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Sunken Ship Sex


"How would you like to increase your breath holding times from a measly 1 minute to 5 minutes or more? With the Julie Wilson Breath Holding Course you will join a growing group of men and women that enjoy freedom from one of the more basic human Achilles' heel; the need to breathe frequently." The announcer was a deep voiced personality who was easily recognized as a minor celebrity in underwater exportation.

A young man clad in a bright red and white Speedo swimsuit swam leisurely through a shipwreck that was obviously in very deep water. At his side was a stunning young woman who had a tiny crimson string bikini and a silver six cubic foot high-pressure mini scuba tank strapped to her willowy waist.

They joined hands and moved together but with one striking distinction - she breathed air - he held his breath.

They swam and cavorted through the passageways finally gliding into the wheelhouse of the old cargo ship. The ship had been sunk to form a fish habitat earlier that year. They played with the boats controls and looked in the old wooden cabinets. The boy took their picture using his underwater camera and self-timer, as they "stood" upright (actually floated) behind the immense wooden wheel. They were having a great time without a care in the world.

The girl offered the boy her regulator but he refused it with a grin. He continued to hold his breath completely at ease as he floated up towards top of the cabin. He was right over the girl smiling down on her. She teased him by grabbing his balls through the sheer fabric of his bikini suit. She could feel (and see!) that his dick was getting very hard. She pulled the string on her bikini top to free it and let it drift down to oak decking that lay beneath them. Her petite breasts were evenly tanned which implied that she was no stranger to the topless beaches on the island. Her pert red nipples were the perfect contrast to her medium brown breasts.

The announcer continued, "This young couple is celebrating their honeymoon here in Aruba just two weeks after Mike completed the 10 day 'Julie Wilson Breath Holding Course'. Julie's courses are held on a desert island just off the Mexican coast and promise to boost anybody's underwater fun and lung capacity by a considerable margin."

The girl now sat topless in the captain's chair and watched as the boy swam around the cabin continuing to inspect the controls and the instruments. He swam over the top of her and swooped down along the far wall and approached her from the back. He swam under the chair and came up between her legs and reached his hands up on either side of her narrow hips. He started fumbling at the scrap of cloth that still covered her pussy.

Mike pulled the front of the girls' bikini bottoms toward him while glancing at his watch. A close-up of the digital display on his wrist showed that the breath-holding timer was passing 2 minutes. With a couple of tugs on the floating strings on the side it separated to reveal her shaved and naked genitals and athletic and well formed bottom.

He snatched her little red triangle top that was floating past and tucked it along with her doll sized bikini bottoms in his swimsuit waistband. He held her admiringly by the shoulders at arms length and looked up and down her slender nude body. She smiled at him and put her hands around his waist. She floated up out the chair and her completely tanned bottom further showed that she was also a frequent visitor of the nude beach as well.

"These two kids are enthusiastic divers and visited this shipwreck last year – but never like this!" the announcer continued.

The young man took the girl by the hand and swam side-by-side with her out of the ships cabin and the length of the stern deck. He peeked into an open hatch over the engine room and then in an impish mood, put his feet on the top step of the ladder and started working his way down the constricted passageway. When his head was level with the deck, he reached out to give the girl a reassuring stroke on the foot. With a swirl of bubbles, he vanished inside the drowned boat to explore the engine room and challenge the dangerous underwater maze.

The girl was unmistakably worried. He could be trapped or lose his way inside the dark ship. He was holding his breath, after all, and if he became stuck, there would not be time for her to go for help. And, without an air tank there was no telltale trail of bubbles to point out his position. She lay down on her belly on the metal deck and stuck her head inside the opening to try to see him. Her naked rear was pointed at the camera as she slid almost half of her upper body in the dark passageway. Her pulsating pussy further high-lighted her anxiety - or was it just simple underwater lust?

The announcer said, "The boy is free of the worry of air tanks and decompression tables. I am sure that he is also enjoying the freedom to move around in tight places that come from not wearing gear and the related straps. He is also wearing water correction contact lenses to make his vision clearer underwater. I wonder where he is."

Mike moved down the ladder and into the engine room. He has always loved large engines and he took the time to study the gauges and shiny brass valves. There were two 6-cylinder diesel engines that looked like they were in perfect condition. He moved deeper into the boat and swam in almost total darkness up the starboard passageway past the galley and the crew's quarters on the lowest deck inside the ship. If it had been floating he would be right at the water line. He could see a faint light up ahead and he swam toward it into the mess hall that was located right under the foredeck.

Still holding his breath at three and a half minutes without any difficultly, Mike looked for a way out of the boat. He did not want to waste his valuable play time with the mermaid just above him!

He stopped to examine a small kitchen next to the mess hall and found a perfectly good can of Coke. He was tempted to open it and try to drink it but his experiences with underwater eating had not been very good. He gently set the can on a table for the next diver to find.

After almost two minutes of exploring the potentially very dangerous and confining rooms and passageways of the ship, the Mike located the door that led to the front deck and emerged at the bow of the boat. He swam out into the filtered sunlight and felt his crotch – his dick was starting to pulsate with the anticipation of what he would find. He thought about the lovely mermaid that was waiting for him as he swam to the top of the wheelhouse and was rewarded with the view of his young naked bride ass up looking down the hatch that he had entered the engine room by. He hurried to return to her before she did anything stupid like try to follow him in to the hazard filled vessel!

He snuck up on the naked girl who was still looking down the hatch and playfully poked her in her exposed pussy with his mini-mag light. She jerked and pulled out of the hole in a hurry! She thought that a sea snake had molested her.

She was relieved to see him and she wrapped her arms around him in glee. He kissed her on the neck and then on her tits. She arched her back and he ran his tongue down her belly and gave her shaved snatch a snaky little lick. He rose and took her hand and swam with her to the side of the ship and they floated over the side and down to a bed of soft white sand and sea grass next to the stern of the boat. The elapsed time for Mike was now 4 minutes even.

"Anybody who enters the water (even a bathtub) should consider this underwater breath holding course", explained the announcer. "As you can see this man is having the time of his life unencumbered by equipment or even the urge to breathe. "

The girl settled to the bottom on her butt and looked up at the surface over 60 feet away. She breathed carefully from her tank. It was now 75% empty. She knew that 25% on the gauge meant that she had only 5 minutes left at this depth. The gentle current caressed her exposed sweet little breasts as she relaxed backwards into her sandy bed. She pulled him on top of her.

"Of course your improvement will vary, but generally speaking you can add up to 4 minutes to your underwater time! The breath-holding course starts with a home study set of DVDs and study book. The student receives instruction on how to hold their breath underwater and how to increase their time with both physical and mental exercises", enthused the announcer.

"When the student has reached 3 minutes underwater in the tub or pool on every single attempt, they start the personalized training at our school. Nothing is forced at the school but we ask you to practice every day for at least three weeks before you come to the first class." The announcer was a graduate and he did not have to force his pride for the course OR the results.

The girl pulled her mask off sending a torrent of bubbles to the surface and snorted a bit as the water filled her upturned sinuses. She held the regulator in loosely in her lips and smiled at the boy. He was kneeling between her long legs with his hands on her knees gently pulling them apart.

"In our first 3 "classroom" lessons, you will learn how to utilize all of the capacity of your lungs, efficient air exchange, mental conditioning, setting your "internal" stopwatch, and breaking down your internal fears. This is accomplished entirely in the pool with the classroom work and written tests being taken underwater as well."

The girl threw her head back and thrust her hips up to meet the boy. She had her feet buried in the sand and her arms out at her sides. The boy's heart was hammering as he surveyed this sight! He wanted to fuck her so badly that he almost ejaculated in his bulging swimsuit without touching her.

"Some students are interested in underwater exploration, some are interested in increasing free-diving skills, some are interested in underwater sex, and some are interested in a combination of courses." The announcer knew that he had to mention sex last but he also knew that everyone thought of it first. He remembered the early courses where people would pair off and practice the advanced work – both breath-holding AND sex – in the far corners of the pool. Later on, couples were not so modest. It did not take long to get to that point.

The boy eased her legs apart and lowered his face to her eager pussy. His dick was rock-hard under his bikini and the tip of it was plainly sticking 2 inches out of the waistband. His feet floated above his head as he started performing oral sex on her. He continued to thrust with his tongue in her cunt as he held onto her buttocks with clenched fingers. His timer beeped at the 5-minute mark!

"If we watch long enough there is no doubt that we will see a little 'deep water' family planning going on. I wonder if their kids will be born mermaids."

His thrusting actions pushed them along the ocean floor as he attempted to ram his entire head into her womb. She spread her legs as wide as she could and opened her mouth letting water in around her regulator choking her a bit. She clamped down in her throat to keep the water from drowning her and twisted her hips back and forth to increase his depth.

"As the clock rounds 5½ minutes, you can see that this young couple is totally satisfied with the results of his training." The announcer also smiled as he remembered being paired up with a tall blond during his own classes not that many months ago. They were discovered by the instructor in the women's locker room fucking underwater in one of the therapy tubs. They had been under so long the teacher had time to usher the class in to observe them. He was proud that he held his breath for 6 minutes and the girl almost that long. (He also came but she had to have a few more "goes" at it before she did.) He was still dating her...

She grabbed his head and pulled him up to her face and spit out her regulator so she could kiss him face-to-face. He pulled down his shorts with one hand and wiggled out of them. They drifted away in the current along with her bikini. His erect cock drove its way into her pulsating pussy. Their pelvic bones met with so much force that she squeaked with surprise underwater. He thrust again but she was ready for him this time!

He wrapped his arms around her neck dislodging her air tank from the Velcro belt that she was still wearing. It fell to the sand 2 feet away from her and the regulator leaked the last of the precious air to the surface. Her feet were kicking with pleasure and the tank was knocked away down a slope into much deeper water. The girl held her breath and clamped her pussy muscles on his cock and held on tight. She put her face into his chest to keep the water at bay but that did not help her growing need for air very much.

"Oops, we better start an underwater breath holding timer on her as well! She is obviously untrained but she is planning to take the Julie course after this trip. Maybe she helped him study in the bathtub in the time that it took him to complete the pre study course." The announcer knew that that was true but you really had to follow the full regiment.

She struggled to hold her breath as he fucked the holy crap out of her! She could hear his watch beep at the 6-minute mark so he couldn't last much longer. Could he? She knew that he had better cum soon or she would be one drowned underwater kitten!

As the camera pulled away to the surface you could see them in the cool depths rhythmically fucking on the ocean floor. She was releasing small bursts of bubbles and he was now doing the same!

"Mike has now been underwater for over 6 minutes and the girl is going for a personal record of 2 minutes without air! Maybe she did try out the pre-training modules. But even if she did, it is still unlikely that she can do better than 3 minutes. Of course, they still need to swim to the surface and that should take at least half a minute so they need to start right now! I doubt that they can recover her air supply – it looked empty." The announcer knew that the safety divers were too far up to really help them but the boat had a good medical team incase she drowned.

As the camera moved back you could see that her tank stopped bubbling in a final burst!

"Well it looks like they are still making underwater love and the time is now coming up on 7 minutes for Mike and 3 minutes for his wife! This announcer happens to know that they survived but you will have to visit our web site to learn the whole story."

The camera pulled out of the water the moved to their 24-foot boat waiting on the surface. On the stern deck table were a couple of wine glasses half full of an amber white wine.

"OK kids, have a good time! Young man, remember your training. Young lady, don't let him drown you! And both of you, don't let the wine get warm"

The announcer turned to the camera with the blue ocean over his shoulder. He smiled and said nothing more. The camera turned to linger on the surface of the calm sea with only a bubble or two popping to the surface. It lingered there for a time – a very long time.

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