tagInterracial LoveOver a Barrel Ch. 01

Over a Barrel Ch. 01


"Damn, damn, damn!" Shannon muttered heatedly as she came into the security office. The other two security officers gave each other a knowing glance as she stomped over to the small closet and took off her light weight jacket, jamming it roughly into the closet before slamming the door shut.

"Well I guess I'm gonna get on out of here," one of the guards said as he rose and grabbed his things.

"Sorry I was late," Shannon said as he moved to the door.

"It happens," he said with a casual wave of his hand as he left the office.

"And good evening to you," Lenny said with a chuckle as Shannon snatched the clipboard that they signed in on and jotted her name and then slapped it back onto the hook it hung from.

"Hi," she said curtly as she sat down next to Lenny at the bank of consoles.

"Your car giving you trouble again?" He asked as he leaned back in his seat.

"What was your first clue," she asked with a wearily laugh and shake of her head.

"Just a guess," the husky black man said with a hearty laugh.

"That piece of junk," Shannon muttered as she flopped back disgustedly in her seat. She sighed longingly as she ran her fingers through her shoulder length, wavy cinnamon colored hair. She laid her head back and stared at the ceiling saying, "It wouldn't start. I was worried that I might not be able to get here. And then it cut out a couple of times on the way. I've got to put it into neutral whenever I hit a red light or else it will die."

"Why don't you take it in?" Lenny asked with a puzzled grunt.

"Because we can't afford to," Shannon said as she sat up and scooted closer to the bank of consoles. She reached up and began to fiddle with one of the camera's controls as she said, "There's my husband's school loan and mine. Plus rent for our apartment and we're also paying on his car. We're just barely getting by and there's no way we could afford a major car repair bill."

"So what are you going to do?" Lenny asked as he got up and walked over to the wall next to him that was filled with a number of video recording machines.

"Just keep my fingers crossed and hope that it hangs in there," Shannon said with a shake of her head.

"After awhile you're gonna have to either get it fixed or get another car," he said as he pushed the eject button on one of the machines. He removed the tape and then opened the long drawer beneath the rack of machines. He removed another tape and slipped it into the machine and then put the first tape into the empty slot in the drawer.

"I know," Shannon said weakly. She frowned as she manually swept one of the cameras over an empty parking lot that was part of their site.

Shannon knew he was right and although he hadn't said anything she knew she was on thin ice. While she hadn't been officially reprimanded the site supervisor had begun to make some subtle comments about her unreliable transportation. The other guards had been pretty understanding about her plight and really hadn't complained about her constant tardiness; usually they didn't log it when she was late, unless she was real late. She was grateful, they could have done that, seeing that they were staying over until she finally got there, which would have caused her to lose pay. Working security wasn't her career goal, it was just a job; a paycheck. Her husband of three years had just finished getting his law degree and was now trying to find employment as a lawyer. Hopefully he would soon and Shannon could quit this dead end job and go back to school and finish getting her teaching degree.

Shannon hated this security job, she was on the midnight shift and essentially she and Lenny were just babysitting an empty building. For seven hours of their eight hour shift they were the only ones present. It was mind numbingly routine, generally. While they were supposed to make patrols throughout the building during their shift they rarely did. Usually they spent most of their shift in the security office. From there they could monitor the whole building.

"Maybe I should start playing the lottery," Shannon said with a tired laugh. She shook her head as she sat back in her seat saying disgustedly, "Cause what they're paying us here ain't gonna do it."

"True," Lenny said with an understanding laugh. While the post they were at was one of the higher paying accounts the company had, it wasn't a salary that one lived the good life on.

Shannon knew that if she was pulled from this account she could be transferred to a post where she would be getting minimum wage. She desperately needed to hold on to this job until something better finally arrived.

"Say my brother works on cars maybe he can take care of your car for ya," Lenny said as he sat back down at the console.

"You sure?" Shannon asked hopefully.

"I can ask him when I see him and let ch'ya know," he said with a casual shrug.

"I would really appreciate that Lenny," Shannon said reaching out and lightly touching his shoulder. She frowned slightly and said, "But like I said money is real tight I don't know how much we can afford."

"Don't worry about it, we can work something out."

* * *

"So after today you won't have to pick me up or take me home any more," Shannon said cheerfully as she and Lenny sat down at the console after relieving the other guards.

"Yeah Danny said your car is all ready for you to pick up," Lenny said as he glanced at the post's read file to see if there was anything new they needed to be aware of. He had been picking Shannon up before work and taking her home after work while his brother worked on her car.

Shannon knew that it was out of his way and she really owed him for his sacrifices; him and his brother. They had basically helped her and her husband out of a big jam; they had helped them avoid a possibly serious setback. Now hopefully they could at least stop worrying about not having reliable transportation.

"Your brother said he completely overhauled the motor on my car and it's running great," Shannon said cheerfully when she came into work a week later. She gave her husky co-worker a hug as she said, "I really want to thank you and your brother for helping us out. I really owe you for this."

"Glad I could help," Lenny said enjoying holding her close. He gave her a pat on the back as he hugged her back.

"But he didn't say how much he wanted for all the work he did," Shannon said as she sat down at the console.

"Well really he owed me a favor and that's why he did it for free," Lenny said with a wave of his hand as he too sat down.

"Well that's awful nice Lenny but surely there's something I could give you for what your brother did," Shannon said as she turned in her chair towards Lenny.

"Well there is something..." Lenny said appearing to think heavily.

"Well remember money is tight so I can't pay you too much," Shannon said lightly.

"Oh that's okay 'cause I ain't thinking of money," Lenny said calmly as he turned in his seat towards her.

"Oh?" Shannon said quickly. Her stomach tightening, something about his answer made her uneasy. She cleared her throat and looked at the consoles before her, asking, "So what is it that you're thinking about?"

Shannon had at first felt a little uneasy about being alone with Lenny. He had made some comments when she first started that had made her just a little uncomfortable. Nothing really out of line just some casual things that one could take a couple of different ways. To her relief he hadn't made any more comments and so her unease had subsided. Now it roared back full force.

"Nuthin much really," he said in a smooth tone. Out of the corner of her vision she saw him settle back in his seat. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat feeling his eyes on her.

"May...maybe I should go make a round," she suggested quickly.

"No," he said in a firm tone that froze her to her seat. He reached over with his hand to play with one of the control knobs saying, "I don't think you need to leave right now."

"Len...Lenny I don't know what you have in mind," Shannon said in a shaky tone. She repeatedly blinked her now teary eyes as she said, "But...but I'm not going to do anything..."

"Like what?" He asked with a short chuckle.

"I...I'm a married woman," she said in a tight voice.

"Yeah I know, so what?" He asked with a husky chortle.

"Well...well I'm not going to be unfaithful," she said quickly. She felt a flash of horror as she wondered if she might be assuming ill of Lenny for no real reason; what if he had a perfectly reasonable request and she was just assuming.

"Well I ain't asking you do cheat on him," Lenny said with laugh.

"So what are you asking?" Shannon asked slowly, keeping her eyes trained on the monitor in front of her.

"You know most of us have wondered what you look like out of that uniform," Lenny said calmly, his words causing Shannon's stomach to knot tightly. Maintaining his casual tone he said, "We all bet you look real nice out of that uniform. We bet you've got a real nice lookin' body underneath that uniform. And I just want to find out for sure."

"You want what?" Shannon asked as she turned her head to look at him; her eyes wide and her jaw dropping slightly.

Oddly Shannon was disturbed to think that her co-workers were actually spending their time discussing her or rather her body. She knew that often times it was very boring there but she didn't think it was ever that boring. She was also the only female on the team there so maybe it was just because they didn't have any other females to talk about. Still it bothered her. Shannon knew that she didn't have a hot model type body; she rather thought her figure was just ordinary. She was just five five and weighed a hundred and ten pounds. She definitely wasn't well endowed; her bra size was C and that was just barely. Her titties really didn't need the support of a bra; while they were on the small size they were pert.

"I just want to see you out of that uniform," he repeated with a shrug of his shoulders. He looked over at the console as he said, "You can either do it here or we can wait until we're off work and over at my brother's."

"And would your brother want to watch too?"

"Probably," Lenny said with a chuckle. Taking on an almost reassuring tone he told her, "Hey I ain't gonna do anything to you. I just want to see you without that uniform on."

"And if I say no?" Shannon asked keeping her eyes on the monitor but not really seeing it.

"If that's what you want," Lenny said with a wave of his hand. He turned towards the console saying, "You'll just have to figure out where you're gonna get the money to pay my brother then."

Shannon knew she was trapped. She took a shuddering breath dismayed at how easily she had walked into this, but she had no way of knowing she tried to tell herself.

"You...you promise not to try anything?" She asked in a breathless voice. She was shocked to hear the words coming out of her mouth. She knew she should have said no. Hell she could have filed a complaint with their company and probably won with no trouble. Hell her husband was a lawyer and he would probably have taken the case without hesitation. Still if she did that they still wouldn't have the car, she would probably be transferred from the post, at least until the case had been settled. Still they would have to pay for the work that had been done on her car. It would seem that saying no would have been more costly in the long run.

"Why sure Shannon," Lenny said firmly as he turned to face her again. Grinning broadly he told her, "I just want to see if we're right about how you look without that uniform on. I just want a look at your body."

Shannon shuddered at his blunt comment. It wasn't that she didn't like having men look at her as long as they weren't too blatant. Yes, she had before she was married dressed to catch the eye of guys but she had never put her body on display. Not like what he was wanting.

As if to reassure her Lenny placed his hand on his heart saying, "I promise that I won't try anything and no one will know about it."

Shannon slowly shook her head looking down at the smooth console before her. Boy when she screwed up she really screwed up. Her husband had been so glad at the deal she had worked out and she knew there was no way she could tell him what the cost of the great deal was turning out to be.

"Well what's it gonna be?" Lenny asked slowly after a few quiet seconds.

"Just this one time," she said with as much strength as she could find. She was afraid that it really sounded weak and nervous.

"Oh yeah," Lenny said nodding his head. He leaned back in his seat adding lightly, "Unless there's some other deals you'd like to make."

"Not hardly," she said. She continued to stare blankly ahead trying to determine if there was any way she could get out of her predicament. Finally she exhaled and then pushed back from the console.

"All right," Lenny said eagerly as she turned in her seat towards him.

Shannon took a shuddering breath and then reached down and took hold of her white pullover blouse. She paused for a long second and then slowly drew her blouse up. She shook her head after she had pulled her top off to settle her tousled hair. Quickly she worked it down and off her arms, looking about for someplace to put her blouse. Lenny quickly leaned forward and reached out to take it from her; she started to protest and then quietly relented.

Keeping her head bowed as she sat there letting him eye her bra covered breasts. She was wearing a plain flesh toned bra, she was a little dismayed by the fact that the bra was rather sheer the dark outlines of her areolas were visible through the material. She then leaned forward to untie her shoes and pull them off along with her white socks. She wished she could remain bent over as she was but knew he wasn't going to allow her. She stuffed her socks into her shoes and then pushed them under the console. A little shakily she rose from her chair.

Lenny groaned lustfully as she stood there and moved her hands to her slacks. She was surprised at how stiff her fingers had become as she fumbled with the metal slide clasp on her slacks. She hesitated once she had undone it and then reached down and took hold of the small metal tab on her zipper. She swore she could feel Lenny's horny gaze on her as she worked the zipper down, the soft staccato clicking it made as it descended sounded incredibly loud in the small quiet office.

Sniffing loudly Shannon moved her hands to her hips and shoved her thumbs inside the waistband of her black slacks. She closed her eyes and then shoved them down her slender legs. Heavily she sat down in her chair and then kicked her feet out of the slacks. Once she had Lenny leaned over and grabbed them off the floor. Shocked Shannon watched as he turned in his chair, leaned over and opened the bottom drawer on the set of drawers that were next to him. He then dumped her uniform into the drawer before turning back to her.

"Wh...why did you do that?" Shannon asked pointing over at the drawer.

"Oh you ain't gonna need your uniform for awhile. Don't worry you'll get it back. But not right now," he told her smugly. He motioned at her saying, "Come on get the rest of your stuff off."

"No," Shannon said shaking her head. She held up a finger stopping Lenny from saying anything and told him, "You said that you wanted to see me out of my uniform and that's what I've done."

It was a small victory, she told herself but still it prevented her from taking off all of her clothes in front of him. She knew that really she had shown more flesh with some of the bikinis she had worn before she had gotten married. While her bra covered her breasts, the sheer material didn't really hide too much and her matching bikini cut panties covered her butt more of her cheeks then the average bikini bottom did.

Lenny frowned as he thought about her comment. He then laughed and nodded his head saying, "You're right that's what I wanted to see and that's what I'm seeing."

"So...so can I have my clothes back now," Shannon asked.

"No," he said simply as he turned and shoved the drawer shut. He turned back towards her saying, "Like I said I'll give 'em back later but I just want to enjoy the show. Now stand up and let me see you."

Shannon flinched; his last comment was more like an order. He was treating her like some kind of bimbo that he could just order around. But she knew that her position was risky, what if she didn't do like he said, they were there all alone and she was just in her bra and panties.

Wobbly she rose to her feet, swaying slightly once she had. Nervously she stood there facing him as he began to eye her. She reminded herself as she stood there that she had had guys eye her before but never anything like this, she felt more like a display on exhibit.

"Um nice Shannon real nice," he grunted after a few seconds. He nodded at her asking, "So what size is your bra?"

"C cup," she said curtly; barely she knew but decided it wasn't necessary.

"Hmm I wouldn't had thought that," he said casually. He leaned back in his seat saying, "We never really could tell how big your chest was for sure, that top the company has ain't that revealing. They look nice. Your husband like little ones I guess."

Shannon gritted her teeth and aimed her eyes to a spot on the far wall. She had no desire to talk about her husband's preferences. She shivered slightly as she stood there, she had never really realized just how chilly the security office was but then again she had never been in there with just her bra and panties on.

"Hey I'm not complaining," Lenny said with a wave of his hand. He smiled at her as he said, "I know some guys like girls with big hooters. Me I really don't like huge hooters I like 'em just right. A good handful."

"Please," Shannon said with a frown. She sighed asking, "Can I sit down?"

"Not yet," he said with a quick shake of his head. He made a circle with his finger as he told her, "Turn around."

Still feeling strangely shaky on her feet Shannon slowly turned around. She stopped when her back was to him assuming that was what he wanted her to do. She clearly heard his appreciative grunt when she did.

"Man you've got a nice looking butt," he told her admiringly. He grunted again and said, "I always thought you had a nice butt and now I know for sure. Damn I wish the slacks they had you wear was tight."

Standing there and still shivering slightly she glanced back over her shoulder and found him staring at her panty covered derriere. Lenny apparently realized she was looking back at him for he raised his eyes to hers. He gave her a smile and said, "Man there were a lot of times I wanted to feel your butt. Just reach out and give it a quick squeeze. Your butt is so nice lookin'. Is it cheery?"

"Yes," Shannon said quickly. Without any prompting she told him, "I've never done anything like that."

"Pity," he said with a shake of his head. He returned his stare to her bottom saying, "I would love to do you there. If you ever want to try it just let me know and I'll be glad to show you."

"I don't think so," Shannon said curtly. She knew that some women liked getting it in the ass but she wasn't one of them. While her bottom had received its fair share of pats and pinches, none of her lovers had ever tried to do her there. Her husband had never brought it up and she had no interest in trying it.

"Have any tan lines?" He asked after a few more quiet seconds.

"It just turned to spring," she said shaking her head.

"Yeah well maybe you went to a tanning salon or something like that," he said with a shrug. He looked up at her and raised an eyebrow dramatically as he asked, "So you got any tan lines."

"No," Shannon said disgustedly. It had been awhile since she had the time to lay out and get a tan, even if the weather was right for it she just didn't have the time.

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