tagFetishOur "Little" Paris Bath

Our "Little" Paris Bath


Anna and I moved to a larger apartment in Paris in 1989. It was in a very old building near the river and it was on the top floor overlooking the low city. When the apartments were built in the mid 1800's it was not too common to have a private bathroom (or Toilet as it is called there) in each apartment. Sometime in the early 1930's two apartments on the top floor were combined and the communal bath down the hall was included in the new floor plan. We called it the Bath House.

The bathroom was huge and kind of oddly arranged. As you entered there was a wall of uncovered windows on the far side that more or less looked at another building just across the small park. (!) The window ran from floor to ceiling and was made up of one foot squares of old glass. The wall to the right had several sinks and just to the left of the door was lone toilet sitting kind of out in the open on a raised platform.

In the center of the approximately 20 X 30 foot room was a very large tile tub. It was actually constructed like a swimming pool with about one foot below the bathroom floor level and about three feet above it. It was kind of like a Japanese soaking tub except it was also over 6 feet long and 5 feet wide.

When we first saw it, we though it was some kind of communal bathing bath. Maybe it was. But it did not have any seats in side like a spa and it was harder than hell to climb into. The sides were about a foot thick and that was just wide enough to make it hard to throw your leg over but too narrow to make it easy to rotated around on your bottom to step in.

Being so deep Anna and I wondered if something was missing. We placed a garden chair in the tub so that we could step down the four feet easier. It was kind of claustrophobic but the side looking at the big windows was made of glass brick so that made it seem less like a cave ... or a tomb.

The water was warmed by an old water heater in the corner but at least it was close and large. There was also a shower area opposite the sinks and it could host at least three people at a time. It didn't have curtains but relied on the fact that the area was so huge water would not get out into the room. It was kind of like a high school locker room shower.

We just took showers for the first month until we got the bathing area cleaned to perfection. The tub took the longest but the tiles eventually took on a shine like an operating room. We left the windows uncovered. If we had to use the facilities at night when it was easier to see in from the distant buildings -- we just kept the lights low. Nobody was looking. This was Paris!

One Saturday morning when Anna was taking her shower I came in and decided to see how well the water worked in the tub. I was testing for leaks and heat retention for its eventual use. Anna watched from the shower as I opened the two large water faucets. The water roared in and it took only a few minutes to establish that there were no leaks. The tub, if filled to the brim, was about 120 cubic feet. This was over a thousand gallons! Still, the warm water was within a foot of the top in less than 10 minutes.

I tested the water with my hand at it was perfect. The light shown into the bathing room as the sun was low in the winter sky. Anna turned off the shower and gingerly walked over to the side on the slick tile floors between us. She put her hand in the water and hummed with delight. She leaned way over with her sodden cunt-lips looking back as me. Bending over the side, she reminded me of the bath games that I missed so much.

She asked over her shoulder, "Do you mind if we blow off the Museum this afternoon and relax in the water of this great tub for a little bit?"

I patted her bottom and she took my hand and move to between her legs from behind. I cupped her pussy and felt her moist opening with my thumb. I asked her if she wanted me to get ready to go in with her or just let her soak and sit on the side and chat. She said that she wanted to get in first and float on her back. Then she would see if she could sink all the way to the bottom by blowing out a little bit of her air. (She and I had spent many hours at our last place with her underwater on her back so getting water in her nose was old hat to her.) She unceremoniously flopped into the water and partially had to swim to get up right. The water was up to the edge so that four feet was deep in the tub was most of her total height of four feet ten inches.

She rolled on her back and I took her hand to steady her from the side. She talked about the great view out the skylights while I admired the great view of her naked body. My hard-on was growing in my pants but I did not make a move to touch myself or remove my clothes - yet. The water sloshed over the side and my jeans got soaked on the butt and down my legs into my shoes.

As she floated, I put my hand on her delicate little quim and let my finger find its way to her opening. I wiggled it and she spread her legs and I slipped it deeper inside of her womb. She let out a gasp as I stimulated her. I fingered her for a while as the water began to grow calm.

With only a few ounces of pressure, I could move her around by gently pushing and pulling her by my one finger in her young cunt. She liked it a great deal and she put her hands on my wrist as I aroused her and moved her on the surface. Her head was back and the water lapped at her cheeks and forehead..

I told her that I was going to slip into the tub and stand next to her. To her amazement I did that bit of gymnastics without taking my finger out of her vagina. I had it to the place that she said was her g-spot and she was starting to pant and moan so I was extra careful to slide into the water slowly so as not to swamp her face and cause her to breathe in the water. Once in the water and standing next to her, I put my other hand under her curvaceous ass and pushed both my hands together. I had her pelvis in compete control.

I did not talk to her but communicated through my hands. I raised her hips up so that her anus was just breaking the surface and her face was just going under. Then I pushed her vagina slowly down so that her belly was about a foot underwater and her face was out of the water. I completely ignored her firm breasts and concentrated on her hip section and her womanhood.

I brought her level with the surface again and then slowly started lowering her down into the depths. She felt it coming and took a breath just a second before her face completely disappeared underwater. I held her close to my stomach so that her left hip was against me and her body was floating perfectly horizontally. I kept her underwater for a fairly long time but since I had all my clothes still on and my water proof watch, I was able to time that it was just over a minute.

I brought her up and she breathed on the surface with her eyes closed and her limbs utterly limp. I clutched her bottom again to indicate that she was going down and she took a preparatory breath. I sank her to my mid section again and held her lovingly close to me. It was like cradling a baby except this baby was twenty-eight years old, nude, underwater, and I had my finger in her pussy.

Her hip was at the level of my swollen cock and in made my wet jeans bulge in the front. She probably could not feel it through my thick pants and underpants but I could feel her. I pulled her tighter and cradled her underwater with a rocking motion as I stroked the inside of her pussy walls with my long middle finger. I kept her underwater until she shook her head and released some bubbles. I have no idea how long she had been under as time seemed to stand still.

After a few more bubble broke the surface I pulled he up to the surface again. She lay on her back and breathed. Water blew out of her nose and dribbled from her open mouth. Putting my mouth on hers I kissed her deeply. Her head went underwater but she did not flinch. I let her up again and she floated and chirped with sexual delight as I continued to play with her pussy. She whispered that she was getting close to cuming.

She took a deep breath and I did the same. I slowly sank her down to my chest and being careful to not let my buttons on my shirt scratch her breasts I leaned over her and let us both sink to the bottom of the tub. The entire transit from the surface to the bottom took over thirty seconds but once on the bottom she lay stretched full out with water filling her nose, sinuses, and open mouth.

I let out a little air to keep from floating up and gently knelt next to her as she lay there with my finger still pumping her. After a minute on my watch, I need air. I pulled out of her and stood up to catch my breath. I stood there for about fifteen seconds and then sank down beside by beautiful Anna again. She welcomed my hand on her mound and shuddered when I plunged my finger deep into her again. Since she had been underwater for over ninety seconds I figured that she would signal for air soon.

I finger-fucked her deeper and deeper and her body writhed in enjoyment. She made no effort to get away and did not seem to need air yet. I could make out on my watch that I was coming up on two minutes and I needed to breathe again! Why not her!?!

I stood up sculling my way to the surface and grabbed a quick breath and swam down to her again. She was starting to gently float up off the bottom and her bottom was higher than her head by about a foot but she did not move or kick to try to correct it. I pushed her back down and settled down on the bottom beside her. Looking up at the surface I could see that sitting cross legged on the bottom I had almost 12 inches of water over my head but she had 3 ½ feet over hers.

Putting my hand on her protruding vulva, I prepared to enter again. She let out a gulp of bubbles but then closed her mouth and smiled into the water enveloping her. I eased my finger in and felt my cock straining against the waist band of my jockey shorts.

I so wanted to try to get my zipper open and go down on her. More bubbles came up and I put that thought aside. There would not be time. Besides, with my huge advantage of replenishing my air less than 30 seconds ago I could conceivably drown her. A quick glance at my watch confirmed that she had been underwater continuously for almost three minute!

I decided to call a halt to this and started pulling her to the surface. Just as I got her into the shallows as was getting a grasp on her to pull her to the surface she opened her mouth and let out a bubbling scream. I held her underwater for a few more seconds until she was struggling hard and her orgasm was probably dying down and only then did I pull her out of the tub to the surface.

Her only gasping words were, "Thank you..."

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