tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Daughter Nude Model Pt. 04

Our Daughter Nude Model Pt. 04


Well, once again, I've fallen in love with my characters. This is the fourth part of their story. While I hope that this story may be read enjoyably by itself, reading the preceding parts first will provide context. The reader should know upfront that this story flirts with incest. However, there is no actual incest. This story is, of course, a work of fiction. Any similarities to any real person or institution are unintentional and coincidental.


After our performance at the charity event, and our performance the next morning front of our daughter and her boyfriend, things largely reverted to the mundane for Denise and me. We continued our nude dinners with Kerry and Mike. While those were very pleasant, they had become comfortable experiences rather than exciting ones. Although we wouldn't admit it, even to each other, Denise and I were both anxious to have another opportunity to expose ourselves.

About three weeks after April had started fall quarter of her junior year, Dr. Sheila Lawson, the art professor for whom April was a nude model again this year, called us. After making sure that Denise and I were both on the line, Dr. Lawson made her request.

"I have a group of artists with whom I work outside of the university," she said. "They are interested in doing work that is more, well, erotic than we do on campus. For that reason, I'm reluctant to ask students to participate as models, and the artists in the group would like to work with some more mature models. I'd be extremely grateful if the two of you would agree to come up and model for us at least one weekend."

"What do you mean by 'erotic?'?" Denise asked.

"The specific poses you will be asked to do won't be decided until we're all together and the artists see you," Dr. Lawson replied. "I can guarantee that it will require full nudity with full genital exposure. It will probably include at least some poses of a sexual nature. Beyond that, it will be a matter of what the artists want and what you are willing to do. I can promise you that you will not be asked to do anything that risks injury or that would leave marks."

"When would you want us?" Denise asked.

"Would a week from Saturday work?" Dr. Lawson replied.

"Can we talk it over between ourselves and get back to you?" I asked.

"Of course," Dr. Lawson said, reassuringly.

After we ended the call, I looked at Denise. "It would be a chance to get naked in front of strangers," she said.

"Full genital exposure?" I asked.

Denise giggled. "That was what I found most appealing about her proposal," she said. I was reminded again just how wonderful Denise is.

"What about the sexual poses?" I asked.

"They probably just want your hands on my tits," Denise replied dismissively.

"And, if they want more?" I asked.

Denise grinned. "We'll just have to see, won't we?"

I remained silent. Frankly, I found the request exciting, but I didn't want to seem overeager to my wife.

After a couple of minutes, Denise asked, "Do you want to do it?"

"Do you?" I asked in reply.

"I do," Denise answered.

I grinned. "As long as it's with you, so do I," I said.

Unfortunately, Denise shares almost everything with April. We met April and Jeremy for dinner in the Chicago suburb where they went to college the night before we posed. The first words out of April's mouth were, "I think it is so cool that you two are doing this. I called Dr. Lawson and asked if Jeremy and I could come and watch you pose."

"What did she say, Dear?" Denise asked.

"She was more than happy for Jeremy and me to come," April enthused. "She did 'warn' me that you'll be doing sexual poses. What are you going to do?"

"We don't know yet," Denise replied.

"Oh, a surprise for you and, maybe, a little submission too?" Denise teased.

"There's no submission," Denise replied quickly, "we're free to decline anything which we are not willing to do."

April smiled. "I hope that they want you to fuck."

Slightly shocked, Denise asked "Why?"

"You two look so great naked," April replied, "and it's always hot to watch people fucking."

"And how often have you watched people having sex?" I asked. That brought April up short.

After an embarrassed silence, during which April and Jeremy shared a long look, Jeremy said, "Well, there is this couple we're friends with. Chantal is French and, you know, the Europeans have a more open-minded attitude towards sex. Well, uh, all four of us thought that it would be interesting to see what it is like to have sex with someone else watching. So, uh, well, uh, Chantal and Rich had sex while we watched and April and I had sex while they watched."

This was a previously unknown side to my daughter and her boyfriend. I was surprised that it did not upset me. "So, what was it like making love with someone else watching you?" I asked.

Reassured, I suppose, by the fact that neither Denise nor I was immediately critical, April regained her normal enthusiasm. "It was so hot," she said. "Watching them was very exciting, but, doing it knowing that they were watching us was, how should I say it? It was so erotic. That was the most intense orgasm I've had in quite a while." April looked quickly at Denise and me to see if she had gone too far. The look on Jeremy's face said that he thought that she had.

Denise looked at me with a slight smile. In a very even tone, Denise said, "Dear, you saw your father and me make love at the house this summer."

Again, I think, relieved that we were not chastising her, April said, "You were mostly covered with the sheets then. I'm talking about the two of you nude and completely uncovered so we can see every bit of you as you enjoy each other."

Denise gave me another slight smile. Mercifully, a server appeared to take our orders before the conversation went any farther along that line.

The studio we were to pose in was on the second floor of an old three storey building just off of a main thoroughfare two suburbs west of the university's town. Denise and I rode over there in Jeremy's car. There was an insurance agency on the first floor of the building and nothing, so far as I could tell, on the third. Following Dr. Lawson's instructions, we arrived about twenty minutes early.

The studio was basically one large room off of a narrow hallway. It was warm. One wall was covered with plain black paper that made a right angle and also covered the floor about fifteen feet out from the wall. On the floor, on top of the paper, was what looked like an oversized exercise mat. A couple of feet off of the paper were some chairs and a few easels.

Sheila Lawson greeted Denise and me with hugs. Pointing to some hooks on the opposite wall from the paper, she said, "You can hang your clothes back there. There's a washroom at the end of the hall. No one ever comes up here besides us, so don't think that you have to get dressed if you need the washroom. The artists will be here in a few minutes. If you don't mind, I'd like you both to be nude when they get here."

It was no longer unusual for Denise and me to strip naked in front of other people. In fact, we enjoyed doing it. We quickly undressed and hung up our clothes. We stood, nude and holding hands, while Sheila Lawson finished her preparations. I noticed Jeremy's eyes examining Denise closely. Well, I couldn't blame him. Denise is very beautiful nude.

The artists arrived, more or less simultaneously, in a few minutes. There were four women and three men, seemingly covering a very broad age range. So far as I could tell, there were no couples.

The artists looked Denise and me over very thoroughly. I have to say that it was a little exciting to have strangers pay that much attention to my nude body. After the artists finished their examinations, they clustered in a group with Dr. Lawson at the far end of the room. I could hear them talking, but not clearly enough to get what everyone was saying. After a few moments, there was a general laugh. The group broke up and moved to their individual chairs and easels.

Sheila Lawson opened a closet door and pulled out a folding chair. She opened the chair up and placed in on the floor just in front of the black paper. "Harry," Dr. Lawson said, "the artists would like to focus on your penis first. Please sit here with your legs apart. Don't worry about keeping your head still. We're only looking at your dick." I did as I was told.

Although I knew that everyone was looking at my dick, I didn't really get a sense of that from watching the artists. This was probably the least rewarding part of the session. After about fifteen minutes, Sheila Lawson said, "Harry, would you please lift your dick up by your head so we can get a better view of the underside of your shaft and your balls?" Again, I did as I was told.

It was a new experience to be sitting naked in front of a group of strangers holding my dick in my hand. I wasn't sure whether it was a pleasurable experience or not. Glancing towards the back of the room, I saw Denise, nude, standing next to April and Jeremy, who were, of course, fully clothed. All three were smiling at me.

After another fifteen minutes or so, Dr. Lawson called a break. I rather gratefully stood up and walked over to Jeremy and my family. "Having fun Dad?" April asked teasingly.

After about ten minutes, Sheila Lawson got everyone back into their places including me on the chair in front of the artists. "We'd like to draw Harry's erection. Denise, would you be kind enough to come up here and stroke Harry until he's hard?"

Smiling broadly, Denise walked up and knelt down in front of me. She cupped my balls in her left hand and began stroking with a finger just behind my sac. Denise also started running her right index finger around the edge of my dickhead. The sensation was very nice. Unfortunately, the only person who could really see what Denise was doing to me was Dr. Lawson, who was peering over Denise's shoulder.

As I got harder, Denise circled her right hand around my shaft and began stroking me from the base of my dick to my head. Denise also shifted her position so that most of the artists could watch. The tactile sensations of Denise's hands on my dick and balls, coupled with the fact that she was playing with me in front of a group of people, got me very hard. At that point, Dr. Lawson said, "That's good. Denise, please step away so that everyone has a clear view of Harry."

Sitting naked in front of a group of people with a massive hard-on was an erotic experience. I hate to admit that the experience was intensified by the fact that April had moved from the back of the room and was now standing against a side wall, no farther from me than the artists, staring at my very erect dick. Her nude mother stood next to her. I was glad that Jeremy remained in the back of the room.

After several minutes, Dr. Lawson apparently thought that I was starting to soften. "Denise, would you firm him up please," Dr. Lawson asked. Denise walked over, knelt down in front of me, took my dick in her hand, and leaned forward until she could run her tongue around my dickhead. After a few licks, Dr. Lawson said, "That's good" and Denise stepped away again.

I sat there with a boner for, probably, 40 minutes. Several times, Dr. Lawson asked Denise to play with me to keep me hard. The final time Dr. Lawson wanted me "firmed up," Denise had gone to the washroom. After seeing that Denise was not in the room, Sheila Lawson said, softly, "I'll do it myself." Without a word to me, Dr. Lawson came over, wrapped her hand around my dick, and stroked up and down its length. Sheila Lawson was an attractive woman. Having her openly stroking my dick in front of a group of people was more than enough to get me very hard again.

Sheila stopped stroking me just as I was starting to worry that I might come. She stepped away. The artists carried on with their drawing as if this was an everyday occurrence. When Denise, still nude, stepped back into the room, Dr. Lawson said, "I firmed Harry up myself while you were out."

Denise smiled and replied, "That's fine." Interesting that Denise didn't mind another woman playing with my dick. All in the name of art I assumed.

After about another ten minutes and after checking all of the artists' drawings, Dr. Lawson called another break. I stood up, still hard. April and Denise walked over to me. After glancing down at my hard-on, April smiled at me and said, "That's very nice Dad."

Denise came right up to me and took my dick in her hand. "How was Sheila?" she asked.

"Nowhere near as good as you," I answered.

Dr. Lawson ended the next break by saying, good-naturedly, "Denise, it's your turn. Please come up, sit in the chair, and spread your legs. We're going to work on your vagina." With no hesitation, my wife sat down and spread her legs, exposing herself to the entire room. She looked sexy as hell!

I went to the back of the room and stood with April and Jeremy. April whispered to me, "That would be so great! I envy Mom." I understood that my daughter was, or at least wanted to be, an exhibitionist. I made eye contact with Denise, who winked and gave me a big smile. Given the fun that Denise and I were having exposing ourselves, I could hardly fault our daughter.

Dr. Lawson was walking around the room looking at the artist's drawings. After about fifteen minutes, she said, "Denise, you may stand up, stretch, and get some water if you like. When you're ready, sit back down as you were but please insert a finger like you are getting yourself off." Denise sat back down and spread her legs after stretching for a couple of minutes. She put her right index finger inside of herself.

After holding the pose for several minutes, I could seek that Denise was beginning to gently rub herself. Dr. Lawson noticed too. "Denise," she said, "please hold still." With a somewhat disappointed look on her face, Denise stilled her finger. She held that pose for, maybe, another twenty minutes before Dr. Lawson called "our last break."

The artists got up from their chairs. Some got water and some went to the washroom. A very attractive redheaded woman, who looked to be in her early 30s, made a point of smiling at us repeatedly.

When all of the artists were back in their chairs, Dr. Lawson said, "Denise, Harry, this is the last one today. Would you mind taking a pose like you are having sex?"

I looked at Denise, who nodded her head up and down. I took her hand and we walked to the front of the room and stood on the mat. "Any particular position you want?" I asked.

"Missionary," Shelia Lawson responded. I was getting hard thinking about it, but Denise reached down and stroked me until I was quite hard. Denise lay down on the mat on her back and spread her legs. I got down on my knees between her legs and moved into a prone position above Denise, supporting myself with my elbows. I let Denise's hand guide my dick into her very wet pussy. Once I was in, Denise put both arms around me and gently pulled me down on top of her.

Mindful of Dr. Lawson's reprimand while Denise was posing alone, we just held our position. It felt very good to be inside of Denise and the eroticism of the experience was magnified by the fact that we were nude and in coitus in front of several clothed people. Still, it could have been so much better.

After what seemed to me a very short time, Dr. Lawson said, "I think that everyone has the idea. If you two want to go ahead and fuck, feel free." Denise began moving her pelvis in a way that told me that fucking right there was exactly what she wanted to do, so I began thrusting. I was very conscious of the fact that ten people were watching me on the floor, fucking my wife. They say that most of sex is in your mind, and that awareness greatly intensified the experience. From Denise's breathing and the way she moved, I was sure that she was getting off on being watched too.

We did not maintain our fucking for an impressive duration. Fairly quickly, Denise began to moan and start convulsing and I felt myself preparing to come. I exploded inside Denise seconds before she moaned "oh. . . . God!" and then screamed, digging her fingers hard into my back. Coming in Denise is great any time. This time it was exquisite.

After Denise's orgasm subsided, I stayed on top of her, still in her, as we both panted for breath. After we had both regained a little control, we had a long, wet kiss. After we broke the kiss, I pulled out, stood up, and helped Denise to her feet. We were both sweaty. No one said anything for several minutes. No one was drawing either. Everyone in the room was just staring at us.

Standing there naked, with my arm around my naked wife, I was actually proud that we had fucked and shared orgasms in front of a group of people. Looking at Denise's face, I didn't need any words to know that she felt the same way. Some sound caused me to shift my glance to the artists, who were seemingly coming out of trances and starting to put away their pads. The redhead was looking right at us with a huge smile. She gave us a thumbs-up gesture.

As the artists became more active, April came over to us and hugged us both. "You guys looked so beautiful," she said, "and that was so exciting." Turning to Jeremy, who had followed her over, April said, "I want to do that sometime." From the look on Jeremy's face, I doubted that he'd object much.

We still had not made any move to get dressed when Sheila Lawson came over. "You don't want to put clothes back on, do you?" she asked. Denise I both shook our heads no. "I guess you should know," Shelia Lawson went on, "that last part wasn't really meant as a pose. I thought that you'd enjoy having sex in front of an audience and I wanted to reward you for your good work earlier."

"Thank you," Denise said, "that was an extraordinary experience!"

"Want to do it again?" Sheila Lawson asked with a smile.

"Absolutely!" Denise exclaimed. She looked at me expectantly. It had been a blast.

"I'm with her," I said, nodding towards Denise.

As Dr. Lawson stepped away, the redhead came up to us. Extending her hand to shake, she said, "I'm Alexis Stephens. You two were having a lot of fun?"

"Oh, god, yes!" Denise answered.

"I thought so," Alexis said. "I'm a psych professor at the university. Exhibitionism is my area of special interest." She gave a short laugh. "That's probably because I am an exhibitionist myself. Have been since I was a teenager and started developing a figure. I hope that we can have some experiences together." Alexis Stephens turned and walked away. Her tight jeans suggested a very nice ass.

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Great story

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I love the characters too! Another great story! Thank you

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