tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Third Holiday

Our Third Holiday


We had been together for a few years now and this was our third holiday together. The first one in Lanzarote she went topless on our balcony, I even managed to take a couple of pictures. The second holiday together in Greece she went topless on a quiet beach away from the apartments, there were a few people around but mainly older people. This time I wanted her to go topless by the pool at our apartments and let people adore her beautiful tits.

We were only there for a week and there were a lot of families there and a few couples. Most of the kids were early teens and there were a couple of older kids so that made her shy away from doing it. After we had been there a few days the pool was kind of quiet one morning and all of the kids seemed to be away somewhere. She had gotten up earlier than me to go and get some sun and when I woke up and walked out on the balcony I saw her down by the pool sunning herself. I looked around and saw that it was perfect for her to sunbathe topless so I sent her a text. I saw her read it then put her phone away. She seemed to be thinking about it and assessing the situation. I sat there watching my beautiful girlfriend flick back her hair then unclasp her bikini top and let her beautiful tits out on display.

A few of the men had taken notice of her but were careful not to let on. There were other women topless but none with the nice perky tits that my girlfriend has. One of the younger guys who must have been around 20 certainly noticed and didn't try to hide it. He got up and walked past her and jumped in the pool and stayed in there constantly looking up at her. I sent her a text saying that she needed to put sun screen on or her nice titties would be burnt, but she had to wait until the young guy got out of the pool.

Sure enough when he got out and lay on the sun lounger two away from her she got the bottle out and put some cream on her tits and started rubbing it in. My cock was hard watching it from up on the balcony so I can only imagine what the men down there were experiencing. She only stayed there for about five minutes then came up to the room. She was hornier than I had ever seen her before. We fucked for a while but she wanted her toy so I stood over the bed and I was using it with her to fuck her pussy when she started to grab my cock again. She stared at my cock like she was in a trance and started to suck my cock while fucking herself with her toy and wow that was hot. I came in her mouth in seconds and once the cum hit her throat I could see her tits shake and feel her cum very hard.

She told me that her pussy was wet the whole time and her heart was beating so hard. She felt all the men watching her and loved the attention.

Later that night we were at a social event that the apartments were putting on. I don't normally like these things but there was a decent offer on cheap beers and there was music and a pool table so we went along to see what it was like. We got there around 9 so most of the kids had gone to bed. I could see that a few of the older men from the pool recognised her when we walked in and the young guy also saw her.

We got a few drinks and she wanted to dance so I reluctantly got up and danced for a while. I don't really like dancing but she loves it so I helped her get her fix. After a while she was getting offers to dance with some other guys so I went to grab my drink and sit down for a while.

I saw some people playing pool so rather that watch some older guys creep on my girlfriend I thought I'd go play some pool. The young guy you who watched her earlier was there and I ended up playing against him when most people left. He was a smart guy and seemed very shy but was pretty good at pool. We started playing for beers to begin with then money, low stakes of course. He had taken me for almost all I had (which wasn't much) when my girl came over saying she was done with dancing and wanted to go upstairs. She said we could play one last game and sat down with her drink still in a trance from dancing and oblivious to what we were talking about.

I had no money so asked him what the bet was. He said he had 30 Euros and wanted to bet it all and I replied that I had only three left. I don't know what made me do it but I said I would bet her tits against his 30 Euros. He didn't know how to react and asked what I meant with a nervous giggle. I just said that he enjoyed looking at her tits today so if he wins he could spend a few minutes more looking at them, maybe even feeling and sucking on them.

He seemed dumbfounded and didn't know what to do but said ok. I started to think about what I just did but suddenly the game started. I missed the first few shots but started to get into my game. I was winning the game pretty easily but when I got to the black I put it in but the white slowly followed into another pocket meaning I lost.

There was an awkward moment looking at each other and over at her who was oblivious as to what was going on. He actually smiled and nodded so I had to say something. I said that I would take her up to the room and tell her. I told him our room number and I left my wallet. In fifteen minutes he has to knock on the door and say that I left my wallet and he was returning it. If I say thanks and close the door then I will give him 30 Euros tomorrow. If I invite him in then he gets his prize.

When I got her up to the room she was so horny, dancing does that to her. She immediately wanted to suck my cock and I had no complaints. Her pussy gets so wet when she sucks me. I sucked on her tits for a while then went down on her and she was loving it. I thought I had better tell her what just happened and that the young guy was about to come up.

She was kind of shocked at first but since she was drunk there was a bit of a smile of her face. I told her that I'd be here and it would be fine. He was probably more scared than she was.

She decided to freshen up since she would be on show so grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom. I couldn't believe she was going for it.

After a while I heard a small knock on the door and I let him in, he seemed very nervous. I gave him a beer and he sat on the edge of the bed glancing over to the bathroom door where he knew she was. She had obviously heard him come in and came out almost immediately. She had a short skirt and a white see through blouse on with no bra. She was so turned on I could see her nipples and I just knew that she had no underwear on.

She got to work straight away and took out a couple of buttons while talking to him. I could see him getting nervous as she finally took the last button out. She told him how she saw him watching her today and how she liked it. She asked him if he liked her tits.

She was now completely topless wearing only a skirt and heels and walked over to him sitting on the edge of the bed. She took his hand and put it on one of her breasts and told him to be gentle. I could tell she was so turned on right now and he was starting to warm to the situation. She stepped over him and straddled him and put her left nipple in his mouth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

He started to caress and lick her titties and nipples and I walked over to get a better view of things. I stood by her side and she turned to me and kissed me more passionately than she ever had before as her tits were getting sucked by another man. Her back was arching and she grabbed his head wanting her tits sucked and played with more than ever. I ran my hand down her back and I heard her moan slightly with pleasure. When my hand reached her ass I slid my hand down between her cheeks and she pushed back at my hand and let out a big moan. Her pussy was so wet and I had no choice.

I pulled my shorts down and moved around behind her as her tits swayed as they were getting licked and sucked like they never had been before. My cock slid in to her so easily and she let out the biggest moan I have ever heard. The young guy didn't know what was to do as I was sliding my cock into her right in front of him. I could see her start to build her orgasm, she was loving it.

What happened next really amazed me. My usually shy girlfriend was getting fucked from behind while her tits were being sucked by a stranger and she seemed in a different world. She reached out and started to pull his shorts over his hips. His cock was out and in her face in seconds and she was on her knees immediately sucking him. She got down to suck his cock and as I got down to fill her pussy I could tell she was really loving this by the way her body moved. I played with her tits from behind and I could see him pull her head into his cock. Her tits were swaying as I fucked her and I knew she was on her way to a huge orgasm and he was about to blow his load.

Both of them must have had the best orgasm they have ever had, but I knew she wanted more as she kept moving and he couldn't handle it.

I could see the look of shame on the young guy's face and I signalled to him with my head to leave the room and thanked him for returning my wallet. I continued fucking my beautiful horny girl. She was pushing back towards me and playing with her own tits so I started to fuck her harder. I had my hands on her ass as I was fucking her and let my thumb start to slide towards her ass hole. When she started enjoying that it was too much for me and I shot my load into her.

I knew she still wanted more so I went over to the suitcase and got her vibrator out and I could see on her face that she really wanted it now. She lay on the bed and started to fuck herself with her toy as I guided my soft cock back to her mouth. I kept playing with her ass as she used her toy on herself and my cock was hard in seconds.

She kept using her toy as I stood her up and I sat on the edge of the bed. I put a bit more lube on her ass and guided it down onto my cock. She let out a big gasp followed by a long moan. She started fucking her pussy with her toy fast while gently moving on my cock. I was steadying her with one hand and playing with her tits with the other.

She seemed to be cumming for more than a minute when she finally collapsed onto me. We lay there for a while as she caught her breath and we kissed. She went to shower and I stayed on the bad and drank the rest of my beer thinking about what just happened. It was hard to believe what I had just seen and taken part in.

She came out naked with a towel on her head looking hotter than ever. She dried her hair quickly and we lay on the bed together and talked about what just happened. The summer wind was coming in through the window along with the music from the party they were having. The song was Laid by James, which I thought was appropriate...

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