tagGroup SexOur Interesting Night

Our Interesting Night


Hey, I’m Beau, as some of you may know. I wanted to catch you up on my life so you understand where I’m coming from. I found myself a wonderful person whom I love. She prefers to have her name left out, so I’ll just call her by her nickname, Abe.

Abe and I have been together now for the last three months and within the last month we started having sweet, passionate sex. Well, like most couples the same things becomes dull and inadequate for your sexual appetite. We talked it over and decided that we should try a three some with her best friend, the catch is her friend doesn’t know we’re plotting a sexual assault against her.

Let me describe Abe for you. She’s 5’5, blonde hair dyed black, beautiful blue eyes you could get lost in, with a perfect body. Her chest is a wonderful 38C, and the perfectly shaped ass to match. All in all, she’s the kind of girl you’d give three or more looks to if you seen her walking by you. I know I did. As for her friend Sparkle, as she prefers to be called, she’s around 5’3 has brown hair, brown eyes, and smaller but nice chest size of 38B. I myself am 6’3, I weigh about 175 the last time I checked blonde hair, which is always hidden under my hat, blue eyes, an average build, and a goatee.

We needed a plan. Something to seduce Sparkle enough that we could get to have a three some with us. We racked and racked trying to think of something sleek and arousing.

“She’s your friend Abe, what turns her on?”

“Umm… I don’t know. We never really talked about things that are arousing. I mean there’s the occasional ‘I’d fuck him’ but never really got into that. We aren't really THAT close. Just because she's my best friend means we actually kiss, or talk dirtily with each other like everyone thinks all women do.”

“ Haha, I guess not, but the thought is arousing. What do you think she’d do if you kiss her or tried to seduce her? Do you think she’d like that and hit back, or just push you away and reject it?”

“I don’t know, that’s actually a good question. Do you think that’s what I should do? Seduce her then tell her I want all of us to fuck?”

“Hey, I think you’ve got it! We’ll go over there tomorrow like I’m dropping you off. Then you can hit on her and see if she buys it.”

“Ok, then it’s a date.” She said with a big smile on her face.

The next day we were completely prepared. We had tried the plan together six times last night. She seduced me to see if it was arousing, and I gave her small hints here and there. (Not like she needed them, but I thought they made it ten times better after she applied them on me) I drove her over there about 10 o’clock sharp, if she’d made any progress she’d call me precisely at noon.

I decided to go get a cup of coffee and then go sit at her house and talk to her uncle, whom she lived with. So, I went and got my coffee and went back to her house to talk about basically nothing with her uncle.

I showed back up to her place about 10:45 and bullshitted with her uncle for almost an hour. He left for a shower at 11:50, which meant that I could answer the phone if Abe called and tell by her voice how things went, or are going, which ever the case may be. I rapped my fingers, and waited impatiently for those ten minutes to go by. I could hear the clock in the background, ‘tick…Tock…tick… Tock.’ I watched the clock impatiently go by. Five minutes. Three minutes. I sat quietly as I sipped my coffee. Finally the clock struck noon, still no phone call. ‘What in the hell is she doing? She knows I’m dying over here waiting for that answer.’ I’d think nervously.

“Maybe I should cut back on coffee, it’s making me grow impatient.”

Finally at 12:14 the phone rang. ‘Bout fucking time!’ I saw that it was Abe. I picked up the phone and fumbled with my words for a bit, anxious about what she’ll say.


“Hey Baby!” she said as someone was slightly moaning in the background. In my head came the words, ‘YES!’ but I kept my calm on the phone and didn’t jump to conclusions.

“Oh Baby…. It worked better than we thought it would. She wouldn’t shut up about how she's always wanted to fuck you, and how she has masturbated thinking of me. Then… ahhhhh god... I kissed her and now she's sucking my nipples. Hurry over and join in.”

“Oh shit! Should I just walk in and go to her room?”

“Ahhhhh... fuck… uh huh, but hurry so we can start, cause I’m so fucking horny!”

With that I just dropped the phone without hanging it up and ran out the door. I dropped the clutch in my car and left two feet and skids going down the street. I did 40 mph the whole way there on a street that says 30 mph everywhere. Luckily, I made it there with no cops around. Getting a ticket wouldn’t help me any. I almost rolled the truck turning into the driveway going 35. (Thank God their neighbor hood has the longer driveways, or I would’ve hit the house) I ran in and ran straight to Sparkle’s room. When I turned in the doorway my eyes shot open from shock. Abe was getting her pussy lightly rubbed, and her nipples sucked. God she was moaning already. I walked in and sat on the bed.

“Go sit on that chair over there and watch us,” directed Sparkle. I did as I was told, and went and sat on the chair.

“Now that you’re here we can start our show for you,” she announced.

“Uh huh” I said gawking. With that sparkle took her attention off of Abe’s nipples and licked down her stomach to where her fingers were working in and out slowly. Her tongue instantly found Abe’s clit and started to flick it with her tongue. Her fingers started to actually fuck her juicy pussy now. Going faster as she had her tongue play with her swollen clit. She then alternated where her tongue was, having it go inside then back to her clit.

“Why don’t you pull out your cock and let us watch you too.” Abe said with a wink.

I pulled out my cock threw the zipper and started to lightly stroke it trying to copy the motion of Sparkle’s head as she pushed her tongue into Abe’s soaked twat. Sparkle gave light moans from tasting the delicious juices, along with Abe’s moans to her extreme pleasure of getting tongue fucked by her best friend. I could see the orgasm building up in her face. Sparkle started to her twat with her tongue as fast as it would allow her. Just in and out constantly. She ran her right hand around her leg and started to rub her swollen clit.

Pushing it in circles, and rubbing it back and forth. Abe arched her back and the orgasm start to build up. Her eyes rolling back in her head, as she had a more explosive orgasm then I’ve seen getting ready to come out of her. Fulfilling her fantasies must’ve pushed her to explode more violently then when I’ve ever fucked her. I started jerking off a little faster as my pre-cum leaked out of my throbbing cock, giving it lubrication to slip in and out of my hand more freely. I saw the orgasm hit Abe like a ton of bricks. Her legs shaking violently and her fluids rushed into Sparkle’s mouth as she lapped up all she could. I watched as Sparkle swallowed all her juices that rushed into her mouth.

The next thing that happened took me by shock. Sparkle stood up, licked her lips and walked over to my chair. Straddling my legs like I was Santa Claus, she kissed me, pushing Abe’s juices into my mouth. After I thought she swallowed them, we wound up sharing them together. Our first kiss. We both swallow our portion of Abe’s juices and stop. Sparkle stands up, pulls me up with her, and walks me over to the bed. She then pushes me down by Abe and demands that she get a show now. I gently slid over the top of my loved one, and kissed her passionately.

Probing her mouth with my tongue like I have so many times before. My hands started to make their way around her body, feeling her smooth skin underneath them. They eventually made their way down to her succulent ass cheeks, and gave them a massage under my fingers. Abe starts to undress me, breaking to kiss so she could watch her rip off my shirt and her fingers fidget with my belt and pants. After she accomplishes undoing my pants, I stand up and slide out of them (we planned on me wearing no underwear) and stood there with my bobbling cock out in the open. I looked over and seen Sparkle lightly rubbing her soaking twat, and biting her lower lip. I climbed over Abe and put my cock along her pussy lips; rubbing it up and down her swollen slit. I pushed the head of my cock into her awaiting hole and pulled it back.

Trying to grab pussy juice so as not just ram it into her, and have it hurt. (She's my babe, and I wouldn’t hurt her if my life depended on it. Sorry, I’m going off topic, back to the story.) I pushed a little more in this time going down half of my 8” cock. I pulled out to the head, and then pushed my cock deep inside her pussy, causing her to moan from slight discomfort, but soon faded as her pussy juice ran down my swollen member. I began to slide up and down fucking my beautiful Abe. Pushing my cock to the brink, and pulling out till my head almost falls out. I was fucking Abe as hard as I could. Filling her insides. After only a few moments because of the jerking off, I shoot my cum deep inside of her hole.

Sparkle got up off the chair after I fell to the side of Abe, she climbed on Abe and started eating my cum out of her. Bringing Abe to the orgasm I couldn’t because I was jerking my cock before I pushed in, which put me over the edge. I watched and my cock started to rise again. I looked at Abe’s face and felt bad. So, I decided to do what she wanted and give her anal sex. I told Sparkle to move and Abe to get doggie style. I ran and got some lube and pushed some out onto her ass. I pushed two fingers into her and massaged a little. I placed a little on my re-hardened cock, and made sure it was all over. I told Sparkle to let Abe eat her pussy. She obliged with no objections.

I pushed my 8” cock into her tight ass. She let out a moan. Sparkle moved into position and Abe immediately went away at eating her pussy. Both women moaning from pleasure. I fucked Abe’s ass with everything I had in me. I knew after this pounding, I would be doing this more often with Abe in the confines of our bed. Abe reached around and rubbed her clit as I fucked away at her ass. Sparkle started to spasm at the magic of Abe’s tongue and fingers. Using all her experience and knowledge to drive her over the edge. Sparkle noticed the time after her orgasm and got up and started to hurriedly dress. Her boy friend was going to show up and couldn’t be caught fucking her best friend and her boy friend. I continued my job on her ass. Feeling my nuts swaying and smack her juicy pussy lips. That pushed me over the edge. Abe started to moan from her orgasm, as did I.

I couldn’t handle myself anymore. I blew another load deep in her ass, and she moaned and orgasmed hard. Squeezing my cock. I made sure I got it all in her ass and pulled out. Abe and I both hurried to get dressed, cause we didn’t want to be caught fucking by her boy friend either. We walked out the room just in time to greet him. All three of us acted as if nothing ever happened. As for the future, us three never went at it again. Abe and I on the other hand, anal is a usual part of our sexual promise.

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