tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Little Secret

Our Little Secret


A knock on the door startled Mitch. Who would be coming over in the middle of the day? He hoped it wasn’t those Jehovah’s Witness again. Mitch opened the door and to his surprise Jody stood there with dripping wet hair, sweat shirt and sweat pants. She was a softball player at the local community collage and this happened to be her normal attire. Jody and Mitch had been friends since early in high school. They hung out as much as they could, or as much as Mitch’s wife would allow. Mitch knew that Allison was jealous of Jody. She was athletic, full figured, and nicely tanned. Mitch reassured his wife that their relationship was platonic. For the most part it was.

Mitch did think that Jody was attractive. Her big brown eyes and delicate facial features made her seem warm. She had a natural beauty that didn’t require make up, which was a quality that Mitch enjoyed. Only if it had been five years ago.

“Hey what’s up, come in,” Mitch said inviting her in. Her sweatshirt clung tightly and Mitch noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. He quickly turned his attention as she spoke.

“Hey. I was wondering if you could do me a favor?” She asked brushing her damp hair back with her hand.

“Sure,” Mitch replied pleading eternally to keep his eyes above her neckline.

“I need to borrow your digital camera for a project I am doing for class.”

Mitch didn’t think twice about it and strolled to the office to retrieve the camera. Jody took it with a smile. A smile that just further exemplified how pretty she was. She had a charisma to her. If his wife only knew that on some nights he wished Jody was lying next to him.

Jody promised to bring it back in a couple of days. Mitch wasn’t concerned.

Mitch went back to the office sat in his big blue cloth chair, put his hands on top of his head and leaned back. His head was reeling. What if she came over for something else? Mitch played out different scenarios in his head. She came in with dripping hair after a long cold shower, and had to come over to confess her feeling towards Mitch. She just couldn’t stand it anymore and she kissed him. She held on so tight that she left bruises on Mitch’s arms. But that was one dreaming that would never come true.

Mitch reabsorbed himself into his work, putting his fantasies on the back shelf in his mind. There was no doubt in his mind he would play them over and over again in his head.

The day went on uneventful. There were no more visitors at the front door. No interruptions and his work actually got done. The gray day turned into a darker evening. Mitch lost track of time and reality came crashing down upon him.

A squeak from the front door hinges gave him the realization of time. His wife was home already. Mitch quickly saved his material to a disk, shut down the computer and stretched before greeting his wife.

“Hi hon,” Mitch said rubbing his eyes of the dryness caused from staring at a computer screen all day.

“Hello.” Allison said setting down her purse and coat. “Have a good day?”

“Yeah, busy,” Mitch replied walking to the kitchen to grab a soda. “How was your day?” He asked with his back turned to her.

“It was long but I couldn’t wait to get home. I was so excited to look at what we did last night.”

Mitch froze on the linoleum. What we did last night, he thought to himself. His mind searched and searched. What had he done last night?

“I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. I couldn’t get a good look at them last night. You fell asleep and I needed your help so I figured we could look at them now,” She said.

Mitch peeked around the corner. His brows had scrunched up and he cocked his head to one side. “What are you talking about?” He asked thoroughly confused.

“The pictures you dingle berry. Don’t you remember?”

Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. It all came flashing back to him. His wife in a moment of passion had coined him the next playgirl centerfold and she was the aspiring photographer. Her imagination was fierce and she had forced him into some compromising positions.

“Oh Shit!” Mitch said.

“What?” Allison asked, not understanding his remark.

“Um,” Mitch started. He didn’t know what to say. His wife would hit the fan. She was already jealous, and this would no doubt turn into a fight.

“What is it, Mitch?” She asked. Concern was now growing on her face.

“Nothing. I thought we could eat first. I’m sorry. Our little role playing last night slipped my mind. Can we do it later?”

“I really didn’t want to wait. I wanted to see how they turned out.”

Mitch needed something. A distraction, a phone call, something to deviate from the inevitable or else he would have to deal with one jealous wife.

“Later,” Mitch said, hiding his guilt as best he could.

“What is going on. Why don’t you want to look at the pictures?” Allison asked moving closer to him.

Mitch started to sweat a little. He looked for a logical explanation but nothing came to him. He had to tell her the truth.

“The pictures aren’t here.” He said hoping for a good reaction to all of this.

“What do you mean the pictures aren’t here?”

Mitch looked at the floor. How do I say this, he thought.

“I kind of messed up.”

Allison’s face looked confused. She waited and didn’t interject before he was finished.

“I accidentally, lent the camera to Jody,” Mitch said looking up from the floor.

Allison’s face went red. Her eyes widened and the side of her mouth twitched. Mitch could feel the tension boiling up inside of her.

“You do know all those pictures are still in the camera,” She said rhetorically.

Mitch nodded. “It didn’t even cross my mind when I lent it to her.”

Allison huffed. She started walking away from Mitch. Her whole demeanor smelled perturbed. “Well, you better get that camera back.”

“She said she was going to bring it back in a couple of days,” Mitch said.

Allison stopped moving, turned around quickly, fire in her eyes. “Now!”

Mitch shook his head as Allison locked herself into the bedroom. Why was she so jealous? So what if Jody saw the pictures. It is not like she has never seen a naked guy before.

Mitch put his coat on and stumbled out the door, defeated.

When he got to Jody’s dorm, he didn’t expect that she would be there. Usually she was off at practice or in the library studying.

She opened the door and was still wearing the same outfit that she had been wearing earlier.

“Mitch, what are you doing here?” Her expression told Mitch that she knew exactly why he was over.

“Um, I need to see the camera for a second.” It was the only thing he could think off. “I think I forgot to reset something.”

Jody started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

Jody went to her bed that was scattered with papers and books and grabbed an object that Mitch couldn’t make out.

“Here.” She said handing him a green disk. “I didn’t erase them. I put them all on disk.”

Mitch took the disk and felt his heart pounding. He thought he might faint.

“I’m sorry. I forgot all about them.”

Jody smiled. “Don’t worry about it.”

“All right, I guess I better go,” Mitch said feeling completely embarrassed.

“Wait.” Jody called.

Mitch stopped in the doorway. Jody went back to her bed and grabbed another disk. “This is for you.”

Mitch looked at the disk. “What is it?”

Jody blushed. “You’ll see. Just do me a favor, look at it when your wife isn’t around.”

Mitch looked at Jody. She was so sweet. Her hair had dried and was full past her shoulders. Her eyes danced in the reflection of the over head lights.

“Is this what I think it is?” He asked. A deviant smile forming at his mouth.

Jody stayed silent.

“Can I ask you a question?” Mitch asked reluctantly.

Jody nodded.

“Did you look?”

Jody blushed further. Her checks were rosy as could be. Jody reached out and grasped Mitch’s forearm. She pulled it towards her. Mitch watched her move his hand closer to her body. With her other hand, she tucked her thumb into the elastic of her sweats and pulled it away from her smooth tan stomach. She guided Mitch’s hand down between her legs. Mitch could feel the runway hair and then heavy moisture on her softest part. They were close to one another now. Jody glanced up slowly as Mitch’s fingers probed gently. “What do you think?”

Jody let go of Mitch’s arm and Mitch slowly drew it from her pants. His fingers were soaked. Jody leaned in and gave him a small peck on the cheek. “Our little secret.” She said backing away from Mitch.

Mitch left the dorm, with a substantial discomfort in his pants. In his car, Mitch ran his finger back and forth across his nose and then plunged them into his mouth to rinse them clean. He looked over at the empty passenger seat, two disks lying side by side. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

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