tagInterracial LoveOpen Marriage Ch. 12

Open Marriage Ch. 12


Tracy was still kissing Mark and cupping his balls in her dainty little hand until they heard Hank talking to Mr. Davis out in the bedroom. They quickly stopped talking and both of them took another peek through the crack in the door.

"I want to thank you for allowing me to eat your lovely girlfriend out, Hank. She is as adorable as they get!"

Hank had a big smile on his face as he stepped out of his pants and carefully put them on a chair.

"Thank you Mr. Davis. I have to agree with you about Faith. I almost screwed up our relationship messing around with another woman."

Mr. Davis waived his finger at Hank and replied. "You're going to have to behave like a gentleman if you want to keep such a good looking woman around, Hank. Where are you going to find such a lovely woman like Faith?"

Faith strutted out into the bedroom wearing only her high heels and walked up to Hank and gave him a long passionate kiss.

Mr. Davis looked on with wide eyes as he watched Hank rubbing the beautiful blonde housewife's ass.

"Are you ready to give Mr. Davis a show, honey?"

Faith smiled and turned to look at Larry and said. "Larry is going to be my cuckold tonight, aren't you Larry?"

"Yes, my dear. I'm ready to do anything you wish."

Hank put his arm around Faith as they kissed and she held his huge cock in her hand and began stroking it. Faith glanced at Larry with a smile on her face and wiggled her finger on her free hand to come closer.

Larry stood next to the couple keeping his eyes focused on their kiss. He watched as Faith eagerly accepted Hank's tongue inside her mouth. Faith in the mean time pointed down at the floor next to her feet.

Larry got down on his knees like a puppy dog taking orders from his master and pleadingly starred up at Faith who was still locked in a heated passionate kiss with Hank.

Faith finally stopped kissing Hank as she stroked his huge black cock. It was throbbing in her hand like a rocket ready to blast off. She reached down and massaged his huge black balls which were the size of lemons.

"What do you think of Hank's cock, Larry?"

"It's magnificent!"

Hank's cock was only inches away from Larry's nose as Faith circled her slim white fingers around its girth and began stroking it again. A tiny bit of fluid leaked out from the head as she kissed Hank again then looked down at Larry.

"Kiss my pussy for me Larry and tell me what you think Hank should do with my pussy."

Larry leaned forward and kissed her bare mound and stuck his tongue out and licked her skin.

"I think Hank should fuck it."

Faith reached down with her free hand and stroked Larry's hair.

"What if Hank stretches my pussy out so badly that I'd never be satisfied with another man? Is that what you want Hank to do with it?"

"I think Hank should own your pussy, my dear. His cock is superb and built for studding a beautiful woman like you."

Faith gently pulled on Larry's hair and moved his head until his nose touched her mound.

"Kiss it, Larry. I want you to make sure that it's ready for my lover."

Larry's tongue began licking between her slit as Hank leaned over and began licking her boobs. Faith kept one hand on Larry's head while cradling Hank's with the other. Hank licked and bit each breast and cupped each one with his hand as he moved his head back and forth between the two orbs.

Larry had his tongue buried between her slit as he looked up at Hank devouring Faith's boobs.

Faith surprised Larry when she gave a gentle tug on his hair and said. "Get down and lick my feet, Larry."

Larry quickly obeyed her as she let go of his hair and kneeled all the way down and kissed her feet in the heels. Her feet were practically naked with only the tiny straps holding them to her feet so Larry was able to kiss them down to her toes.

Hank raised his head and kissed her lips again while Larry glanced up waiting for her approval of how he was doing.

Faith half kneeled so she could pat Larry on the head and reached down and cupped his chin with her hand. She starred into his pitiful looking eyes.

"You're such a good cuckold, Larry. Do you think I should get on the bed so Hank can fuck me now?"

"Yes, my dear. I'd love to witness your black lover enjoying your beautiful body."

Faith stood straight again and kissed Hank one more time before she walked toward the bed and crawled onto the bed until she was lying in the center. Hank crawled onto the bed and began kissing Faith's thighs. She had one leg propped up while the other was lying straight out. She wiggled her finger at Larry to get on the bed.

Larry watched as Hank kept kissing her inner thighs. Larry kept his distance at a couple feet as he watched Faith rub Hank's hair as he kissed his way up to her chest. Larry watched the couple kiss again as Hank's cock rested on her belly.

A small amount of fluid leaked out making her belly wet as they kissed and Faith reached down and stroked his cock. Larry watched as Hank positioned himself between her legs and watched how she arched her legs back allowing ample room for Hank.

Hank moved his body until the head of his cock was poking at the entrance of her pussy and gently eased forward until the large black mushroom head poked inside. Larry looked nervous as he saw Faith's body tighten.

Larry watched how Hank moved his body back and forth and moved around to get a better view of the big black cock as it entered her beautiful white married body.

Larry just half laid next to them on the bed with his mouth wide open as Hank worked that big cock inside Faith.

"Can you feel it inside you, my dear?"

Faith turned her head slightly to glance at Larry as she concentrated on Hank's cock.

"I can feel every corner inside me when he moves."

Faith turned her head and attention back to Hank as Larry reached out and rubbed her smooth ass just a couple inches away from where Hank's cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.

Tracy was rubbing Mark's balls as they peeked out of the closet. Tracy got down on her knees and took Mark's cock inside her mouth then licked the head before putting it all the way down her throat.

Mark almost lost his balance as Tracy swallowed his cock until his hair touched her nose. Mark had bumped the wall and was afraid someone out there had heard them. He peeked out and still saw them screwing with Larry right next to them on the bed.

Mark rubbed his hands in Tracy's hair as he just leaned against the wall and enjoyed the blow job she was giving him. His mind wandered for a moment as he thought about Mr. Davis.

Mark knew that Hank was very smart and must have something else up his sleeve with Mr. Davis. Hank was probably trying to get more money out of the old man. Perhaps he made some sort of promise. Mark would find out.

Tracy was a cock sucking expert. Mark never experienced a woman with such talent she had with her mouth and tongue. Faith was good but Tracy had a different approach and feel.

Mark wanted her pussy and pulled her face off his cock as he knelt down on the floor still holding onto her head and planted a nice open mouth kiss on her lips. He helped her get situated on the floor and lay on top of her while she took hold of his cock and guided it into her pussy.

Mark plunged inside her as she wrapped her long slim legs around his ass and began screwing her hard as she dug her nails into his back. She kissed him while Mark screwed her. He swayed his hips from each side making her moan out loud. They stopped worrying about being caught as Mark hammered away inside her tight pussy.

Mark screwed Tracy for about ten minutes until she started shaking. She was having an orgasm as Mark tried his best from being dislodged. Tracy finally settled down and held her hands on his chest as she tried to catch her breath.

Mark began plunging into her again until he shot his load deep inside her pussy. They lay on the floor for several moments until Mark realized that someone may have heard them and quickly got on his knees and peeked out of the crack in the door.

Hank was getting dress next to the bed while Mr. Davis had his head between Faith's legs on the bed. Mark figured that Hank was done and Mr. Davis was eating cream pie.

Mark saw Hank adjust the collar on his shirt and taped Mr. Davis on the back.

"I better get back out to the party, Larry. I'll get you a drink and we'll talk when you're though."

Mr. Davis just grunted as a reply and kept his face buried between Faith's legs. Mark saw Hank walk out and close the door and turned back and saw Tracy sitting up smiling at him.

"I don't think anyone heard us in here."

Tracy got up from the floor and felt around on the shelves until she pulled a couple of towels off a rack. She had remembered where most everything was in that closet. Mark wiped his face and padded around his cock and balls.

They got dressed as quietly as they could then Mark peeked out of the crack and saw Mr. Davis getting dress as Faith combed her hair.

They waited until Faith and Mr. Davis exited the bedroom and hurriedly walked out the French doors leading to the upper deck. Mark held Tracy's hand while they walked down the steps to the lower deck.

There were a few people gathered around outside near the pool. Mark spotted Hank walking around inside with a drink in his hand.

Tracy pulled on Mark's shirt and pointed through another window and saw Faith standing with Mr. Davis. He laughed at Tracy when they saw how normal they were trying to appear around the other guests'.

Tracy and Mark entered the house. "I'll get us a couple drinks, Mark."

Mark smiled as Tracy walked over to one of the hostesses as Faith walked up to him.

"How are things going with that adorable little blonde?"

Mark smiled. "I was just about ready to ask you about Hank. I noticed you disappeared for a while."

"Hank and I were discussing a little business with Mr. Davis." Mark chuckled as he replied. "Your not going to tell me that this Davis guy was watching you fuck Hank now is you?"

Faith appeared a little rattled at first then replied. "Mark. Don't be so absurd. How have I had the time to fuck Hank with a house full of guests'?"

Mr. Davis and Hank were walking toward them as Faith held out her hand to Mark and introduced them.

"I'd like you to meet my husband, Mark. This is Mr. Davis, the gentleman that is the main investor in our project."

Mark shook his hand as Mr. Davis greeted him. "It's a real pleasure to finally meet the husband of this fine looking young woman."

Mark noticed a stain on Mr. Davis' shirt and said. "I think you may have spilled a little of your drink."

Mr. Davis glanced down at his shirt. Mark knew it was cum that must have dripped down onto his shirt.

"Thank you, my good man. I'll have to take care of that."

Tracy walked up behind Mark poking him in the back with the drinks in her hands and just caught the tail end of the conversation. She gave Mark his drink and smiled at Mr. Davis.

"Why don't you let me take care of that for you before it's permanently stained?"

Mr. Davis smiled and took hold of Tracy's hand as she took him out to the kitchen. Someone excused himself and wanted to talk to Hank alone leaving Faith with Mark.

Faith took a sip of her drink and smiled at Mark. "That little blonde tart looks like she'd be a hot lay, honey. Have you cornered her in one of the bedrooms yet?"

Mark just starred back at his wife who was looking at him with a devilish grin. "She hasn't had the time. Tracy's been busy making sure all the stains are wiped off those expensive shirts."

Faith tried to act like she hadn't any clue as she replied. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Mark looked down at her cleavage and saw the bit marks and chuckled as he reached out and rubbed the top of her bare boobs.

"Mark! Don't do that out here in public! Someone will see you and it doesn't look very appropriate."

"I think you may have gotten bit by a mosquito or something. Maybe we should have Tracy take a look and put something on that for you."

Faith glanced down at her boobs and replied. "That's not very funny at all, Mark."

Mark just blurted out a reply as he said. "Maybe you ought to be a little more careful when Hank bits your boobs."

Faith playfully shoved Mark just as Tracy returned with Mr. Davis.

"This wonderful young lady is very helpful. She knows just how to get those nasty stubborn cum stains off."

Mark just smiled at Faith as she turned her head to look at him when Mr. Davis made that comment.

Mark took a sip of his drink just before making a reply to Mr. Davis. "You spilled a little bit of cum on your shirt, did you?"

Mr. Davis took hold of Mark's arm. "Please call me Larry. There is no need to be so formal around friends. Tracy told me that you both were aware of my little rendezvous with your wife and Hank."

Faith glanced at Mark with a surprised expression on her face. Mark smiled back at her as he replied to Larry.

"We knew you were getting together but didn't actually know what was going on in there."

Mark was still starring at Faith as Larry held his arm around Mark's back. "Your wife will explain everything. I think you're a very lucky man to have such a gorgeous wife."

Larry looked over at Tracy and added. "Hank told me you had an open marriage. Have you sampled a little of Tracy's pussy yet?"

Mark was stunned by Larry's bold comment and looked over at Tracy then at Faith who was smiling back at Mark as she added. "Have you Mark?"

Mark was just about to utter something when Tracy cut him off. "I've only known Mark for a few hours. Mark hasn't had time to sample anything yet."

Larry chuckled as he heard Tracy's reply and glanced around at all three of them and replied.

"I'm so glad you're all so open about your relationship. I'm looking forward to joining you with Hank again, very soon my dear, Faith."

Larry held out his arm to Tracy and held onto her waist as he reached for Mark's arm with his other hand and added. "I'd like to make the same offer to the both of you if I may."

Mark smiled and said. "What's that, Larry?"

"I'd like to be present to see you deflower this young lady for the first time. Maybe you could allow me to join in on the festivities' by allowing me to lick her sweet pussy after you fill it with cum?"

Mark starred over at Tracy then looked at Faith and went along with his request. "I think that is a wonderful idea. I think I'll let you make arrangements with Tracy."

Faith was eyeing Tracy from head to toe then looked over at Larry and said. "I thought you were only interested in watching an interracial couple?"

Larry chuckled. "I know I'm being a little greedy about this but I might as well talk to all of you about making a deal. I know Hank seems to be busy at the moment but I was thinking about something along the line of twenty-five percent of your commission on the condo project would be sufficient?"

Mark looked at both Faith and Tracy before making a reply and saw that they were thinking so he said. "I think we'll be able to work something out. Maybe we should consult with Hank on this."

"You're very right about that, Mark. You talk it over with Hank and maybe we can plan a private party with the four of you one evening."

Larry shook hands with Mark and gave Faith a little kiss on her cheek before telling everyone he had to leave and catch a plan out early in the morning. Mark smiled as he saw the old man shaking hands with Hank before he departed and when he turned around he saw Faith and Tracy talking in a far corner of the room.

The guests' were starting to leave and Han was busy shaking hands with everyone. Mark was goofing around at the billiards table as he kept an eye on Faith and Tracy.

Mark took a shot at a ball as Faith walked behind him. "Are you ready to go, Honey or are you going to play pool all night?"

Ark put h cue stick down and followed Faith toward the door where Hank was standing. Faith nudged Mark and said. "Hank has to fly out of town early in the morning."

Mark smiled at Faith and replied. "You're not going to fly out with him?"

Faith poked him in the ribs with her elbow as they walked toward Hank. Hank shook Mark's hand first then Mark waited as Hank kissed Faith. It was a quick kiss but on the lips. Mark heard him say he'd call her tomorrow afternoon.

Tracy walked down the stairs carrying a couple bags and her purse. She hurriedly walked to where Faith and Mark were and smiled at Faith.

Hank smiled over at Tracy and said. "I'll see you on Monday."

Mark appeared confused as he looked over at Faith who smiled back saying. "Tracy is going to be staying with us for the weekend."

Tracy kissed Hank on the cheek before following Faith out to their car. Mark waked behind them as they spoke and giggled until they got to the car. Mark wondered what was up as the women got into the back seat together.

Mark heard them laughing and the sound of kissing as he drove home. He wondered again what they had planned for the weekend.

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