tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Weekend At A Resort

Our Weekend At A Resort


You are about to read another story in what I hope becomes a continuing series of true stories involving my new lady. This is the second in the series so far, the first story involving my girlfriend is "Potahawk Boat Party". If you haven't had the chance to read that story first, you might want to read it first since it occurred July 2003 and this story happens in October 2003. As with all stories I write, this story involves either sexual activities or possible sexual activities. If this is not the type of subject matter you desire, you would be wise to move on to another story.

As I mentioned in "Potahawk Boat Party" being the author of these stories, I like my readers to know that I am a male from Ontario Canada and I try to give those that are interested an idea of where the story takes place. This particular story is once again a true tale and the location is at a rather fancy vacation resort about 200 miles north of Toronto, Ontario. I prefer not to name the resort by name, but for any readers that know the area it is located just east of the little tourist town of Huntsville Ontario.

To give the readers a little info about the main character just in case they did not read the first story. My girlfriend Linda is an early forties lady, who can quite often pass as a much younger gal. She is a 5'1" blonde with a nice 34d" chest and a rather exhibitionistic personality of which I always encourage her to further.

We had received a trip to this particular resort almost ten months earlier, we both had been looking forward to the trip and I'm sure we both had thoughts of using the location for a little naughty fun. Since it was now late October in Canada when we were using the weekend getaway, the weather unfortunately was a bit of a crap shoot whether it would be nice. As it turned out although it wasn't beautiful sunny weather, actually quite overcast most of the weekend it at least ended up being fairly warm for the time of year. So although it wasn't balmy, thankfully the possibility of having Linda outside without clothing was still very real.

Since our boat party story I had added a new item which had enabled us to be a little more creative with our exhibitionism with Linda . . . a new camera that had led to new "hotter" photos. So once we got signed into our room and had relaxed for a bit, it was time to get the digital camera out. When I had first brought up the topic many months earlier of taking pictures of her in various positions of undress, Linda had initially been a little nervous and unsure of how she'd look in such pictures. But once I had shown how sexy she looked in many and how I preferred to see erotic not as explicit shots of her, she had now gotten to the point where she looked forward to the photo shoots as much as I did. It therefore on this day didn't take much prodding on my part to get her in her lingerie and heels . . . ready to take some nice shots in front of the fireplace located in our suite.

After a couple of great pictures in front of the fireplace, I suggested to Linda that we should have her do a few poses out on our suites balcony. Now if we had been at the resort during it's busy time of season, then the idea of her out on the balcony in a state of undress would have been very daring. But since it was a Friday in the fall we were one of the few rooms occupied in our area, she felt safe enough to give it a go. With only her thong and heels on, I had Linda posing out on the balcony . . . although there wasn't a lot of people around the resort grounds the chance of someone seeing us was still a possibility. A few more snaps of the camera and we decided we'd put anymore photos until the next day.

The Friday night we went to the main lodge for supper and after a great meal we decided that we'd stop at the resorts nightclub for a game of pool and drinks before bed. Before heading to the bar though, with my encouragement Linda decided it might be a good idea to stop at our room so she could remove her bra. Upon arriving at the bar, we found a pool table right near the bar itself and began a game as more people entered. I couldn't help but notice that a few of the men that entered took a long gaze at my girl as she was leaning over the table taking her shot Mmm . . I wonder if it was to watch her shooting ability or due to the cleavage she teasingly was allowing with a white blouse partially undone. I'm certain that we could have been even more daring that night, but we sort of wanted to save a little fun for the next night. It appeared as though the bar would be a good place to hit the next night since it seemed to have a good amount of men and many of them seemed younger than us, which always perks Linda's interest in teasing.

The next day we had a great morning breakfast buffet before spending most of the day touring the local area and seeing the sights. We got back to our room late in the afternoon and decided to chill out until supper, surprisingly Linda decided to try some wine we had brought along which was a little out of her character as she normally did not drink. After a glass of wine she decided to try out the suites whirlpool bath, once she was comfortably situated in the tub of course I had to get the camera back out and take some bathtub pictures. The bubbles made for some very erotic shots of my little blonde and her full tits. I was already starting to plot the upcoming evening proceedings.

We decided to have supper in the pub part of the resort, since we planned on taking in a stage show we wanted to make sure we were done supper a little quicker than the previous night at the fancy restaurant. As we had our meal in the pub, I was surprised that Linda continued to have another two glasses of wine. As we wandered out of the pub we headed directly to the stage show, it was now 8pm and I could tell that the wine was making Linda a little friskier. The stage show was a fast paced music and dance program that lasted about a hour and a half, during of which we had two more rounds of drinks. Now 5 beers over the time period we had been indulging really hadn't effected me that much . . . other than make me even more aroused at the thought of allowing Linda to be naughty. I noticed though that the five glasses of wine Linda had indulged were definitely having a bit of effect on her, she was eager to perform.

After the show we quickly stopped at our suite before heading to the nightclub again, since it was later this evening I figured the chance of the place to be even busier was likely good. I decided it was time to play, while in the room I instructed my girlfriend as to what the evening program was to be. Now as well as being an exhibitionist, Linda does have a submissive nature that I like to take advantage of occasionally. We do not indulge in a continual Master-slave relationship, but we do have an agreement that once in awhile I will dictate what she will be expected to do . . . in particular in public situations. So while in our room as she was once again removing her bra, I laid down the rules for the evening. I informed her that she was allowed to flirt with any guys she desired at the bar and upon my decision we may invite a guy or guys back to the room. She was excited and eager to head to the bar, as I was fully expecting a special evening and was looking forward to sharing my gal.

When we arrived at the bar, we began another game of pool and although the patrons gradually started to file in I was somewhat disappointed that the crowd wasn't as good as the night before. I let Linda float around and see if she could find any possible guys that she'd be able to flirt with. As it turned out, our plan had two things working against it a) a bigger percentage of the people in the bar were all from the same business group that were staying at the resort and therefore were a little wary of a horny female. The other unexpected problem I was starting to notice b) Linda with another couple of glasses of wine, was now getting to a rather drunk state. Now this wouldn't of been a huge problem if the type of crowd had been a little better mix, but I could tell that before we could find any possible playmates Linda was going to be beyond enjoying herself. I decided to take my gal back to the room and perhaps a little flashing fun on the way.

Since we had moved over to a table which was a little away from the main bar crowd, I casually instructed Linda as to what I expected her to do. She had come to the bar with a white blouse, blue jeans, running shoes and a long black overcoat . . . not the sexiest outfit but I had plans to make it sexier.

"Linda I think it's time to head back to our room!" I stated to her "But before we leave the bar I want you to remove your blouse and go topless under your coat as we leave".

Since she had more than enough wine at this point, I could tell by her face that she was unsure as to where and how I expected her to remove the blouse with out being noticed. So right there in the dim lighting of the bar, with other patrons mere feet away busy with their own conversations . . . I casually held Linda's long overcoat up behind her shoulders with back to the crowd and instructed her to remove the blouse. It was such a thrill to witness her as she clumsily fumbled with the buttons before removing the blouse, the thought that someone could of walked up at any moment and catch us was enthralling.

Once my lady had her blouse removed I stuffed it into my coat pocket as I assisted her into the overcoat sleeves, then led her towards the bar door. As we wandered past numerous customers on our way out. I quietly wondered how much they could see and how much I should expose my girlfriend. I eventually decided to play it safe and continue out of the bar, but I did have one last deviant plan unfolding in my head.

The way the resort we were staying at was laid out, was that they had many little chalets with numerous suites within each chalet. So upon leaving the nightclub we had about a 100 to 150 yard outside back to our chalet building. As we walked up the darkened roadway towards our chalet, I pulled Linda off the road and behind a small utility building. Since Linda has always enjoyed the aspect of having sex in public places, she just naturally thought we were going to do a little indulging but I had other ideas. Even though it was a damp night, it was still uncommonly warm and I could not pass up the opportunity to force some public nudity to the forefront.

Once I had both of us out of sight of the road, I leaned my slightly drunk lady up against the building and then proceeded to undo her jeans. I tugged both the jeans and her panties down her legs at the same time, once I had everything down to her ankles it was very easy to pull her shoes off with the two articles of clothing in one final tug. I now had my Linda standing up against the building with only her overcoat still on, I had intended to allow her to put her shoes back on to walk the remaining distance . . . but once I saw how so much vulnerable she appeared without footwear I decided against it. I think she was expecting that we were going to have sex right there and then, but instead I led her back towards the road . . . overcoat still half open.

We started back up the paved roadway towards the chalet and to tell you the truth I'm not sure what would of happened if someone had come out of one the buildings we were passing as we walked. I had pretty much decided to let Linda decide whether she should close up her overcoat, mind you she was probably drunk enough she didn't care if anyone seen her in this state of undress. The overcoat flew open as we walked and since I was leading her with one hand while carrying her shoes, jeans and panties in my other hand … I didn't have a free hand to close the overcoat. I'm sure I secretly wanted someone to see us and who knows, maybe someone did peer out their window that night as we walked by.

Since we were on the third floor of our chalet, we still had the stairs to climb to our level without being seen. Once we got to the top of the stairs we passed through a door which lead into a small foyer where the door for our suite plus two other room doors were, it was the final area in which someone may pop out and catch Linda in her nudity . . . but no one showed and we safely reached our room with no one seeing us or at least as far as we knew.

I'd would of rather had this story finish with us inviting someone to join us that night or finishing with a pair of guys bumping into us on the way back to the chalet, but neither of those events happened. In fact it would of still been not a bad ending with Linda and I having wild rampant sex for hours that night, but unfortunately I can't even finish this story off that way. You see, once we got into the chalet Linda fell onto the couch and virtually passed out, I ended up having a few more drinks in front of the fireplace alone. But I'm confident that I will have future stories that will end in a much more sexual finale, since Linda with or without wine assistance is always sexually daring.

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