tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Trip to Spain Ch. 01

Our Trip to Spain Ch. 01


This story is based on fact with very little embellishment and is therefore quite mild in comparison to other stories. I am very interested in any feedback you may like to offer.


We arrived in Spain late in the evening, after a short flight from the UK. The September temperature was very comfortable and would allow for some leisurely activities without running from place to place to avoid the rain. We booked into our hotel, which was situated just across the road from a shingle beach with just the occasional beachfront bars, bustling with tourists having their evening meals.

Our room was on the first floor with a sliding patio window and balcony overlooking the beach. My mind was already in overdrive merely thinking about the possibilities for some amorous adventures for the week ahead. After a quiet snack and a short walkabout to get our bearings, we headed for bed and soon fell asleep.

At breakfast the following morning the sun was quite warm so we decided to do some sightseeing. You dressed in my favourite white cheesecloth blouse and a mid calf white wraparound skirt that you had bought on a previous holiday. The blouse is made little more interesting as it is a little on the tight side, and tends to gape slightly around your bust. It was obvious to anyone who noticed that you had decided not to wear your bra.

The combination of the sunshine silhouetting you through your clothes and the breeze blowing through your blonde hair made it impossible to take my gaze away from you as we trundled through the narrow streets. We were persuaded to take in a sightseeing tour on a horse drawn carriage, to the delight of the driver, who knew all to well, how to position his mirror and turned around regularly to sneak glimpses of your firm nipples straining against the white blouse.

We arrived back at our hotel around lunchtime and decided to opt for a light lunch on the terrace and enjoyed leisurely Tapas with a couple of glasses of wine before sauntering back into our hotel to get changed for the beach.

To my delight you decided to wear the snakeskin bikini that I had bought you on a previous holiday. You looked absolutely stunning, as it showed off your tanned shapely body perfectly:

The bikini was made from a very thin fabric; the simple, quite narrow panels had a snakeskin design and fitted almost as a second skin. Both the top and bottom could be adjusted by drawing the panels along the strings; the bottom is also tied at the sides. I know that this suit makes your feel very sexy; remembering what happen the last time you wore it. We were watching a couple making love on a nearby boat in a bay in Majorca, you were so aroused, that you could not resist the temptation to slide your fingers into the flimsy gusset of the bikini showing how much you were turned on, then brought yourself to a pleasurable climax for me.

We found a seclude spot along the shingle beach on put our towels under the shade of one of the trees lining the shore, "Rub some lotion on my back." you asked, as you turned on to your stomach. I began to squirt the oily liquid onto my hand and I started on your upper back. You were smiling contently as you wiggled your body to a more comfortable position. I was enjoying myself and proudly looking at you, such an attractive woman with a beautiful figure, only slightly exposed. I continued to rub the lotion into your lower back and sensually over your thighs, and continued the massage, working down slowly to your toes, making your completely relaxed until you seemed to be dozing, and I was quite happy just to watch the talent walking by.

Then as always, after a while when just lying on a beach, I start to get bored, and so to liven up the situation I decided to play with you and maybe get you in a playful mood for the rest of the day.

As you dozed I playfully ran my fingers slowly along the edge of your bikini top and widened the gap between your breasts, so that the edges of your areolas were just visible; the lower half of the top tends to rise up with movement anyway. Your bikini bottom is again made from the same thin narrow material, not lined, and tied neatly at the hips with bows. So being the insatiable show off that I am, I slowly slid the waistband of your bikini down with my little finger as I caressed your flat stomach with my palm, until the top of your neatly trimmed landing strip was clearly visible. Then slipped my finger along the fabric edge to your groin having the effect of leaving the crotch of your bottom noticeably gaping. Much to the amusement of a youngish guy probably mid 20s who although wearing sun glasses was clearly watching every move.

It seemed like eternity waiting until you woke up properly, to see if you would get up and walk with your bikini in the arrangement I had left it. I was finally so frustrated with anticipation, that I woke you, suggesting we go along the beach to a bar for a couple of cocktails. When you got up and shook the towels, your firm breasts left little to the imagination and your bottoms gapped as I had left them. You smiled innocently and took my hand, my heart thumping with stimulation as we walked past numerous people to the beach bar.

The bar was fairly quiet and we sat on high stools at the edge of the bar resting our feet on each others seat. The barman could only see us from the waist upwards, and on seeing you took no time in approaching us to take our order, but seemed to linger, chatting to us as he mixed the drinks. All this time my hand was resting on your thigh, until I gradually moved my fingers up and slid them carefully into the front of your bikini pulling the fabric away from your mound and gently caressing your neatly trimmed pubic hair with the backs of my fingers. You could not move my hand away as it would have been obvious to the barman what we were doing.

A few minutes later he reluctantly moved away to serve another customer who had been waiting patiently at a table, you asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. I replied by asking you if you were enjoying the attention you whispered "yes, but that isn't the point".

At this stage, the erotic charge between us made me even bolder and I dared to pull one of the strings tying the bottoms, slackening the whole gusset, and then cautiously moved the thin fabric over to expose even more of your intimacy, I was ecstatic to see that your lips were now slightly swollen and glistening with excitement.

I couldn't believe how daring we were and how mutually erotic the moment. We were sitting in a quiet part of an open beach bar with me subtly caressing your trimmed pussy; anyone that may have passed close to us could easily have seen our audacious foreplay.

The barman returned and continued talking then began to blatantly take every opportunity to openly look at the exposure of your soft breasts, arousing you to the extent that you moved your arm, willing your aching nipples to escape from the narrowed flimsily top and show him what he wanted

Myself, I just wanted to rip off the bikini and fuck your right there, especially when you lifted your elbow to the bar causing you left nipple to pop into view. The turn on for both of us was tremendous as I continued to rub you discreetly whist making inane conversation with him.

We finished our drinks thought we had better head back to our hotel before we got too carried away. Then you, bravely knowing very well my penchant to voyeur you, allowed me to retie the bottoms knowing that I would tie it as low and loose as possible, but you adjusted your top just to cover your nipple leaving only the darkened edge exposed.

The 10 minute walk back along the beachfront and through the hotel to our room was very intense. You walked beside me without adjusting your bikini but needed to pull it up occasionally when you thought it might fall down completely, and only holding your towel in front of your when you saw someone inappropriate coming towards us. Such was the eroticism of that walk, I felt that my cock was so hard it could have exploded. Once in our room I laid your on the bed and peeled away the crotch of your bikini and slowly kissed and probed your with my tongue, keeping you on the very verge of a climax, then stopping, so as to keep your in a intense state of arousal for the evening ahead. You protested, but knew this daring level of foreplay always heightened our sexual needs and primed us for a lust filled evening.

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