tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 01

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 01


I had known from the word go that I could never completely satisfy her sexually; she was way above my league, a picture of feminine grace on the outside, and a virago on the inside. The few acquaintances I knew at the time of our swift marriage had said she was just after my money; I had inherited a fair amount and she had seemed so sincere. It had not taken her long to discover my submissive side and she had soon taken full control of me. Everything I owned was now signed over to her and she had soon tired of simply dominating me to attain sexual satisfaction. She had invited males of her choice back to our home and had me watch whilst they had sex, and now here I was, in the back of a car being driven by one of her favourites; a huge black guy who simply grinned and laughed as he listened to Cherie as she taunted me on this not un-significant journey.

"You'll be such a treat for mother, and she needs someone to do her chores since her maid ran out on her. We'll send you a postcard to let you know how our vacation is going; I'll say how sampling Chuck's ten inch cock is going, so you won't feel left out." Chuck laughed as Cherie sneered at me and inhaled on her cigarette, blowing the smoke back at me. My cock tingled a little in the plastic cage I was wearing, not so much at the thought of Chuck fucking my wife, I had grown used to that, but at the thought of Blanche, my Mother-In Law whom Cherie often remarked how strict and domineering she was. Cherie sneered again as she blew more smoke.

"I'll give Mum my cell phone number so she can call us whenever she wants; she'll let us know if you are behaving and maybe I'll get her to pass the phone to you so you can listen to us fuck!"

Chuck broke into a deep droning laughter as we turned into the drive of her Mother's house; my anus clenched on the butt plug I'd been made to wear, as I thought of what lay in store for me. In the year I'd known Cherie I'd only met Blanche on three occasions before, each time just a brief meeting. She had oozed natural dominance and had talked with Cherie, ignoring me completely as though I did not exist. She had ruled her husband with an iron fist and he had done just as he was told, right up to the time of his premature death at 50 years old. The first time I had seen her, I was granted an immediate erection, such was her feminine presence, now I was to live with her for two weeks.

As the car drew up, Chuck simply took the overnight bag I was allowed to bring and threw it down on the dusty driveway. Cherie smiled as she opened the door and ordered me out, pointing at the bag.

"Pick that up right now and get up those steps immediately! I'm sure Mother has plenty for you to do." As I picked up the bag and looked toward the front door, it swung open and there stood the formidable figure of Blanche. My cock pulsed in its tight confinement as I scurried forward like a penitent schoolboy about to face punishment at the hands of a headmistress. Blanche was a supreme woman who could still put her daughter in the shade. Though now 62 years old, she had kept her full figure in good shape; tight white slacks accentuated her ample hips, her mound of Venus teasingly prominent in the tight fabric. Her long legs stood on high heeled red sandals; her tanned skin visible on feet with neatly painted toe-nails, the red of both matching a PVC belt which adorned her slender waist, above which her large and still very firm breasts were pronounced nicely in a black satin blouse. As she looked at me with contempt, I could not help but notice her nipples harden and protrude through the satin. Her red hair seemed to glow, tied up in a bun, complementing her red lips and sharp features. This was the woman who would own me for two weeks.

Cherie and Chuck stood smiling, arm in arm as I cowered before Blanche, awaiting the next command; her breasts heaved in the satin as she put her hands on her hips and surveyed me like an item of livestock before turning to her daughter.

"I see you have him reasonably well trained. I take it he has all he needs in that bag?" Cherie giggled contemptuously.

"His collar and leash are in there, along with the hairbrush you gave me a while back; he loves to feel it on his buttocks and it's only fitting that he should have something to remind him of me, especially as it will be in the hands of the woman who owned it originally." Blanches nipples now stood out like bullets, she was becoming nicely aroused at the thought of being in control of a male once more.

"That's a nice thought dear, but I always preferred to administer spankings by hand. When it comes to firm discipline, I prefer to apply the cane; the sound of it adds to the punishment and the marks it leaves gives the punished something to think about for several days." My cock bulged with a strange pleasure, and my anus clenched on the plug in fear as I listened to the mature woman's words. Cherie stepped forward and opened her hand bag, retrieving a set of tiny keys.

"You may need these; he can wash with his cage on, but you might have reason to remove it." Blanche took the keys in her elegantly manicured hand and smiled at her daughter.

"How long has he been confined?" Cherie and Chuck giggled with pleasure.

"Oh, only 3 weeks this time. I normally allow him out once a month or so; I like to watch him abuse himself at my feet. After he's cleaned up he goes straight back in." I felt deeply ashamed as the three sneered and giggled, though this was tempered by a look I received from Blanche as the other two turned to leave; there was a certain warmth and hunger in the look which had my cock bulging in the cage. Blanche soon put me in my place though.

"Say goodbye to your wife, it's nice to see her with a real man. He's going to thoroughly enjoy my daughter while you're here cleaning my floors and washing my panties. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? I'm going to put you to good use, and I may keep you for more than two weeks, you would like that wouldn't you?" Her words sent a tingle down my spine and I was compelled to answer.

"Yes...Madam Blanche, I would like that." She smiled sternly and pointed to the floor next to her; I stood aside her and took in her sweet scent as she turned me to face my wife and her lover, openly kissing in the car before Chuck tooted the horn and winked at me, his large cock no doubt ready to probe each of my wife's orifices. I felt utterly humiliated as they drove away, but was immediately brought to my senses.

"Come!" Commanded my new mistress. I meekly followed the mature woman as she strutted before me; my cock tingled as I watched the fullness of her rounded bottom and sumptuous thighs as we ascended the stairs. The house seemed to have many rooms; I was taken into one of them. It was a small but well-appointed room with a large double bed, neat and clean but sparsely decorated. Blanche grinned as she opened my bag and lifted out the leather collar with leash. I watched her nipples move in the black satin as she eagerly buckled the collar. She then jangled the keys under my nose.

"Clothes off this instance!" She barked, and then viewed me sternly as I removed footwear, shirt, trousers and underwear. I stood naked but for collar and cage as the haughty woman looked me up and down. She smiled as she viewed my bell-end, tightly encased in the transparent plastic, glistening with pre-cum. She took the leash and tugged it.

"Time to introduce you to my panties; follow me." We descended the stairs and I was taken into an unnervingly comfortable room with huge leather seating. The one prominent feature of the room was an umbrella stand which was full of various wicked looking canes; her speech earlier had evidently been the truth. My cock bulged and pulsed as I watched her move to the windows and adjust the blinds, allowing light in, but no viewing from outside. She strutted sternly back and stood before me.

"Undo my blouse –NOW!" Her sharp command had me fumbling with her buttons immediately and without hesitation; as I did so my knuckles brushed against her firm breasts, making me breathe heavily with excitement. As I undid the final button she spread her arms and let the blouse drop. She smiled as I ogled her breasts which were now covered only by a sheer black body stocking. She slapped my face curtly.

"Now kneel and unbuckle my belt and slacks- Immediately!" I did as I was told and dropped to my knees. The supreme woman stood tall and dominant before me as I undid the belt and buttons; the slacks slid down those formidable legs and thighs, and she stepped smartly out of them. Other than the body stocking which finished at her ankles, she wore only a pair of black silk panties. Blanche stepped forward, and held my head; my nose just an inch or so from her womanhood. I was close to coming in my cage; on my knees to a truly superior woman, the scent of her dominant arousal was intoxicating. I already wanted to be owned by her...

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