tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOther Mother's Boys

Other Mother's Boys


Caroline and Emily Jackson were identical twins. They had recently celebrated their eighteenth birthday. Both Caroline and Emily were in the second year of their studies at the local college.

Caroline and Emily lived with their parents. The young women had invited their boyfriends Ian and Simon over as their father, a self-employed electrical engineer was working away for a few days and their mother was visiting her sister.

The evening had seen the four youngsters consume a large amount of alcohol. The four went upstairs leaving the stereo on in the lounge. Caroline and Ian went into her bedroom; Emily and Simon went into hers.

The four were unaware that Caroline and Emily's mother had returned home early, as her sister felt unwell. The teenagers only realised they had been caught out when Heather started to walk upstairs. The four went into panic as the guys quickly dressed. As Ian and Simon left the bedrooms Heather at the top of the stairs confronted them. Heather knew both Ian and Simon. She told them both to come back at eleven in the morning to discuss the matter. The embarrassed teenagers both agreed and quickly left. Heather spoke to both daughters about not having their boyfriends over as their father didn't particularly like or trust Ian and Simon.

Heather was a little surprised that at eleven the following day both Ian and Simon called at the house. Caroline and Emily had already left to college for the day. Heather let them both in and ushered them into the front room. Heather's friend Justine Harper was already in the room seated on the sofa. Justine was forty-four years old, five feet five inches tall with permed auburn hair.

The guys both now sober were very embarrassed and apologetic. Heather agreed not to mention the incident to her daughter's father on his return if both Ian and Simon agreed to her demands. The guys knew Heather's husband could be aggressive, occasionally violent but never to his own family. They hesitantly agreed although not knowing what they were agreeing to.

Heather sat next to her friend on the sofa and ordered the guys to stand in front of her and Justine. Ian and Simon stood in front of the two women. Heather told the teenagers to strip off right there and then. Ian and Simon just stood there shocked. Heather coolly repeated her demand before pointing at Ian.

"You first", Heather demanded.

The guys looked at each other. Neither guy wanted Heather's husband to be told they had taken advantage of his daughters. They knew they had no choice but to undress.

"Get undressed now", Heather said to Ian.

Ian took off his shoes, socks and his jacket. He removed his T-shirt and slowly unzipped and slid off his trousers.

"Get everything off!" ordered Heather.

Ian started to plead with her. Heather threatened to tell her husband that Ian had taken advantage of his daughter.

Ian felt he had no option so he slipped down and took off his briefs. Heather ordered Ian to put his hands behind his back, which he did. Ian stood naked and embarrassed, his embarrassment further enhanced as Heather and Justine ogled him.

Ian was nineteen years old, well over six feet tall. He was slim and could almost be described as skinny. Ian had sparse chest hair but had dense pubic hair. His limp cock seemed to quiver involuntary.

Heather looked at Simon ordering him to completely undress. With his friend naked next to him Simon felt he had no option. He stripped down to his boxer shorts. Heather demanded he get all of his clothes off. Simon removed his shorts and like Ian was ordered to put his hands behind his back. Heather and Justine ogled the embarrassed teenager.

Eighteen-year old Simon was well built and slightly overweight. His chest and legs were reasonably hairy however his pubic hair was closely trimmed. Despite his embarrassment Simon's cock was semi-erect which led to Heather teasing him that he must be turned on seeing his friend naked. Simon shook his head but said nothing.

Justine ordered Ian to stand right in front of her. Ian took two steps forward as Justine sat up on the sofa. Justine told him to keep his hands behind his back. She ran her hands all over his naked body. She could see and feel his body slightly quivering. She rang her fingers through his pubic hair before taking hold of his cock. As Justine masturbated Ian she felt his cock stiffen in her hand. She used her other hand to fondle his balls. She quickly brought Ian's cock to full erection. She stopped wanking him as herself and Heather ogled Ian's now stiff and throbbing cock. Ian's cock was slender but must have been about eight inches long in its now fully erect stage.

Justine grabbed hold of Ian's cock once again and started to masturbate him. Pre-cum oozed from Ian's cock tip, Justine wiped it away with her thumb. Ian was moaning and began jerking and lurching forward. Ian asked Justine to stop as he felt himself almost at the point of no return. She ignored him and as she continued to wank him he suddenly spurt out his cum load. It splashed across Justine's dress. Justine was completely unflustered and continued wanking his cock as he expelled his remaining load over her fingers and hand. Ian was flushed and embarrassed that he had cum so quickly.

"Oh dear", said Justine sensing Ian's embarrassment.

Ian not only felt embarrassed and humiliated but also his ego was deflated. Justine told Ian to sit down as she stood up. Justine looked down at her dress, the garment already damp from the initial spurt of Ian's cum. She ran her spunk-covered fingers across her dress.

"I'm going to have to take this off now", Justine announced.

Now standing Justine slipped the dress straps from her shoulders allowing the garment to fall to the floor. Justine was completely naked now; she wore nothing under her dress. Simon and Ian just gawped at her naked body. Justine's auburn hair was her natural colour as her thick pubic bush now proved. She had large breasts with a little belly overhang. Her nipples looked as auburn in colour as her hair.

Heather looked at Simon and said she hoped he could last longer than his friend could. Heather ordered Simon to step forward. Simon stopped gawping at the naked Justine and did as he was told. Heather grabbed his still semi-erect cock. She fondled his cock with one hand and used the other to feel his body. As Heather played she felt Simon's cock become very stiff. She pulled his foreskin back, his cock now hot and throbbing as she did this. She then stopped playing with him. Heather and Justine ogled Simon's stiff throbbing cock. Simon's cock was about seven inches long. It was reasonably thick and heavily veined. Simon's erect cock quivered and bobbed as Heather and Justine commented on his manhood. Heather took hold of his cock once again pushing his foreskin tightly back as Simon moaned above her.

Heather told Simon to lie on the floor. He did as she ordered. Justine moved over and knelt above him sliding her pussy into his face. She guided her body so Simon would get the best access to lick her, as she demanded. Simon was unused to an unshaven pussy as Emily was always fully shaven. Justine's pubic hair was matted at her pussy lips as the turn on of seeing two young naked guys meeting her demands had already caused her juices to stir.

Justine sat on Simon's face and she ran her hands across his body. She again demanded he lick her. She felt his tongue gently insert into her wetness. She demanded he get his tongue right up her. Simon tasted Justine's pussy juices as he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. He probed her deeply before sliding his tongue to lick her clit. He used his tongue to start working her clit feeling her juices flowing a little more readily. Justine was moaning with pleasure impressed as the young man skilfully used his tongue. Justine ran her fingers through his chest hair.

Heather moved to stand in front of Simon. She gently pushed the tip of her shoe against his balls. She stopped and moved to stand at the side of him. Justine ensured Simon continued to work her pussy as Heather started to undress. Heather was forty-two years old, five feet eight inches tall with long straightened dark hair. She slipped off her shoes and then unbuttoned and removed her blouse. Heather unfastened her skirt. She stepped out of it as it dropped to the floor. Heather had kept her figure well despite having twins. Ian looked across at Heather in her skimpy underwear. Heather undid the clasp of her black bra and removed the item. Her large breasts and thick nipples were exposed. She slid off her black thong revealing her well-trimmed dark pubic hair.

Ian who remained sitting on the chair gawped at the naked Heather. He was now playing with himself his cock becoming stiff again. Heather looked at Ian as she inserted two fingers into her pussy. Heather moaned as she allowed her fingers to penetrate her deeply. She writhed as she guided her fingers. She removed her hand and raised it to her face. She seductively licked her own pussy juices from her two fingers as Ian watched.

Heather knelt over Simon. She moved down and took hold of his throbbing cock, which had lost none of its stiffness. She guided his cock into her mouth. Simon tried to moan, as Justine demanded he keep licking her. Heather started to suck Simon's cock. She easily took most of his length into her mouth feeling it push against the back of her throat. Simon was writhing in ecstasy as Heather sucked him. She continued to suck him, lightly lick the tip of his penis before sliding it back into her mouth. Simon moaned more loudly as he felt Heather's lips and tongue working his cock tip. She slid his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard.

Heather stopped sucking him and moved over him. She took hold of his hot cock. He felt her juices as she slid the head of his cock around her moist pussy lips. Heather slowly buried her pussy onto the whole of his cock. Simon was almost gasping for breath as Heather started to ride him. She would raise her body before forcing down to take his cock as deep as it could go. Heather started to rock on Simon's erect cock. Heather felt her juices flowing freely as she moaned above him.

Justine was getting closer to orgasm. Through gasped breaths she ordered Simon to keep licking. Justine's pussy juices dribbled across his cheeks. He continued licking, as Justine was so aroused she came for the first time, her body spasmed as her juices gushed. He almost choked as her juices ran into his mouth and down his throat. Simon continued to work his tongue as he brought her to a second screaming climax. Justine moved off Simon. Simon gasped his breath as Justine lay at the side of him panting heavily.

Heather looked at Simon, his face flushed and glistening with Justine's pussy juices. She guided her hands to feel Simon's chest and upper body. Heather would raise herself up before burying Simon's cock deep inside her. Heather pushed down hard; as if wanting Simon to penetrate her deeper than his seven-inch cock would allow. Heather's own juices were flowing freely as she took full advantage of the young guy's body. She felt herself moaning and gasping as she built up to climax. Simon had his hands by his side almost not daring to touch Heather. She took his hands placing them onto her breasts. Simon fondled and tweaked Heather's rock hard protruding nipples. As he played Heather was approaching orgasm. Simon was moaning as his throbbing erection continued to slam deep into Heather's aching pussy. As Simon squirmed in ecstasy feeling his cock would explode at any second. Heather came to a screaming, shuddereing climax as she fell across Simon's body, his cock still penetrating her.

Heather was moaning lightly almost crying with pleasure as she moved off Simon's throbbing cock. She found her strength and sat across his legs. She took hold of his throbbing cock, which glistened, with her pussy juices. She began to masturbate him, his foreskin sliding back and forth easily as Heather's juices had lubricated it well. Simon was moaning more loudly than before as Heather wanked him. Simon was arching his back as Heather played with his cock urging him to cum.

"I'm gonna cum. I cumming", Simon called out through gasped breaths.

Simon's body violently shuddered as he spurted out a thick spunk load over his stomach. Heather continued wanking him with one hand whilst smearing the thick cum load into his chest. Simon continued thrusting his backside as Heather concentrated on milking out his full cum load. His still thick cum oozed as Heather wanked out every drop. She looked down at Simon and he watched as she licked some of his spunk from her fingers. Simon lay back sweating prefusely and his breathing heavy and erratic.

Heather's face was red and flushed as she tried to compose herself. Heather stood up and slid on her skirt and blouse. Her blouse clung to her sweating body. Simon could see her aroused, firm nipples standing out underneath the thin material of her blouse.

Justine and Ian had initially watched Heather and Simon together. Justine had by now moved and knelt in front of Ian who had been masturbating himself, bringing his cock back to full erection. He removed his hands from playing with himself almost inviting Justine to continue. She did not need a second invitation. She took hold of his throbbing cock. She slid his penis tip into her mouth. She expertly sucked Ian taking his full eight inches into her mouth and down her throat. Ian gasped and felt as if he would explode. Justine's cock sucking skills had turned on many a boyfriend. Justine could still taste Ian's cum from his first ejaculation. She continued to suck. Ian was squirming almost flapping aimlessly in the chair. He made no attempt to stop her. He felt in seventh heaven.

Ian was moaning loudly urging Justine on. She stopped sucking him and slowly wanked him. With her face just inches from his cock Ian started to spurt out his cum. It was not as intense as the first blast and his cum was less thick. Justine continued to masturbate Ian. Spunk ran down his shaft as Justine drained his balls of the second load. Ian breathed heavily as Justine continued wanking him until she felt his cock begin to lose its stiffness.

Justine calmly stood up and reached to put on her cum stained dress. She put on the garment wiping cum from Ian's second ejaculation across the material.

Heather had just finished adjusting her blouse. Heather and Justine had fully regained their composure as the guys awkwardly stood up and quickly dressed.

As the guys prepared to leave Heather promised no one would ever know. Heather didn't say anything but thought and hoped a repeat performance might be needed.

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