tagFetishOpening Up: Morning

Opening Up: Morning


Hot, dick-throbbing dreams filled Aaron's head as he slept. The fact that he did so in a pretty blue diaper full of his own piss and cum only made the dreams more arousing. He awoke early in the morning to find his hand down the front of the diaper, which bulged with his morning erection. He glanced at Helen, who had shed her sexy clothing during the night and now lay nude beside him. She snored lightly, clearly still asleep. The digital clock on the nightstand read 4:45 AM.

With a small smirk, he slid his hand farther down his damp diaper. He gripped his cock, slick with his fluids, and slowly stroked the shaft. The diaper crinkled noisily with every movement. He watched Helen carefully, but she didn't move. Convinced she wasn't going to wake up, he turned his fully attention to himself.

Pleasure coursed through him. He closed his eyes and gently bit his lower lip. A low moan slipped out of his throat. He increased his speed, and the crinkling grew louder. After a few minutes, he felt his body tense. He arched his back, curled his toes, and let his hard cock explode yet again in the diaper. He groaned in relief with the release.

"Such a naughty little boy," Helen said.

Aaron jumped at her voice. He jerked his hand out of the diaper, but he was still semi-hard. It was all too obvious what he'd been doing. He grinned at her sheepishly. She shook her head at him, the way a mother would shake her head at a child's transgression.

"Sorry, babe," he whispered.

"Yeah, you look so sorry." Her eyes drifted to his bulge. Before he could muster an answer, she added, "And it looks much wetter than before you went to sleep."

His face flushed and he couldn't help but swallow hard. She clicked her tongue and lifted the front of the diaper with one finger. She peeked inside and shook her head again.

"You pissed yourself, didn't you? You're pathetic."

"I-" he started.

She held up a hand and he immediately closed his mouth. The look in her eye said that she wasn't going to put up with his bullshit. She slid off the bed and crossed her arms, looking at him disapprovingly.

"Well, you lay there until I come back," she told him. "I'm going to use the toilet, like an adult. You will wait in your sissy bitch diaper."

"Yes, ma'am," he squeaked.

She smirked. "Ma'am? Trying to win some brownie points, huh? Tsk tsk."

She pointed a finger at him sternly, then headed to the master bath attached to the bedroom. He didn't move. She left the door open and he could hear her piss hitting the toilet water. He hadn't considered it before, but it was somehow arousing to listen to his pee. His dick started to throb again. By the time she finished up and returned to the bedroom, the diaper was bulging.

"Damn, baby," she chuckled. "You're insatiable lately. But I think you've have enough of that for a while."

He stared at her, his eyes pleading. She shook her head, this time clearly refusing his request. Her arms crossed over her naked breasts and she scowled at him. For a moment, he simply watched her. But the lack of amusement in her face undercut his enthusiasm. He softened until the bulge faded.

"That's a good boy," she said. "But, I believe I told you last night to stay dry. You didn't. So, you have to be punished again. Since you seem to really like diapers, you're going to get another one. It'a good thing I bought a whole case."

A shiver ran down his spine. Without any further explanation, she opened the closet and drew out baby wipes and another diaper. She set both down beside him on the bed, then opened the top drawer of her dresser. With a wicked smirk, she withdrew something from the drawer. He couldn't see what it was, but the look she gave him sent chills through his body. A tiny spurt of pee leaked out of his dick.

Helen sauntered over to him, her hands behind her back. When she reached the bed, she stood over him. If it were anyone other than his sweet, beloved Helen, Aaron would be deeply concerned about what was coming. Slowly, teasingly, she showed her hands. She held a pink piece of hard plastic. It took Aaron a few moments to realize it was a toy meant to keep him from getting fully erect. His eyes widened.

"Um..." he muttered nervously. "What's that for?"

Helen giggled. "You know exactly what it's for. You're such a naughty boy. Clearly, I can't trust you not to play with yourself whenever you get a chance. And it's obvious you really like the diaper, so you'll be needing this."

"I don't understand..."

She made a face. "You're being intentionally dense, aren't you? Alright, I'll be simple. You're gonna wear a diaper all day long."

He sat up and opened his mouth, clearly intending to object. Helen held up a hand and he shut his lips. She pointed a finger downward and he laid back flat on the bed.

"Now, you're going to wear this thing. And you're going to piss in it. I don't even care if it leaks. You better hope it doesn't, 'cause you're not off the hook if it does. Anyway, to keep you from pitching a 'widdle bitty' tent in your diaper, or from shooting your spunk again, I'm gonna lock you in this."

He tried to protest again, but she firmly pressed her hand over his mouth. "Shut up, damn it. God, you're such a whiny little bitch. No, you know what? I bought something else for you - well, more for me. Wait here. Silently!"

He pursed his lips together to emphasize his obedience. She set the cock cage on the bed and returned to the closet. After a moment of digging around, she produced another diaper. Except this one was powder pink. Aaron almost peed himself again - but his bladder was empty by now. Still, he continued to follow his instructions and did not sit up or talk.

Helen returned to him again. "Now, since you're such a little bitch pansy, you're gonna wear a girl's diaper. If you can't behave, I'll make you wear one of my fucking miniskirts that doesn't fully hide your shame, if you know what I mean. Now, are you going to be a good little b- I mean, girl?"

He hesitated, but nodded. She smiled again. "Good. Now, let's get this pathetic little mess cleaned up."

They were silent as she untaped the wet diaper he'd slept in. She pulled it away from him, folded it into a ball, then dropped it in the waste basket beside the bed. Using two baby wipes, she carefully cleaned his butt and groin. The sensation of her touch against his dick made him start to grow. His cock throbbed twice before she grabbed it and roughly bent it down.

"Good little girls don't have erections," she told him menacingly. "Relax, or you're wearing my black miniskirt."

The thought of going to the office dressed up in a skirt and a diaper thrilled him, but the reality of it was overwhelmingly frightening. His dick quickly softened, even in her hand, until it all but disappeared. She took her chance to lock him in the cock cage. With expert movements, she wrapped him in the pink diaper. A cacophonous mixture of thoughts flooded his mind. He had always enjoyed the idea of diapers, and of being treated like a woman. In theory, it was all so erotic. But he dared not let anyone know about his perversions. At least Helen was letting him wear his own clothing to work. At least the diaper would be hidden.

"Of course," she said, patting his crinkly diaper, "the rules from last night apply. You can't piss anywhere except in this diaper, but you better not do anything else in it. I have a fuck-load of punishments ready for you, if I need to use them. I would like to stretch them out, though. Now, you understand how this is gonna work?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied sheepishly.

"Good girl. Now, I'll let you get dressed. I'm going to wash my hands after dealing with your mess. I'll meet you in the kitchen. Go."

He rose off the bed as she headed for the bathroom. Choosing an outfit was easy. Simple khaki slacks, a button down shirt, and his usual shoes. He had a simple style. With a glance toward the bathroom, he sighed. If he drank as little as possible today, maybe he wouldn't need to use the diaper too much. Hopefully, it wouldn't leak.

He headed to the kitchen. Helen joined him a few minutes later, now wearing a white and pink cotton nightgown that stopped at her thighs. Her erect nipples were visible beneath the fabric. The cock cage kept him from getting hard, but he felt the arousal swim through him. He shuddered at the thoughts of what he wanted to do to her - or for her to do to him.

"Stop staring at me so lecherously," she commanded. "You'll just hurt your pathetic little dick. And I might find a use for that thing later."

He looked away from her tits. They made small talk as he made a bowl of cereal. She ate a granola bar while the coffee brewed. Midway through his cereal, she set a large mug of coffee in front of him.

"No thanks," he said.

"No, you're drinking it," she replied. "And two more cups after that."

He looked up at her. She wanted him to pee himself. Did she want his diaper to leak? He glanced at the mug, then back at her. She crossed her arms and glowered at him. With a shudder, he took the cup and drank a few sips.

"Better drink fast. You've only got forty-five minutes."

"Yes, ma'am."

With a smirk, she replied, "Good bitch."

Forty-five minutes later, he was on his way to work with three cups of caffeinated coffee working its way to his bladder. His fingers trembled as he considered the realization that he was probably going to soak himself today. With a deep breath, he calmed himself. Even with three cups of coffee, he had a pretty large bladder and a strong one to boot. He could hold it most of the day, only peeing when it was absolutely necessary. He would be fine.

The management office of Wilham & Baynes Law was only a half hour drive on the expressway. As he made his way there, images of Helen drifted to his mind. As did ideas of what she might do to him later that night. He throbbed against the cage, sending surges of pain through his groin. He sighed and turned on the radio, diverting his attention.

Once he reached the office, he couldn't help but think that no one even considered the idea that he was wearing a pink diaper and a cock cage at work. It seemed like everyone looked at him differently. Maybe he was acting strangely. He didn't hear any loud crinkly noises. Surely, no one else heard. His heart raced, his extremities twitched. He had never experienced a thrill like this, and it was only the beginning of the day.

Work was normal. Well, as normal as a day can be when one is a fully grown adult man wearing a pretty pink diaper. But, after an hour, the coffee had worked its way through his system. The pressure in his bladder was intense. He sat in his office with a few other people. He quickly, discreetly glanced around the room. Nobody was really paying attention. It seemed like the best time. It took more effort than he expected to relax himself enough to actually pee himself at work. It had been so easy last night.

After several minutes, and a few careful breathing exercises, he was able to relax his bladder. The piss came flooding out of him like a river. His eyes shot open as wide as they would go and he froze. All the blood rushed from his face as he literally soaked his diaper in a matter of seconds. He clenched his muscles, but his bladder didn't respond. He continued to pee, uncontrollably, until he was empty - and his diaper was utterly filled.

His gaze darted rapidly across the room, at each person in the office with him. None of them looked at him, busy with their own papers. He could've sworn his heart was beating so hard that they could hear it. He shuddered. Discreetly, he reached a hand under his desk and pressed it against his crotch. The hot piss wasn't all absorbed yet, and some of it sloshed around against his ass. But his pants were dry. Breathing rapidly, he slowly bent his knees and partially rose from the seat. Bending backward just a bit, he tried to coax the rest of the liquid to the back of the diaper, where it was still mostly dry. He felt the pee run along his skin. After a few seconds, he gingerly sat back down. The diaper squished against his ass. He almost came from the feeling. Only biting his tongue held it off.

It took several minutes of careful, mindful breathing to calm his heart rate. He sniffed several times, but didn't notice any pee smell. No one else seemed to, either. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. But he kept his hand against himself. Making sure he wasn't being watched, he pushed the soggy diaper against his locked up dick again. He moaned softly, throbbing beneath his own touch. Slowly, he started to rub himself through the diaper. The cage prevented him from getting any real contact, and it made his semi-erection painful. But somehow, it was better than he'd ever felt alone.

He looked around again and froze. Across the hall, in the office opposite, Addison Meyers, the newest intern, was staring at him. He suddenly realized that his desk didn't hide his crotch area. And she was watching him play with himself. She didn't move, only stood in the other office and stared at him. Her green eyes were wide, and he knew she knew what he was doing. She probably had no idea that he was wearing a flooded pink diaper, but she knew he was trying to cum.

He watched her for a moment. Then, slowly, started rubbing his diaper again. Addison continued to stare at him. Then, someone else in her office said something and she turned away. Aaron stopped as soon as she looked away, precum dripping from his dick tip. He licked his lips and glanced around his office. It was strange how little attention his coworkers paid to each other.

After that, work returned to normal. His wet diaper pushed his thighs apart more than usual, forcing him to waddle a little to walk. But he was able to disguise it with a fake limp. Any time someone asked about it, he claimed his knee was acting up. He didn't even have a bad knee, but they didn't know that. Finally, lunch break came.

He was sitting in the office with his cheeseburger when Addison walked into the break room. She stopped at the doorway and looked at him. He paused in mid-bite to meet her gaze. She cleared her throat, and moved to the fridge. When she bent slightly to reach for a can of soda on the middle shelf, he couldn't help but look at her tight round ass. The tight, long black-and-white skirt she wore displayed the curve of her butt perfectly. His dick jumped as well as it could in the cage.

He looked away when she closed the fridge. She glanced over her shoulder at him. When he met her gaze, she half-smiled. Without a word, she sauntered back toward the door. She hesitated at the threshold.

"Your pants are wet," she told him before she left the room.

His heart leapt into his throat and he grabbed his crotch. Sure enough, the fabric was damp between his legs. Before he could stop it, he started pissing again. The diaper, too full to hold any more liquid, immediately began to seep into his light colored pants. The dampness traveled down his crotch toward his ass. He jumped up, sending the wet spot down the inside of is thigh. It stretched a few inches before he was finally able to stop the flow.

He could barely breathe, or even move. Someone started talking just outside the room and he immediately sat back down. That turned out to be a mistake. The pee in the diaper immediately squeezed out into his pants around his ass and onto the chair. It felt like there was no color left in his face as two of his male coworkers entered the room. Neither took notice of Aaron's predicament as he carefully placed his hands over his crotch and closed his legs the best he could with the thick diaper.

Once they left, he considered his options. He had never gone home early before, but he had several sick days saved up. What would his excuse be? He couldn't hide how wet his ass was. He could claim to have sat in something, though. And if he said he was throwing up, too, he might have a chance to escape without much more hassle.

He took several breaths, closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. Pee started leaking from his dick again. Panic started to set in. This time, he couldn't stop it. He sat in his own piss, fighting back actual tears, as he soaked his chair. There was no way he was getting out of the building without being spotted by several people. There was no salvaging his pride at this point.

He shuddered, then sighed. His stability returned as the last drips of pee dropped into the diaper. He knew what he had to do. No one was looking. So, he waddled to the coffee pot on the counter, "accidentally" dumped the entire pot onto the floor, then did his best impression of slipping through it. Hopefully, the coffee scent would be strong enough to override the piss scent that, doubtless, start up soon. The chair was ruined. He opened the cabinet under the sink and withdrew the strongest cleaner agent he could find. It was a spray bottle, and he nearly emptied it on the wet spot on the seat cushion.

Another coworker walked in. This time, the break room was too much of a mess not to notice. The man raised his eyebrows.

"Goddamn, Aaron!" the man said. "What the hell happened here?"

"Fucking coffee spill," Aaron replied. "Someone spilled some on the floor, and I slipped trying to get some, and... it's a big fucking ordeal. And now I'm drenched in fucking coffee. Fuck it. I'm going home to change."

The man smirked and chuckled. "Jesus, Aaron. You made a real mess in here. I think Mr. Dunhurst will understand. You go on and get out of here. I'll cover you the rest of the day, and let Dunhurst know what happened."

"Oh, man, thanks so much, Rob. It was such a good day until this bullshit."

Rob laughed again, but Aaron knew he was laughing at the situation rather than at Aaron directly. Waddling, Aaron made his way out of the break room and made his way to the car. He really didn't want to get piss all over his car seat. It wasn't the fanciest car in the world, but it was his baby. Fortunately, he'd picked up the newspaper before leaving the house. He laid out the pages on the seat before sitting down.

The drive home was quick. When he started to unlock the door, the knob turned and the door opened. Helen stood there, staring at him. She glanced at his wet crotch and immediately burst out laughing.

"Oh my God, Aaron," she said in between breaths. "You fucking pissed yourself at work. What the hell, man? Oh, wait, you're not a man, are you? You're a little bitch of a girl. You're so fucking pathetic!"

She shook her head and chuckled. "Get in here, baby. I'll get you cleaned up, but don't think that's the end of this. If you're gonna piss all over yourself like this, I have no choice. Well, you'll see. Come on, 'baby.'"

Aaron hung his head and waddled into the house.

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