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Out for a Drive


We are a mid-fifties couple that enjoys engaging in some scenarios that allow us to express our voyeuristic and exhibitionistic sides. One of these particular scenarios takes place on the roadway. My wife and I enjoy it when she exposes herself to some unsuspecting truckers along their travels on the Long Island Expressway in New York. The playtime usually starts out by her wearing very sheer see-thru clothes, most likely a short robe and taking the passenger seat of our car. Our first stop is a full service gas station to fuel up.

When we pull up to the station she has already reclined the seat a little and the robe is barely covering her breasts. It would be very obvious to the attendant that she is basically nude underneath, he gets a good look at her long sexy legs and I know that he dying to peer what is under the robe. While he is gassing us up, she begins to open her robe slightly just enough to show the outline of her nipples. Her other hand slides underneath the fabric and she begins to cup her breast. I could see the attendant through the side view mirror, and I am watching him strain look at her and catch a glimpse of her breasts. I tell her that he is watching and she then lets one breast fully escape from the robe and she begins to pinch her nipple. I hear him replace the gas cap and close up the tank, she covers up a little, her nipple is still exposed and still very visible to anyone looking inside the car.

The attendant comes to get paid he tries in vain not to stare and I ask him to clean all the windows on the car. He replies with a resounding "yes sir" and big grin. She then begins to rub her pussy under the robe; all the while she is opening the robe and her legs ever so slightly with every stroke. By the time he reaches the windshield he has got a direct unhindered view of her neatly trimmed pussy while she continues to rub and stroke her clit. As he approaches my window to get paid I had her turn her pussy towards the driver's side window and spread her lips with her fingers so he could get a really good view. I asked him what he thought of her, and he smiled but could not answer. We pay the poor man and leave I notice him call over the other attendant to tell him what had just transpired We now continue our show to the expressway.

Upon entering the expressway we usually spot a few trucks up ahead of us and she fully reclines the seat. I have her remove her robe completely and she is lying on the seat fully naked and aroused. I look for a truck with a sleeper cab and out of state plates that is traveling in the center lane. I pull along side the truck while I am in the left lane so the driver has an unobstructed view of my beautiful naked wife seated in the car next to him. She begins to rub her pussy and tits, running her fingers along her slit and pinching her nipples. The driver usually hits the horn and keeps perfect pace with us. She puts her feet on the dashboard and lifts her hips and naked pussy upward so he gets a great look at her pussy. While he has a perfect view of her pussy she takes her hands and spreads her lips exposing herself even more.

She then takes out a couple of her favorite toys and inserts one into her ass, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. I take hold of the dildo in her pussy and begin feverishly fucking her for this trucker. She continues to fuck her ass and suck on the other dildos. Her hips are meeting my every thrust and she sucks the dildo down her throat to the latex balls. Within a few minutes of this blissful fucking she usually explodes on the dildo in her pussy and her ass.

She continues to suck on the other dildo and rub her wet pussy. Then she raises her seat, puts her head in my lap and begins to give me head while I continue driving. She takes my hard cock into her very wet and hot mouth and licks my staff and balls. While she is blowing me she positions her hips and ass up close to the side passenger window so they are plainly visible to the trucker or anyone next to us for that matter. After a couple of exits I explode in her mouth and she swallows most of my cum. She then sits up and places a nipple near my mouth for me to lick, suck and bite. She sits back in her seat, reclines and continues to allow the driver to see her body.

I noticed that the next exit is just ahead and the trucker flashes his signal intending to exit the Expressway so I decided to follow the trucker off the Expressway. This next part would be a first for us but there was just so much electricity in the air we decided to give it a try. I can see that he noticed that we followed him off of the expressway and he stops at the next streetlight. Once there we pull our car along the driver's side of his rig, so he may watch my wife as she continues to lightly and gently play with her pussy and tits. I can easily see the driver from the sunroof and I can see that his eyes are fixed on my beautiful naked wife. After a few moments I lowered her window and had her elevate her hips so he can get a really good look at her body. I inquired if he was enjoying the show? He responded with a very firm "Yes, Sir... I sure did." After the light cycled for the second time we figured it was time to leave. He politely thanked us again and made a right turn, while we went straight ahead. He continued sounding his horn for a few minutes in honor of my beautiful wife and her exciting demonstration that expressed her appreciation of America's truckers.

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by Anonymous06/04/17

Been a trucker 30 yrs in UK driving to Bristol on M4 when a silver coupe pulled along side ,looked down and seen a sexy woman with feet on dash with legs open and no knickers with her left breast out ,more...

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