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Our Vacation Plans


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Our Vacation Plans

Last year, my wife and I spent ten days in Northern California. We kicked around fun places to visit. I got on the Internet and looked at parks, beaches, and various attractions. We wanted to relax, so I also checked out hot springs in the area. One hot spring caught my attention due to its seclusion and the comment that the pools were 'clothing optional.' I showed Cara what I'd found and she was intrigued.

"Wonder what it would be like to float naked in a pool of hot water? You really want to do that?" she asked as she examined the web site's pictures.

"It would be a different experience," I replied smiling to myself. "It says clothing is optional, so I guess we could decide what to do after we got there," I added, trying to make the idea less daunting.

Cara shrugged and said, "We'll see. Add it to our list of possibilities."

That's all I needed to hear! I should describe my wife, so you will appreciate why I was anxious to visit the hot spring. Cara, now 37, is 5'7" tall, slender with a 34b-21-35 figure. She has straight black hair that extends a bit below her shoulders, and Cara's brown eyes that can bore holes in your brain. Her full lips, high cheekbones, and flawless tan skin bespeak some Hispanic or Native American heritage. Her small, pert breasts topped with half-dollar size areola surround erect nipples that protrude like pencil erasers when stimulated. Below Cara's flat tummy, a wide bush of black hair is neatly trimmed short. It turns me on to see the slit that divides her full vaginal lips. For weeks, prior to our trip, I visualized Cara and I floating nude in a warm pool of mineral water as others looked on her beauty with a touch of envy.

We Arrive

Needless to say, the hot spring made our final list of places to visit. We arrived that Saturday at 9:30 one morning and checked in at the lodge office. After dropping our bags in our small room, we grabbed our suits and made the short hike up to the pools. Six or seven cars indicated that other bathers were already there. Topping a rise in the trail, we spotted a dome and a building that housed restrooms and the dressing area. Beyond the buildings was a large rectangular pool. We stepped into the common dressing area that had cubbyholes to stash shoes and clothes. Another couple were undressing as they chatted away with each other. A middle-age man was filling a water bottle at the drinking fountain. He was completely nude. Cara and I glanced around. I sat down to remove my shoes, wondering what Cara would decide to do about this turn of events. Cara watched as the other couple continued to strip in front of us. Before I could catch her attention, she ducked into the women's restroom.

I watched the other couple stow the last of their clothes and grab their towels. They were a few years older and, as she walked by, I noticed that the woman's pendulous breasts swayed seductively. She also sported a full bush of light brown hair that matched the long hair she had neatly pulled up on her head.

I decided to join them. I rolled up my suit and put it in the cubbyhole with my shoes. I was down to my underwear when Cara emerged from the restroom wearing her two piece suit. She saw the disappointment on my face and noticed that my suit wasn't visible. She smiled coyly. "You're going to do it. You're going to try it naked aren't you?"

I gave her a weak grin and pulled down my bikini. She picked up her towel and I wrapped mine around my waist. "I just can't do it right off the bat," Cara said half apologetically. I winked at her. "It's entirely up to you, honey," I responded. "Shall we go get wet?"

We reached the pool. Everybody was naked, floating lazily in the warm water. There were three other couples, two pair of women soaking in the shallow end, and three single men. The man we'd seen earlier was sprawled face up on the deck soaking up the sun's rays. Cara eyed his large flaccid penis as we walked to a table near the pool steps. Cara dropped her towel, stepped into the pool, and looked back at me. It was my moment of truth! After some moments of hesitation, I loosened my towel and quickly stepped into the pool. The warm water surrounded my body and it was incredible to feel my cock begin to bob around unfettered. I moved over to Cara and she pulled me in close.

"How does it feel to be naked with all these people?" she whispered to me.

"Strangely enough, pretty wonderful," I replied. "How does it feel to be the only person in this pool in a suit?" I asked in return.

"It's kind of spooky," Cara admitted. "Let's just stay right here for a while."

We held onto each other and looked into each other's eyes for the longest time. There's something very special about 100-degree water and an atmosphere of total freedom. Others moved around in the pool, floating with the aid of the popular noodles or with another person supporting them. Two of the women got out of the pool and entered the domed building. Both looked to be in their 40's and evidently were 'partners.' They held hands and talked in hushed voices.

Bill and Dee

The couple I watched undress floated closer to us. "What's in the dome?" I asked them.

"Oh, that's the hot pool," the man responded smiling. "It's about 108-degrees. There are also a couple of cold water tubs in there. Be sure you try them out...very refreshing."

After that, Bill and Dee introduced themselves and we quietly chatted for a few minutes. They were from the Bay Area and frequented the springs. "I take it this is your first visit," Dee commented.

"Yes, it is. How did you know?" Cara replied. Dee just looked down in the water at Cara's suit and grinned. "Lucky guess."

We all chuckled and Cara gave an embarrassed shrug. "Yeah, I guess I stand out like a neon sign."

Dee hurried to reassure Cara. "No problem, Cara, this place is clothing optional. It's whatever you are comfortable with."

"Being the only modest person isn't all that comfortable," Cara admitted to them. "Maybe I'll get brave," she mumbled and looked up at me for a sign of approval.

"It's up to you," I repeated and hugged her a bit tighter to reinforce my comment.

Dee broke the long silence that followed. "Bill, let's go hit the hot pool," she suggested. He nodded and followed Dee to the steps. They walked by us on the way to the dome and I noticed Cara's eyes following their naked forms as they stepped into the dome.

Cara's Decision

We lolled in the warm pool another four or five minutes. I had the feeling that Cara was trying to settle her mental conflict as I just stroked her back and enjoyed our closeness. "I want to try the hot pool now," Cara announced. We made our way out of the warm water and headed to the dome. We entered the dome together. The round pool in the center of the dome contained the three women and Bill. Dee looked up at us and gave Cara a reassuring smile. Bill appeared to be asleep. We could clearly see all four bodies in the crystal water.

I walked to the handrail and put one foot in the pool. Imagine my surprise when I glanced over my shoulder and saw Cara, facing the wall, removing the top of her suit. I stood perfectly still and continued to watch as she hooked her thumbs in her bikini bottom and slid it down her shapely legs. Cara hung her suit on a nearby hook and slowly turned around to see my smiling face.

I moved into the pool and my naked Cara stepped in behind me. All eyes, including Bill's, followed her progress as her trimmed pussy, then her dark, perky nipples sank beneath the water. I pulled Cara onto my lap and hugged her tightly. It was my way of indicating how proud I was of her.

Her hands found my thighs and she pulled herself down on my legs and laid her head back next to mine. Here eyes were closed but I looked across at Dee and Bill. They smiled at me and nodded their approval. I wondered at the time whether Bill was approving Cara's bravery or her beauty. It was probably both, I mused, and I felt pride rather than jealousy, knowing that another man enjoyed seeing my wife totally nude for the very first time.

A couple of minutes later, Dee and Bill left the hot pool and quickly stepped into the two cold plunges nearby. Cara opened her eyes to see them step out of the icy water. Bill's cock and balls were shrunk into a rather tiny wad, while Dee's nipples emerged erect and puckered. As they returned to the hot pool, we all giggled at their shivering bodies. Even the other two women laughed at the sight!

"It's refreshing, but it makes you look funny," Dee chuckled. "Try it, you two, you'll really like the way it feels."

"Oh hell, why not?" I blurted. Moving Cara to the side, I stepped out and turned to her. "Coming?" I asked. Cara looked at the others and decided to take the dare.

I stepped into the icy tub and in one move sank up to my neck. Yes, it was very cold! I could feel my body contract! Cara slowly stepped up to the tub, her perfect bottom on display. She put one foot in the cold tub and turned to me. "Ooh, it's too cold," she complained. I watched my young wife as she stood with one foot over the edge of the tub. Her dark nipples were already erect and all could drink in the sight of her sleek, naked body. I held my breath as the tableau became burned into my memory.

Ever so slowly, Cara stepped into the tub and finally disappeared as she became fully immersed for a few seconds. She gasped for air as she burst from the icy vat. She stepped gingerly away from her tub, giving us another chance to view her nude and shivering body. Cara's nipples were two dark, pointy cones as she sank back into the hot pool. "I feel all tingly," she laughed as Cara faced me. I pulled her to me and she spread her legs around me as I pressed her close. Looking into her eyes, I saw the excitement she was transmitting to me. Her legs squeezed me and that told me that she was highly aroused by our hot spring adventure.

She Likes It

"My wife actually enjoyed showing off," I thought to myself absently. "Bill certainly got to see her from every angle." My thoughts led me to become bolder. Maybe it was the feel of her close-cropped pussy rubbing against my belly that caused me to move my hand under Cara's ass. My fingertips touched her and encountered very wet and swollen labia.

"Mmm," she purred into my ear as I moved my fingers across her folds and into her slippery slit. She was clinging to me as if we were alone in our bed. I opened my eyes and noticed Dee watching us intently. Her expression told me that she was well aware of my underwater activities. I continued to slowly finger fuck Cara while staring directly into Dee's eyes. Her hands were under water and the tiny ripples that now surrounded her told me she was acting as a third with us in her own way.

The mood broke as the two other women rose and moved out of the pool. One of the women shot me a knowing look and licked her lips as if to say, "I'd love to taste your sweet wife."

Cara opened her eyes. "I'm hot," she whispered. "You sure are," I replied with a wink. "No, silly, I need to go back to the other pool before I melt away." I reluctantly removed my fingers from her tight pussy and let her float off my lap. I followed Cara out of the pool, stepping next to Dee and Bill. They gave me the thumbs up sign and then stood to follow us. I was again surprised when Cara walked right by her suit and left it on the hook! We picked up our towels and strolled back to the comfort of the warm pool with Bill and Dee right behind us.

I could feel many eyes following our steps. I had my towel around my neck and Cara carried hers carelessly in her right hand. She made no effort to cover her nudity as we passed the other men and couples. I was amazed at Cara's transformation from modes suburban wife to wanton exhibitionist! Even my fantasies hadn't foreseen this change of attitude.

I didn't sprout an erection exactly, but I could feel a distinct stirring in my balls. They slapped wetly against my thigh as we covered the last few feet to the pool steps. We sank into the waiting arms of the warm water and watched as Bill and Dee followed. The four of us found a spot along the edge of the pool and quietly traded thoughts about the relaxing nature of our wooded surroundings.

The Comparison

Dee showed Cara the water inlet and they took turns feeling the warmer jet massage their tits. Dee's large globes moved from side to side as they floated back and forth across the water jet. Cara tried it but she was too small and firm to get a similar reaction.

Bill and I chuckled as we watched our wives comparing their breasts. "Cara's tits stand out naturally," Bill commented. "Dee's only to that in the water. Here, Ken, feel how heavy they are," he suggested. I looked first at Dee then at Cara. "Are you serious?" I asked. Bill smiled back at me. "Sure, you don't mind do you Dee?" She smiled at her husband, "Of course not," Dee replied, but you'd better clear it with Cara, Ken."

I caught Cara's eye and she just shrugged. I was taken off guard and wasn't sure what Cara's shrug meant. "Cara, maybe you'd better check that out for me," I suggested. Cara looked at Dee and again surprised me. Cara moved closer to Dee and put her right hand under Dee's floating left breast. She carefully lifted it until it was almost out of the water and her large, rosy nipple was in the sunshine. Cara hefted and squeezed her breast for another moment before releasing it to again float free.

"It's soft and heavy," Cara commented to me. "You need to feel it," she added. Without another thought, I moved to Cara's side and extended my arm. Dee stepped closer to us and I felt her breast fill my hand. It was totally different than Cara's firm mound. I held out my other hand and hefted both of Dee's tits out of the water. "Very different, very uh, large and soft," I mumbled as I let them slide back under the water.

"They're a pain sometime," Dee said. "I have to wear a bra all the time. I often wish I was built more like Cara," she added. "May I feel yours, Cara?" Dee asked. Cara gave a slight nod and I watched as Dee moved close to us and cupped my wife's firm tits in her palms. She held Cara for a matter of seconds, but it felt like an eternity as I stared at the two women. "She's really firm and nice," Dee stated to Bill. "Cara, do you mind if Bill feels what you're like?"

I felt blood surge through my balls as Cara made a half-turn to face the other man. Bill stepped slightly closer to my pretty wife and placed his hands against her chest softly. I saw him squeeze her firm boobs several times before moving his fingers to her stiff nipples. A low moan escaped my wife's lips as he gently rolled her nipples between his fingers and pulled them toward him until her tits began to exert greater pull. Bill released Cara's nipples and we all watched as they snapped back to their original positions. "God, Dee, she has the firmest little boobs in the world," Bill said with a note of passion. "She's awesome, Ken."

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just nodded. Cara moved back and snuggled close to me. I could feel her rapid heartbeat when she put her arms around me tight. Looking down into her dark eyes, I asked, "Are you okay?" Cara nodded and I saw a slight smile as she purred, "Love me?" I answered her with a lingering, open-mouth kiss and pulled her as close to me as I could. We cuddled in the pool, watching other couples and singles lazily bob around. Everyone seemed to enjoy the freedom from care that the warm water produced.


One woman was holding her partner afloat horizontally and moving her slowly in the water. The floating lady's breasts were out of the water, their silver dollar-size nipples flattened against her chest. As she was turned, we could easily view the sparse expanse of pubic hair that crowned her rather prominent mons. The lady's face was totally relaxed, her eyes closed. It appeared that the mind was off in another world.

"She looks so peaceful," Cara whispered as the women began to move slowly toward the far end of the pool. Dee heard her comment and leaned nearer. "Have you ever had Watsu?" she asked.

"What's Watsu?" Cara inquired.

"It's a massage in a warm water pool, like what you just saw," Dee explained. Cara shook her head.

"Have you ever done Watsu?" she asked Dee.

"Yes, Bill and I have taken some lessons. It's a wonderful feeling," she replied. "If you want to learn some of the basics, we can show you later on," Dee volunteered. "Why don't we meet back here this evening when it's quiet," Bill suggested. "Maybe we can do three on one massages and take turns. Six hands are better than two, right?"

"I really looks neat," I added. "What do you say, Cara?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," she agreed dreamily...almost too quickly. "Meanwhile, will you move me around like that woman?" Cara asked. Of course, I agreed to try to imitate the lady's moves as Cara stretched out in the water.

"Here," Dee volunteered as she retrieved a yellow noodle from poolside. She placed the float beneath Cara's knees to help support her legs. My one hand on Cara's bottom and the other on her back held her face up and quite relaxed. As I moved my wife slowly around the pool, the other bathers got close-up views of Cara's small firm tits and her close-cropped bush. With her eyes closed, she was unaware of her sensuous display. I made sure that each of the men had ample time to look if they so desired.

Soon, Bill had Dee in a similar position and we spent the rest of the late afternoon practicing with our wives. We went to dinner with Bill and Dee at a small restaurant close to the hot spring. It wasn't fancy, but the food was good and we enjoyed the company. A palpable level of sexual tension seemed to remain after the mutual fondling earlier in the day. Cara and Dee were both coy and edgy at times and there were several comments about their comparative anatomies. Dee complimented Cara on her slender, hourglass figure. In return, Cara said how nicely endowed Dee was. The men, of course, agreed with both assessments! Dee coaxed and Cara continued to open up more. It was still surprising to me how much my wife had 'loosened up' in the last ten hours.

Water Massage

After dinner and a couple of drinks, the four of us jumped back into Bill's van and made the short drive back to the spa. "The pool is open 24 hours a day," Bill announced. "Let's hike back up there and practice some more. It won't be crowded this time of night."

"Great!" Cara replied without hesitation and then she squeezed my hand. We arrived at the empty warm pool a few minutes later. Rather than use the dressing room, we all stripped again and left our clothes on a table nearby. "Do you want to try the three on one approach I mentioned?" Bill asked. Again, I felt Cara squeeze my hand as we stood in the water. "Sounds like a good idea," I replied. "The ladies should go first, of course."

Bill agreed, then suggested that Dee and Cara play one round of rock, paper, and scissors to see who would be first. Dee chose rock and Cara did paper, so Cara won the initial massage. Cara seemed very pleased as she began to float on her back. I instinctively moved to support her back, while Bill moved around to hold Cara's shoulders. Dee held her ankles as Cara stretched out in the water, her head resting on Bill's shoulder.

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