friend, Michael McCoy, stared at him. "You can't be Redhead, you were him the last time we played! I think I will be him this time."

"Ah okay then I am..."he hesitated a moment "Emperor Blueberry, head of the Pirate League Council. All must obey me and listen to what I say. So in fact young Redhead, I am your leader." Michael had enough. He was tired of this stupid game anyway "No man, but anyway I think I am going to stop for now. This is getting lame."

"No you're just a sore loser. But I don't mind, I won."

"We weren't even playing win or lose. It's just for fun you know. And I think we're getting a lil' old for this game."

Josh actually agreed with Michael for a change. They were thirteen years of age and have been playing Pirates since they were five. None of their other friends played it anymore. Josh just nodded in reply.

"Let's go outside, sit with our feet in the pool or something" Michael suggested. Josh agreed. Today was hot. Almost too hot.

Kevin Oliver was, as usual, sitting in front of his computer. He was bored to death. He searched the web a little, checking his e-mail (empty...as always) and listening to music. He was so damn lonely. All of his friends were away for the holiday and he was left in this little town.

Kevin hated Love City since the day that they moved in.

("Honey, this is your room" he remembers his mother telling him. "Why did we have to move again? This place is so lonely and little."

"Daddy is pursuing his writing career hon. He already won an award and we all think he can go for gold. Be better and make real money.")

And he did make money. Jack Oliver was one of the most successful authors of the country. Jack insisted that they moved to Love City, because it was "so peaceful and quiet". Kevin sat in front of his computer. Doing nothing. He turned down the music, closed the web browser and got away from his desk. He was going to do something. Exactly what, he wasn't sure.

But it was going to be something good.

Cindy Oliver was quite an attractive girl. "Cute" as described by fellow classmates. She was always with friends- either partying or playing tennis, she was never alone. But on this hot summer's day, she was, in fact, unaccompanied.

She sat on the couch, watching a switched-off television, while eating popcorn. Quite the combination, she thought to herself and giggled. Everyone liked her giggling. Even she did.

"It's so hot" she said softly.

"Almost as hot as I am" she heard a voice from behind.

Her brother Josh and his friend Michael were passing behind her, heading outside.

"Michael get a life" she exclaimed. Followed by a giggle.

"Yeah I like you too Cindy." Michael replied. He liked Cindy. Not like-like, as Josh always accused him of, but just like.

"Where are you two going?" Cindy asked.

"We're going outside, gonna sit with our feet in the pool" this time it was Josh who spoke.

"Wanna come with?" Michael asked Cindy.

"Yeah, it'll be cool I suppose."

"Cool" Michael replied, and, ignoring the elbow and the wink he just received from Josh, they walked outside where the scorching sun's heat waves infiltrated them almost immediately.

Kevin got out of his room and walked to the living room. He was searching for something to do- and also searching for his two mischievous siblings. When he didn't find them in the house, he wondered what damage they have already caused.

He found the two of them, and Josh's friend Michael, outside with their feet in the pool, and talking about what they wanted to become one day. He himself, being seventeen and all, still didn't know either. His parents wanted him to take pursue a career in mathematics or engineering. He did too, but sometimes that just didn't seem too appealing for him.

He opened his mouth to speak when his mother interrupted him from behind.

"Kids, Kevin, Cindy, Josh, remember your chores! I want them done by five is that agreed?"

"Yes Mom" Josh shouted.

Cindy just nodded with an attitude.

"Okay Mom" Kevin said.

"I'll check on them Mrs. Oliver" Michael told his best friend's mother. Mrs. Oliver laughed and headed inside to finish preparing dinner.

Cindy immediately began complaining. "I don't know why we have to do these stupid chores. It sucks. Oh hey Kevin."

"Hey" the eldest Oliver child replied. "What are you guys up to?" he asked in a 'something's not right' tone.

"Just sitting here in the pool enjoying the hottest day to date." Josh answered.

"And thinking about our lovely chores" Cindy added. "But hey, it's only nine o-clock. There is still..." it took her a while "eight hours. Boo yah."

"I'd do anything to skip the stupid chores" Josh just said out of nowhere.

"Okay, I'll make you bet. Let's play a game. If I win, you do my chores, if you win, I'll do your chores. " Kevin suggested.

"And if all three of us wanted to play? What then?" Michael always thought of everything.

"Mmmm okay, then I will do all three's chores. And if I win, all three will do my chores for the next three days. That sound okay?"

"What kind of game?" Josh finally asked.

Miranda Oliver liked to think of herself as a strict mother.

She knew for a fact her children didn't like it. But that was her vision- to raise children who had dissipline. The world today lacked that dissipline. She resented it.

While she was cooking her famous Macaroni and Cheese, she saw her three children and their friend standing by the pool. It looked like they were arguing. Not too serious, but still. Her oldest, Kevin, had a grin on his face. She knew this grin wasn't good. He was either trying to make a bargain or a deal or something. She just knew.

Cindy still had that look on her face since she told them about the chores. She knew Cindy hated it. Josh too. Maybe Kevin too, but he didn't show it.

"What are you looking at?" her husband asked her from behind.

"Just the kids. Oh they grow up so fast. I can't believe Kevin is going to University next year. Our oldest. I just wish he could decide what he wants to study."

"Give him time, " her husband started "he is a very intelligent child. He will make the right decision."

"But mathematics will be such a good career path for him."

"It is true yes. But we shouldn't force him to choose. He is a good child. Not as mischievous as those other two."

Jack knew what he was talking about. Kevin was always the silent one. Thinking the whole time. Cindy and Josh always wanted to do everything they were told not to do. Always looked for shortcuts.

Like their chores for example. They would do anything to skip it.


"A treasure hunt" was Kevin Oliver's reply.

"A treasure hunt?" Michael asked sarcastically.

"Correct. I will plant clues all over town and if you can solve them all and find the treasure you win. If you cannot, I win.. As simple as that."

The other three kids just stared at him. Almost as if mocking him.

"I'm serious."

"What is the treasure?" Josh asked.

"Ah, but that is my secret. It will be good. You will like it. A lot."

"But how will this work?" Cindy asked.

"I will first write the clues. After that I'll go and plant them. You will be locked in a room of course." Cindy started to speak but he continued. "The clues won't be difficult, you are old enough and smart enough. You can solve it. So are you in?"

After a long silence, Michael said "Yeah, I think I could do something interesting today. I'm in." Soon afterwards Cindy also agreed.

"Josh?" Michael asked.

"I'm in."


Watch out for the next chapter.

Chapter two: Let the games begin.

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