tagBDSMOpening Him Up Ch. 02

Opening Him Up Ch. 02


Amy was looking down on her husband, watching the large life like phallus enter into his mouth. She got the strap-on in four inches and then Tim started to choke. "Relax my little bitch and try to think of swallowing my cock." Tim tried and he eventually gained another inch, but for fear of this new sensation he wouldn't go all the way. "Don't worry, I'm going to give you plenty of practice in sucking large dicks," Amy said this with assertion.

Given Tim's position, bent over and tied to the chair, he couldn't look at her face if he wanted. All he could see were the veins of the strap-on moving, and his wife's hips rocking it into his mouth.

"You know, I'm looking at your tight runners' ass, and I think it needs some marks of my ownership on it. I got a cane for you today." Amy started to jam the dildo in at little different angles, but kept the same relaxed rhythm. Tim's jaw was now getting sore, but his mouth was starting to get used to the feel of his wife's fucking. "Do you want to see the cane I'm going to beat your ass with? I'm sure you’ll want to suck that too. But my slut is going to stick to sucking cock for now. Because you’re going to become a great cock sucker." Tim could see Amy's hips looking so feminine above her fishnet stocking, and Tim was seeing that her petite body was showing no signs of getting tired. "So are you ready to see the cane that I'm going to beat you and train you with."

Tim nodded and gave out a moan, as only he could do.

Abruptly his wife grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head up off the strap-on, giving him an instant neck cramp. He still couldn't see up to her face, but the pain made him feel like he was completely at her control. "Yes my Worship. Please let me see what you'll beat and brand my ass with."

"Oh, your branding will come later. These will just be marks for you to show to other women, to explain to them how I beat you." As Amy went to get the cane she went on talking. "How do you think the people you work with would be if they knew your wife was canning you at night. And whilst she beats you, all your capable of thinking of is how you can best serve her next whim." The pain in Tim’s neck was now numbing since she moved to get the cane.

Amy came back with the cane and stood behind him. "I want you to bend your knees a little, and lower your lower back so your ass is out more." As he did what she told him, Tim felt his ass opening to his Worship.

Whack! Tim's body jumped, and he let out a sigh. "Stay still, and I want you to thank me after every swat. Also every time I leave a mark on your ass, I want you to tell me something different that you want me to do. Tell me what will further degrade you into the whore that you really are. And if I like the things that you’re saying, I’ll stop after four more marks have been left on those firm cheeks of yours.”

Whack! "I'm not hearing anything."

Nervous and in a trance her slave responded. "Thank you my Worship. I'd like for the women I work with to see me get it up the ass by my wife, so they can see that I'm nothing but a sissy slut, my Worship."

Whack! "Thank you my Worship. I need you to make me understand that a true slut only likes to be fucked in the ass and sucks lots of cock, my Worship."

Whack! Amy then remarked, "You are showing some nice welts. I love seeing them rise on your so fuckable ass." "Thank you my Worship. I need to be punished often so I learn that I’m just your sissy house maid; only here to serve your whims my Worship."

Whack! "Thank you my Worship. My body is owned completely by you, and it is to be used for your amusement any way you desire, my Worship."

Whack! Tim jumped and wiggled against his will to the pain that had shot through him. Amy could see tears had come down from his eyes. "Quiet, I can give you an extra one if I desire." Amy said, collecting herself. She now felt how wet she had become underneath the strap-on. She could go for her pussy being sucked, but she wanted more to see the double-sided dildo she was wearing, fuck the ass of her husband. She ran her hands down her husband's sweaty spine, and she thought for a second how much she loved him, and pictured him squirming with her large dick in his ass.

She untied him from the chair.

"Get on the bed on your elbows and knees facing the headboard, and wait for me." He got up shaking and weak, now starting to fully accept the fact that he was the submissive. He watched as she lubed up the strap-on from the corner of his eye, and he started to feel fear for how his wife was going to ravish him.

Amy got up behind him on the bed. She started rubbing the dildo's head into the crack of his ass, finding his tight entry. Once she found it she started to slowly put it in. "Just relax, and take in the nice fat cock." Once she got the head in, she slowly pushed it all the way to the base.

Her sissy husband let out an "ahhhhh," as he felt his sphincter rip, compensating for the large cock his wife had. He could also feel the fake hard testicles pushing in the space between his balls and his now stuffed ass hole. His little voluptuous wife began pumping him slowly, and after a few minutes he found himself actually pushing back onto her cock, and at her rhythm! When Amy noticed her slave taking in her rhythm, her eyes started to show a dark smile.

"Mmmm...you know you are such a slut...and you're going to make me cum." Then Amy took a strong grip of his hips and started to quicken her pace. "I'm going to fucking cum in your ass. I can't believe I'm going to cum fucking your ass. Don’t you like that? Don’t you like knowing that your wife will cum when she fucks you in the ass?"

Tim on the verge of cuming himself with no stimulation to his dick said, "Ahhh... yes.”

"Yes what!?!"

"Cum fucking my tight ass my Worship.......ahhhh my Worship. Please take me as your bitch."

"Oh, you BITCH, I'm cuming, yeahhh." Amy digs her nails into his flesh at the waist, and then rakes them down to his welted ass cheeks as she gives him one last thrust. As she climaxed she heard Tim scream in pure pain at her pleasure. She then fell to her side on the bed with husband, leaving her large cock in him.

Amy then spoke catching her breath. "That was good. Did you like that?"

"Yes my Worship."

"You don't have to call me that now. Amy quickly looked at the sheets below where Tim was being fucked by her. “You didn't cum, and you still liked it?"


"You like me taking your ass, huh...hehe" Amy then started to slowly rock her hips, causing the dildo to move in and out of her husband.

"Yes my Worship. Yes, it hurt at first, but I like you fucking my ass."

"What if I keep my dick in you tonight? And every time I turn or move in bed you’ll be reminded of how you're my bitch." Tim's eyes widened.

Amy continued to rock her hips. "I could go for some real dick though, myself. It looks like you're only a pussy now. So I can't get dick from you. Not real dick at least. Hmmm. What should I do? Do you think I should find a real man with a nice long cock to fuck me? Because yours right now is looking very little in comparison."

Amy then started to push up against her now sissy husband's ass; hurting the sore welts she had given him. "Please Amy...ahhhh..." Tim was feeling the dildo pushing against his soft insides, and felt himself turning into the vulnerable bitch. "I love you Amy."

"Yeah." She then smiled and pulled out of him. She noticed the gaping wide hole left at his ass. "Did you know your ass is still open wide from all the fucking I just gave you?” Tim felt embarrassed like a true sissy, and felt afraid to say anything his dominating wife.

"I like seeing your ass open like that. Turn on your belly." Amy now spread his cheeks and saw the gap wide open. She let out some spit to watch it fall into her slave's shaven ass. His sphincter closed for a second when the spit hit his insides. Amy let out a short laugh and Tim felt the humiliation of her owning his body. "Now that your cherry is popped I'm going to have all kinds of fun stretching you; even wider so you’ll be able to take anything up the ass. Think about that when you’re at work tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about it." She looked serious and got up on her knees above him and took off the strap-on.

"You want to cum baby." Amy said this teasing him, but still in complete control.

"Get on your back." Tim turned onto his back. "Now open your legs. I heard about this from one of my friends that also dominates her effeminate husband." Amy then got between his legs and placed his dick inside of her very wet tight pussy. "I can't move much because of your little dick, but I will be able to fuck you in a... so called reverse missionary style." Tim's legs were spread with his wife in between them. His dick hurt a little being in such a different position from how they normally made love. She started to make little movements up and down, and it felt as though SHE had the dick, and that she was fucking him in HIS pussy.

Until now he hadn't been able to see how beautiful she was tonight. Her dark shoulder length hair hung down the sides of her pale gothic face. She didn’t have a piercing on her face, but she wore the dark eyeliner and dark lipstick that she knew both turned him on and frightened him. A leather corset covered the lower part of her breast. Tim loved her even though he feared the power she possessed over him. As she kept moving above him, he found himself talking like a slut. "Oh fuck me, harder. Please my Worship. Please keep fucking me, my Worship." He couldn’t believe the words escaping his mouth. His orgasm quickly tore through his body, whilst she came, trembling at the same time. Tim’s body felt as though it had just been filled with her cum.

Amy then pulled herself close to him, letting her hair grace the sides of his head. She came down to his lips and they shared a very loving and soft kiss. It felt great to be with her, and after a very long kiss, Amy moved her mouth to his ear and whispered, "I love you Tim."

To be continued...

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