tagBDSMOwn Me Ch. 01

Own Me Ch. 01


You lock my eyes in Yours and looking at me so intensive I'm almost getting the feeling of being hypnotized. You nod significantly at my clothes and I smile softly to You, lowering my head and obedient start to remove my shirt. I let the shirt fall to the floor by my feet while I start to finger on my jeans till they end on the same place. Feel how the smile on Your face grows wider as You study me during silence. The cool air gives my naked arms goose flesh and my nipples grow harder under Your patient glace. You pat with Your hand on Your lap.

My face is shining with delight when I slide towards You and sink down in Your lap. You give me a lowing smile before You lift me up with firm hands and arrange me the way You want me in Your lap. Your hand moves up behind my neck, and I feel the thumb caressing the sensitive skin below my ear as You pull me closer to You. Open my mouth for You, shape my body after Yours and let You lead my lips to Yours. Sense rather than hear how You breath in my smell when I press my lips against Yours, and all thoughts just leave my head when You then plunder my mouth. My hands plays with the short hair in the neck, fondle with the fingertips and playfully scratch with my nails. I start to breathe harder as the kiss becomes more demanding, hands moving down over Your back and caress You in eager moves.

Feel Your thumbs playing in my neck, still with a firm grip of my head. You interrupt the kiss and i open my eyes and stare at You. Meeting Your eyes with an expression of humility in mine and looking at you both hopefully and asking. Slowly breathing out when I get confirming nod as answer, and even if the hand around my neck is still there the grasp is a now loose enough for me to go down between Your knees. I look up at You, adore what I see and get a warm smile in return while my hands starts moving over Your crotch. Concentrated I chew on my lower lip and finger on the pants to unzip the buttons.

Pull my fingers over the thighs and feel the warmth through the rough material in the jeans, then pull off the pants when You raise slightly from the chair. Lean forward to kiss Your belly; notice how the muscles gets tense and Your hand in my hair turns into a fist. You wrap a few locks of my hair around Your fingers and play absent with them. Caress captivated the outside of Your boxers, and feel the hard cock on the other side of the fabrics. Move with my thumb on one side and the index-and middle finger on each side of the shaft, playing with my fingers slowly up and down a few times to feel the masculine hardness pulse between my fingers. Hear how You gasp after air when my soft fingers keep stroking You carefully, and find my own breathing becoming more strained. I stare at the cock which depicts itself clear enough for me to project it in my head. Impatiently I start to pull in the shorts and get them off You. My eyes shine with pure excitement as I see the cock swing before me. Stick out the tip of my tongue to lick my lips, like a cat waiting for a bowl with cream.

I lift my hand and close it around the root; holding it there for a while just to feel the contact with the hot skin. Then I can't wait any longer, but lean forward to gently kiss the top. The pre-cum already on the head spreads over my lips and makes them glossy. I press my lips against the glans, trying to control myself to not devour Your right away. Hear a dark, deep sound from Your throat, like a mix between a roar and a groan revealing how much it requires of You to control Yourself. I stick out my tongue, wet with saliva, and start licking over the glans. Feels so great to seduce You with my mouth, pleasing You and tease You. Play with the tongue over the head, licking carefully on the underside and follow the string with the tip. Continue with licking the whole shaft till its shining with my saliva, hearing Your more and more exerted breaths echoing in my head. Look up and You, submissively and pleading.

"May I?" I pray.

"Yes, you may."

I give You a sexy smile and my hand moves down over my belly, in inside of my black panties and spread my soaking wet lips. Whimper of frustration for the arousement I'm holding back, still with my lips against Your cock.

"That's enough."

Look up at You a bit disappointed, but obediently removing my hand. Rub the shaft with my juices so my hand feels even smoother around Your cock, just like I know You want it. Starting to wank in slow but firm strokes, moving my right hand back and forward over the hard shaft. I can feel how You grow a little more in my hand.

"Look at Me."

Quick as lightning I lift my eyes up to You, and You lock them with an intense glance. Feel how I almost drown in Your eyes as I with great passion continue to lick every millimeter around the glans. Patiently You mumble my name, pronouncing it the way only You can and wait till my tongue is resting still over the cock before You speak again.


A smile passes over my lips and I spread them further, but not much. Increase the pressure against the head of the cock, feel how it press against my wet lips and trying to force them. Happy I look at You where you loom up in front of me while I feel the glans move its way through my lips. Stop with it in my mouth and let the tongue stimulate the underside while my eyes are looking imploring at You. You grin down at me, pull Your thumb over my cheek down to the corner of my lip and then grab behind my neck like before. Then You encourage me to suck You by urge me down on the cock.

"No." You answer on my unspoken question and I whine disappointed, forgetting the wish to ride my own hand while I suck Your wonderful cock. I force myself to govern myself, strongly driven by my wish to please and obey You. Slowly I start moving my head forward to take You deeper, all the time with my eyes locked on You and hungry I suck in any response Your face might give me. Your hand is holding a safe grasp of my neck, without hurry me or pressure me. It is enough for both of U/us to know that its there, and that I am Yours. I force myself to breath through my nose as I suck You in deeper, while I start to move my head faster by each blow. Your almost savage sounds are making me insanely horny, and the hand around Your cock shivers with frustration. As I increase the speed my lips notice the very shape of Your cock, remember it and longing for it. My lips are tightly shut around the shaft and yours are spread in an encouraging smile. I start to take You even deeper, fighting purposeful to press myself down deeper over you. My smell, my vision and my feeling become stronger and therefore I rather sense than hear what You say when You mumble to me. The shaft is resting on my tongue as I suck You in deep, passionate moves. I enjoy the feeling of pleasing You and my power to be able to do it.

"That's enough." I feel Your hand in my back guide my head backwards, but my lips are locked carefully around Your cock and I let myself be pulled back infinitely slow.

The air is vibrating with tensions and despite the coolness I feel warm inside when You smile at me.

"You are so beautiful when you look at me with that trustful smile.

The grip becomes a little bit harder and You lead my to Your tensed mouth. I smile with my lips against Yours, breathing with hot air over Your lips.

"You make me beautiful." I lean forward to give myself to You, and kiss You deep; suck in the tongue in my mouth and playing almost aggressively with it. Lift my arms and place them around Your neck, leaning towards You. Your hands moves over my back and up over my sides till the cup around the breasts pressing against the thin lace material in my bra. Grumble impatiently and squirm in Your arms, rubbing my body against You and looking up at You, feeling restless.

'Easy now. We will have time." Feel the hands caress their way from my breasts to the back and smoothly open the lock of my bra. The bands slide down from my shoulders and You tear off the bra, an contradiction to Your calm voice. Your hands moves back to my breasts and You lift them, start to massage them roughly. I groan and my lower lip shivers in Your mouth when You roll the nipples between Your fingers till the are hard like little diamonds. I look at You with my eyes almost begging, I'm so horny it almost hurts and the blood in my head is pulsing. Cant do much but whimper frustrated when I see Your almost diabolic smile, knowing well what it means. My inner is screaming with happiness in the same time as it gets tense with back hold feelings.

I feel Your hands lock around my wrists and pull them away from Your neck till You have my hands almost buried in Yours. Glancing up at You a few times while I wait, licking my mouth impatiently. Letting my obedient be pulled up When You stand up; hold my body close to Yours, unwilling to leave the warmth from Your body. We move over to the sofa and I sob with happiness when You place me over Your lap, and then lift me up till I'm laying there with my ass over Your thighs and my arms leaning against the arm rest. I feel Your hand caress over the cheeks through the thin material and I'm breathing hard. Very well awarded of the dark spot on the silk I feel You grip my panties and pull them up so they cut in between my as cheeks. My entire body is shivering when Your hands moves over the skin. I lift my hips to move myself against You.

"Maybe W/we should remove them...?" You chuckle softly and it's impossible not to notice You are playing with me. I moan dreadfully as answer, my head feeling dizzy. "Well, honey?"

"Yes, please take my panties off."

"Do you want to be naked for Me?"

"Mm! I want You to see everything. Everything You see is Yours to have...to use...to take."

Hear your approving by a low mumble and then start to remove my panties, doing it slowly just to torment me. Once they are off You go back to caress me and the warmth makes me shiver. After a while I start moving restless in Your lap, worried and frustrated that it never comes.

"Yes, what is it?" You ask and I can hear the smile in Your voice.

"Please, do I have to wait longer?"

"Oh? You were waiting for something? Look at Me."

I sob and turn around to look at You over my shoulder. My cheeks have turned pink with excitement and my eyes are dark and stormy.

"PLEASE, spank me."

You laugh and lean forward to kiss one of my as cheeks. Your smooth lips stroke over the skin and I sob again. Then You pull back a little and just a short moment after a relaxed but firm hand ends just above where the ass ends to turn into the thigh. Three slaps comes right after each other on the same place before You move Your hand a little to let a harder slap hit higher up on the cheek. Whimper with arousal, and feel the juices pour out to make my clitoris all wet and then down over Your thigh. You continue with spanking me and I adore the fact You mark my body with Your hands. The lust increase while You experienced keep on spanking me, changing between a few fast with one single slap, some of them softer and others so hard it starts burning in the skin. The differences in tempo and power makes me almost go wild and I realize I'm very close to orgasm even though You haven't touched my cunt yet.

You read my body language and see how close I am. Therefore You let the hand rest on my ass after the finishing slap. The skin is burning under Your hand and You caress it with love and then kiss it slowly. You try to clam me down when I'm shaking, overwhelmed by feelings and You lean forward to my ear and whisper that You love me. Your approval and tenderness is almost as painfully arousing as Your hands. Let out a short scream of surprise when the cold feeling of ice spreads over my pink shining cheeks. I feel how the ice is melting and almost make my sore skin numb. The cold water is pouring down between the cheeks and over my cuntlips.

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