tagFetishOoze Ch. 01

Ooze Ch. 01


I had just left the pool and it was raining again. I felt hot with the acidic swelter of the tropical rain brushing off my warm skin. It was summer and I was visiting my cousins in at their beautiful ranch in south Florida, and working part time as a juicer. Suddenly I noticed a strange shape take form in the billowing, succulent waves of the pool. Looking back on it now, I can't understand why reason left me. I can't understand why I didn't run, why I stayed. The incident still shames my family, but secretly -- yes, deep down, this encounter has been a huge part of me -- my history, and my awakening as a sexual being.

I shook my head and squinted, my long locks of brown hair sticking to the sweet salt of my fleshy fingers. The shape squirmed and darted, like a slimy black fish, and as it emerged from the water I realized this was not something human. Terrorized, I stared. A warm piece of sludge spread through the water and over the pool's edge. It was dark blue, and brown, and every colour of the rainbow. It dyed the water red like blood, like a vampire's blood vial, and I shuddered. The sludge came towards me and the sunken pocks on its skin looked to me like tiny eyes, tiny lovely eyes ogling my navy aquamarine blue bikini and soft nipples poking through. I felt soft and sexy, and dipped my toes into the oozy shape. It was spectacular as it suckled my toenails, suckled the bits of dirt from under them, indiscriminately enraptured by every last chunk of my foot.

'My name is eeeliborne,' said a voice, a bell whistle of an echo, sailing through the humid, crisp, bleak and hot, sweaty air. The air that was cold as the teeth of the arctic wolf and hot as a shimmering giraffe glowing in the soft safari light. Oh gods! It was him, it was a man's voice, just oozing from the pool sludge -- and now it creeped its way up my leg, plucking the unshaven hairs into its tiny holes like the real lips of a Belgian prince.

To my surprise Suddenly the sludge grew a giant cock from it's depths, not really like a conventional dildo or an alien tentacle but an undulating member of unfathomable proportions.

'oooooooh frig me you dirty dirty pool rat!' I shouted, now on all fours -- I couldn't stand any longer!!! My legs were like jelly in its no his embrace. But I was in for a surprise, instead of having my desires fulfilled the sludge receded slightly into the pool. His moans and whispers sounded like a disturbed owl screeching in the night for its prey, but having failed, returning to its den in a sort of ignominy akin to Nathaniel Hawthorn's The Scarlet Letter. Despite the compromising situation I was now it, I was indeed a very highly literate heroine. To return to the situation at hand, eeeliborne again murmured something.

'We cannot copulate, my beautiful mermaid, because when my cock grows it also.shh....'

The air stilled and beads of sweat rolled down my amply shaped buttocks, shot high into the air. I pulled down my bikini bottom and spread it wide. Why!!!?? Why was I not getting my satiation, so utterly deserved...Especially after having being left by every single lover I've had in the past year. So utterly starved, and my inner juices churned in my inside, It was like I was impregnating myself! I could feel my ovaries as they sweated bullets.

'Just look at me, stop spreading your fuckhole like a fuckity frigger whore!! Look at this abomination!"

Slightly hurt at being talked dirty too [not my cup of tea, you do realize] I turned my head and saw it. Eeeliborne's cock was bursting and bubbling, it was gushing disgusting mouthfuls -- drinkable amounts! Of chocolate brown liquids, gashes and moaning pain. It sprouted a giant tumor! Purple and ugly as the dark side of the moon. I hid my face in exasperated humor. My first fuck in so many decades was ruined.

'I'm so sorry my aged princess,'

'Wait.. Where do you come from?"

'Why, the sewer of course.. But if you can bear the seismic pain of being fucked my my tumor cock then, I swear to you I will shift and change. I will turn in to a prince.'

'A... a prince? A prince of what?' I asked, doubtful, my knees started to feel a bit scratched by the uncomfortable hard pool tiles. I couldn't last, prone, on all fours for much longer literally!

'If I told you you wouldn't believe me.'

'What... Now I have to know, I have to know if its worth taking your diseased member..'

'Because I am really Lucifer....

To be Continued...

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