tagBDSMOwned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 02


Blanche stood before me in a show of her absolute dominance over a kneeling male, who was more than willing to just as he was told by a far superior entity. She allowed me to inhale her beautifully spicy womanhood, her panties now moist with arousal; she had a male just where she wanted him and her enjoyment of the situation was increasing rapidly. My cock dribbled sticky pre-cum as I wallowed in the glorious humiliation of being controlled by a mature and dominant woman; her scent increased with her arousal, and my cock ached for relief as I inhaled deeply again and again for what seemed like hours. I was hers completely. In truth it was only a matter of two minutes at the most. Blanche slapped my face smartly.

"I bet you'd love to lick my panties, wouldn't you? You worthless shit." I almost whimpered at being drawn from the mesmerising scent, but the question had my cock pulsing.

"Yes Madam Blanche, I would love to lick your panties." Blanche laughed at my pitiful honesty and obvious excitement blurted out like a child; she was thoroughly enjoying teasing and having absolute power over me. She smiled wickedly and her pussy tingled as she tugged my leash with one hand and slapped me again with the other.

"You'll have to earn the privilege, you cur!" Blanche then turned and bent over, showing me the glorious full orbs of her ass and immensity of her full thighs, all clad in the sheer black nylon. When she was sure she had my attention, she eyed the stand full with canes; my cock tingled and my anus clenched at the plug tightly as I thought of being caned by this magnificent woman. She sneered with delight on noting my recognition of her tools of discipline, and then drew my attention back to her mature body by drawing her beautifully manicured hand under her crotch and up the cleft of her buttocks, taking care to press the silky material deep into her sticky pussy and anus. She then turned and offered her fingers under my nose; the whiff of her mature pussy juices and tang of her hot anus had my cock bulging, I yearned for release.

"Lick them clean." She commanded in her sweetly authoritative voice. She grinned with satisfaction as I eagerly lapped at the sticky fingers, flinching slightly as her sharp nails scored my tongue.

"I bet you'd love to have those nails rake your bell-end. If only your cock were free, you worthless wretch." Satisfied also that I had cleaned her hand sufficiently, she slowly withdrew it and then pointed at a large leather chair before tugging on my leash.

"It's time for you to earn those panties." She tugged and I waddled forward on my knees as I watched that magnificent full figure stride slowly toward the chair, every contour of her magnificent bottom and legs making me ache for relief; she was a truly superb woman, and my balls tingled whilst shivers ran down my spine at the sheer enjoyment of my humiliation.

Blanche turned and slowly nestled into the comfortable yet firm black leather chair, loosening my leash so as to allow me to watch her slowly lift one leg over the other; my eyes fixed on her crotch as she did so. She smiled as she tensed her beautiful nylon clad legs and waggled her foot, pointing sternly to it with her sharply manicured finger.

"Sandals off now; this one first." I looked at her beautifully arched foot and immediately tackled the delicate leather buckles which held the straps firm. Sandal off, her foot was so feminine, delicately pedicured to match her hands. Blanche looked menacingly at me.

"Suck my toes." She commanded. I hesitated for a moment too long as I contemplated the act; the leash was pulled taut, I moved forward, and Blanche leaned forward and delivered a stinging slap to my face.

"Now! You wretch! I can see my daughter has been far too soft with you!" I hesitated no more and sucked on her smaller toes first, as though my life depended on it, applying as much suction as I could to the fleshy little orbs with sharp painted nails. Blanche chuckled softly with an air of victorious satisfaction. She dropped the leash, softly fingered her crotch with one hand and picked the keys to my cage with the other, making me glance at them as I sucked. Her wicked smile let me know she had complete control, and was thoroughly enjoying her complete domination of me. As I knelt there before that superior woman, my face glowing from the stinging slap she had awarded me, her toes in my mouth, I yearned for further punishment and humiliation as my cock pulsed and dribbled through the slit in my plastic dungeon; I felt truly worthless in the presence of this powerful female authority.

When Blanche was satisfied I had warmed each toe sufficiently she had me repeat the performance with the other foot. She was careful to allow me a long glance at my prize between her legs as she changed position, reminding me of the promise of her panties. I longed for another sniff of the beautiful scent of her pussy, and Blanche's teasing was exquisite.

I shivered with anticipation as Blanche pulled her foot away from my mouth at last. She smiled, almost warmly, and then jingled those keys again as if to torment me.

"Stand up for a moment." I did as I was told and found it hard to catch my breath as Blanche sat forward and cupped my balls. I looked down at the contours of her magnificently mature breasts with nipples poking like thumbs through the black nylon. Blanche giggled as she teased my balls with her sharp nails and then undid the tiny padlock. I gasped with surprise at being allowed freedom, and my cock unfurled and pointed rigidly to attention, as if to salute the superior force which had freed it. Blanche drew the sharp nail of her index finger up the underside of my stiff cock, from balls to bell-end, causing acute but exquisite pain, scooping a little sticky pre-cum from my dribbling tip as a finale. My balls tightened and ached; I was so close to coming with this one touch. She placed the cage on the arm of the chair, and then looked up at me, licking her red lips.

"Down on your knees again and face the floor." I dropped to my knees without hesitation, and watched as her feet tensed and she stood. My cock bobbed and pulsed wildly as a pair of black panties dropped down those sheer nylon legs to her ankles. The beautiful womanly scent flooded my nostrils, as I looked at the stickily soiled gusset; it took all my control and my fear of displeasing her to prevent me from crouching to sniff and lick right then. She stepped one foot clear and left the panties on one ankle; she then sat and the tantalising vision disappeared from view, but the scent of her glorious womanhood permeated the room, making my cock spasm.

"You may look up again now, cur." I lifted my head sharply to find her twirling the panties before my nose; she then moved her legs apart and allowed me a view of paradise. The body stocking was crotch-less; a beautifully seamed oval in the black nylon framed a tiny groomed patch of red hair above the delicious butterfly of her labia, soft pink against the silky white of her flesh, and glistening with arousal, the womanly folds of her mature lower torso, creating an excellent visual torture; how I wanted to be allowed to lick her. She closed her legs and brought the panties close to my nose once more; the rich feminine scent was tantalising.

"Beg to lick my panties you worthless wretch ... BEG!" My arse clenched tightly on the plug at hearing the dominance in her voice, but this did nothing to quell my erection; Blanche toyed with my cock with her other foot whilst looking sternly at me, awaiting the response which she knew was a formality; she had complete control over me.

"Please Madam Blanche, I beg you, please let me lick your panties." She laughed and thrust her foot forward into my face.

"I want to see you have a good sniff first; I'll tell you when you can lick; you start at the rear of the gusset and work forward, I want you to know the scent of your betters." I did not hesitate in doing just as I was told; I lifted the soft silk from her feminine ankle and opened the garment like a delicate flower, sampling the abundance of its rich aroma without even inhaling deeply. Blanche looked on in haughty dominance, a finger toying with her gorgeously moist slit. I moved the rear of the gusset to my nose and sampled the rich spicy scent of Blanche's mature and seasoned anus; the aroma was intoxicating, making my cock bob rigidly at 45 degrees. I would have done anything at that point to be allowed to come. I was in submissive heaven as I sniffed contentedly at the beautifully scented panties and looked at the formidable and attractive mature woman who now owned me. I wondered what was to come over the next two weeks and thought of her caning me as I sniffed; I was so grateful to my wife for having such a magnificent mother. Blanche sighed a little as she toyed and watched me sniff gratefully at the sticky honey gifted by her womanhood; I eyed the motion of her finger and longed to be allowed to go one step further after tending her panties. Blanche seemed to sense this.

"Commence licking that gusset now. You make sure it's clean; pay special attention to the marks at the rear." She then smiled wickedly at me, making my cock ache to bursting point.

"If you clean them satisfactorily, I may let you lick my arsehole." I was almost frantic in my efforts to ensure that no trace of my owner remained in the fabric; my tongue rasped at the soft fabric, taking in the spicy tang of her anal sweat as I laboured, my tongue aching in my pleasure at serving this superior woman. The taste of her pussy juices was equally delectable as I basked in a subliminally erotic state of submission and humiliation; I wanted to be owned by Blanche forever. She obliged in adding to my torment as she slowly pulled her legs back; making herself comfortable and her anus available for servicing by a suitable cur. I was so glad Blanche had chosen black panties; I had half a chance in satisfying her expectations of my cleaning duties. I wished and prayed to any deity that would care to listen when Blanche took the panties back from me; her urgency for satisfaction now apparently equal to mine. She cast them aside without inspecting them with a look of contempt, and then tugged on my leash, shuffling me forward till my stiff cock was flat up against the soft leather of the chair.

I could now feel the warmth of her body as she sat forward slightly and lifted her legs over my shoulders as I cowered before her. I now had a complete and uninterrupted view of her gloriously moist pussy and arsehole; my cock tight against the leather seating, I was in danger of emptying my balls as my bell-end slipped and pulsed involuntarily against the soft leather. Being there with the heavenly scent and sight of a mature and very dominant woman who was controlling me, had me in a heaven I had never experienced before. I cursed Cherie for not leaving me with her mother before, but realised that the wait only accentuated the sublime torment and humiliation I now enjoyed.

Blanche smiled, softer now she knew she had complete and utter control of me; she felt supreme in her natural dominance, I was hers.

"Down you go cur; have a good sniff of where your wife came from. Don't you dare lick until told to do so." I needed no further prompting and bent down to face her delicious womanhood; the leash was pulled taut and my head was guided to within an inch of her now very aromatic pussy, generously moistened by her obvious arousal. Her control and teasing of a captive submissive male had made her very excited. She slid her finger down her slippery cleft, opening her butterfly-like lips, making her pussy bloom like an unfurling rose, releasing its sweet bouquet all the more. Then the finger was thrust at my lips.

"Lick my finger cur; I know you like the taste, you shall try something sweeter in a moment." My cock rubbed at the leather as I motioned to lick at the nectar on Blanche's finger; she noticed my movement and pulled her finger up, making me move all the more. I so wanted to come, and found I was rubbing my cock automatically on the lush inviting leather. Blanche sneered with contempt, and then spoke with calm deliberation.

"If you mess without my permission I shall thrash you, and I shall invite my lady friends who are coming to see you this evening thrash you too." Her words had me at the point of shooting my cream there and then, and it took all my effort to cease rubbing; I so wanted to be caned by her, and she knew it, but I wanted to be controlled by her even more. The thought of an audience of women had my brain and balls buzzing; would there be no end to this fortnight of submissive ecstasy? She laughed as I stopped and she pulled her finger from my mouth. She laughed again as I jerked when she raked the nails of her other hand down my belly, and then squeezed her hand down by my stiff cock, teasing the exposed side of my bell-end with her vicious talons. My cock stiffened all the more and pulsed at the mixture of pain and pleasure. Blanche was delighted.

"Mark my words; you shall come without permission and earn the caning of your life." With those words she removed her hand and touched my nose with the other, redirecting my attention to the task at hand. I watched as her finger slipped past her heaving pussy, across the small area of silky white flesh to the lightly bronzed and sweetly puckered arena that was her anus. The finger circled the soft puckers, pushing here and there to distort the erotic symmetry of that beautiful orifice and show its softness, and then slipped in on the moistness, disappearing up to the second knuckle. I felt the leash tighten as the finger was retrieved from the obvious heat of that delectable arsehole; my cock began its involuntary and instinctive rubbing once more as the spicy prize was rubbed under my nose and offered to my lips. The aroma was heavenly and the taste was as sweet as any honey as I sucked lovingly at the soiled finger. I so wanted to get my tongue deep into that hot sweaty haven, shoot my load on the leather in recognition of her superiority, and earn a caning from that gorgeous mature woman before an audience of females. I was resigned to my fate and in absolute heaven.

Blanche smirked as she instinctively felt my complete and utter surrender. She started to stroke her now exposed clitoris with renewed vigour, and then pulled my head down and rubbed my nose in her anus.

"Now lick my arsehole you cur. I want it thoroughly cleaned as deep as your tongue will go; you'll lick it again after I've caned you this evening." I inhaled deeply at the beautiful spicy scent before taking care to lick all around the sweet puckered perimeter; Blanche was now moaning softly as she nursed her eager clitoris; she smiled wickedly at me as I glanced up at her, across the delicate manicured hand which was stroking her sweetly lubricated pussy. She was ready for another tease.

"Just think, my daughter is probably being probed by a huge black cock right at this moment, and here you are, her husband, probing her mother's arsehole with your tongue. You are truly worthless, I hope you realise that." She laughed as she saw that I did realise that, and that her words would help me earn my caning. I looked at the magnificent woman who was utterly dominating me, tasted her succulent arsehole, sniffed at her dripping aromatic pussy, and thought of my wife's pussy stretched the limit by a huge cock. All this beautiful humiliation and the promise of a caning was too much for me; my stiff cock now pumped uncontrollably at the soft inviting leather, lubricated with slippery pre-cum.

I was hers and she knew it. As I began my muffled moans in ecstasy, Blanche pulled the leash tight and then passed her last comment before indulging herself completely too.

"I am so going to enjoy thrashing you. I am shall break you completely. I may even tell my daughter that I shall keep you; It's not like she'll miss your puny cock, and I have lots of old friends who'll put you to good use." The mature goddess then broke into a deep moan, lifted her legs high and tensed my leash to choking point, pulling my face tight into her deliciously sweaty cleft. I lapsed into an erotic fervour as I probed deep into her hot arsehole, my taste and sense of smell immersed in the flavour and scent of a fiercely dominant woman. I peeped over the top of her mound; the elegant finger now vigorously stroking her bulging clitoris as she smiled victoriously with wicked satisfaction at me. She moaned as she witnessed me humping back and forth, my stiff cock now a slave to the stimulation of the leather, my tongue ached as I probed as deep as I could extend into her hot anus, her scent driving me insane; I thought of my wife being fucked, I thought of being caned by this superior woman, I thought of being humiliated in front of other women. I moaned and spluttered into the beautiful folds of my dominant mother-in-law; so superior, and owning me at 62 years old.

I erupted as wave upon wave of sheer ecstasy coursed through my body, spurting what seemed like endless loops of hot cum. Blanche moaned and stiffened her legs in the glory of a triumphant orgasm; her anus clenching on my tongue as I wallowed in submissive ecstasy, disgracing myself before the woman who would now punish my disobedience.

I almost passed out with the intensity of the orgasm, combined with being half throttled by the leash and my face being buried in her succulent arsehole. I shuddered as I lay panting for breath, my stomach now slipping on the mess I'd unleashed in honour of Blanche. She chuckled as she too recovered her senses.

"You have certainly earned your caning. I want you to lick my pussy clean and then you're going to lick your mess from the chair. You shall then choose a cane from the stand in preparation for later. I'll teach you to disobey me."

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