tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOver The Road Ch. 02

Over The Road Ch. 02


...and now for more of my adventures from the road...

I have been doing a lot of over the road driving. Seems as though I live in my rig sometimes. I have seen pretty much all of the Midwest. I have a run that takes me across I70 through Illinois and Missouri quite often and have created a following. It seems as though I have a fan club out there!

I tend to have a lead foot at times and that is not a good thing when traveling across Illinois, the speed limit being 55mph. I depend on my fellow driver to let me know if there are any "bears" out there waiting to catch a speeding trucker. My travels get me out during the early hours of the morning; I prefer it that way...less traffic, fewer "bears."

In a certain county of Illinois is a cop who seems to be pretty cool. He monitors a CB radio and will let the drivers know where he is sitting so that we can slow down and avoid a ticket. We call him "Flipper'. He got this name because he "flips" in the median to go in the opposite direction while chasing speeders. So anytime I drive through his territory, I call him out on the radio. He answers me back and knows me by my handle.

One morning I hear him talking to a truck driver and I know where he is so I call him out to say "Good Morning." He tells me good morning back. I then ask him if I can ask him a personal question. "Go ahead," he says.

I ask him if he ever lets women drivers "talk" their way out of tickets?

"I have to admit, I have." He said. "To be honest with you, I enjoy making them feel uncomfortable, it excites me." Wow! I thought! This guy has a real power trip going on. Then he tells me as his radio starts to fade..."Watch yourself, Kinki." His voice gave me a little tingle. I was actually getting moist thinking about him pulling me over.

I went about my run, not giving it too much thought. I continued to my destination and began my return trip back to the yard. It was late and I was getting tired. I had plenty of time to get back so I decided to pull over for a few, to get a little nap.

I got off the highway at exit 45 in Greenville, Illinois. There is a small restaurant there with truck parking, so I found a spot and parked the truck.

I have a very nice, clean, comfortable bunk in my truck. It is like a small, home away from home. I like to keep the air on a bit and snuggle up under the blankets, naked.

I enjoy masturbating in the bunk of my truck. I leave my cb radio on and fantasize about all the drivers out there. I keep my curtains open just a bit, on purpose...while I finger myself to orgasm, it excites me to think that someone might see me and talk to me on the cb while I get myself off.

So I lay there for a while feeling my hot wet pussy, pinching my hard nipples in the cool air of my bunk, I rub my clit fast to make it hard almost to orgasm. Then I shove a finger inside...mmmm...it is so wet and I am so horny. I think about all those drivers out there, wishing they could watch, wishing I could suck some of their hard cocks as I fuck myself with my fingers.

I start to fuck myself faster, sticking another then another finger inside my wet pussy. I can't stand it, I am so hot, but I can't seem to get off. I decide to go for my bag of goodies and find my long purple dildo. I turn it on full blast and ram it into my hot cunt. It feels so good. It fills my tight pussy up and I roll over onto my knees with my ass in the air, fucking myself. I reach down with my free hand and start to massage my tight asshole.... oh yes...mmmmm...I am so hot now...ready to explode.

Just then I hear a somewhat familiar voice on the cb. It startles me! He calls me out by name...in a deep raspy voice..."Kinki.... what do you think you are doing in the back of that truck?"

Oh my God! I turn off my vibrator and try to catch my breath. I lay there for a few moments being very still, very nervous. I notice that I am covered in goose bumps and my curtains had opened a little more than I had anticipated.

I hear his voice again, " don't stop on my account," he said. "I know you aren't asleep, I know you can hear me." "I can see you in the parking lot lights." I hadn't even noticed that!

I looked up and the light from the parking lot was beaming directly into my bunk! It seemed like I had been lying there for hours, frozen, not knowing what to do. I began to pull the blankets up over me, to cover myself.

"NO!" "Don't do that." He tells me. "I love what I am seeing. I am sorry to interrupt you but I was just so pleased to find you here." "Please don't stop."

I dropped the blankets, reached from between the curtains and grabbed my mic, making sure to expose as much of my body as possible. I was becoming more aroused as I thought about my peeping truck driver. I pushed the curtains opened a bit more, just enough to toy with him, not giving him the whole view. I try to see who is speaking to me. There are several trucks parked around me, but it's dark and I can't see anyone stirring around in any of the trucks.

I begin to speak into the mic..."This is Kinki...who is this?"

He comes back, "That is for me to know, just do as I say." "Are the doors unlocked?" he asks. I tell him that the passenger side is open. "Good," he says. "Now lay back and listen carefully." I do as he says.

I am so excited. I love the thought of him commanding me, watching that I do as he tells me. "Now, sit back against the wall of your bunk. Fix your soft blue pillows under your lower back so that you are comfortable, spread you legs wide, so that I can see your pussy." I do as he says. I get comfortable, as comfortable as possible, knowing someone is watching me.

But I am so tingly...so excited, like every nerve in my entire body is reacting to his voice and to my touch. "Open your cunt lips, let me see your wetness," he says. I do it. I open my lips wide and rub my clit so that it is hard and my pussy is wet and juicy. I scoot to the edge of the mattress; I imagine that he can see it glistening in the overhead lights. I am so close to orgasm at just the thought of the whole thing, but I am restraining myself, waiting.

"Lick your fingers and rub it some more for me." He commands. Oh yes, I lick and suck on my fingers and begin to rub my cunt again. "Now taste it, he says, "tell me how it tastes"

I answer him back after licking the juices from my fingers, "Sweet" I tell him. "Very sweet." I suck on my fingers some more and finger myself again, this time holding my lips wide apart and shoving two fingers deep inside my hot, wet hole. He tells me to slow down, not so fast.

His voice seems a bit shaky and hoarse. I pick up the mic and start to talk to him. "Is your cock hard?" I ask him. "Am I making that big dick hard?" "Oh yes" he tells me; I can tell he is breathing faster and I am pleasing him. "Mmmmm, my pussy is so wet, I wish you could feel what you are doing to me." I pick up my vibrator again and start to lick it. My purple vibrator is about 10 inches long, but made of a soft, pliable plastic; it is very lifelike and very enjoyable. I then begin to swallow it. Shoving the entire length of it down my throat. Just showing off for him. I pull it out and ask him if he would like to feel his cock in my mouth, in my throat.

"Oh my God, yes." He says. I raise myself up on my knees, facing him and stick the vibrator in my pussy. I begin to lift myself up and down on the big purple toy, fucking myself. Then I turn around so that my ass is facing him and I bend over. I turn my head to face him as I fuck my wet hole with the big purple dick. I hear him, "oh yeah, oh yes Kinki, fuck that pussy." I can tell he is so excited. I can imagine him stroking his hard cock, thinking about me sucking and fucking it.

Then I stop. I pulled the vibrator out and lay down in my bunk. My head seems to be a little fuzzy. I just lie there for a while and look out into the darkness. I start to rub my tits and my pussy. I just keep looking out letting him know that I am waiting.

"What do you want, Kinki?" He asks me. I feel the goose bumps once again.

"I want you to fuck me." I tell him. "I want to taste and feel your hard cock."

Then I hear the sound of a door slamming shut and my heart begins to race! I just lay there quiet, listening for footsteps. Then I hear him, getting closer. I am nervous and frightened. I don't even know who this is, coming to me. I hear the door open and he steps inside. I close my eyes in fear at first, not knowing what to expect. Then I feel his hand on my leg. The feel of cool leather...is he wearing gloves?

I am afraid to open my eyes. What have I gotten myself into? Then I hear the sound of metal! What...I start to open my eyes and he covers them with his hand. "Shhhhhh, don't make a sound." He tells me. Then with his other hand I feel him putting hand cuffs on my wrist, first one then he tells me to give me the other one and he cuffs it as well attaching it to a strap at the top of my bunk. He tells me to keep my eyes closed. He makes me promise to keep them closed until he tells me. I do.

I hear him rustling around. I hear one zipper and then I hear the sound of something hitting the floor, twice. His shoes I think to myself. Then I hear another zipper, being unzipped slowly and the sound of clothing being removed. "Ok" he says.

But I am still apprehensive to open my eyes. I finally do. It takes a few moments for my sight to adjust to the light, or lack of light. I see his shadow; he has a cap on, like a baseball cap. He is kneeling with one leg on my bunk, the other still on the floor. It is still dark and I notice he is wearing gloves and then I notice the cap he is wearing has some type of emblem on it, something shiny...a badge! Oh my! I can't believe it. I call out his name, "Flipper?"

"That's right, Kinki, I told you to watch out." "Come on." He said, "you know this is my territory, you knew I would be looking for you." "You knew it when you stopped, didn't you?" "You wanted it as much as I did, didn't you?" I didn't know what to say. Perhaps I did stop here subconsciously. I hadn't thought of Flipper that way, not really, he was a cop and I hadn't even seen him close up.

"Now, I know what you have been waiting for." He comes towards me and puts his cock close to my face. He starts to rub his hard dick around my lips and it is a nice one. His cock is so hard and I want to taste it, I open my mouth for him to give it to me and he puts it in my waiting mouth, but just to the head, and I struggle to raise myself up to take more of it.

He pulls it out and slaps my face with it. He then sticks it in my wet mouth again and pushes it in a little farther. I try to suck it into my wet mouth, wanting to taste it. But he continues to tease me with it. He pulls it out and starts to stroke it with his gloved hand. It is so stiff and shiny from my spit. I notice that his cock and balls are shaved and it makes me want to taste it even more.

"Please" I tell him, "please let me have it." "I know you want me to suck that big, hard cock." He grins. Then he shoves his big dick into my mouth again, letting me have the entire length of it. I suck it down my throat, all the way down to the smooth balls and start raising my head up and down, fucking him with my mouth.

He leans into me, pumping my face. I start to gag with the force of his big cock being rammed down my throat. But I like it; I want him to plunge deeper and deeper. I am so wet and want to touch him, but I am still cuffed. He uses one of his hands to reach down and pinch my hard nipple. His cool gloves stimulating my nipples making them so hard.

He pulls out of my mouth suddenly and begins to stroke his long, hard cock into my face. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, "yes" I tell him, "shoot your hot load all over my face!" I want to taste his cum in my mouth. Just then he sprays my face and shoots his cum in my mouth and all over my lips.

I lick it off of my lips and try to take as much as I can as he shoves his dick back into my throat. He groans and moans as I suck the last of his load out of his rod. He pulls out again and then leans over and shoves his tongue into my mouth. He licks up the cum left on my lips and sticks his tongue in my mouth again, kissing me hard and deep. Letting me taste his mouth and his cum.

He stops and has to steady himself as he stands next to my bunk. His breathing is quick and raspy. I see him reach out and start to rub my body. He rubs the inside of my thighs and uses both hands to rub my tits and belly. I love the feeling of his leather-clad fingers exploring my body. He starts to rub a finger between the lips of my smooth, shaved pussy. He massages it up and down slowly, making me shiver.

He doesn't speak; I can only hear his breathing. He massages me for only a few moments and begins to explore my pussy; he has both hands down there now as he kneels next to my bunk. He uses one hand to pull my leg over, so that it is dangling over the edge of the bunk, exposing my pussy for him. He begins to finger my twat. He opens my lips with one hand and begins to tickle my clit with the other one. I start to arch my back and wiggle around anticipating whatever he decides to do to me next. I am totally at his mercy and I let myself be controlled by him. He puts one finger slowly into my pussy moving it deliberately in and out, the leather getting warmer from the heat of my cunt. He then inserts another finger; I want him to fuck me with his fingers. I start to raise and lower my hips, letting him know that I want it.

Then he leans into it and licks it, quickly, making me crazy. Oh the feeling of his hard tongue lapping at my clit as he fingers me is almost too much. I start to moan. "Please." I tell him "Please stop teasing me." But it is useless...he has the control, I have to wait for him to make the moves. He licks at my clit some more and then plunges his hard tongue into my sopping pussy. He fucks me with his fingers inside me as he sucks and licks my snatch.

Oh yes...it is just what I wanted. I wanted to feel his hot mouth on me and his hands in me, all over me. All over my body. I start to buck against his face wanting to feel his fingers deep in my cunt. He removes his hand from inside my pussy and uses both hands to cup my ass. He is squeezing and rubbing my ass checks as he drives his tongue deeper and deeper into me. Eating me out.

I want to feel his hard cock in my pussy. I start to beg him, begging him to fuck me. He only sucks me harder, pulling at my sensitive clit, nibbling at it, driving me crazy. "I am going to cum" I tell him. And he stops suddenly.

"Not yet!" He says. "You will cum, when I let you cum!" He stands again and I notice that his cock is rock hard once again. I want to feel it so badly. He reaches next to me and props a pillow under my ass and then another, so I am raised up high from the bed. Then he straddles me and begins to stroke his rod with his gloved hands again. He strokes his cock and massages his balls making his dick as hard as it can be the whole while just grinning and staring at me. "Now," He says,"tell me what you want."

I moan out his name "Flipper, I want you to fuck me, I want your hard cock deep inside my wet pussy, please" "Please fuck me with that hard cock." Just as I finish telling him, he shoves it in me, hard. My pussy is wet, but the force of his rod being shoved into me so deeply was painful. I yelled out and he covered my mouth with his hand. He rubbed his hand over my lips and rammed a finger into my mouth. I liked the feeling of sucking his leather finger as he rammed his dick into me. He fucked me hard and as he pulled his hand from my mouth he grabbed me ass with both hands and pounded me.

I had never been fucked so violently, but I liked it. It was so forceful and so animal. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me, I had wanted this, whether I knew it or not. I wanted to be fucked by the bad cop. He stopped for just a moment, leaving his throbbing cock buried inside me. He reached up and grabbed a set of keys from the top of the short cabinet next to the bunk. He unlocked the cuffs and I was loose.

I immediately grabbed his ass and plunged his cock into me as far and hard as it would go. I leaned up to him and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He collapsed on top of me. He grabbed my hair with one hand while he grabbed my face with the other. He was kissing me passionately and I wrapped my legs around him and fucked him.

He rolled us over quickly and I was on top, without missing a stroke continuing to kiss my mouth, our hard tongues exploring each other's mouths. I sat up on him and began to ride his cock, slamming myself up and down on his shaft.

I decided to take some control back. I raised up and pulled him from inside of my wet cunt. His dick was covered in my juices and I sat back down on his rod, slowly. He was surprised to feel it enter into my tight asshole. I have to lower myself very slowly from the size of his big cop dick. I slid myself onto him until I felt it slide all the way in. We both went limp at the feeling. My ass was so tight around his rock hard, smooth dick.

I started to slide up and down the length of it, slowly, steadily. He moaned..."Oh my God, Kinki, it is amazing." "Your ass feels so good around my hard dick" He shuttered. I could see his eyes get glassy and roll back into his head.

I had the control now and he knew it. I leaned over and kissed him hard and strong as my ass fucked him. I began to pound his cock into my ass, hard; I was riding him, fucking him. I could feel him tense up. I knew I was about to make him fill my ass with his thick goo. "Is it good, Flipper?" "Do you like having your hard dick buried deep in my ass?" I teased him.

"Oh yes, yes, hell yes Kinki, it is so good!" He moans. "Please let me fuck that sweet ass!" He begins to beg.

"Oh yeah Flipper, ram that hard cock deep in my ass...fuck my tight ass with your big dick." "Fill my ass with your cum!" I was screaming at him as I slammed my ass up and down on his hard dick. He grabbed a handful of my hair and sat me up straight on his cock as he began to buck up and down slamming me onto him.

"Yeah you bitch, take this hard dick up your ass." "Fuck my dick with your asshole, Kinki." I was fucking him so hard, sweating and shaking. I was about to explode when I felt him swell inside me..."Oh God yes, hear it cums, here it cums!" He shouts.

"Give it to me, you pig, cum inside me Flipper, give it to me now!" And he does. He starts to arch up raising me up as he shoots his cum up my ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" He yells out and throws his head back as he continues to pump his whole load into me, I too cum, soaking his cock. My juices flowing all over us as I gush. I have never had such a wet orgasm. We are completely soaked from my juices and I can feel his warm thick load seeping from my asshole. I slumped over him, collapsed. His body goes limp as he drops his arms heavily.

We both are exhausted and completely satisfied. I climb off of him, my legs weak and shaky. I kiss him again, softly, and passionately. Then I reach up and take the cap from his head and put it on. "Thanks for the servicing, officer." I tell him. He grins and wipes his face with his hand. "Whew" is all he could manage to mutter.

I rolled over and lay there, sore and weak. I barely remember him getting up and getting dressed. "Good thing I wasn't on duty." He said. "I won't be worth a shit in the morning, looks like you not only did me a favor, but the rest of the drivers won't have to worry about me being on their asses...since I had the pleasure of being in yours, miss Kinki, and what a pleasure it was."

I had a big grin on my face as I drifted off. "Don't leave those doors unlocked, ma'am, never know who might find their way in."

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