tagFetishOnline Goddess Ch. 01

Online Goddess Ch. 01


It all started online... I was seeking a domme to serve and after having terrible luck, I found exactly what I was looking for. A Goddess that I could worship and that would treat me like garbage.

We started by having chats, she seemed very nice at first, asking me my limitations and what my likes and dislikes were. She started getting my trust and I started opening up a little more. Then she started getting demanding. She demanded that I send her a online tribute of $300. Then the next day she demanded $700. After she saw how serious I was, we decided to meet in person for lunch and a shopping trip. She lived in New York, so I drove 10 hours to meet her. She told me that if I was a good boy, she would allow me to stay at her place that night. So we met at a local restaurant, she was stunning. 5'9'', skinny, nice breasts and gorgeous ass, and she knew how to turn me on, skinny jeans, with a low cut shirt, and heels. Just beautiful. So we talked for a while, we actually had fun, she was very flirtatious. Then we went shopping. We went to all of the major stores, and of course I carried all of the bags. All in all, I spent close to $3,000 just that day. That's when she knew I was hooked. So we went back to her place and when I walked in, she had me bring all of the bags to her bedroom and lay them in front of her bed. Then I had to come back to the living room, where she instructed me to strip. She was very impressed by the size of my penis. She had me go to the kitchen to get her an Iced tea. When I returned, she instructed me to get on my knees and start worshipping her feet.

She told me that if I was to become her slave, I would have to sign a contract, be locked in chastity the entire time with no release minus cleanings, and I will be required to become her domestic slave. She told me that if that is what I wanted, I was to go to the dining room and get the black box that was on the table. If it is not what I wanted, I was to put my clothes on and leave. Well of course I went to the dining room and grabbed the black box. She laughed as I brought it to her. It contained the contract and the chastity device. She instructed me to lock myself in the chastity device and sign and initial on the contract.

I was then told to go to her bedroom, and put away everything that I had bought her and put the new pairs of shoes and boots neatly in her large walk in closet. I did it quickly. She came to inspect my work. She was satisfied, but decided to grab the belt off her waist and give me a beating of a lifetime. She told me that I would get it three times as bad if I were ever to screw up and not do as I'm told. She then told me to go to the bathroom and go under the sink and get the small bucket and get a new toothbrush out of the cabinet. I filled the bucket half water, half soap. She told me that I will now be cleaning the kitchen floor on my knees with the toothbrush and that I have two hours to do so. I will be allowed an additional hour, but for a punishment. I worked quickly and efficiently, and I was done in 2 hours and 10 min. Because I only went 10 min over the allotted time, I was instructed to scrub the half bath floor, then I would be allowed to go to bed, but I was to tell her when I am done.

About an hour or so later, I crawled into the living room and told my Goddess that I was all done with the floor. She was happy. She then told me to follow her on my knees to her bedroom. When we got there, she told me to go into the center of her closet and lay on my stomach on the floor. She then grabbed about 6 double grommet belts off of the wall, and tied my hands behind my back very tight, then did the same to my ankles, knees, elbows, and then put one big one around my shoulders and then the other around my waist, holding my arms to my back. She then grabbed a length of rope and tied me up in a hogtie. I was instructed that I will not be sleeping, but instead will be licking clean all 14 pairs of her new shoes. I was to get each sparkly clean but I was not allowed to tip them over, and if I was, I would not be untied until after she comes home from work. I definitely did not want that. So I got busy and I didn't even know what time it was, but I stayed awake all night and cleaned my Goddess' shoes. I got down to the last pair when my Goddess woke up and found that I was not done. She grabbed a pair of her panties, stuffed them in my mouth, then grabbed duct tape and wrapped it around my head a few times and gagged me so I couldn't speak. She told me she would be home at 5pm, it is now 8am. She told me that if I urinate, I will be receiving a VERY severe punishment that she wasn't hoping to use on me so early.

By the time she arrived home, I was struggling to keep it in, but I somehow managed. She saw how bad I was struggling when she opened her closet and untied me very quickly and let me run to the bathroom. I think I peed for about 5 minutes straight. She was actually really nice, she allowed me to put clothes on, and sit with her on the couch, it was great. She said that she wanted to test me and I passed with flying colors. She actually fell asleep on me and laid on my leg and I brushed her hair with my fingers. She loved it. It sounded weird, I barely know this woman, and I felt like I was falling in love, and it seemed like she was really comfortable with me being around.

The next day was back to normal, I spent my morning between cleaning the kitchen and worshipping my Goddess' feet. She had the day off today. By lunchtime, she instructed me into the bedroom. She told me to lay on her bed and spread eagle. She then tied me down very well with rope. She decided that she was going to tease the hell out of me. She stripped down to her bra and panties and started rocking her ass and pussy on my chastity belt. She got really hot and flipped around and made me start eating her pussy and her ass until she got multiple orgasms. Then she decided she wanted my cock. So she undid my chastity belt, slipped on a condom, and told me that if I cum, then she was going to put my chastity device back on and superglue the lock shut. I struggled to not cum, and god knows I was leaking precum like crazy, but she had about 4 orgasms and then collapsed on top of me. She actually gave me a very passionate kiss and then laid next to me. about 5 min later, she took off my condom and inspected it. She saw that there was no load, but she made me eat the precum out of my condom, then put the chastity belt back on. Then she released me.

Something came over me, but I actually asked her if we could cuddle, and she said yes, and she laid her head on my chest and i played with her hair, and we just laid there naked, talking for almost 3 hours. Talked about our deepest secrets and just random stuff. I actually kissed her multiple times and we made out for a good 20 minutes straight. She said that she had never felt like this about any sub she's ever had. I agreed. I asked her if she would be my girlfriend, and she said yes. I was so happy, she was a beautiful perfect girl and was exactly what I was looking for. I unfortunately had to go back home the next day, so we just spend the day together, I took her out to dinner, and we had fun. I was able to return 2 days later.

While I was gone, we spent the time texting and talking on the phone. I came back and was welcomed with a warm embrace and a big kiss. I brought her a gift, a nice necklace. She was very happy and surprised. She of course put me right to work. I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned all the windows, washed her car, did her laundry, and make her lunch. After lunch, I was to change the shower curtain, clean both bathrooms, change the sheets, make the bed, and do the dishes. After everything was inspected, and my Goddess was happy, I made her a delightful dinner for two, and then she led me to the bedroom. We cuddled for a bit and we made love, and this time i was allowed to cum, and then she decided that I was going to be tied up at the foot of her bed and was to worship her feet all night. So she got out the belts and tied me up really tight just in reach of her feet.

More to come...

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