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Orgasm Racing


Prologue -

She was back on the dating scene and it was a nightmare; between the blind dates set up by well meaning friends, strangers ogling her at bars,the gym, married men at work and online dating, she was ready to say fuck it and go lesbian. Then without warning she met him, well sort of, on an online dating website. His picture was HOT!! Tall, blonde, ice blue eyes and a gorgeous smile framed by deep sexy dimples. On top of all of that, his e-mails were sexy and funny as hell. Still she was not a novice to online dating so she thought it would be cool to wait a while and see if he was "normal" whatever that meant. Then to her surprise she went from curious to anxious to downright desperate to meet him.

He made no bones about the fact that it was her ass in a bikini picture that captured his attention and the long chocolate colored curls, café au lait colored complexion, green eyes and soft, full lips also helped him select her profile initially. But it was her quirky (I love Lucy meets the chocolate Monica Zeller) personality that sealed the deal. The fact that she loved to write erotic literature and could give him a raging hard on in less than 1 minute during texts and IM chats was just a bonus.

It was a big surprise to her when he became reticent to meet in person and she was confused and frustrated when he decided to slow things down and held off their in-person meeting.

Since he was in Philly and she was in MD, their communications had been virtual and to make it more personal she had gotten in the habit of writing sexy stories for him and he loved them and would respond with the most insightful thoughts that revealed his intellect, sensitivity in a manner that was truly compelling. One such story was conceived as she recounted a version of how she lost her virginity to a sexy Latin guy in undergrad. Antonio,had observed her for months under the guise of friendship, and finally he tapped into her competitive nature and lured her into a game affectionately dubbed the orgasm race.

Once she told him the story, he was so intrigued by that they frequently tormented each other during phone sex by describing their version of the orgasm race, what might happen when two sexy, reserved people with intense chemistry pushed everything to the side and just got down to business - in the 69 position, simultaneously performing oral sex on each other to see who would get the other to cum first. But before they could actually experience it she had gone from frustrated to pissed and decided that if he made her wait more than 30 days to physically meet him, she would not fuck him when they did, not even to win the bet. Though she was likely to suffer as much or perhaps even more than he would she would never go back on that promise made to herself, well probably no way.


Walking up to Ben's door was the most challenging, exciting and frightening experience she'd had in a long time. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach and tingling inside of her hungry, pussy before he even opened the door. When he did open it and looked at Alex with his sexy smile and that lazy gaze she felt the wetness gush inside of panties but held it together in the hopes of setting the tone and tenor of our meeting. Her thought was to keep it light and friendly so she quickly reached up and put her small hands on each shoulder and kissed his cheek making sure the situation and the type of kiss reinforced her no-sex policy on our first meeting, resulting from their post-thirty day meeting. Ben had agreed to it when we finally set up this visit and Alex was relieved and disappointed. But as he looked at her she suddenly realized he was never shy as she had assumed, his quiet confidence radiated through him, and his intense stare never wavered as he wrapped one large hand behind my neck and placed the other on her hip slowly but steadily pulling her into him. She was unable to do more than follow his lead, and could not even pull her eyes from his gaze as it occurred to her that the reason he was so casual about the no sex on the first meeting rule was because he had no intention of adhering to it. Sure he was not going to "technically" break the rule, but he would have no problem getting and keeping Alex so excited she begged him to break it. So, being a prepared but horny opponent, she was careful - it was game on and Alex wanted going to win.

First Quarter:

Even though we did not discuss it, Alex took the liberty of bringing the ingredients for his favorite German dish. She had carefully selected each ingredient with care and liked the idea of surprising him by cooking for him rather than going out to dinner. Ben had made me wait so long and it was so rare for her to find someone who appreciated her sexy but quirky nature, she did not want to share him with another living soul. After being out there on her own for so long, he was a gift and Alex wanted him all to herself to finally be able to see his facial expressions as they talked, to walk by him and rub against his chest or his back or casually touch his hand while talking. She had so many fantasies and was curious about everything about him, but her sensuous nature dominated most of her curiosity and she wondered about his scent, taste the size and shape of his cock. Just to feel his strong arms and chest against her had wet as rain and the smell him made her lick my lips, but the most irksome and erotic part of the meeting so far was the obvious fact that he knew the exact effect he was having on me and it amused the hell out of him. Fucker.

As she reveled in finally just being able to look at Ben and touch him at will Alex thought, these were all things most people who actually met before they started the infamous fall, took for granted, but not me. She felt like she had been in a coma and could hear voices all around her but could not adequately respond because her arms and legs were paralyzed. This dinner, which she hoped was the first of many was very important to me. She wanted to immerse herself in Ben and experience him like jumping into a pool that covered me from head to toe.

Luckily he was a good sport about the dinner... she made a German favorite, stuffed pork chops with sauerkraut, spiced apples and German potato salad. They drank a couple of bottles of a great Riesling and sat on the couch talking into the night. They put movies into the DVD player but never stopped talking long enough to watch them. All night Alex and Ben sat no more than 5 inches from each other, him looking into her beautiful eyes, staring at soft, full mouth and full firm breasts from time to time, once he looked at her cleavage so long her nipples got hard right in front of him.

He was staring at her intently at one point when she worked up the nerve to softly touch his fingers, then his hand and finally to hold his hand inside of her soft smaller one, and she never stopped looking at him, his hands, legs, chest, face, eyes, dimples he was so gorgeous. The feeling that she had holding his hand was the physical equivalent of what Alex imagined it would feel like lying in his arms post-coitally - content, safe, satisfied, cherished. He was so gentle yet there was a power in him that was barely contained and she wanted to tap into it, she could not wait to poke the lion.

The wine was great, but they did not even need it to loosen up - both of them typically reserved though for Alex it was more accurately characterized as shy. They were not at all uncomfortable with each other, there was a comfort that was felt so deeply yet it never sufficiently masked the sexual tension. Never for an instant was she not aware of his dick, or did she stop thinking what it might feel like if he stopped talking with his mouth and moved it to her neck to taste her skin, or if he let go of her hand to pull her closer to him and kiss her mouth, she began to hate the fact that she made that stupid no sex rule. What the hell had she been thinking.

Around 3 a.m. they decided to head upstairs and go to bed, again she wondered would this be it. Would they be able to lie next to each other all night without giving in to the passion? Alex never had to wonder if he felt it too. It was in his every gaze, while she was cooking she frequently caught him glancing at her ass, and he never even looked apologetic, just smiled that bad boy smile and kept talking. Once she bent over to remove something from the oven and heard him moan as he watched her ass take a position that had often been a part of his fantasies, and it made her smile to know that he was just as affected, especially when she noticed him turn to adjust his pants. Once he laughed outright when she noticed him watch the rise and fall of her breasts as she talked passionately about something and without thinking, pulled her to him into a passionate kiss, pulling her bottom lip inside his warm, moist mouth as he gripped her ass with both hands. The intensity of her response was startling as she melted against his hard body, holding on to his broad shoulders and opened her thighs to ride his rock hard cock as he used his hands on her ass to pull her closer and grind against her knowing he was rubbing her clit by her moaning and gasping into his mouth, feeling her heat. As she moaned his name into his mouth he groaned and slowly disentangled, gently setting her back.

Oh yes, he was a consummate gentleman, dammit. When they finally upstairs he offered her the bathroom first, she showered, changed into her pj's and was careful not to put on something too sexy, too obvious, so he would think he stood a chance - that maybe he could resist her. Though she did not take into consideration the fact that when slipped the pink nightgown over her body, the voluptuous curves turned it from a casual t shirt to a sexy barrier to her ripe, firm, soft, body... when she came out of the bathroom still a little damp, smelling like heaven, her beautiful golden skin everywhere he looked, and her soft curly hair framing that gorgeous face he knew he would be fucking her until the sun came up that morning. He grabbed her and pulled her into his chest, all thoughts of any games they might have been playing gone. He watched her pupils dilate as she saw his face and mouth descend onto hers and made a slight sound that could have been from fear or excitement just before he claimed her mouth in a passionate, intoxicating kiss. His hands were everywhere - in her hair, on her face, neck, sliding the nightgown up so he could feel her hips, her ass her stomach, as his chin moved the deep neckline of her nightgown down and her nipple popped out and he sucked it and backed her up against the bed until she sat down then pushed her onto her back and kissed his way down to her stomach. He felt her thighs tense up but he would have none of it, he firmly pushed them open and slipped her clit into his mouth and allowed himself the pleasure of sucking it and tasting her for one full minute before he raised up and looking at her with those lazy hooded eyes told her, "don't move a muscle, don't touch yourself, just stay right as you are until I get back from my shower. " He growled looking down on her lying on his bed.

He started out with the intention of taking the fastest shower of his life, but once inside with the hot water washing over his body, he realized it might be useful to jerk one out just so he did not cum after 5 thrusts like a high school student, by the time he finished and stepped outside, already orchestrating the nights activities, positions he planned on fucking her in, flying through his mind like plays for a quarterback - when he noticed she was still, as he approached her he realized she was still on her back, her legs slightly open - exactly as he had left her, but sleeping. She looked like a naughty angel, her coral colored nipple was still peaking out above her neckline, her gown twisted from his manipulations but her soft, deep breaths were an indication of how deeply asleep she was. He thought of waking her but remembered she had driven all the way from MD, made him an incredible home-cooked meal, talked for hours and she was probably exhausted. Also he admitted to himself that he loved the idea of her feeling so safe, being so comfortable with him, in his home, in his bed, their first meeting that she could fall asleep in such a vulnerable position. he new that of all people she was not exactly the most trusting person and it touched him more than he realized that she trusted him. so he gently pulled her up to the pillow, spooned her and fell asleep with her soft breathing and fragrant skin all around him.

Second Quarter

She awakened in stages, first the intoxicating feeling of being enveloped in this incredibly strong warm. What? It wasn't a blanket it felt like arms. Then the night flooded back to her in a woosh. The dinner, the wine, the effortless way they could talk about anything - everything - or just sit quietly, the heat he turned up by merely looking at a part of her body. Eyes - small flame, breasts - medium flame, mouth - high flame. More than a glance at any one part of her or all of the above and she was soaking wet and on fire. The incredible feel of his full beautiful mouth on her pussy made her moan out loud. Yet they had done it. They had spent an entire night together without making love. She thought she would be happy, that she would feel like she had won something, since it was her idea yet she felt sadly disappointed. Maybe he did not want her after all, maybe she was not as sexy as she thought she was, nahhh that could not be it she laughed to herself quietly.

She slipped out of bed, brushed teeth and hair and went downstairs. She needed a newspaper and a cup of coffee but the best she could find was an old issue of the Economist so she was about to settle down and read in the dining room when she spotted the pool. Oh my God, how had she forgotten he had a pool? She slipped into her bathing suit and headed right outside and swam several laps. Feeling lazy she read the paper, loving the way the hot rising sun warmed her legs and inner thighs It was not long before she was feeling the heat and that pressure of wanting him, his mouth and hands on her and then suddenly with a small gasp of delight she remembered, she was not at home, pining away for him. He was right upstairs, like a child on Christmas she ran up the stairs two at a time into the bedroom with every intention of waking him up in the sexiest way, but he was not there. She looked around, and he was no where to be found. The disappointment settled on her like a weight. She knew it would be time to drive back home soon and wanted to tantalize him into fucking her stupid.

He was just entering the room with the phone up to his ear, talking to someone when he mouthed hello to her and winked. She winked back, raised her eyebrows and with a devilish smile of her own, started to slowly remove her bathing suit in front of him, she never took her eyes off of him as she slipped the straps off her shoulders and peeled the Lycra away from her body, slowly revealing each full breast, her flat stomach, tiny waist and curvy hips, his eyes darkened suddenly seeing her kicking it off her feet as she began to rub her hands on the inside of her thighs, dipping into her wet pussy and sliding her finger inside her mouth,

"fuck" was the last thing she heard him say before he tossed the phone into the corner and strode over to her and pulled her sexy, naked body against him, still in his t shirt and boxers and started kissing her neck and pulled her head back to taste her lips. She never knew what happened to the phone or the caller.

His fingers were very busy, as he stepped behind her for a sec, teasing her lips, her nipples, sliding down her stomach to taste for himself the wetness he had seen on her fingers, he could smell the evidence of her arousal and it was a potent aphrodisiac, when he slid his fingers between her legs and felt the amount of wetness waiting for him it was too much, he had so many plans - what he wanted to do to her, what she would do to him, all gone as he gently but firmly pushed her backwards on the bed and finished what he started last night. This time he was like a man possessed, he opened her legs with a growl and pushed the lips of her pussy aside until he could see the hood of her swollen clit, right there proud, swollen, pink and red and he gobbled it up.

He started sucking it slowly and so gently at first for a second she thought he changed his mind, when she realized the softness he was using she began to wiggle and writhe trying to encourage him to suck harder she pushed her clit into his mouth but he simply looked up at her, sexy eyes hooded once more, impenetrable, staring at her as he sucked and sucked and sucked the heat was almost unbearable as slowly his sucking became more powerful until finally she knew it was time, she knew her body well enough to know she was going to orgasm and it would be powerful.

She was about to give him an orgasm alert when she remembered the game – Hell, this bastard was trying to win the orgasm race. little did she know he was beyond those games he was merely enjoying himself by pleasuring her and about to ram his thick cock into her tight, hot little pussy when suddenly with the grace of a cat, she pulled her legs off the sides of the bed and hopped up. She stood in front of him and pushed him onto his back and climbed on top so that her legs were on his calves and pulled him into her mouth and slid her hands around his ass, pulling his long, fat cock deep inside her mouth by pushing his buttocks up, she held him in her mouth and sucked in earnest and he literally could not have described what she was doing he felt so many intense emotions and sensations, her soft lips, her busy tongue, the suction of her wet mouth all sliding up and down his cock as her hands pushed his dick deeper and deeper into her throat, all the while she looked into his eyes.

He laid his head back and just enjoyed all the sensations, and was stunned to realize he was seconds away from cumming, when he heard her giggle. He raised his head and looked into her eyes and saw the playfulness, the delight and remembered that goddamn bet. FUCK - he was gonna loose, oh well somebody had to win, might as well be her, just before he settled his head back down on the bed again to prepare for the oncoming orgasm, she pulled her mouth away for one second and uttered one word with the little laugh – "pussy" she whispered and laughed " hahaha"

No fucking way, he grabbed her by the waist, turned her body to the side making sure not to disengage his cock, pulled her legs up along his chest and shoulders and opened her thighs wide, stuck his face inside and almost erupted from the intoxicating smell coming from her pussy, he could not wait to lick her up and there was a lot to lick. He was busy sticking his tongue inside her incredibly tight cunt, when he remembered the task at hand and slid his hot mouth over her clit, as he pushed two strong fingers inside, rubbing against her spot. She screamed his name, "Ben, fuck please don't stop" she begged him. He sucked and sucked and sucked, when he got her into the zone he was surprised to find she had let go of his penis, she was so excited and frustrated from his technique of getting her right up there to the edge and pulling back, when he could literally feel her clit begin to vibrate then stop, he would move his mouth to the insides of her thighs or worse start licking her and laughing knowing it was not what she wanted, she wanted to feel his magical mouth suck, not teasingly lick the sides of her swollen clit.

By the 5th time she had gotten close with no satisfaction she was begging him, literally begging, "please fuck me, please i want to cum, i want to cum, i want to cum.... please i will do anything just tell me what you want, please" she gasped incoherently, this man almost had her talking in tongues. When he looked up and saw tears in her beautiful eyes, he could wait no longer, he got down to business, but not before she grabbed his cock inside her mouth, moving her hand up and down the shaft, kissing, sucking, grazing it with her teeth, he never knew what turned him on more, his cock in her beautiful extremely competent mouth or hearing her scream as her climax approached.

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