tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 02

Open Marriage Ch. 02


The rest of the week flew by and it was Friday afternoon and Mark was searching through his collection of wine. Faith had gone out to a nail salon and had her new things laid out on a chair in their bedroom.

Mark finished with the wine and checked the time and decided to look at the things Faith had bought. There was a new green dress across the back of the chair. Faith had bought a new thong to match a black bra. It appeared as if she had a second dress which was much more revealing. It was pink and there wasn't enough material on it to cover a child!

Mark checked out the tag which stated it was bought at an erotic adult shop just outside of town. Faith had two pairs of spike heels on the floor and a new corset. She was prepared for everything!

Late that afternoon, Mark could smell the scent of Faith's perfume in the front room as she prepared for their meeting with Hank. Mark had just returned from the drug store with a pack of condoms. He walked into the bedroom and put them on the night stand and saw Faith with her leg up on a chair as she fastened her buckle on her heel.

Mark saw her wearing the green dress for the first time and thought she was hot! Faith's long blonde hair flowed down nearly to the floor as she bent over to buckle the second heel.

The doorbell rang and Mark's heart skipped a beat. Faith was just about ready as she applied her lipstick. Mark adjusted his shirt and walked to the front door and opened it. Mark recognized Hank immediately and invited him inside.

Mark had a few minutes to speak to Hank while they waited for Faith. "Mark. Your wife is very beautiful. Do you remember what we talked about that first night on the phone?"

"Uh. I think so! We talked about different things if I recall."

"Do you feel comfortable having me here with your wife in your own home tonight?"

"Um. I think I'm a little nervous."

Hank chuckled. "I figured you would be nervous. Faith and I have had long discussions and she told me her concerns about you. A few of the husband's show jealousy once an affair begins. If you're true to your word and have a desire to allow Faith to date another man then I see no problem."

Mark remembered how he told Faith to answer the question about dating the very first night on the phone. Mark assumed this would only be a one time affair. It would be an experience they both would remember.

"Well. I'm not jealous."

Hank chuckled. "I believe in developing a relationship with the people I meet. I don't believe in a one night stand. Luckily. Your wife agrees with my philosophy and we've seemed to hit it off over the phone."

Mark felt relieved in a way that Hank wasn't just here to pull his wife into the bedroom and knock off a little piece. Mark wondered, on the other hand, where was this going to lead?

Faith walked out smiling, Mark saw how nervous she appeared as she shook Hank's hand. God! Faith was so sexy in her new green dress. Hank was getting an eye full of cleavage as he smiled and greeted Faith. Mark was seeing the dress for the very first time and saw how it clung tightly to her curved body. It left nothing for the imagination with its plunging neckline and short hem.

Faith looked so tiny and dainty standing next to Hank who was tall and well built. Faith's heels made her taller but she was still much shorter then Hank.

Faith sat down on the sofa on an angle so she could face Hank and talk. Mark watched how she seductively crossed her legs and leaned back in the cushion. Well. Maybe it wasn't deliberate but Hank was sure getting an eye full of Faith's thighs in that angle.

Mark was seated across from them and listened to Hank as he chatted about rel-estate development. He owned a large company and Mark learned that he had holdings in the area near them. Faith sat fascinated as she listened to Hank talk about his business. He mentioned about how he piloted his own plane which fascinated Faith even more.

Mark served drinks before they left for dinner. Dinner was very formal and nothing like Mark had expected. Mark had this guy pegged as just another black man after a little white married pussy but that wasn't the case at all!

Faith was intrigued listening to Hank since she was involved in the real-estate market herself. They talked all the way through dinner about business and Mark was beginning to get bored wondering when it was all going to take place.

They arrived home as Hank kept Faith's mind occupied on his work. Faith stopped in her tracks as they entered the house and abruptly cut Hank short and said. "Hank. Do you need any help bringing in your bags into the house?"

That was it! Mark finally got the sign saying that Faith was interested in more then just talking!

"Well. Yes. I have several in the car if Mark would help me bring them in."

Faith kissed Mark on the cheek. "Honey. Help Hank bring his things into the house and show him our guest room and the bathroom while I make us drinks."

Faith held her arm around his waist and gave him another kiss before he walked outside with Hank. Hank opened the trunk of the car and gave Mark a couple of suit cases while he searched in the trunk for something else. Mark laughed to himself wondering if Hank was looking for his toys! Instead. He brought out a photo album.

"Mark. I promised Faith I'd show her a few photos' I took while I was flying over the Grand Canyon last year."

Mark took Hank to the guest room and pointed out the bathroom and everything he would need. That room had a king size bed for Faith's parents when they visited them. Hank seemed to like the fact that he would have plenty of room.

Faith was sitting at the bar when they returned with her legs crossed and sipping a drink. Mark couldn't help but notice how much her thigh was exposed. It appeared to Mark that Faith deliberately hiked her dress up so she could give Hank a clear look at what he might be enjoying later that evening.

Hank placed the album on the bar and sat next to Faith on the next stool as they glanced through the photos'. Mark stood around the back of the bar, fumbling with the bottles of whisky while Faith gushed over Hank's photos'.

Faith was starring at the album and started to laugh. "I didn't know you were a football player?"

Hank chuckled. "Yes. I played for four years in college. I could have turned pro but my father had this business waiting for me when I finished school."

Mark looked at the clock and saw how late it was getting and was starting to wonder if anything was going to happen tonight. Hank said he didn't believe in a one night stand but surely he must have interest in at least touching or kissing Faith!

It wasn't until another hour before Faith mentioned it was getting late and wanted to turn in for the night. Mark was surprised if not disappointed! This was it? Faith was only going to sit out here in a sexy revealing dress and just talk and get acquainted with this man?

Mark watched for some sort of sign that maybe something was going to happen but Hank got off the stool and gave Faith a tiny peek on her cheek and said he would see her in the morning!

Mark felt kind of dumb standing behind the bar as Hank told him, good night!

Mark didn't feel jealous at all, in fact he was angry! He felt like yelling at Hank saying, "Didn't you come here to fuck my wife?"

Mark cleaned up the glasses and put the liquor away and followed Faith into their bedroom. She had just walked out of the bathroom but still had her dress on. "Honey? I don't understand? Didn't you hit it off with Hank tonight?"

"Yes. I thought Hank was a really nice man and handsome too!"

Mark was flustered as he hit his thighs with his hands. "Why didn't you let him make a move on you tonight?"

Faith was peeling her dress off over her head as she replied. "Mark! Hank just got here!"

"I know, but!"

Faith had the dress completely off and was standing in her high heels and thong. "But! What did you expect out there?"

Mark took the dress out of her hands and laid it on the chair as he held her hands against his chest. "It's just that I thought something was going to happen tonight!"

Faith smiled. "You're not going to tell me you're disappointed that Hank didn't escort me to his room?"

Mark starred down at her breasts. "Well. I expected something to happen tonight between you two!"

Faith leaned out and kissed Mark on the lips and turned around and started to comb her long blonde hair. Mark thought she was sexy as hell standing in only her thong and heels and walked up behind her and put his arms around her tiny waist and kissed the back of her shoulder as he starred at her eyes in the mirror.

Faith smiled into the mirror and touched his hands. "I thought you'd be more concerned about not wanting anything to happen tonight. I made it very clear to Hank last week that I wouldn't do anything unless I thought you were comfortable with it."

Mark was surprised. "You mean that you didn't do anything because you were worried about me tonight?"

Faith turned around and reached out and put her arms around his shoulders as Mark hugged and rubbed her back.

"I wasn't going to allow Hank to make you feel uncomfortable tonight and you appeared very nervous watching us tonight."

"Honey. I was waiting for something to happen tonight and got disappointed!"

Faith giggled as she rubbed Mark's shoulders. "I didn't know you felt that way. I thought we'd talk about it some more."

Mark back away far enough to hold Faith's shoulders. "Honey. We talked about this for weeks. I thought you wanted to experiment and see how it was making love to a black man?"

Faith was rubbing his shoulders and starring into his eyes. "Your really disappointed tonight, aren't you?"

Mark smiled as he pulled Faith back into his arms and held her tight. "Honey. What do you think?"

Faith moved her face away and starred into his eyes. "Think of what?"

Mark swallowed hard. "Well. You could go to his room?"

"Mark! Isn't it kind of late?"

"Honey! Look how beautiful you are! Don't you think that Hank is thinking the same thing right now?"

Faith kept starring into his eyes looking for some sign that he was joking. "Now?"

Mark kissed her forehead and rubbed her arms and starred at her like a little puppy dog waiting for a treat. Faith started to comb her hair again as she turned and starred into the mirror. She put the comb down on the vanity and walked over to the dresser and began searching though her lingerie.

Faith pulled out a long transparent black gown and pulled her arms through it and adjusted the collar. Mark was getting undressed but stopped to stare at his wife in the mirror. He saw the sexy black thong from the back and her breasts in the mirror through the thin transparent material. It traveled almost down to the floor, just above her heels.

Mark kept undressing as he watched Faith leaning over the vanity as she applied lipstick to her lips and opened the gown to dab a little perfume on her tummy. Mark was standing in his boxer shorts as Faith turned around and smiled.

"How do I look?"

Mark smiled. "Sexy as hell! If Hank saw you in that I don't think he'd be talking about his business!"

Faith walked seductively toward her husband and held out her hands. She held his fingers tight and leaned over and kissed his lips gently not to mess up her lipstick.

"I'll let you know if he does!"

Mark was shocked! Faith turned and walked toward the door and smiled at him just before leaving the room. Mark's heart was beating so hard he could feel his chest pounding. He actually heard Faith knocking on Hank's door and heard it open and shut.

Faith had been waiting for Mark! He'd thought it was Faith that was afraid. Mark glanced at the clock as he wondered how Hank reacted when she entered the room. What did he saw? Would they just talk and would he send Faith back to her room?

It was wishful thinking on his part! Mark had mixed feelings about this! It was excitingly stimulating but felt left out. He wanted to be there as Faith kissed and touched this man for the first time.

Condoms! Hank never used them! God! Faith wasn't taking anything! Mark started looking through his drawers hoping to find just one but there wasn't any. It had been years since he had to be concerned about getting Faith pregnant. Five years since he had his vasectomy!

Faith wasn't stupid. She wouldn't allow herself to be put in jeopardy! Faith would most likely just jack him off or possibly suck on him tonight.

Mark sat on the bed then walked around the room then went into the bathroom to pee. He was too nervous to sit still and decided to look through Faith's purse. He had a glimmer of hope that maybe she saw a doctor about getting birth control pills! What would she tell their doctor? He knew that Mark had gone through a vasectomy!

No Pills! No Condoms! Nothing!

Mark looked at the clock again. It had been an hour since Faith walked out that door. He had to peek! Mark opened the door and walked into the hallway. Yes! The guestroom door was cracked open!

Faith knew Mark all too well and must have left it open a crack so he could peek inside and watch! Why hadn't he come out here to check sooner? Mark tiptoed toward the door and saw a dim light inside the room. Mark could see the gown Faith was wearing on the floor along with the heels and thong nearby.

Mark heard the bed squeaking but could only see the footboard from this angle. He'd have to prop open the door further if he wanted to take a look. Mark eased the door open hoping he wouldn't get caught and saw Hank's legs. A little further and he saw Faith's feet locked behind Hank's thighs.

A little further and he saw it all! Hank was screwing his wife! Mark could hear Faith groaning and purring like a kitten under the big man. Her nails were digging into his back as Hank hammered away inside her pussy. Wet sounds filled the room and Mark tried to get a clear picture of the huge black cock disappearing inside his wife.

Mark could see the shaft! Hank was rotating his hips like a pro! Faith moaned and purred with every little twist of his hips. Mark looked near Hanks face but couldn't see Faith. Her face was hidden behind Hand as he rammed himself inside Faith's pussy.

Hank began moving faster as his hips slapped against Faith's upturned ass cheeks. Hank made a grunting noise as if he were choking but Mark knew the big guy was going to cum any second.

Hank lifted his head off the pillow and Mark watched as he listened to Hank begin to grunt and watched as the big man pulled his cock out of Faith's pussy and saw the cum shoot out between her breasts and land on her belly.

Faith had a grip of Hank's meaty arms as he finished squirting his load of cum on Faith's belly.

Mark watched the big guy smearing his cum around her belly with the head of his cock. Mark felt relieved knowing that they remembered she wasn't on the pill!

Mark watched as Hank kneeled straight up as Faith handed him a towel to wipe off his sweat and watched as hank wiped his cum off her belly next. Mark seen enough! He felt relieved and satisfied that Faith's fantasy had just been fulfilled and she remembered to have him pull out when he came.

Mark walked back to their room and laid down in bed stroking his cock. He'd wondered how he'd feel watching his wife actually screwing another man and found it stimulating. Mark had read stories where husbands liked to watch their wives with other men but those were just fantasy! He just lived the real thing!

About an hour later, Faith entered the bedroom and climbed right into bed. Mark immediately pulled her close as they kissed and held each other. She was completely naked and smelled like she just had sex. Mark could smell the scent of masculine cologne on her body with the smell of sex.

Faith put her leg on top of her husband's as he pulled her on top of him as they kissed. Mark was wild with passion as he pulled her up to suck on her tits and furiously licked and sucked them into his mouth.

Mark felt Faith searching for his cock and lifted herself enough to place it between her pussy lips and guided it home. Faith slowly lowered herself on her husband as he held onto her waist.

Mark noticed the difference in tightness almost instantly from having Hank inside her.

He remembered what Hank had told him on the phone that first night but wasn't that concerned because he knew she would tighten again to accommodate his smaller size once Hank was long gone.

Mark bounced Faith above his thighs as she held onto his chest until he shot his load up into her pussy. Faith wiggled her ass above her husband until every last drop of cum had been emptied inside her pussy.

She slowly got off and laid down beside him and held her arm around his chest as she kissed his neck. Mark held her tight as they slowly fell asleep.

Mark woke up the same time as Faith and they got into the shower together. Mark was rubbing her back with the cloth as the water hit her face. He slowly pulled her back and hugged her waist as she wiggled her ass back at him and reached around to hold his cock.

Faith turned and kissed Mark on the lips. "You watched us from the hallway last night, didn't you?"

Mark laughed as he wiped off her tits with the cloth. "Yeah. I was a little late and only saw the tail end of it!"

She laughed as she wiped the lather off his shoulders and pushed him under the water. "I suggest you don't wait as long next time, Mister!"

Mark let the water hit his face as he took in what Faith just said! Next time? Was Faith suggesting that there would be a next time?

Faith cooked breakfast and Hank casually talked to Mark as if nothing took place the night before. He talked about his plane and living in New York and investing in land around where he and Faith lived. It was a fairly normal Saturday as if Hank were a normal guest staying in their house.

Mark noticed that Faith changed again after breakfast into a white top without wearing a bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin white material. She wore white matching shorts because of the hot humid temperature outside.

Hank drove them around to where his company planned on building condos'. It was a pleasant day and ended with a casual dinner at a restaurant at the water. Mark began to feel as if Hank were an old friend who came to visit.

Later that evening, Mark excused himself to use the bathroom and when he returned he stood outside the kitchen and could see Faith embraced in a heated passionate kiss with Hank at the sink.

Mark took a few steps back and cleared his throat and pretended he didn't see them. When he entered the kitchen, he saw Faith wiping off a dish while Hank lifted a glass of wine to his mouth.

"Honey. Hank was just telling me about his last trip to Mexico!"

Mark stood near the frig getting a beer. "Hank. Would you like one of these cold ones?"

"Yeah. Mark! One of those sounds, great! It was getting sort of hot in here."

Mark saw the grin on Faith's face as he gave the can to Hank.

"So. How many times do you travel to Mexico during the year?"

Hank sat on a stool as he clicked open the can of beer. "That was actually my first trip in about three years. I had to go to take a couple of prospective buyers on a short vacation."

"Oh. Did it pan out for you?"

"Yeah. I made them a good deal on several condos for their company."

Faith gave Mark a kiss as she passed by the bar. "Honey. I'm going to change into something comfortable."

Hank continued talking about his deal with the condos until Faith returned wearing her bikini.

Hank turned around and smiled when he saw how attractive she was wearing the tiny black suit.

"Why don't you two guys change and come swim with me?"

Hank took a swig of his beer and smiled at Mark. "I think I'll take Faith up on her offer."

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