tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOutback Nights Ch. 05

Outback Nights Ch. 05


The night had progressed smoothly upon the arrival of their friends Kyle and Candice, a young couple that had been seeing one another for the better part of the past two years, and long time acquaintances of the woman. They had never met the man that she now called her love, but they soon grew to like him as the night grew late.

The meal had been prepared with such skill by the man that his love wondered what other secrets were in store for her from this remarkable human being. In the short amount of time that they had to get everything prepared after the previous days’ sexual endeavors, she marveled at how rapidly such a meal could come together at literally the last second. If he put as much care and effort into his cooking as he did in his lovemaking, then the gathered couples would be in for a great time that none would soon forget.

The four of them sat around the small dinner table and ate their sumptuous meal slowly, laughing and catching up on old times and getting to know the new man in the room. Kyle was in his late twenties. He was slender and muscular, but no match for his host’s love. His blonde hair was kept short and neat, and his goatee showed just as much personal grooming care as the hair on his head. His green eyes sparkled in the glow of the lights above in the dining room.

Candice was slightly younger than her feminine host was, and almost as beautiful. Her long black hair flowed well down past the middle of her back and kept in a nice French-braid. Her almond-shaped brown eyes were dark, adding an almost sinister edge to her appearance. Her lips were full, as were her breasts and thighs. She was by no means a slender woman, as she had signs of both meat and muscle under the elegant evening gown that she wore.

The amorous couple locked eyes as much as they talked, and their friends would have been able to cut the sexual tension with a knife between them. Their guests were such erotically attuned people, as the company they found themselves in the midst of was rapidly igniting their own fires as well.

“Would anyone care for some desert,” the woman asked as she stood up. There was a collective yes from everyone as she strode by her love and headed for the kitchen. He could instantly smell her sex as she walked by, and if he could then surely their friends could have as well. One look around the table confirmed this fact as he could see Kyle looking down at his plate, breathing heavier than normal. And Candice was no worse for wear as her face was obviously flushed under her make-up. That and her rather sizable nipples were erect as well.

When his beloved returned, she started at her end of the table handing out small plates, each with a small slice of chocolate cake. When she finally came to her lover’s spot, she did not place his down in front of him. Instead she set the plate down well away from him, closer to Candice in fact. She moved the plate that once held his main course off to the side and sat down in front of him, hiking up her blue dress.

“I hope that you like your desert, my love,” she said unable to control herself anymore. The sweet tasting juices from her pussy were already visibly dripping down her bare ass. She had secretly removed her panties while in the kitchen. As he smiled and slowly went down on her, the woman’s friends did not know what to make of this brazen act which was taking place right before their eyes. Sure they were aroused beyond belief, but this was completely unexpected.

They could only imagine what it was like to be in her situation, but if seeing her from behind was any indication it must have been wonderful. And to her it was. His tongue played with her clit, rubbing at it and licking it from tip to base, encircling it and flicking at it repeatedly. Instead of holding her thighs apart he instead held her by her weak spots, right behind her knees. She was resting back on her hands with him holding her legs up in the air and his face between her thighs, eating at her juicy wet pussy with reckless abandon.

She began to moan loudly as she began to get wetter and wetter, his tongue lashing in and out of her hole like a lizard’s. He would rake his teeth against her clit, which only made her have one small, earth-shattering orgasm after another. Her head would whip back from time to time and their friends could see her eyes rolling back into her head from the ecstasy that she was experiencing. They didn’t know it from the way she was reacting, but at times he would even bite upon her swollen little button, making her cum more and more. Some of her juices sprayed past his chin and on to his shirt, staining it with a huge wet spot.

Candice looked across the table at Kyle and she could tell that he was greatly turned on by seeing the woman being eaten alive. She could feel her own pussy juicing up and her panties becoming a mess in the process. She figured the same could almost be said of Kyle, and that his cock was aching to be released in more ways than one. But neither of them acted upon their urges, as they wanted to enjoy the show.

The woman’s head whipped forward as her lover stood up. He ripped his cum-soaked shirt open, sending buttons flying in all directions. He undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles, as his cock was free to be used once again tonight. He was like an animal wanting to mate with his prized female, and that was exactly what he was going to do.

With her legs spread wide it made it easy for him to slide his cock deep into her tight pussy. Her juices had made it easier for him to enter her in just one swift move, and when he was in to the base of his shaft, her legs wrapped around his waist and he began to pound her vagina like tomorrow was never going to come.

His cock slid in and out of her, making her gasp with each powerful thrust and causing her breasts to shake so much that they came free of the dress that she wore. She began to moan louder and louder until it became a low-level scream that signaled the beginnings of a very powerful orgasm. Was it the fact that they were performing such a carnal act in front of an audience that excited her so much? Was it the idea that these people that they called “friends” were seeing a side of them that they never could have possibly imagined? Or was it that she just so enraptured at the idea that her lover could not contain himself any longer and had taken her right then and there?

Whatever it was, in the end, did not matter any longer as her head snapped back and she screamed as her orgasm tore through her body. The couple could hear her wet pussy sloshing around his powerful cock, and even hear some of her juices as it hit the floor beneath them. She must have squirted because it was very audible over her feral screams.

Her lover buried his face into her chest as he continued to pound her gushing pussy, fucking her through her orgasm and into another which was quickly building up again in the wake of the previous one. He knew what drove her wild and he took action by biting into one of her very erect nipples. The couple saw her eyes bulge as he did so, and that made her scream in lust and fury as her second orgasm built more and more until it was ready to burst out of her. The veins in her neck began to bulge as she began to hold her breath, gulp for air and then hold it once again.

Even in such an intensified state of arousal, she could feel her lover’s cock begin to swell up inside of her. She knew he was going to cum soon and she wanted the two of them to do it together so she fought her body to gain control of the hurricane that was building deep within her. She always marveled at how thick his already sizable member would get inside of her as he was about to explode, and she loved the feelings and sensations it brought with it.

The way the veins would bulge along the length of his meaty shaft. The way her pussy would stretch around it as it began to swell from all the excitement. She loved it when he would cum and she could feel it course through his penis as it shot out of the little hole. She loved the way it would twitch inside of her vagina as it released wave after wave of hot semen deep within her womb. She knew that one day it would lead to a child, but for now she did not concern herself with that.

She couldn’t because she lost all sense of reality as he bit down into her nipple hard and his cock erupted inside of her. His growls preceded her own scream as she too began to orgasm violently. Her legs clamped around his waist as she pulled him into her, almost involuntarily due to the fact that she had lost total control of herself and her entire body had been thrown into orgasmic contractions. She could feel her juices gush out of her, around his cock and then splash against his belly and back on to her. She could feel his cum erupting inside of her and could not tell if the river that she was feeling pouring down her ass cheeks was her cum or his or both.

The couple just sat there and watched as their very horny hosts had just cum together, and each one had decided to play with themselves at the spectacle. Candice, her breasts large and soft, sported nipples that had grown so hard that even a blind man could have seen their profile through her blouse. Her pussy had grown so sopping wet that her panties had grown soaked in the process of the show that she had witnessed. She had known the woman for many years, but never imagined that she was such an animal, and it turned her on beyond belief. Her fingers played at her pussy lips through her wet panties, and she could feel her own clit, engorged and swollen, through the fabric. She rubbed against it gently and had several silent orgasms in a row.

Kyle’s cock had grown stiff a good while back, long before the woman’s very first orgasm. He was turned on by the spectacle as well, but in his deepest thoughts was imagining it was he and the man instead of himself and the woman. He was curious and wanted to know what it would be like, and to him this beast of a man was the perfect specimen to test himself with. He and Candice had always talked about experimenting with another couple, and suddenly his mind raced at the prospect that the time was soon going to present itself. And this notion made his cock pulse and throb inside his slacks. A small stain began to form on the outside form the pre-cum that began to force it’s way through his shaft.

What happened next caught them both by surprise. They were of a relatively normal sex drive, and Kyle would usually be unable to continue after his own orgasm. But this man, this BEAST, was still hard and ready to fill his love with his cock once again. And the woman was more than wanting of his cock inside of her and she decided to take it in a different way.

She quickly raised herself off of his cock, dripping cum all over the dinning room carpet, and turned over on to her stomach. The wild look in her eyes that she cast upon her friends was one of pure enjoyment. And then they bulged in lust as he entered her once again. Their friends could not believe that he was going again after cumming not but a minute before, and they marveled at his sexual power.

But what they did not realize, however, was that the woman’s pussy was not the hole being filled. Her asshole stretched around his cock, slowly taking in every throbbing inch of his meat into her tight little ass until he was buried all the way in to his ball sack. The look in her eyes, if they could talk, said that they wish they had his cock in their asses. And they would have been right.

As his cock slid in and out of her succulent ass, he grabbed a hold of her hips and began to thrust harder and harder, causing the globes of her ass to slap against his waist with each powerful thrust. Her pussy was in a state of permanent leakage, and the sensation of her hot juices running down her legs brought a lustful smile to her face. And what happened next drifted her off into dreamy sexual lust.

It wasn’t cum that he was shooting into her bowels, but instead it was piss. He released his pee into her as he continued to thrust harder and harder, filling her ass with his urine. It was hot and some of it began to pour out around the sides of his cock, but the feeling of being filled was too much for her to handle as she began to violently cum once again, sending her juices splashing against his thighs.

Their friends, of course, had no idea what was going on in her behind, but they were too wrapped up in the spectacle to analyze it further. Candice had long ago pulled her panties to the side and was furiously frigging herself off, drenching the seat under her completely as she came again and again. Across from her, Kyle was stroking his cock at a medium pace, lubricated in his own cum.

The man finished his piss, but not once did he stop pounding her succulent ass. The woman grabbed both sides of the table and began to push herself back at him, meeting his every thrust. She loved it in her ass and was thrilled at the idea that the first time he took her in it was also done so in front of her best friends. She would tighten her ass together and would try and milk his cock for all it was worth.

That was all it took to get him ready to cum again. The same feelings that she would get in her pussy from him as he was building to a climax, she now felt magnified in her sensitive asshole. It felt as though every veins was now twice as big. Every inch twice as long and thick. Every throb twice as powerful. Everything was doubly magnified, and her pussy throbbed in orgasm from the sensations coursing through her body.

She looked back at him as he was about to cum, and there was something in her eyes and smile that relayed some subconscious message to him. He smiled through his shaking and thrusting and knew what to do. He grabbed the base of his cock, pinching it off and delaying the orgasm long enough until he was ready to erupt.

Their was a pop as he pulled his cock from her trembling ass and his fist pumped his cock hard and fast, and he exploded. His cum shot across the woman’s back and sprayed across the table. It seemed that he was shaky, but it was planned, as his cum splashed down first across Candice’s breasts, and then across Kyle’s chest. The drops closer to his cock came splashing down across his love’s back, and he reached down and scooped some of it up in his hand and reached around and fed it to his beloved.

Startled, but no less turned on, Candice and Kyle both collected the man’s cum off of their chest and tasted it. It was impossible to describe the delicious flavor they were both now experiencing as his still-hot cum sent their taste buds into meltdown, but they both knew that they wanted to taste more of it. And the looks upon their hosts’ faces told them that they were going to get their chance before the night was over.

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