tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOverdue Encounter

Overdue Encounter


It was a very long overdue encounter between Rachael & myself. She had been a dancer & myself a regular client of hers for well over a couple years. But nothing had ever happened between us before. Most of the time, she remained fully clothed in the club as we shared cocktails & laughs & each other's laid back company. Sure, three were some risque massages every now & then, but nothing that ever crossed the line in any way.

But this time was going to be different. At least I hoped so. Both of us far removed from our previous lifestyles & former surroundings, we finally reconnect after a couple years of not seeing one another.

We decide to get together at a local strip club located exactly half way between our current abodes. Its gonna be like the good old days; enjoying a few drinks, making fun of people, laughing in our own little world at the expense of others! Some would say that's mean, but it really was harmless & after all it happened to be our thing!

I arrive a few minutes early & proceed to order a drinks as I dismiss a few of the ladies who come by with a simple; "Thanks, but I'm waiting for someone." Ten, twenty, thirty minutes & a few more vodka-sodas go by as I await for Rachael to arrive. Girl after girl approach asking if I would care for some company but I politely decline each time as that's not why I'm there this particular evening.

Being late is no problem but then my mind wanders if she's gonna stand me up as pay-back to the many times I had flaked on her before! My just-due of course & I couldn't possibly be mad but I was most definitely sad as I was looking forward to seeing her again.

Not paying much attention to what's going on around me, I pull out my phone & begin to send Rachael a text. At the same moment that I'm about to hit send, the DJ's voice breaks my insular daze with the announcement; "Ladies & Gentlemen, put your hands together for Pamela!"

Unknowingly & unable to explain why, my eyes shoot upwards to the main stage. Coming down the stairs is a a sexy young lady dressed in a police officer's uniform! Could it be? Could it really be Rachael ... I mean Pamela? OMG it is! It is Rachael ... Err, I mean Pamela! OMG! She's actually on stage! Now I know why she's late & where she's been!

I'm simply stunned as she starts her routine & begins to work the crowd of mostly adolescent, testosterone hyped boys into a frenzy. A sultry & sexy walk from one side of the stage to the other has each & every pair of eyes in the club follow her every movement. She purposely ignores me to the exception of a sly little glance here & there. She focuses her attention on the other, more outgoing boys that are in typical adolescent form, hoot & hollar & carry on like they've just been released from prison. A fair description I might add considering Pamela's choice of costume complete with hat, baton, toy gun strapped to one hip & handcuffs dangling from the other!

Her stage show is continually interupted as young boy after young boy climbs onto the stage, lays on their back & presents a rolled up $5 or $10 bill between their lips. Pamela gladly goes from one to the next as she crouches & leans over each young man to take their currency between her large, supple breasts while giving them the momentary thrill of their lives. One after one, getting a little more daring each time, Pamela enacts the typical stage-flop show each time stealing a wicked glance in my direction.

With every movement & attention she plays upon the young boys, along with every naughty glance & wicked smile she throws my way, I feel myself growing more & more excited. If she could only see how firm & now hard I was in response to her actions, I'm sure she'd be quite pleased with herself! Yet by the look in her eye, she already knows what effect she's having upon me which must have been her plan all the while!

Her time on stage comes to a close as the crowd cheers her exit & departure. After a few minutes of collecting herself she reappears from the side and makes her way over to my table. Young man after young man tries to get her attention hoping, wishing, desiring to get an up close & more personal encounter with Pamela. It seems like its taking forever for her to get to my table as she politely dismisses each young man's request. Every set of eyes are on her as she continues to make her way over to me. I can feel the heat of everyone's glare, as I'm sure she can as well, with the thought on everyone's mind; "Who the hell is this guy & why did she go straight to him!"

"Hey There Playa! I hope you enjoyed the show? Do you like my outfit?", Pamela says knowing only all too well that her cop outfit had a way of driving me wild!

"I sure did ... Err ... I mean I sure do! I thought it & you had been retired for good? Not that I object, but that's something I thought I would never see again!"

"Well, I thought since its gonna be a special night, I might as well go all out & make it a night you'll never forget! Besides, its good to know that I still have it & can still whip up these boys into a frenzy!"

"You sure do babe! You sure do still got it going on! In fact, I think you're even better! Perhaps its the time away from it all or the fact that I haven't seen you in years, but whatever it is, it sure is working!"

"Awe, thanks babe! You're the sweetest & always know the exact right thing to say! So ... Are you ready for the rest of our little adventure? That was just the beginning & I know you're gonna love what else I have in store for you! Shall we make our way to the back so we can have a little privacy?"

"Anything you say Rachael ... I mean Pamela ... I don't know what I mean or should say anymore!"

We both laugh & make our way to the back & find ourselves a private little corner the relax & catch-up. A few minutes pass as we wait for our drinks when we are interrupted by a tall, tanned, toned, slender brunnete with long jet black curls decending & cascading down her neck, shoulders & firm, surgically enhanced breasts! As I'm about to dismiss her you quickly get up from the sofa we're on & recline yourself into the one directly across from where I remain.

"She's for you Marky! This is my other surprise for you tonight!"

The sultry lady sits down beside me, extends her hand & with a very obvious

South American - Latin accent, introduces herself as Layla.

As her hands start to glide over my thighs & on my chest & shoulders, the waitress arrives with our drinks as I hear you tell her if she can leave us alone for a while & make sure we have some privacy.

"You like Marky? She's all yours tonight! You can do anything you want with her! All I want is to watch! I want to watch & see what you do with her! The things that I know you've always wanted to do with me ... To do to me ... For all these years!"

I'm absolutely shocked & completely beside myself. My mind races as the young Latina's hands caress my body & her lips gently kiss my neck as her thick lustrous hair tickles my cheek & ears. Her hand decends to my crotch as I begin to once again grow harm & firm from her touch but more due to your evil plans & naughty smirk & smile!

The exotic young lady wastes no time as she discards her clothing & begins to slowly sway & dance in front of me. Her body is long & lean. Tanned completely from head to toe. Her skin smooth & taught tightly across her tiny frame. Her long, slender features are only altered by what must have been added my a gifted surgeon to her lips & breasts! She turns to face me, with her waist & hips only inches away directly right in my seated line of site. As I gaze at her completely shaven pelvis & pubic area I catch you out of the corner of my eye enjoying my intent look & appreciation of your surprised gift to me this evening.

"Well? Aren't you gonna touch her? I didn't arrange all this for you to merely sit there like a stooge!" With that the little Latina straddles my lap & grabs my hands & firmly places them on her little behind. She grinds into me while pushing her fake breasts into my face. My hands begin to roam up & down her body, lightly at first, but then stronger as her gyrations intensify.

"That's it my boy! That's more like it! Remember, you can do anything you want tonight! Just imagine that its me! Show me what you'd do if that was be straddling you now & giving you the dance of your life!"

Your words charge through my brain like lightening as my hands grab & spread Layla's tiny little behind as she arches her back & thrusts into me. A tiny little groan escapes her lips as she feels my fingers dig into body, inching close but not touching her aroused pussy & ass. She grinds into me harder & harder as my grasp tightens upon her firm & tiny little behind. My fingers move closer & closer as I spread her apart & knead into her flesh. She coyly puts two of her fingers between her lips, teasingly showing me what it must be like to be like to be engulfed in her mouth. As my brain begins to imagine her lips locked around my penis and I grab her & spread her harder, she reaches behind herself & slowly slides her middle finger into her tiny little ass!

"That's more like it! Now were talking!"; I hear you murmur from across our private booth. I move my head to the side to see you & find that you are reclined into the couch's comforts with one leg up on the small table & the other stretched the length of the small sofa. I look to your eyes & can immediately see your focus upon Layla's behind & her fingering of her own ass! My eyes travel from your face to your shoulder & follow down your arm to find your hand buried between your own legs, madly playing with yourself.

The thought of you two sends me over the edge as I slide two fingers into Layla's slick little pussy. She throws her head back & moans as my fingers go immediately to her swollen G spot. Your eyes open wider upon hearing & seeing Layla's reaction as you dig deeper into yourself.

My one hand pulls & spreads her cheek as my other hand diligently works her soaked little box. She withdraws her own finger from herself & places both hands on the back of the couch bracing herself as I can feel her orgasm building. I continue to thrust my fingers deep inside of her, hitting her g spot again & again as I gently slide a finger from my other hand into her tight little bum! She groans louder & begins to buck & writhe wildly as her orgasm nears. I look over to find you completely slouched into the sofa now feverishly working yourself up to you own gratification! Your thong having been slid off & resting around your ankle, I watch you play with yourself wildly with both hands as I can see your pace quicken & intensify. I can tell Layla is about to explode any minute as I slam my fingers in & out of both her little holes!

"Are you gonna cum for me Rachael? Come for me Rachael! I want you to come for me now Rachael!"

As Layla's body tenses & contracts, I look over to see your hips rise up from the sofa & your body stiffen as you intently bring yourself to completion. Layla begins to convulse as I aggressively & relentlessly finger her g spot. She orgasms wildly as she squirts & gushes down her inner thighs & all over me. Almost completely out of control she bucks & grinds herself into me as she soaks me & the couch & everything with her cum. I look over to find you collapsed & contented into the confines of the coach having produced your own orgasm.

"OMG Mark! You made her squirt! I've never seen a girl cum like that before! OMG Mark! What did you do to her? Is she okay?"

"She's okay! Trust me ... She's okay! You're okay right Layla? Did you like that?"

Obviously having forgotten what little english she knew, the spent little Latina exclaims "Si! Si!" in short little gasps as she almost embarrassing tries to collect herself. She hurridly gathers her things & quickly escapes our private little booth running back out into the club without even dressing. Almost frantically, she scurries to the ladies room holding her clothes to her soaked underside, hoping no one notices her drenched inner thighs & pubic area.

"Wowza Marky! I never knew you had those kinda skills! I've never seen that happen before! So quickly! So intense! So wild! What the hell did you do to that girl? I kinda wish that had been me now? OMG Babes!"

"Oh it could've been you babes! It most definitely could have been you! BTW! I thought this night was supposed to be all about me anyways? Since I don't think we're gonna see Layla again, I think you should get yourself over here & I can show you a few more of my tricks! Then maybe you can show me some of yours Pamela ... Err ... I mean Rachael ... Err ... I dunno what I mean ... All I know is that this was definitely long, long, long overdue!"

"Now get yourself over here babes!"

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