tagNonHumanOne Unforgettable Night

One Unforgettable Night


Bryan walked up to the bar and sat down. He was a wanderer and now with a new planet discovered he had more places to explore. This planet light years away from earth was full of mystics of all kinds. The bar he was at seemed pretty popular and he got a firsthand look at mystics in their own environment. He ordered a rum and coke from the bartender and scanned the dance floor. The music was erupting like a volcano. He watched as people came and went. All of the sudden a picture of innocents step onto the dance floor.

She wore a skirt and button up shirt with a pair of white fish net thigh highs. She had white ears and a white tail. He thought to himself that's what they call a neko right? She had auburn hair and she seems to know a lot of the people. He watched as her body moved to the music suggesting anything but innocence. As if reading his mind a man to his left said, "Her name is Clair and she is anything but innocent. She plays hostess here though it seems she is off tonight."

Bryan nodded his thanks and continued to watch her. She stirred something in him no woman had ever done before. Her body and face were human, the perfect woman. Her ears and tail were the only things that said different. He watched as she swayed her hips to the music. She danced with both men and women. She seemed to be able to turn them all on. As the song ended and another one began she made her way to the pole.

She wrapped her leg around it and slid down. She came back up, leaned forward giving him a slight peek at her white panties. She turned around placing her back to the pole and slid down again. Her arse pressed into the pole and the look on her face was as naughty as could be. She crawled forward on her hands and knees before sitting back. She shimmied and turned around crawling back to the pole. She made her way up the pole with catlike skill before sliding down grinding her pussy into the cold steel.

The look on her face was sultry and somehow he knew she was getting wet. The song came to an end all too fast and she bowed before making her way to the bar. She walked up two seats down from him and smiled to the bar tender. "Triple Berry Sangria Sam if you please?" Clair said innocently. Sam just seems to nod with a wicked grin before making her drink. As he passed it to her she took a sip or two and looked over at Bryan. She held her glass up and cheered him as he did the same to her. She took another few sips before making her way up to him.

"My name's Clair, welcome to Four Stars." She said with a bit of a sultry tone.

"Pleasure to meet you, my name is Bryan." He said with a bit of a grin.

"Pleasures all mine." Clair replied. Her look was pure but her voice and the way she suggestively propped herself against the bar was far from pure. "What brings you to our lovely planet Bryan?" She asked curiously her cat like ears flicking slightly.

"I am a wanderer by nature. I never stay in one place for too long. I thought I would explore your planet for a change." Bryan said before taking a sip of his drink. He couldn't help but follow the curves of her body. She was gorgeous and he was surprised by how much she turned him on.

Clair jumped up on the bar she rested her foot on the front of his stool and spread her legs apart as she sat on top of the bar. She gave him the perfect view and he could tell her panties were lace. Her foot gently brushed against his groin. "Well wanderer what will it take to get you all alone?" Clair asked seductively as her finger slide up her thigh slightly.

"Boy, Clair normally gets what she wants and tonight she wants you." Sam said as he passed out another drink chuckling.

"Is that so? Well in that case I would have to say a dance would be the price for some one on one time." Bryan spoke with an evil grin. He watched Clair slide off the bar and take his hand. She led him out to the dance floor and the DJ started a new song.

He pulled her close letting his stiff member grind against her core. He spun her out and back in putting her back against his chest. His cock pressed against her firm arse. His lips kissed her neck and he felt the vibrations of her purr. Their hips swayed together as the music tumbled through them. He spun her out again and back in this time turning her to face him. Her luscious breasts pressed against his hard chest. He leaned her back letting his leg slide between hers. He pressed against her sweet spot and let his lips graze her chest ever so slightly.

He was torturing her. Clair was already hot and he was fanning the flames. No man human or mystic had ever turned her on like this. The moment her eyes meet his as she danced her body ached. Visions of him deep inside of her beckoning her to cum had flooded her mind. He was perfect in every way. She was thankful when the song ended and they headed out.

"Tell me what's a girl like you doing in a place like Four Stars? You don't look like you belong here." Bryan asked as they walked to his hotel. He was curious though he was looking at things from and earthly perspective. Thing could be different on this planet.

"Sam the bartender took me in after my parents died. Nekos look innocent it's encoded into us. You look at a cat and go oh how cute. People look at us the same way. The truth of the matter is we are animals. We need to let go and have fun. Sam tried to keep me from the club. He owns it. However I couldn't stay away so we agreed. If I need some were to let go at its best I do it at his place where he can protect me." Clair answered honestly.

"I get it. It makes sense. Is it polite to ask how old a woman is on this planet?" Bryan asked curious as to what he was getting himself into. He knew laws were different here but were small thing like what is polite to ask and what's not different too.

Clair laughed, "Yes it is ok and if you're asking me, winter has faded into summer nineteen times in my life. You have nothing to worry about. We can't give or receive STDs and if I was fertile I would be the equivalent of your cats back on earth."

Bryan had to laugh he hadn't even thought about safe sex but now he did find himself think how cute she would be mewing in heat. "Thanks for that piece of advice flee from mewing nekos." Bryan aid teasingly.

Clair had to laugh again he was funny and she liked that quality. "May I ask how old you are?" She said shyly not sure of earth customs. They must be different if he was asking her permission.

"Twenty eight actually. Hope that doesn't bother you" Bryan said truthfully. He was still young and could keep up with the best of them but some people didn't see it that way.

Clair stopped and leaned up kissing him passionately before replying. "Does that answer your question?" She said with a smile and as he nodded his head she smiled too. He leaned down and kissed her deeply before heading into the hotel.

Once in the room he shut the door and locked. He turned around and pushed her against the wall as hunger took them both. Her legs wrapped around him as his hand slid under her skirt gripping her arse firmly. She reached down grabbing the base of his shirt and pulling it off quickly. Her hand ran over his torso greedy to feel him beneath her hands. His cock pressed against her pussy wet and begging for attention. Her shoes fell off as he carried her to the bed.

He began unbuttoning her shirt and slid it off tossing it from the bed. Her white lace bra framed her breast perfectly like a fine piece of art. They rolled over and her lips traveled down his neck nipping him gently. She kissed down his chiseled torso and unbuttoned his pants. Having kicked off his shoes already she slid the pants and boxers down dropping them on the floor by the bed. Her hand slid up his legs his cock upright. Her rose lips wrapped around his cock and her tongue teased its tip.

His hand wrapped in her hair he growled, "Oh god Clair that feels so good." He guided her up and down his shaft feeling her throat relax taking him in further. Her tongue and mouth was as skilled as her dancing. Her tongue played across his manhood like a seductive Cuban dance. As she worked his cock her hand massaged his balls only heightening his arousal.

She moved her thumb in light circles around his base as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. His balls tightened and arched. She stopped briefly and looked up at him. "Cum for me, let me taste you zesty sweetness." She wrapped her lips gently around his balls letting her tongue move across them while her hand stroked up and down his length. She then made her way up his cock. The pre cum glistening on its tip. She tapped his cock against her waiting tongue.

"Mmm you taste good. I want more." He heard her say. She was so hot right now. And he intended to give her what she wanted. She began licking his cock from the bottom to the top before wrapping her rosy red lips around it again. She sucked his cock teasing his tip and taking him further in his mouth. Bryan was about to lose it as he began thrusting into her. He cried out as he came, "Ohh Fuck Yes!!"

Clair drank every last drop of his cum not wasting any he tasted better than any man she had been with before. When he quickly turned her over she was surprised. She had expected to give him a breather before going again but there was hunger and need in his eyes she had never witnessed before. He freed her breasts from there laced prison and captured her nipple with his mouth. She arched as he sucked on her sensitive nipple causing her to catch fire. She felt that familiar need between her legs. She knew only he could extinguish what he started in her.

She grasped the pillow as he moved to the next nipple. His tongue felt like the sweetest forbidden fruit she had ever partaken of. He massaged her free breast with his hand. He then left her breast and traveled down her stomach. Her skin was like satin. He removed her wet lace panties. He found that seeing her in just stockings and garters was erotic to him and he let his tongue move up her inner thigh. She felt his tongue pierce through the veil to her own treasure trove and gasped.

"Oh...fuck...Bryan..." She said breathlessly as the fire claimed her core begging to be extinguished. He smiled that evil grin telling her he would prolong this torture. His tongue circled her clit as his finger began slowly sliding in and out of her drenched pussy. She arched matching his fingers movements with her own thrust. His free hand crept up and teased her breast. He pulled her nipple and released it. He rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

He brought his hand back down and wetted his finger with her own juices before continuing the torture. His finger slid in and out of her faster as his tongue raced over her sensitive clit. He sensed her coming eruption and stopped. She moaned in protest needing release. "It will be worth the wait Clair." was all he said before sitting back on his knees.

His cock was hard ready from more and he slid its tip up and down her folds causing her to arch beckoning him inside. He placed a hand on her stomach holding her down as he slid his tip over her sensitive clit. "Ohhh...sweet friction" Clair said breathlessly. He smiled at her sweaty body before him her cat like ears twitching slightly. He positioned her legs on his shoulders as he gave her what her body was aching for. He slid his hard massive cock deep into her waiting pussy causing her to purr.

He began thrusting deep into her as his free hand made its way to her sensitive clit. He began massaging her clit slowly, as his powerful thigh muscles flexed. She was more beautiful than ever beneath him. He thrust harder into her and she said with pleasure. "Ohh...so deep!" He surprised her again by changing positions. They sat facing each other as he thrust into her tight pussy. Her body arched as one hand teasingly pulled her tail.

She meowed as he teased her tail while thrusting in and out of her. He was intoxicated by her pheromones. He didn't feel her marking his back as he took her higher and higher into sweet oblivion. He changes positions one last time taking her in a way that he knew her animal side would enjoy. On all fours before him he thrust into her from behind.

He had one hand on her hip guiding his thrust and the other one snaked around massaging the sensitive nub. Every intense circle sent her body whirling into ecstasy till they both cried out in the sweetest release. As they collapsed next to each other tired he looked at Clair and smiled..."You're amazing."

"As are you" she replied. The two fell into a deep sleep in each other's arms, their bodies well used.

Three hours later in the early morning hours Bryan awoke to find his bed empty and a note left behind.

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for a wonderful night wanderer. I hope it left you with memories you can take with you were ever you go. I know I will always remember this night. May your travels be safe and easy? That is if you want them to be.

Forever, Clair

Bryan smiled and made his way into the shower as the water hit is back he grimaced. Stepping out of the shower he looked in the mirror and found cat scratches down his back. He wondered when they had got there and how long they would take to heal. One thing was for sure this was one night he would never forget.

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